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The Constitution of the ​United States of America

​​or to see the Charters of Freedom including:
Making the Charters
• The Declaration of Independence
• The Constitution of the United States
• The Bill of Rights
• And the Impact of the Charters


is the most important thing we will ever do as Americans. For generations, millions of Americans have fought and many paid the ultimate price defending our country and the tenets contained in our most precious document. Without our Constitution, we would have what every other country in the world has always had... Millions of people yearning to be free.  - Jim Mullen

The Constitution of the United States of America

George Washington

Guest Columnist, Jon M. Green

Your Congressional Representatives

James Monroe

Thomas Jefferson

Welcome to a site dedicated to the preservation of the United States of America by upholding and defending the Constitution against ALL enemies...including the legislative, executive and judicial branches of our own government. They have formed a cabal to destroy the document that they take an oath to uphold, defend and protect; our Constitution. These elected and appointed officials in our own government are the most dismissive of what they scornfully refer to as that "outdated, living document." Inexorably, these people are gutting the Constitution and appointing judges and bureaucrats to achieve their radical left-wing agenda of "doing it for the American people." This administrative state answers to no one and slowly suffocates our republic!

To affect change, we must unite with people who share our political ideals of love of liberty, limited government, and lower taxes. We must then target the politicians who are the antitheses of our beliefs and send them into permanent retirement to the private sector they so despise, via the ballot box.

We must also call out those who hold the beliefs, "someone else owes them a living" or "the government should pay for their needs." They are the biggest enablers of government. The redistribution of the wealth craze in this country is immoral, un-American and unconstitutional. If left to run its natural course it will bring the downfall of our Republic, and we will become nothing more than another third-world nation. This country is a perversion of what our Founding Fathers envisioned and intended.

The Regime, command and control


I will be writing opinion  and articles maintaining a daily  Blog, News, and Opinion
on various issues and
 topics, including gun rights, education, energy, crime and many more to highlight the systematic destruction of our liberties. It is not possibly for everyone to agree with all of the opinions on this site. However, if you believe in the basic premise of freedom, individualism and the right to make your decisions without government interference, so long as you do not tread on the rights of others, then that will be sufficient for us to join forces and take back our country.

John Adams 

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For the Oaths of Office

Taken by all three branches of our federal government.
Read them and see if they mean anything anymore!

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