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  Defending  The Constitution of the United States of America is the most important thing we will ever do as Americans. For generations, millions of Americans have fought and many paid the ultimate
price defending our country and the tenets contained in
our most precious document. Without our Constitution, we would have what every other country in the world has always had... Millions of people yearning to be free.  - Jim Mullen

America is under attack!  

 Welcome to a site dedicated to the preservation of the United States of America by upholding and defending the Constitution against ALL enemies...including the legislative, executive and judicial branches of our own government. They have formed a cabal to destroy the document that they take an oath to uphold, defend and protect; our Constitution. These elected and appointed officials in our own government are the most dismissive of what they scornfully refer to as that "outdated, living document." Inexorably, these people are gutting the Constitution and appointing judges and bureaucrats to achieve their radical left-wing agenda of "doing it for the American people."

To affect change, we must unite with people who share our political ideals of love of liberty, limited government, and lower taxes. We must then target the politicians who are the antitheses of our beliefs and send them into permanent retirement to the private sector they so despise, via the ballot box.

 We must also call out those who hold the beliefs, "someone else owes them a living" or "the government should pay for their needs." They are the biggest enablers of government. The redistribution of the wealth craze in this country is immoral, un-American and unconstitutional. If left to run its natural course it will bring the downfall of our Republic, and we will become nothing more than another third-world nation. This country is a perversion of what our Founding Fathers envisioned and intended.

I will be writing opinion articles and maintaining a daily Blog, News, and Opinion on various issues and topics, including gun rights, education, energy, crime and many more to highlight the systematic destruction of our liberties. It is not possibly for everyone to agree with all of the opinions on this site. However, if you believe in the basic premise of freedom, individualism and the right to make your decisions without government interference, so long as you do not tread on the rights of others, then that will be sufficient for us to join forces and take back our country.


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Media bias

It is in the best interest of tyrannical government to have disreputable news media. The mainstream media have become more scandalous and less believable than government.
Beginning with an agenda - usually far-left - they filter, formulate and frame world events to promote their agendas. Learning well from Hollywood, these purveyors of persuasion use the camera lens and mighty pen to create illusions designed to indoctrinate and ignite passions. Couple a barrage of brilliantly conceived marketing techniques that would make Madison Avenue ad men envious, and what we have is mainstream media news.
Rather than shining a light into the dark corners of government, they prefer to direct the spotlight on themselves or their cause. Journalists from major news networks and newspapers – many who suffer from “power envy” – use rumors, innuendos, opinions and the infamous “anonymous sources” to present their distorted version of truth. They follow with polling to see if their propaganda education is complete. Are these people blessed with expansive imaginations or simply lying, considering the fact that several completely fabricated sources and stories?

The New York Times, the center of the liberal’s universe, is also the center of the media’s universe. Subsequently, an alarming number of national stories reported by television and newspapers around the world quote The Times as their source. Add to the equation, a few mega-corporations control most of news reporting around the world, and citizens never know fact from fiction and end up with a dangerous level of induced ignorance.

With truth simply known, communicated, and believed, millions of the world’s slaughtered masses would be alive, and civilization better served. Unfortunately, politicians and media with the knowledge and power wish to indoctrinate rather than educate. Likewise, controlling the populace requires a compliant press.
We know more about the private lives of celebrities than we do about the positions, ideas and voting records of our representatives. The front page of newspapers is now an editorial page and the term “arrogance of power” applies more to media than government.
A healthy distrust of government is the only sensible course for maintaining our liberty, but our media watchdogs have been busy striking poses and baying at the moon.

Jim Mullen


       Illegal Immigration

Our federal government has no greater responsibility, nor more important function than the protection of our borders. There is also no greater failure than the lack of performance in this duty. While hundreds of thousands of our troops guard borders around the world, we have an epidemic of unchecked illegal immigration into our country.


Many outside as well as inside forces contribute to this problem. The President of Mexico demanded we make it easier for Mexicans to cross our border and we obliged. He exports low- skilled, uneducated workers and they in turn send millions back to their families in Mexico. These workers pay little or no taxes and we subsidize them and the businesses that employ them.


Canada lacks any incentive to close their border with us because we are not illegally entering their country.


Most problems however, are in our own country. Both political parties grovel for votes and money from businesses in search of cheap labor and from liberals who see no problem with people breaking into our home and staying. In addition, those entering legally from around the world with a visa can simply disappear.


Aside from the obvious issues of security after 9-11, illegal immigration brings with it immeasurable ancillary problems. The education, health care and social security systems are in deep financial difficulty due, in large part, to the vast illegal population.


Very quickly we will see this administration move to legalize tens of millions of illegals plus millions more that will be rushing the border to jump ahead of legal immigrants who play by the rules. Amnesty will bring more illegal immigration and then more amnesty. It always has and always will. Still, the border remains open.


Government has given up trying to enforce laws that allow for orderly immigration and assimilation into American society.  Areas in the West and Southwest are turning into lawless, perpetual invasions, strangling the already short resources of the states and federal government and driving away taxpayers. No sense of urgency exists at any level of government.


When the boat is sinking, everyone must bail water and patch leaks. We are doing neither. All we get from our leaders is demagoguery.


 Jim Mullen

These men gave us their all... now, we're giving it all away

We are fast becoming a people who willingly and permanently give up liberty and accept total control and care by the state; in essence, citizens institutionalized by government. This is the same phenomenon observed in prisons where inmates can become so accustomed to being wards of the state, even when offered freedom, they will choose servitude.
We are witnessing a mind numbing plunging of our country into socialism by a committed leftist President and a Congress replete with corruption. They play on class envy in an economic downturn and regard our Constitution as an inconvenience, and a hindrance to their agenda.  Our country faces more dangers from this administration and this Congress than from all the external forces in the history of our nation.

Politicians and bureaucrats in our government are emulating the same tyrannical philosophies that drove millions to our shores for just the opportunity to work, succeed, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Politicians and bureaucrats are seizing the assets and income of the successful, the savers, and the entrepreneurs and redistributing it to those deemed worthy by the elite. Our country is witnessing a total destruction of private job creators and wealth producers as well as, another generation of Americans institutionalized by government.
The Constitution clearly enumerates the duties and responsibilities of our federal government and states that any power not granted specifically, is ‘prohibited’. The Constitution has been usurped by our elected officials. As a result, the federal government has grown into an uncontrollable bureaucracy that is an inefficient, incompetent and corrupt black hole sucking the life from our country.
 Daily photo-ops and headlines depict political and bureaucratic vultures circling the dying and bloated remains of our country - gleefully awaiting their pound of stimulus money, bailouts, or any other program that spends other people’s money. This income redistribution is both unconstitutional and un-American and should make the blood boil and stomach turn of every freedom-loving American.
We are the last refuge of freedom remaining on this earth. Will we unite and fight this internal tyranny with grim determination, or will we submit to it with the same whimper and vacant stare seen in the faces of the oppressed masses around the world when they sat stoically as their country decayed from within before it fell?
If our Founding Fathers could see what we have become, they might react like Charlton Heston’s character at the end of “The Planet of the Apes” in which he saw the ruins of the Statue of Liberty and realized that his country and the world had been destroyed. Filled with rage and weeping, he fell to his knees, screaming, “You gave it all away! Damn you all, you gave it all away!”

Jim Mullen

The liberal

Footballs are filling the air, leaves changing, flowers dying and liberalism is in full bloom. It surely must be election time.


In the national media and in the “Letters to the Editor”, liberals are, once again, attempting to put a new shine on their old tarnished promise of better living through higher taxes, more regulation, more spending and less freedom.


Liberals' constant refrain is, they care about people. Liberals care about people to the extent that they can use someone else’s money for that care.


Their game is to create a “victim” class, then, with a patronizing pat on the head, say, "There, there; we know you can’t live without the help of liberals. Vote for us and we’ll lead you to the promised-land."


However, a closer look reveals how liberalism has stained the fabric of our once free country. Individualism, independence, hard work and acceptance of responsibility are concepts they scorn because these are precepts representing equal opportunity, not equal results.


From the incompetent public education system - which has become a feeder system to the welfare state - to the ‘shallowed’ halls of ivy, liberal indoctrination factories produce perfect grist for the liberal mill.


Liberals attempt to diminish every conservative by using their favorite buzz-words of stupid, dumb, idiot and of course  racist. They believe themselves to be intellectually superior to everyone else, and by pointing out that there has never been a conservative with enough intelligence to understand how great liberals really are, it has become their mission to enlighten us.


Liberals are the first to spend other people’s money, confiscate guns, weaken the military, coddle criminals, weaken property rights and cede our national security to the U.N. They are also the last to control our borders, allow more drilling for oil, trust people to make their own decisions or live by the same rules they legislate on the rest of society.


Before one goes behind that curtain and push “1” for English, then “2” for liberal…just remember – that liberal benefactor may soon become your master.

Jim Mullen


 Draining the swamp,
protecting their own

Democrats came to power in 2007 with explosive rhetoric and promises of nirvana. Most practical, conservative people knew the score. The top 5% of wage earners could not support the other 95% of society - regardless of the inane prattling of Congressional Democrats then nor Obama now. 

We also knew the claim of “draining the swamp” by Nancy Pelosi after the passage of so-called sweeping changes in ethics  rules, was nothing more than political posturing and  that liberal Democrats would never be held to a  higher standard of ethical conduct.

Spring forward through 2009 and 2010 after numerous charges of financial improprieties and sexual misconduct allegations against House and Senate members, the statement by Pelosi and that of her spokesperson that, "Lawmakers will be held to a higher standard", was nothing short of laughable. These paragons of high morals have managed one weak tsk, tsk aimed at Senator Roland Burris (D) Ill, for lying to lawmakers about inappropriately offering to raise money for the corrupt Democratic Governor of Ill., Rod Blagojevich when Burris successfully lobbied for Obama's vacated Senate seat.

It also gives comfort to crooked politicians when a sympathetic U.S. Attorney General decides not to prosecute the ethically challenged Democrat House Representative from West Virginia, Alan Mollohan; surprisingly just before the House vote on Obama's health care plan. He then promptly voted for the plan, even as his constituents screamed no. Fortunately, the good people of West Virginia took care of Mr. Mollohan when the House and the Justice Department refused to do their duty.

Of course, the cases involving Charley Rangel (D-NY), and Maxine Waters (D-Ca), two of the biggest socialists in Congress, will be unlike any others. They have been up to their ears in corruption for so many years, their brazenness and flaunting of their ability to get away with anything they please, makes their cases special. They know the voters will not vote them out, thus this arrogance of power is, in itself, corrupting.

These two will scream racism so loudly; it is highly unlikely that they will receive any significant punishment. Therefore, they will continue their merry socialistic jaunt through American justice.

Tax cheats, liars, thieves, and outright scoundrels abound in congress and the White House since the Democrats assumed the reins. There are so many shady real estate dealings and people who cheat on their taxes among the liberal elite, that it has become impossible for Obama to find Cabinet members or Presidential advisers without resorting to calling his people “too good to keep out of government", regardless of their crimes. Crimes, by the way, that would place ordinary citizens in severe legal jeopardy.

Drain the swamp? These people are so accustomed to sleazy government; it all seems perfectly natural standing waist deep in the fetid waters of corruption. They pay no more attention to the smell than one skunk would pay to another.

Jim Mullen


 Liberal's plan for your IRAs and 


Stocks At Risk Next


Congress and Obama are ogling the trillions of dollars sitting in Americans' 401(k) s and IRAs and have begun a scheme to tap into more of our money. Their passion is to use our money today with a promise to repay it when we need it down the road. We would do well to remember this is exactly what happened to the Social Security Trust Fund. The original intent was to require people to pay into the plan with all money going into an interest bearing trust account, and when we reached retirement age, we would receive a monthly stipend for life. They sold it to Americans as an insurance policy.
Politicians' greedy hands were soon in the till and the accounts raided and replaced with IOU’s and an empty promise to repay the money at retirement age. The allure of votes they could buy with this money was so compelling Congress quickly turned the Social Security System into a pyramid scheme. We are now at the point where all pyramid schemes end. More people are receiving money than there are people to pay into the scheme. Accordingly, the system has collapsed, and they need more of our money. Politicians stole the money, and then changed the rules for paying it back.
This brings us to today. Lawmakers have proposed changes - and the Obama administration will seek to force the conversion of 401(k) accounts and IRAs into annuities or other fixed income streams. Annuities, of course, typically offer lower interest rates but promise a guaranteed income. Politicians will use this “guarantee” as a way to filter our money into the government coffers. Logically, the next step will be a requirement to invest in Treasury Bonds (loaning politicians the money in our accounts) with the usual promise of reimbursement when they feel it necessary. Following the examples set by their morally bankrupt predecessors they will impose new rules establishing “means” testing, changing the age of eligibility, and increased taxes and penalties.
New mutual funds have slowed considerably, largely because of Obama’s takeovers and bullying of lending institutions and private companies. Hence, his efforts to control the economy make long-term, guaranteed profits by the private sector a risky proposition. The federal government has no such qualms; they simply rig a new Ponzi scheme with another “Wimpy” plan to pay us back Tuesday for a hamburger today. As it is always the case, once the heavy foot of the federal government is in the door, they will have your money and/or govern its use.
Another scheme they will use is arguing that taxes on most of these accounts are unpaid, and they simply want their money early. With a simple stroke of the pen, they change the rules to allow early collection of taxes.
Politicians also have their eyes on your stocks. Liberals are demanding a capital gains tax "adjustment" and some are floating a trial balloon that would "allow" people to have Congress take over their stocks with a guarantee of no loss in value with that tired old promise of a steady income, etc., etc. 
There is one undeniable fact that everyone must face; the spending by this administration and Congress will result in massive tax increases and outright confiscation of wealth from people who played by the rules, worked hard, and saved. Furthermore, there is no limit to how creative politicians are at separating people from their money. Obama and Congress will try to obfuscate the facts and put off the inevitable until they are out of office. The delineation between rich and middle class will soon be indistinguishable. Consequently, there will be two classes; the élite ruling class and the huddled masses. 
Government policies have already led to the virtual elimination of pensions and benefits from the private sector. Above all, we must remember their goal is to control all wealth and income to redistribute it as they see fit. This is what authoritarian regimes do to liberty; eliminate it, one step at a time.

 Jim Mullen

Happy birthday, America! 
A new Independence Day
(My Independence Day speech at Parkersburg, WV Tea Party rally)

Jim Mullen


July 4, 1776 Congress announced to the world the Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies. These extraordinary men declared…

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness

Does this sound anything like the government we have today; or, does
this sound like the government we have today?

The President and Congress spend trillions of dollars of taxpayer money in bailouts and stimulus to repay his supporters and determine winners and losers in the market place and business world. Winners play ball with Obama, losers go home broke…and at times, broken.

The President takes over automotive companies, ripping off investors and vendors, while repaying his Big Union boss contributors by giving them a slice of the companies.

In a feeding frenzy, he nationalizes businesses, industries, and financial intuitions, fires and hires managers and CEOs, and sets compensation for executives while warning of more to come. Does this sound like the U.S. government or Venezuela?

Healthcare disaster strikes our country when Congress passes Obama’s idea of healthcare reform over the vehement objections of the American public. They feed people lie upon lie in efforts to appease and soothe the open wounds left by a corrupt Congress and President. There is no doubt this was just one in a series of legislative maneuvers by this Congress and Administration to redistribute income. There is equally no doubt, this law will cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of American lives.

The refusal to enforce emigration law and protect our borders creates lawless, drug-infested areas in the Southwest where the Federal government resorts to placing signs warning people it is unsafe to travel in our own country.

The Senate just gave Obama his wanted amnesty for all illegal aliens and their families to increase his political power base. He is in a test of wills with the American people, who believe in the rule of law and that the federal government should guard our borders. Arizona finds itself little more than another state of Mexico and as a last resort, decided to protect their citizens. Consequently, they quickly discover their own government, who continues to allow the chaos to continue unabated, is suing them. Obama and his leftist Cabinet members call the Arizona law racist, and then admit they never read the Bill.

Our military patrols borders around the globe at great sacrifices in the blood of our young people and trillions from our treasury. Yet, incredibly, our government defies Americans and their pleas to put an end to the foreign invasions.

Is this a sound coherent, responsible response to the American people? Hundreds of unconstitutional interferences in our personal lives continue daily, but the most important

Constitutional duty of the federal government, border protection, goes unheeded and met with derision and charges of racism from the administration.

Obama wants Cap and Trade legislation which he admits will cause electricity prices to skyrocket. Everything this Congress and President do is all about power, control, and income redistribution. Until he gets this legislation, he has unleashed the heavy hand of EPA upon industry, business and taxpayers. He just declared war on coal and American industry.

There is no longer any question about the motives of Obama and the Progressives of the Democratic and Republican Parties.  Obama, Pelosi, and Reed have dropped all pretenses of being anything but Marxists.  Their fanatical bitterness and loathing of this country’s Declaration of Independence and constitutional freedoms is now self-evident.

The President of the United States has declared all-out war on the American people.  Moreover, the liberal wings of the political parties are abetting him in his treasonous “fundamental transformation” of our Republic.

They know they have a time limit in this game of ‘Transformation’; elections for the Senate could change the dynamic, and they must complete their Marxist programs. They will pay no attention to the trillions of dollars in debt added to our already staggering burden, and will show no quarter to the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, or Americans to whom the Founding Principles are the most sacred philosophy of government.

Obama unleashed his radical Cabinet Secretaries, Tsars, and White House minions around the country to challenge, deride and show his utter contempt for, this nation’s laws and the Constitution, by refusing to enforce the laws of our land. Obama’s rule-by-decree-and-edict has replaced rule of law. Likewise, our elected representatives in Congress show no allegiance to the Constitution, rather, they react with contempt when asked any questions about their authority to enact legislation that is clearly in conflict with our Founder’s Constitutional Principles.

The U.S. Attorney General orders Miranda warnings for foreign terrorists when arrested for terrorist’s acts against the U.S. He wants GITMO detainees tried in N.Y., and dismisses felony charges against a group of Black Panthers caught on camera intimidating voters at a polling place after the government had convicted the club wielding thugs.

He runs guns to Mexican war lords, commits perjury in front of Congress, spies on Americans and the media, then stonewalls all investigations.

The President declares a police department acted stupidly then went on a racist rant about police, yet admitted he didn’t know the facts.

It is with great purpose these liberal progressives, communists, Marxists, and despots of every ilk reject our Constitutional principles of self-determination. They understand very well they have no control over those who have control over themselves. We will, very quickly, witness mind-boggling, crushing increases in taxes; and still the debt will spiral out of control, enslaving us and future generations.

Obama demands fundamental change to a country so revered by the world, people risk, and indeed give, their lives coming to these shores for just a chance to succeed and be a part of the greatest experiment in history.

He wants fundamental change in a country that has historically, led the world in job creation, opportunities for its citizens, creation of wealth, standard of living, science, medicine, and any other positive force for which people could hope. Above all, liberty is the constant which has allowed for our success. The President of the United States believes these are things for which we should apologize, not celebrate.

No person with even an elementary desire for freedom and self-determination could support any progressive politician if they examined the results of liberalism in America.  

As an illustration, look to the largest states and cities for examples of failed socialistic policies. Crime, corruption, abject poverty, high taxes, utilities and prices, housing shortages and rampant crime are all the rewards for sowing seeds of Progressive Socialism and Marxism.

Mao Tse-Tung’s image on a White House Christmas tree bulb should have given us a clue to this White House. If not, maybe Obama’s circle of friends and his Cabinet replete with Communists, Marxists, Socialists, terrorists, racists and radicals from every walk of leftwing life hold sway over the President of the United States.

Does any of this sound like “certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness? Does this sound like a government responsible to the people or a people in fear of their government?

Today we gather to celebrate the birth of the greatest country in the history of civilization. If we do not act swiftly and decisively to reverse the downward spiral, we are in danger of losing everything our Founding Fathers created, and everything for which the brave men and women of our Armed Forces have fought and died. We are losing the very soul of our nation.
In closing, I would like to thank all the Veterans for your service and your sacrifice for our great land. Without you we could not be here.

Finally, we need a Congress like the Continental Congresses; dedicated to liberty, not tyranny.

It is time to proclaim a new Declaration of Independence…this time, independence from our own government!

Happy Birthday America! Now, let’s take back our country!!

Jim Mullen

Steinbrenner dies just to spite liberal politicians 

The ghoulish practice of stealing from the dead by the federal government – also known as the death tax, raised its shrouded head again last week, but received a jolt when George Steinbrenner died and caught politicians with their taxes down.

In a kinder, gentler era of our country, most people in polite society considered it unacceptable to pilfer from the dead. The practice brought scorn even from thieves and politicians. As a rule, it is still taboo among everyday thieves; however, politicians as a group have no such compunction.

Dead Americans do not fight back at the polls, protest in the streets, or appear on talk shows. They neither have a large lobbying group in the halls of Congress nor belong to a minority that is a protected class. They are, very simply, deceased entrepreneurs and job creators who should have the right to leave their private property estate to whomever they wish.  

Politicians use the law of the jungle for their survival by selecting the most defenseless, separating them from the herd, and moving in for the kill. In the world of politics, the defenseless are those with insufficient numbers to present a political force. Well-to-do Americans are easy pickings for low-life liberals.

According to progressives, money, property, and wealth accumulated by a lifetime of hard work, sacrifice and obeying the rules; belong to government, not the person who earned it or his/her legal heirs. Therefore, when one passes from the scene it behooves politicians and bureaucrats to extract that person’s money and not allow disbursement by will of the deceased.

Vultures in Congress periodically negotiate the percentages of a dead person's estate permissible for seizure under the guise of tax "fairness”. Consequently, arguments ensue not to the fairness of the theft, but to the amount the federal government should confiscate.

In 2001, the tax dropped from 55 to 45 percent. Then last year in a disagreement about increasing the levy, the best of all scenarios in government occurred; gridlock. As a result, we are enjoying one year of fairness; meaning no death tax. This is a year of the best of times for tangible winners in the American dream, and their families.  However, it is the worst of times for lovers of the death tax and redistributive change.

George Steinbrenner cheated the progressive predators by dying before they could circle their prey and attack. Media reporting on this issue apparently believe Mr. Steinbrenner’s act of dying this year was a cold, calculating, and deliberate act designed to spite liberal politicians and cost them $15 billion in vote-buying cash.
Congress expounds various arguments using depraved logic in their justification for legalized grave robbery. However, they can all be encapsulated in the infamous words of Barack Obama in an unguarded aside during a speech. “At a certain point, you’ve made enough money.”  

If anyone doubts what Mr. Obama is all about; his statement precisely describes the arrogant socialistic attitude of the President of the United States. Unfortunately, it is also the view of our Congress, which helps explain their 11 percent approval rating.  

Family farms and small business owners – many in a family for generations - are lost because greedy politicians cannot resist redirecting money from winners to losers in exchange for votes. An accumulated estate is often not in liquid assets, leaving insufficient cash to pay the death tax. Oftentimes, land or businesses must go on the auction block or mortgaged to pay the exorbitant taxes. It increases the cost of doing business and costs jobs.

The attitude that all money and property is communal instead of private property is pure Marxism and is unacceptable in any free society, let alone in America. In the interest of fairness and justice, the government should eliminate the death tax immediately!

Jim Mullen

The Regime, command and control

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