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Democrats came to power in 2007 with explosive rhetoric and promises of nirvana.  Most practical, conservative people knew the score. The top 5% of wage earners could not support the other 95% of society - regardless of the inane prattling of Congressional Democrats then nor Obama now.

We also knew the claim of “draining the swamp” by Nancy Pelosi after the passage of so-called sweeping changes in ethics  rules, was nothing more than political posturing and  that liberal Democrats would never be held to a  higher standard of ethical conduct. 

as well. All that this country asked in return for living here was that people come by legal means, work hard, love their new country, and prosper. Most did so and quickly became a part of the greatest and most successful experiment in government in the history of civilization.

The ones not coming were nonetheless recipients of our sinful generosity. They soon forget the billions of dollars in foreign aid that have flowed from the pockets of hard-working Americans to feed the unfortunate and the disadvantaged of the world. When natural disasters occur anywhere in the world, Americans are the first to delve deeply into their own pockets for money to buy food, essential supplies and send emergency workers. Our money enriches the coffers of every insignificant dictator who ever donned a uniform and goose-stepped over his own people. Yet, we paid and paid and paid.

We then committed the unpardonable sin of staining the beaches and fields of their countries and filling the oceans of the world with the blood of our young men and women. They answered every call to fight and die defending people in nations around the world who allowed themselves to become weak and complacent. Weakness led to appeasement and appeasement led to enslavement. We sinfully became involved in the affairs of other nations and freed the ingrates. Still, we pay.

The nations of the world will thank us once again for our generosity and sacrifice with that same old, enduring, and relentless whine for "more"... give us "more".

Obama has stated publicly that he will submit to the summit a "politically binding commitment" from the U.S. on carbon dioxide emissions. In other words, he intends to enforce it even if the Senate fails to ratify the treaty. He also stated he might go further in the talks than had been expected because of lagging U.S. legislation on climate control, thus firing a shot across the bow of Congress and issuing a direct threat to the American people. Obama has added another weapon to his arsenal by holding the EPA sledgehammer over our heads. He is threatening to come down on us with this bureaucratic behemoth to regulate carbon emissions, thus making our lives even more unpleasant if he does not get his Cap and Trade bill passed.
This treaty and his proposed Cap and Trade legislation seek to control the way we conduct and live our lives. They both would redistribute American taxpayer's wealth to the federal government and to "poorer" countries. Manufacturing jobs will continue their flight to third-world nations and China. Crippling taxes will follow, and our energy prices will as Obama stated, "Naturally skyrocket."

The liberal progressives of the world have taken the naturally occurring phenomenon of global temperature fluctuations that have been occurring for millions of years and are using it to enrich themselves, their friends and anyone else willing to manipulate numbers, ignore facts and torture statistics until they scream for mercy.

Facts known by thousands of scientists for years have surfaced. Numbers do not fit the alarmists' computer models or their agenda, and the "settled facts of global warming" are not facts at all. The left-wing scientists and liberals have been cooking the books and engaging in a massive cover-up. This giant conspiratorial fraud is strangely eliciting more outrage from the perpetrators than from the victims. Much like a small child when caught in an act of misconduct or lying, their protestations become more animated and forceful as evidence of their misdeeds unfolds.

Without alternative energy sources or fuels and only a politician's promise of what we will use in the future, there will be enormous price and tax increases and shortages. Decades will pass before the development of appropriate "clean" solutions.

No sensible person believes that China, Russia, India, or any emerging country will observe this treaty. The U.S. taxpayers and workers will suffer irreparable harm in this international power grab by the United Nations. Our apologist-in-chief Obama is placing the world's noose around America's neck and tying our hands.

When will the paying cease? Only when there is a taxpayer revolt.

Jim Mullen

America's deadly addiction to government

Politicians and bureaucrats in our government are emulating the same tyrannical philosophies that drove millions to our shores for just the opportunity to work, succeed, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Politicians and bureaucrats are seizing the assets and income of the successful, the savers, and the entrepreneurs and redistributing it to those deemed worthy by the elite. Our country is witnessing a total destruction of private job creators and wealth producers as well as, another generation of Americans institutionalized by government.

The Constitution clearly enumerates the duties and responsibilities of our federal government and states that any power not granted specifically, is ‘prohibited’. The Constitution has been usurped by our elected officials. As a result, the federal government has grown into an uncontrollable bureaucracy that is an inefficient, incompetent and corrupt black hole sucking the life from our country.

Daily photo-ops and headlines depict political and bureaucratic vultures circling the dying and bloated remains of our country - gleefully awaiting their pound of stimulus money, bailouts, or any other program that spends other people’s money. This income redistribution is both unconstitutional and un-American and should make the blood boil and stomach turn of every freedom-loving American.

We are the last refuge of freedom remaining on this earth. Will we unite and fight this internal tyranny with grim determination, or will we submit to it with the same whimper and vacant stare seen in the faces of the oppressed masses around the world when they sat stoically as their country decayed from within before it fell?

If our Founding Fathers could see what we have become, they might react like Charlton Heston’s character at the end of “The Planet of the Apes” in which he saw the ruins of the Statue of Liberty and realized that his country and the world had been destroyed. Filled with rage and weeping, he fell to his knees, screaming, “You gave it all away! Damn you all, you gave it all away!”

Jim Mullen

The liberal philosophy

Archived Articles I

If it wasn’t bad enough for the country to suffer through another vintage Obama speech of artful dodging of the truth, more deception and rope-a-dope, he followed that performance with another Rose Garden ceremony staged with life-like Democratic mannequins and puppets, praising the genius of their benefactor.

All of Barack Obama’s speeches follow a script feeding his own self-importance. What better way to stroke his giant ego, than with feigned applause and fawning, adoration of a Congress held captive to his whimsical fantasies. We should take this exercise as seriously as a comedian should take canned laughter to a monologue of jokes.

Seeing his approval numbers spiraling down the economic drain, he knew he must quickly shift his Marxist-mobile into a higher gear and press the accelerator on his class warfare, anti-capitalist rhetoric.

In one of his best theatrical performances, he delivered a clear warning to Republicans for all Americans to hear; get in step and follow him into his Marxist abyss, or you stand in the way of job creation.

Hanging like a pall through the capitol and over the airways, we heard the dreaded words to which Obama is infamously attached - the snake-oil salesman’s favorite – “You must act now!” Precisely, the words he used to foist the Obama-care disaster, the first stimulus, the banking debacle, and all the bailouts upon an unwilling country. All of which resulted in the massive unemployment and miniscule growth of the economy we are experiencing nearly three years into his administration.

The American people and their Republic are in mortal danger from Obama’s unbounded arrogance and ineptitude. For the first time in American history, we hear an American President deny American exceptionalism to the world, repudiate free enterprise and then glorify Marxism.

Brazenly, he tries hammering another stimulus program through Congress and steamrolling a populace long tired of his trillions of dollars of debt piled on future generations of Americans.

The last stimulus of nearly one trillion dollars for two years was a payoff to the public-sector unions and bailouts of irresponsible, debt-ridden states. The bank-breaking bill furnished a provisional, temporary extension of jobs and benefits to positions already on the superfluous chopping block. All of these temporary jobs were created at exorbitant costs to taxpayers and allowed states to maintain their Cadillac plans for public-sector union benefits and salaries.
Obama’s Stimulus-2 proposal is a mirror image of Stimulus-1. However, instead of one trillion dollars for two years, this nightmare is a half trillion dollars for one year. As with all of this President’s proposals and policies, there is nothing to diminish the burden on the real job creators, the private sector, or to mitigate the cost to taxpaying Americans and their families.

The President spoke not a word about reversing his ill-conceived and dangerous energy policy that consists of polishing the solar panels of his friends with billions of taxpayers’ dollars. Thousands of real jobs wait on the wrong side of his leftist ideology. Likewise, his steadfast opposition to drilling and to all fossil fuels contributes mightily to unemployment and high prices.  These policies act as a brake on the economy and cause job losses that will imperil the country for decades if not reversed.

Obama offers no offsets or means to pay for his latest boondoggle other than tax increases. He promises to repay in ten years for a half-a-trillion-dollar stimulus today. The plan, of course, is to pump the stimulus dollars into his base to coincide with next year’s election. In short, he wants to use an increase in taxes to help fund his reelection campaign.
One of Obama’s most insidious tax increases involves eliminating much of the deduction for charitable contributions for many Americans, which will result in millions of dollars in losses to charities. The idea of a totalitarian like our President is to redirect all money to the centralized authority, where they will, in all their infinite wisdom, make better financial decisions.

When Obama speechifies about jobs, he invariably means increasing the size and scope of government. In other words, he means public-sector, union jobs. One must always remember that Obama and unions represent unions, not American workers. The only way to create permanent, private-sector jobs is to create a business-friendly environment by reducing taxes and regulations; the exact antithesis of the Marxist philosophy espoused by this President.

Obama and the left-wing Democrats are officially in panic mode. Their attacks on the Tea Party and anyone believing in Constitutional principles and smaller government are cries of ranting, delusional, desperation.

President Barack Obama has one chance for reelection. He must ask the voters a simple question, “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?” He must then go into a full attack mode by telling the most outlandish lies, defending the indefensible and demonizing Republicans.

This speech and his new jobs plan are just chapters in the Obama reelection saga. Prepare for the onslaught of nonsense, hyperbole, and brazen lies by the administration, leftist Democrats, and the Obama mainstream-media machine. We will never again witness such extremes in the art of blaming others and making excuses for utter incompetence.

Jim Mullen 

The girl and the rattlesnake
A parable

A young girl was trudging along a mountain path, trying to reach her grandmother's house. It was bitter cold, and the wind cut like a knife. When she was within sight of her destination, she heard a rustle at her feet.

Looking down, she saw a snake. Before she could move, the snake spoke to her. He said, “I am about to die. It is too cold for me up here, and I am freezing. There is no food in these mountains, and I am starving. Please put me under you coat and take me with you.

The ghoulish practice of stealing from the dead by the federal government – also known as the death tax, raised its shrouded head again last week, but received a jolt when George Steinbrenner died and caught politicians with their taxes down.

In a kinder, gentler era of our country, most people in polite society considered it unacceptable to pilfer from the dead. The practice brought scorn even from thieves and politicians. As a rule, it is still taboo among everyday thieves; however, politicians as a group have no such compunction.

Dead Americans do not fight back at the polls, protest in the streets, or appear on talk shows. They neither have a large lobbying group in the halls of Congress nor belong to a minority that is a protected class. They are, very

These men gave us their all... now, we're giving it all away

Congress and Obama are ogling the trillions of dollars sitting in Americans' 401(k) s and IRAs and have begun a scheme to tap into more of our money. Their passion is to use our money today with a promise to repay it when we need it down the road. We would do well to remember this is exactly what happened to the Social Security Trust Fund. The original intent was to require people to pay into the plan with all money going into an interest bearing trust account, and when we reached retirement age, we would receive a monthly stipend for life. They sold it to Americans as an insurance policy.

Politicians' greedy hands were soon in the till and the accounts raided and replaced with IOU’s and an empty promise to repay the money at retirement age. The allure of votes they could buy with this money was so compelling Congress quickly turned the Social Security

System into a pyramid scheme. We are now at the point where all pyramid schemes end. More people are receiving money than there are people to pay into the scheme. Accordingly, the system has collapsed, and they need more of our money. Politicians stole the money, and then changed the rules for paying it back.

This brings us to today. Lawmakers have proposed changes - and the Obama administration will seek to force the conversion of 401(k) accounts and IRAs into annuities or other fixed income streams. Annuities, of course, typically offer lower interest rates but promise a guaranteed income. Politicians will use this “guarantee” as a way to filter our money into the government coffers. Logically, the next step will be a requirement to invest in Treasury Bonds (loaning politicians the money in our accounts) with the usual promise of reimbursement when they feel it necessary. Following the examples set by their morally bankrupt predecessors they will impose new rules establishing “means” testing, changing the age of eligibility, and increased taxes and penalties.

New mutual funds have slowed considerably, largely because of Obama’s takeovers and bullying of lending institutions and private companies. Hence, his efforts to control the economy make long-term, guaranteed profits by the private sector a risky proposition. The federal government has no such qualms; they simply rig a new Ponzi scheme with another “Wimpy” plan to pay us back Tuesday for a hamburger today. As it is always the case, once the heavy foot of the federal government is in the door, they will have your money and/or govern its use.

Another scheme they will use is arguing that taxes on most of these accounts are unpaid, and they simply want their money early. With a simple stroke of the pen, they change the rules to allow early collection of taxes.

Politicians also have their eyes on your stocks. Liberals are demanding a capital gains tax "adjustment" and some are floating a trial balloon that would "allow" people to have Congress take over their stocks with a guarantee of no loss in value with that tired old promise of a steady income, etc., etc.

There is one undeniable fact that everyone must face; the spending by this administration and Congress will result in massive tax increases and outright confiscation of wealth from people who played by the rules, worked hard, and saved. Furthermore, there is no limit to how creative politicians are at separating people from their money. Obama and Congress will try to obfuscate the facts and put off the inevitable until they are out of office. The delineation between rich and middle class will soon be indistinguishable. Consequently, there will be two classes; the élite ruling class and the huddled masses.

Government policies have already led to the virtual elimination of pensions and benefits from the private sector. Above all, we must remember their goal is to control all wealth and income to redistribute it as they see fit. This is what authoritarian regimes do to liberty; eliminate it, one step at a time.

 Jim Mullen

Happy birthday, America! 
A new Independence Day
(My Independence Day speech at Parkersburg, WV Tea Party rally)​

the international theater. Ceding U.S. power to the United Nations and NATO is his concept of foreign policy. Obama’s penchant for treating foreign terrorists as common criminals and a Congress that decades ago abdicated its responsibilities of war, peace and border security, leaves our country at the door of destruction. We have a country sinking into an abyss that may never again rise to world prominence or enjoy the national security that we have long taken for granted. Americans are no longer secure within our own borders, and our leaders are doing nothing to remedy the circumstances. Rather, they do everything in a reactive, politically-correct manner that causes greater damage. The President writes his own laws while Congress shrugs with indifference.

It is utterly essential that we unite, coordinate, and network with conservatives across this great land. Every group regardless of size, location, name or political party affiliation, must come together as one conservative voice at the ballot box. Whether or not you’re a member of a group of patriots, if you fervently believe in the U.S. Constitution, free enterprise, the capitalist system, and our Republic, we must unite. We must seek the truth and become millions of modern-day Paul Reveres, spreading the word.

We also must create a network of millions of conservatives using social-networking sites, local meeting halls, media, telephones, computers, and person-to-person contacts so extensive as to create a tidal wave of reaction to all political chicanery and oppression by our constitutionally challenged leaders. If every conservative in our nation would lock arms and march as one, no power in Washington could stop us.

The liberal, progressive agenda will be in overdrive this year from the media, politicians, and bureaucrats. They realize this may be their last opportunity to enact their left-wing policies. Progressive extremists control the Senate and a “wannabe dictator” and his henchmen direct the White House. They must promote and justify the corrupt and unconstitutional laws and dictates that they enforce upon the American people. In addition, they must do so before the November election to energize their base. Living within the bounds of our Constitution is not an option for leftists, and they will viciously attack anyone standing in the way of their dictatorial philosophies.

The massive graft, corruption, and payoffs accepted as the norm by this Congress, always trumps the wishes of the American people. Nancy Polosi epitomized many in Congress when asked where in the Constitution does Congress get the authority to enact the Healthcare debacle, she deadpanned, “Are you kidding me?” Are you kidding me?”

Barack Obama has repeatedly shown his contempt for the Constitution and the traditional citizenry. He and Congress display their arrogance daily with the help of a compliant media. Their scheduled press conferences have degenerated into propaganda sessions of talking points and lies. Reporters who dare question the administration or Congress encounter scorn and contempt, as do voters who assemble peacefully in the streets or town-hall meetings and question their government officials. They characterize voter dissent as “just a bunch of racist, ignorant, rednecks” or “shills controlled by business.” We are obliged to stand up to these attacks and resist with the same ferocity that we see from this country’s radical left-wing.

The President is the epitome of arrogance reading his speeches from his scripted TelePrompTer. In true Hollywood style, he poses with his nose and chin in the air, camera shooting upward to portray an air of greatness and superiority. He bounces his head from side to side like a Charley McCarthy dummy. His mouth moves, but you know someone else controls the movements, writes the script, does the talking, and pulls the strings. This does not mean, however, that he is any less treacherous. He is the most dangerous politician ever to hold office in this country. When he talks off script, he often reveals his leftist ideas and tendencies. The very fact that media hoisted him atop their liberal, progressive shoulders because he gave them a “tingle” with his charisma and Marxist principles makes him ever more dangerous.

Neither Congress nor Obama believes the conservatives have the numbers to affect change in their extreme leftist agenda. Liberals spent generations paving the road to socialism with millions of government dependents and believe they have a system in place and most of their programs passed, to “fundamentally change” this country. They trust their base of government, subservient voters, is large enough to sweep away the annoying constitutionalists. All they must do is organize the turnout at the polls. Remember, they will accomplish all of their goals using taxpayer’ money.

The coming months of race baiting, class warfare and media blitzkrieg will set a vicious tone unseen in our country. November stands prominently as one of the most important dates in our history. If Barack Obama and liberals retain the Presidency and the Senate, it could be a death knell for our Constitution and our Republic.

We will face sleight-of-hand, behind the back, and ambush techniques. Liberals’ ranting, raving, and screaming lies will sorely test conservatives’ will to continue the fight. We are obligated to continue building our informational highway locally and nationally. Let us use our connections and resources to respond instantly to the political machine’s propaganda and lies. By increasing the information flow, we can slow down their run-a-way totalitarian takeover of our country and taste victory in November!

Jim Mullen

​Copenhagen, Obama, and America's sins

It is in the best interest of tyrannical government to have disreputable news media. The mainstream media have become more scandalous and less believable than government.

However, a closer look reveals how liberalism has stained the fabric of our once free country. Individualism, independence, hard work and acceptance of responsibility are concepts they scorn because these are precepts representing equal opportunity, not equal results.

From the incompetent public education system - which has become a feeder system to the welfare state - to the ‘shallowed’ halls of ivy, liberal indoctrination factories produce perfect grist for the liberal mill.

Liberals attempt to diminish every conservative by using their favorite buzz-words of stupid, dumb, idiot and of course  racist. They believe themselves to be intellectually superior to everyone else, and by pointing out that there has never been a conservative with enough intelligence to understand how great liberals really are, it has become their mission to enlighten us.

Liberals are the first to spend other people’s money, confiscate guns, weaken the military, coddle criminals, weaken property rights and cede our national security to the U.N. They are also the last to control our borders, allow more drilling for oil, trust people to make their own decisions or live by the same rules they legislate on the rest of society.

Before one goes behind that curtain and push “1” for English, then “2” for liberal…just remember – that liberal benefactor may soon become your master.

Jim Mullen

​Draining the swamp, protecting their own

Fear is the foundations of most governments

John Adams

We are fast becoming a people who willingly and permanently give up liberty and accept total control and care by the state; in essence, citizens institutionalized by government. This is the same phenomenon observed in prisons where inmates can become so accustomed to being wards of the state, even when offered freedom, they will choose servitude.

We are witnessing a mind numbing plunging of our country into socialism by a committed leftist President and a Congress replete with corruption. They play on class envy in an economic downturn and regard our Constitution as an inconvenience, and a hindrance to their agenda.  Our country faces more dangers from this administration and this Congress than from all the external forces in the history of our nation.

workers and they in turn send millions back to their families in Mexico. These workers pay little or no taxes and we subsidize them and the businesses that employ them.

Canada lacks any incentive to close their border with us because we are not illegally entering their country.

Most problems however, are in our own country. Both political parties grovel for votes and money from businesses in search of cheap labor and from liberals who see no problem with people breaking into our home and staying. In addition, those entering legally from around the world with a visa can simply disappear.

Aside from the obvious issues of security after 9-11, illegal immigration brings with it immeasurable ancillary problems. The education, health care and social security systems are in deep financial difficulty due, in large part, to the vast illegal population.

Very quickly we will see this administration move to legalize tens of millions of illegals plus millions more that will be rushing the border to jump ahead of legal immigrants who play by the rules. Amnesty will bring more illegal immigration and then more amnesty. It always has and always will. Still, the border remains open.

Government has given up trying to enforce laws that allow for orderly immigration and assimilation into American society.  Areas in the West and Southwest are turning into lawless, perpetual invasions, strangling the already short resources of the states and federal government and driving away taxpayers. No sense of urgency exists at any level of government.

When the boat is sinking, everyone must bail water and patch leaks. We are doing neither. All we get from our leaders is demagoguery.

 Jim Mullen

This must be the year to stop the onslaught

Footballs are filling the air, leaves changing, flowers dying and liberalism is in full bloom. It surely must be election time.

In the national media and in the “Letters to the Editor”, liberals are, once again, attempting to put a new shine on their old tarnished promise of better living through higher taxes, more regulation, more spending and less freedom.

Liberals' constant refrain is, they care about people. Liberals care about people to the extent that they can use someone else’s money for that care.

Their game is to create a “victim” class, then, with a patronizing pat on the head, say, "There, there; we know you can’t live without the help of liberals. Vote for us and we’ll lead you to the promised-land."

Since leaders come from the imperfect human race, not all of those rising to the top find themselves listed in the crème de la crème. Pond scum, likewise, rises to the top.

Barack Hussein Obama is a one-of-a-kind U.S. President. Never before has an American chief executive persecuted Americans for being uniquely American. At no time, has a President had such vitriol against, and been as dismissive of, American culture, religion, and the principles of economic free enterprise. No U.S. President in history toured the world apologizing for America’s sins, and absolving Islamic terrorists. 

Our own wannabe dictator, President Obama - who believes his country is so evil he must personally seek atonement  from the world - has blessed the climate summit in Copenhagen with his presence. He not only seeks to transform and reshape America, but the world, as well. He is most eager to redistribute our wealth and cede our sovereignty to the United Nations. With the entire world as his stage, he must bow and apologize profusely to all of the other dictators, communists, Marxists, and fascists, for America's worldly sins.

Sins like building the greatest, freest country in the history of civilization, and then inviting the abused, the wretched, and forgotten of the world to share in our bounty and share our home,

Government calculates that if a twelve-ounce hammer is good for driving a finishing nail, then a ten-pound sledge should be about right. This explains just about everything that is wrong with government.

Jim Mullen

Beginning with an agenda - usually far-left - they filter, formulate and frame world events to promote their agendas. Learning well from Hollywood, these purveyors of persuasion use the camera lens and mighty pen to create illusions designed to indoctrinate and ignite passions. Couple a barrage of brilliantly conceived marketing techniques that would make Madison Avenue ad men envious, and what we have is mainstream media news.

Rather than shining a light into the dark corners of government, they prefer to direct the spotlight on themselves or their cause. Journalists from major news networks and newspapers – many who suffer from “power envy” – use rumors, innuendos, opinions and the infamous “anonymous sources” to present their distorted version of truth. They follow with polling to see if their propaganda education is complete. Are these people blessed with expansive imaginations or simply lying, considering the fact that several completely fabricated sources and stories?

The New York Times, the center of the liberal’s universe, is also the center of the media’s universe. Subsequently, an alarming number of national stories reported by television and newspapers around the world quote The Times as their source. Add to the equation, a few mega-corporations control most of news reporting around the world, and citizens never know fact from fiction and end up with a dangerous level of induced ignorance.

With truth simply known, communicated, and believed, millions of the world’s slaughtered masses would be alive, and civilization better served. Unfortunately, politicians and media with the knowledge and power wish to indoctrinate rather than educate. Likewise, controlling the populace requires a compliant press.

We know more about the private lives of celebrities than we do about the positions, ideas and voting records of our representatives. The front page of newspapers is now an editorial page and the term “arrogance of power” applies more to media than government.

A healthy distrust of government is the only sensible course for maintaining our liberty, but our media watchdogs have been busy striking poses and baying at the moon.

Jim Mullen

Illegal Immigration

I’m sure nearly everybody is aware that their local municipalities, counties, and states, like education and business, continually cast their autonomy and pride aside to join in a deadly feast at the federal buffet.

You need to look no further for the cause of such mayhem, than the power the federal government, bureaucrats, and politicians have over people, businesses, state and local governments, and organizations, when they distribute so-called “complimentary” money. It’s a tyrannical method that government discovered centuries ago, although perfected in the twentieth century. It’s a system of genius design; a pyramid scheme, involving simply printing (borrowing) money to dole out as if Christmas is eternal, and then waving a magic wand, so no one gets the bill.

At least, that’s the way politicians sell it. However, in due course, when the interest payments on the debt grow until collections of taxes no longer pay the bills, and fewer and fewer workers contribute to the treasury, the U.S. will become another Greece. Riots will ensue and those unfortunates, who believed government assurances of liquidity, will find empty pockets, empty bank accounts, and all those empty promises blowing in the wind. Every pyramid scheme runs out of other peoples’ money, and this one is no exception.

From sea to shining sea, and beyond, every American city and town, of all sizes, employ people whose primary assignments entail applying for grants, subsidies, or multitudes of other federal government money.

Similarly, thousands of school districts, organizations and businesses secure their place at the trough, squealing and clambering fortheir ‘at no cost, money.’

Remember the times when businesses ran their operations to make quality products, provide excellent service to their customers, and make a fair profit for themselves, and/or their stockholders. Likewise, being good neighbors and helping their community and nation thrive, were primary goals.

In present day ‘busybody government,’ countless business models connive (using thousands of lobbyists and political contributions) for government favors and how to collect from that grand, oversized money machine in Washington. Naturally, these corrupt business practices lead to near abandonment of their consumers, and results in restructuring business standards to satisfy Washington.

Worse, yet, their latest not-so-silent business partner is an all-powerful, meddling government. Consequently, it’s similar to taking money from organized crime; they pull the strings and business dances. Since government runs nothing efficiently, or economically, this arrangement never works in the long run.

There was also a time in our country when municipalities took pride in being self-sufficient, self-reliant, and content to govern their affairs without outside interference or support.

Remember when schools and parents agreed with the Constitution that education was the purview of states, local governments, and the people? That was before the cabal between teacher unions, politicians, bureaucrats, leftwing intelligentsia, and publishing/computer companies, corrupted everything. Subsequently, the federal bureaucrats seized control of education, textbooks, and teaching, resulting in education crashing with an unceremonious thud of massive failure.

Once upon a time in America, people stood tall and independent. They revered their roots and were proud, rugged individualists with a strong sense of American exceptionalism. They took enormous pride in their work, their communities, and country.  Supporting their families was paramount in their minds as they confronted the perils of life with grit and determination. These proud people produced generation after generation of patriotic, loyal, hardworking, and self-reliant Americans.

Thereupon, the federal government contrived its elaborate Ponzi scheme giving away money today and charging it to future generations.

Sadly, schools, businesses, organizations, municipalities, and people, willingly cede their individuality, liberty, and security to the government in exchange for grants, subsidies, or any of the other multitudes of largesse. The corrupting influence devastated a once free-thinking, proud people.

Naturally, with all federal money, comes oppressive dictates, regulations, mountains of paperwork, and enumerable cost for compliance. Acceptance of federal money is making a pact with the devil; pleasurable to the shortsighted, nevertheless, they both end up demanding your soul.

If you believe the government is out of control, and you fancy them out of your business, life, schools, or community, then stop asking for and taking the poison they flippantly call ‘free money.’ Acceptance comes with a lifetime of regulations, rules, and loss of liberty. In the government’s case, free is a dreadful price to pay. It’s changing our country into a dictatorship, and turning us into a whining, dependent, and unhealthy people.

These are our towns, our states, our country, our schools, our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Choose wisely, and tell the government to keep their poison-money; you choose to keep your independence.

Jim Mullen

Americans have sent 22 trillion dollars into a bottomless pit of despair
By Jim Mullen

​In true Marxist form, Barack Obama preaches that the well-to-do should make sacrifices for the poor. The unvarnished truth is that if the poor made the same sacrifices and choices as the well-to-do, they wouldn’t be quite so needy.

The progressives incessantly whine, yell, and beseech for more sacrifices from the successful. Since the Great War on Poverty by LBJ in the sixties, Americans have sent 22 trillion dollars into a bottomless pit of despair to fix poverty. What we reaped was teaching millions of people to be permanent parasites on the back of society. Generation after generation rott ed in the collective slums created by the great social experimenters of our time; the ignoble, loony-leftists of America, and their political hacks.

Our federal government has no greater responsibility, nor more important function than the protection of our borders. There is also no greater failure than the lack of performance in this duty. While hundreds of thousands of our troops guard borders around the world, we have an epidemic of unchecked illegal immigration into our country.

Many outside as well as inside forces contribute to this problem. The President of Mexico demanded we make it easier for Mexicans to cross our border and we obliged. He exports low- skilled, uneducated 

Chemical dependency, the devastating conventional drug problem in this county, pales in comparison to the mind-numbing and incapacitating enslavement to government. It has laid waste to entire generations of families and turned them into uneducated, slothful zombies waiting and begging for their next fix of “government money.”

This addiction renders them unappreciative of life and unmindful of the real joys of self-esteem, self-sacrifice, and accomplishment that one realizes in the pursuit of a fulfilling life without the mind-altering effects of a welfare state.

Politicians convince society that government has a constitutional obligation to provide for the lifelong, paternalistic support and care of Americans. Regardless of effort, preparation, education, or work ethic, many believe that politicians should strip money and property from the rightful owners and use it to make the leeches of society more comfortable in their little self-made, ideological world.  However, in reality, they enslave themselves to government and live their lives in fetid ghettos of their own minds.

Likewise, institutions of learning forgot how to educate children properly when they bowed to the federal money bonanza that awaited only their submissive compliance to governmental demands and bureaucratic rules. Government-run schools teach children this same dependency by getting them hooked on the free ride. Since intrusion by the federal government and infusion of federal money into the process began, the educational system has been in a complete free-fall.

When dependence upon and subservience to the state replaced teaching of critical and rational thinking skills, indoctrination replaced education. The remaining dregs of the public educational system, from kindergarten to graduate school reek of failure. The result is, woefully unprepared young people enter society lacking the skills and knowledge needed to function and survive on their own.

The hunters, gatherers, and entrepreneurs of free-willed, independent people are quickly being supplanted by beggars and unmotivated hoards of whining miscreants. They prefer to accept the federal government as the ultimate power over their economic and personal lives, and in turn, mortgage their future and their children’s futures for more government induced euphoria.

Most animals instinctively teach their young how to survive before sending them into the world. Unfortunately, our instincts have devolved into teaching dependence.

We see the finished product of nanny-state incompetence with the “tantrum crowd” demonstrations on Wall Street demanding even more government. They whine about the evils of Capitalism and the free-enterprise system and call for the dismantling of both.  Acting like escapees from a liberal-progressive animal farm, these mostly college-educated, “life-skills” challenged, young people are products of decades-long indoctrination and addiction.  Awash in a Marxist sea of economic and constitutional ignorance, they bob aimlessly along demanding the tides of government transport them to some left-wing, Garden of Eden.

Additionally, corporations, businesses and mega-farm owners spend more money, manpower, and toil in the pursuit of favorable treatment and money from government than they do in producing goods and services. Lending institutions are under such massive control by government, they lost sight of lending money to people and businesses for the good of a healthy economy.

The kingpins and pushers learn their lessons well and know all the tricks in keeping the dependency spiraling. They know that many in our country would rather remain on their knees begging for government handouts than to stand up, shake the subordination to government, and return to the principles of American exceptionalism.

As with all uncontrolled, untreated drug problems, the government addiction eventually proves fatal to individuals, families, businesses, and the Republic. Our country and its people are dying a slow death; deprived of its lifeblood of liberty and stripped of its backbone of responsibility.

Liberals and Marxists fall into two basic categories: The first group is incapable of thinking and acting for themselves and want government to provide for their needs. The second, mistakenly believes they are capable and, indeed, ordained to think and act for everyone else. The second group is the destroyer of free society.

We must relearn the American lesson of prosperity by producing, not by government seizure of assets and redistributing the fruits of the industrious. Until Americans awaken and realize we are addicts to government, we will continue our decline and fall. A country in a mindless stupor awaiting the next feel-good injection bears no resemblance to the Founders vision for this great land.

The American dream is there for those who follow the history lessons of America and embrace the dream. Far too many go through life looking under every government rock in search of grubs when they could enjoy the Feast of America. They remain caught up in a quest to steal the dreams and assets of the producers.

If we allow destruction of the fruit-bearing trees of our nation, we will follow Marxist Europe into the depths of despair. The nanny-state will win or the Republic shall stand; they cannot coexist.

We can realize the dream only by kicking the habit of government and embracing liberty. Acceptance of Barack Obama’s “dream-like” liberal-Marxist ideas, and his Balkanization of our country, will lead to ruination and we will never awaken from this American nightmare.

Jim Mullen

Barack Obama clad only in heavyweight demagoguery

Playing political games in the face of terrorism is not tolerance. It is mindless suicide.

Jim Mullen

“No,” replied the girl. “I know your kind. You are a rattlesnake. If I pick you up, you will bite me, and your bit is poisonous.”

“No, no,” said the snake. “If you help me, you will be my best friend. I will treat you differently.”

The little girl sat down on a rock for a moment to rest and think things over.

Suddenly, she said, “I believe you. I will save you.

The little girl reached over, put the snake gently under her coat and proceeded toward her grandmother's house.

Within a moment, she felt a sharp pain in her side. The snake had bitten her.

“How could you do this to me?” she cried. “You promised that you would not bite me, and I trusted you!”

“You knew what I was when you picked me up,” hissed the snake as he slithered away.

Remember, when politicians tell you to trust them, and that they only have your well-being at heart, they are acting naturally and being normal politicians. You should know what they are and never trust them with your life, your freedom or your money. They will bite you every time.

Obama's economic policy is a one-trick pony

some Atlantic saltwater air should completely clear any proven methods for job creation that might have contaminated his mind.

The country has lived with this President’s incompetence and anti-growth policies for nearly three years and knows his economic plan is a one-trick pony that grows more tiresome by the day. He rides out on his little red pony almost daily in a comical attempt at convincing people about having an economic clue. His overly staged fundraisers, speeches, and folksy chats appeal to the gullible and his far-left allies. In the face of reality, however, Americans looking for the light of economic growth, see his words splatter like shadows of darkness into a political black hole.

Obama’s discussions on economics are case studies in absurdity and show clearly, why his policies fail. Likewise, his pretentious ramblings shine the spotlight on the ineffectiveness of his Presidency. Every provable economic idea registers a big zero on his Marxist meter, and unfit for his big-government, anti-capitalist, class warfare narrative.

A mere nine hours after blustering that he would not rest until everyone wanting a job can find a job, he announced his get-away, which to date, has been a godsend for the American People. Without his daily rants, the Dow is taking a much-needed respite, as well. One noted short speech by Obama ripped over 200 points from the Stock Market. Incredibly, he boasted at another fundraiser, “Make no mistake. We are moving in the right direction.”

An old commercial claimed when E. F. Hutton speaks, people listen. When Obama speaks they also listen; except the stock market drops like a rock at the sound of his foolishness.

If the American people could convince him to stay on Martha’s Vineyard, do nothing, and refrain from giving speeches, hundreds of comedians might be out of work, but the country could recover from its freefall and survive until the 2012 election. Unfortunately, a hurricane blew him back into the spotlight; and worse yet, back to pressing for his economy-destroying programs.

Killing jobs by taxing and regulating businesses and financial institutions, then ranting about the rich, is inconsistent with reason, logic and common sense. Then again, if one’s primary goal were to bring down our form of government by using a Cloward and Piven strategy (of collapsing the system), it would make perfect sense. It would also explain his promise “to fundamentally transform America.” To be successful in this plot, he must first destroy the American economy.

An economy with over 14 million unemployed, tens of millions more underemployed and 46 million on food stamps (up by a third in two years), and millions more on public assistance, proves that he is well on his way to a welfare state. Inconceivably, for the first time in American history an administration touts increasing the dependency on food stamps, welfare, and unemployment benefits as a means of stimulating the economy.

Republicans have a budget and job’s plan sitting on Harry Reid’s desk. Meanwhile, a trade agreement lies untouched on the President’s desk. The agreement that Obama blamed Congress for ‘not passing’ never left his desk. It remains in that undisturbed pile of known cures for a lousy economy. Possibly one call from the golf course asking an aide to place the agreement in his inbox might jog his memory. One less fundraiser or round of golf should free enough time to submit it to Congress when he returns and create those 70,000 jobs he says are waiting.

Excuses and blame are the shifting foundations upon which failures are built, and Barack Obama is the excuse and blame President. His Presidency consists of building a straw-house economy then blaming others when the soft breezes of normalcy blow it asunder. Predictably, he spends every waking moment compiling and rattling off a litany of excuses for his incompetence, and formulating a blame list for his chronic failures.

On the other hand, Obama, “The New Normal” President finds extraordinary success at striking fear into businesses, financial institutions, and into the hearts and wallets of the American people. This apprehension about spending, investing, and lending in an Obama economy, and anxiety over the strong regulatory arm of his administrative bureaucrats, led directly to this government-induced crisis.

The free enterprise, capitalist system awaits the trillions of investment dollars that lie closely held in ‘fear of Obama accounts’. A positive business climate would unleash these funds and create millions of new jobs.

Obama wants to take those trillions of dollars and continue his Marxist ways of “spreading the wealth around” by investing in even more government. He uses one of his favorite leftist ploys, class warfare, to appeal to his political base and the most gullible of independents.

 Alan Krueger, another academic economist believing in more government spending, and the genius behind the Cash-for-Clunkers program is now Obama’s new economic adviser. President Barack Obama’s new economic plan will be exactly the same one-trick pony with a new rhinestone saddle; a Princeton liberal-progressive.

Jim Mullen

This could be the most decisive year in the history of the United States. The American people will determine our standing as the leader  of the free world and redefine our struggle for independence from a repressive federal government now entrenched in Washington. Will we become subjects of power-hungry corrupt politicians, or regain control of our government and live our lives as the Constitution and founders intended? The answer to the November, 2012 election question will determine our fate.

Our national security and the safety of our citizenry are in the hands of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. This administration has no concept of how to achieve an honorable peace through strength. Obama, the “apologist,” is a weak, naïve, inexperienced joke in

In another Barack Obama bizarre performance, he left a joint session of Congress and the American people stunned by his empty, unimportant triviality. His jobs speech ended as it began, an eloquent oratory to economic nowhere.

This latest political stunt diminishes another long-held tradition of using a joint session of Congress for vital American interests. He brings time-honored national traditions and the office of the Presidency down to his level of classless Chicago, street politics.

Once again, the President used his tax-and-spend monotone, replete with words of class warfare. His code words and phraseology always crowd the message anytime he opens his mouth. “Paying their fair share”, “investment”, and “winning the future”, are favorites. He tried to disguise his economic sameness by changing the inflections of his words but presented nothing new.

There is nothing new to an ideologue who believes all job creation begins and ends with big-government financing and regulatory control.

This entire dramatic exercise was political grandstanding at its worse, intent on distracting American voters from the sheer folly and dismal failure of his policies. What's more, the plan pumps stimulus money into his base to coincide with next year’s election. It is a plan to buy an election, pure and simple, by using bailouts and payoffs.

to justify their hundreds of bureaus, panels, and administrators, they send swarms of tyrants down from their high-power offices to instigate further capricious and arbitrary nonsense upon those who seek success. All of these mandates can shift in the blink of an eye or whim of a despot. Each must rationalize his or her sordid existence.

Consequently, if a person or business is one of the lucky few who bucked the odds, fought off government interference, incompetence, and corruption and then succeed; Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their leftist comrades’ say, “You didn’t build that! The pure chutzpah, arrogance, and dishonesty of these Marxists are sights to behold.

Growing government depends on people remaining poor, uneducated, and frustrated. Those who refuse to follow the government into Marxist hell have a chance at the American dream. Following the government into a life of dependency, leads people to a typical life in a typical American, Democrat-led city or state. That’s where the fetid, drug-infested hellholes and the crime laden scenes flourish that we see on the daily news.

It’s no coincidence that these are the specific Marxist obstructionists who advocate additional crippling regulations and building higher walls to block success. Politicians understand that the more failure they cause, the increased likelihood that people will need government; those who succeed, are less likely to need government.

Obama is extraordinarily accomplished at moving Americans from middle class citizens to indoctrinated, dependent, uninspired, and hopeless subjects. All the while, he made the institutionalized poor more comfortable in their poorness, by removing motivational policies that could inspire people to rise above their station in life. Likewise, he increased the benefits that allow the 'sheeple' to remain contented grazing in the ever-expanding meadow of the welfare system. All of this is the socialist technique of maintaining control.

Without a doubt, incessant expansion of the state subjugates people. Liberals are oblivious to the concept of personal and economic freedom, accountability, and choice. It’s unfortunate for the American system, that government education is designed to expand the reach of government control, and minimizes personal responsibility. How very heartbreaking for our young people and for our Republic!

What Americans should understand is that when people apply the free enterprise, free-market system with which we are so blessed, everyone; black, white, poor, and rich have a superior advantage to succeed in this country.  When people follow government - bitter, dismal failure will most likely ensue. Using the unadulterated, American free enterprise system is the best path to achieve personal success and national success.

If we depend upon government to guide our way, we begin a fool’s journey; government grows by sapping us of liberty, wealth, and money. Likewise, it feeds and thrives very nicely on peoples’ failure; that’s where they get their votes.

We’ve tried sacrifices by the wealthy to feed others' dependency. Sacrifice by the poor, the politicians, and the bureaucrats is a better path to achievement.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and their Liberal comrades falsely claim the deck is stacked against the poor. The truth is that government stacked the system against a free and prosperous America and free and prosperous people. The very people who scream the loudest about the stacked deck are the evil perpetrators of Marxism who enslave people to tyrannical government.

Jim Mullen

Common Core repeal thwarted; students lose
Six Republicans-twelve faces
By Jim Mullen

July 4, 1776 Congress announced to the world the Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies. These extraordinary men declared…

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness

Does this sound anything like the government we have today; or, does this sound like the government we have today?

The President and Congress spend trillions of dollars of taxpayer money in bailouts and stimulus to repay his supporters and determine winners and losers in the market place and business world. Winners play ball with Obama, losers go home broke…and at times, broken.

The President takes over automotive companies, ripping off investors and vendors, while repaying his Big Union boss contributors by giving them a slice of the companies.

In a feeding frenzy, he nationalizes businesses, industries, and financial intuitions, fires and hires managers and CEOs, and sets compensation for executives while warning of more to come. Does this sound like the U.S. government or Venezuela?

Healthcare disaster strikes our country when Congress passes Obama’s idea of healthcare reform over the vehement objections of the American public. They feed people lie upon lie in efforts to appease and soothe the open wounds left by a corrupt Congress and President. There is no doubt this was just one in a series of legislative maneuvers by this Congress and Administration to redistribute income. There is equally no doubt, this law will cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of American lives.

The refusal to enforce emigration law and protect our borders creates lawless, drug-infested areas in the Southwest where the Federal government resorts to placing signs warning people it is unsafe to travel in our own country.

The Senate just gave Obama his wanted amnesty for all illegal aliens and their families to increase his political power base. He is in a test of wills with the American people, who believe in the rule of law and that the federal government should guard our borders. Arizona finds itself little more than another state of Mexico and as a last resort, decided to protect their citizens. Consequently, they quickly discover their own government, who continues to allow the chaos to continue unabated, is suing them. Obama and his leftist Cabinet members call the Arizona law racist, and then admit they never read the Bill.

Our military patrols borders around the globe at great sacrifices in the blood of our young people and trillions from our treasury. Yet, incredibly, our government defies Americans and their pleas to put an end to the foreign invasions.

Is this a sound coherent, responsible response to the American people? Hundreds of unconstitutional interferences in our personal lives continue daily, but the most important

Constitutional duty of the federal government, border protection, goes unheeded and met with derision and charges of racism from the administration.

Obama wants Cap and Trade legislation which he admits will cause electricity prices to skyrocket. Everything this Congress and President do is all about power, control, and income redistribution. Until he gets this legislation, he has unleashed the heavy hand of EPA upon industry, business and taxpayers. He just declared war on coal and American industry.

There is no longer any question about the motives of Obama and the Progressives of the Democratic and Republican Parties.  Obama, Pelosi, and Reed have dropped all pretenses of being anything but Marxists.  Their fanatical bitterness and loathing of this country’s Declaration of Independence and constitutional freedoms is now self-evident.
The President of the United States has declared all-out war on the American people.  Moreover, the liberal wings of the political parties are abetting him in his treasonous “fundamental transformation” of our Republic.

They know they have a time limit in this game of ‘Transformation’; elections for the Senate could change the dynamic, and they must complete their Marxist programs. They will pay no attention to the trillions of dollars in debt added to our already staggering burden, and will show no quarter to the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, or Americans to whom the Founding Principles are the most sacred philosophy of government.

Obama unleashed his radical Cabinet Secretaries, Tsars, and White House minions around the country to challenge, deride and show his utter contempt for, this nation’s laws and the Constitution, by refusing to enforce the laws of our land. Obama’s rule-by-decree-and-edict has replaced rule of law. Likewise, our elected representatives in Congress show no allegiance to the Constitution, rather, they react with contempt when asked any questions about their authority to enact legislation that is clearly in conflict with our Founder’s Constitutional Principles.

The U.S. Attorney General orders Miranda warnings for foreign terrorists when arrested for terrorist’s acts against the U.S. He wants GITMO detainees tried in N.Y., and dismisses felony charges against a group of Black Panthers caught on camera intimidating voters at a polling place after the government had convicted the club wielding thugs.

He runs guns to Mexican war lords, commits perjury in front of Congress, spies on Americans and the media, then stonewalls all investigations.

The President declares a police department acted stupidly then went on a racist rant about police, yet admitted he didn’t know the facts.

It is with great purpose these liberal progressives, communists, Marxists, and despots of every ilk reject our Constitutional principles of self-determination. They understand very well they have no control over those who have control over themselves. 

We will, very quickly, witness mind-boggling, crushing increases in taxes; and still the debt will spiral out of control, enslaving us and future generations.

Obama demands fundamental change to a country so revered by the world, people risk, and indeed give, their lives coming to these shores for just a chance to succeed and be a part of the greatest experiment in history.

He wants fundamental change in a country that has historically, led the world in job creation, opportunities for its citizens, creation of wealth, standard of living, science, medicine, and any other positive force for which people could hope. Above all, liberty is the constant which has allowed for our success. The President of the United States believes these are things for which we should apologize, not celebrate.

No person with even an elementary desire for freedom and self-determination could support any progressive politician if they examined the results of liberalism in America.   
As an illustration, look to the largest states and cities for examples of failed socialistic policies. Crime, corruption, abject poverty, high taxes, utilities and prices, housing shortages and rampant crime are all the rewards for sowing seeds of Progressive Socialism and Marxism.

Mao Tse-Tung’s image on a White House Christmas tree bulb should have given us a clue to this White House. If not, maybe Obama’s circle of friends and his Cabinet replete with Communists, Marxists, Socialists, terrorists, racists and radicals from every walk of leftwing life hold sway over the President of the United States.

Does any of this sound like “certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness? Does this sound like a government responsible to the people or a people in fear of their government?

Today we gather to celebrate the birth of the greatest country in the history of civilization. If we do not act swiftly and decisively to reverse the downward spiral, we are in danger of losing everything our Founding Fathers created, and everything for which the brave men and women of our Armed Forces have fought and died. We are losing the very soul of our nation.

In closing, I would like to thank all the Veterans for your service and your sacrifice for our great land. Without you we
could not be here.

Finally, we need a Congress like the Continental Congresses; dedicated to liberty, not tyranny.

It is time to proclaim a new Declaration of Independence…this time, independence from our own government!

Happy Birthday America! Now, let’s take back our country!!

Jim Mullen 

Steinbrenner dies just to spite liberal politicians

The majority little understood on that inauspicious day when Obama made his infamous promise to ‘fundamentally change America,’ that it would lead to an all-out war on the institutions and citizenry of our country. Few knew of the rage at the Western World instilled in him by his Muslim father. Even fewer questioned the influence that his Communist mentor or his radical, racist minister of twenty years, had on this community organizer from the corrupt underbelly of Chicago politics.

Each dawning day manifests more clearly the radical direction in which his promise takes us.  Obama knows that liberty interferes with his designs for an ideal dictatorship; therefore, he abhors freedom. He’s dangerously ensnared in ideological “fairness, social justice, and equal results,” and his dogma doesn’t comprehend that the only fair society, is a free society.
Obama’s redistributionist, collectivist philosophy of unqualified politicians and bureaucrats running the economy is a Marxist scheme that invariably fails miserably. Additionally, taking money from the builders, the creators, the entrepreneurs, and the industrious, and then bestowing it to the takers, whiners, and ‘gimme crowd,’ always leads to further poverty and generations of dependency. In his collectivist, fantasy world, individualism is outmoded; truth ridiculed, and self-sufficiency scorned.

As long as parasites can leech blood from the producers of society, most think America is a grand country.  They have a greedy, selfish, destructive, and choking love. Obama and all leftists cater and cling to this low-hanging fruit in that they have the power to vote. Freeloaders furnish the grist for his evil, Maoist mill.

When this U.S. President repeatedly gushes that, he is “working for the people,” one should remember; Chairman Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Castro, and dozens of other dictators echoed this identical self-aggrandizing rant.  He’s effectively destroying the Constitution’s promise of limited government, liberty, and equal opportunity for all Americans.

Our community-organizer-in-chief determined at the jump to emulate the failed policies of the European Socialist States where Europe’s immigration, economic, and political correctness policies have them crashing and burning.

Obama liberals and radical Islamists have at least two traits in common; believing they tower above the law, and enacting policies to enforce their evil views upon America. Obama is committing crimes against liberty, the Constitution, and against the moral core of this illustrious land.

Lying is common political fare for presidents and a number of politicians; however, Obama turned blatant dishonesty into an art form. His boldfaced, brazen lies roll off his lips as easily as his ensuing breath. Truth is not in his vocabulary.

We might never find out if Obama, like his father, is a Muslim, however, one fact remains clear; he is a Muslim apologist and refuses to recognize, verbalize, or condemn the butchery many Muslims execute in the name of Allah. We might never ascertain if Obama, like his mentor, is a Communist, although we recognize he operates using the same deceit, lawlessness, and class divisions. We might never confirm whether Obama, like his long-time spiritual adviser, is a racist, other than knowing that he preaches the same racial hatred, division, and distrust.

​He regards with criminal indifference, the United States Constitution, and considers the laws of the land as annoyances that he summarily and contemptuously disregards.

Rudi Giuliani’s criticism of Obama came down much too softly. Barack Obama created a wound in America that may never heal. His hatred for a country that elected the first black president is renowned and endless. That revulsion manifests itself in his words, actions, edicts, and trespasses..

The voices for liberty in America must rise to a fevered pitch to have any success at drowning out the loud, verbose, shrill voices of tyranny coming from this criminal administration, his bureaucrats, and the Main-Stream Media.

Barack Obama’s idea of America is not the idea of America’s heroes who left their blood and their lives in and on the beaches, jungles, countries, and oceans of the world. They sacrificed for OUR FREEDOM; shall we sit back and let their sacrifices be nothing more than ink stains in discarded, untaught, history books in Barack Obama’s America? Will we allow the worst-of-the-worst President of the U.S. to sully everything for which men have fought, bled and died?

Jim Mullen

Jim Mullen

Ever wonder what is happening to your freedom, and question why the government is increasingly controlling your life and property, as well as attacking your constitutional rights?

Does talk with your friends center around why quality and service no longer seem a priority to countless businesses?

Do you question why taxpayers spend more money on education than all other countries in the world nevertheless deliver an educational system in which most children cannot read nor perform math at grade level? Similarly, why are young people being indoctrinated into believing that capitalism is evil and government is there to care for one and all?

Here are the six notorious leaders of this backroom conspiracy to protect Common Core and continue the destruction of West Virginiapublic education:

  1. Senate President Bill Cole (R-Mercer)
  2. Senator Mitch Carmichael, Majority Leader (R-Jackson)
  3. Senator Mike Hall, Finance Chairman (R-Putnam)
  4. Senator Dave Sypolt, Education Chair (R-Preston)
  5. Senator Jeff Mullins, Finance Committee (R-Raleigh)
  6. Senator Greg Boso, Education Committee (R-Nicholas)

Faced with a 75 to 19 bipartisan vote by the House for pulling Common Core out by the roots, the state board of education’s handpicked Common Core guru, West Virginia State School Superintendent, Michael Martirano went to work. Without a doubt, he used the usual flamboyant, threatening, and disparaging tactics to scare the bejeebers out of these weak-kneed Republicans. Regardless, by the time Martirano regurgitated the tried-and-true talking point lies used by Common Core advocates, the unsettled six were most likely putty in his hands.

West Virginia voters should have short fuses and long memories when it comes to these six sad sacks, and likewise, for State Senator Robert Plymale (D-Wayne) who carried the water for Gayle Manchin and the rest of the bureaucrats responsible for the abysmal condition of West Virginia education.

Joe Manchin delivered this Common Core albatross to our state and hung it unceremoniously around the necks of our young people. Additionally, Gayle Manchin ran interference for Joe’s federal boondoggle from her position on the state board of education by launching malicious attacks against Common Core opponents. Her prevarication that West Virginia teachers wrote these standards was so blatant that she lost all credibility; if she ever had any.

These Republicans are members of a majority in the West Virginia Legislation for the first time in over eighty years. Subsequently, they acted like Democrats at the initial chance for positive change in the beleaguered, educational behemoth.

Voters expected something much different from this group when they cleaned the slate in the last election. If citizens wanted the same slimy backroom dealing and go-along-to-get-along shenanigans, they would have left Democrats in command.

The establishment bureaucrats in the bloated Department of Education and the WV Board of Education use the Alinsky tactics of ridiculing opponents of Common Core. The previous State Superintendent of Schools, Dr. James Phares traveled the state telling teachers and administrators; those Common Core opponents are idiots, and many other choice epithets.

The state, and indeed, the nation is abuzz with anti-Common Core activity. Some of the original people involved with this ruinous program are now traveling the country warning of the evils of this federal takeover of schools. The longer the roots grow, the harder it will be to replace and rid our schools of this leftwing monstrosity. Similarly, the more harm we do to our children. Even Dale Lee, of the West Virginia Education Association nowsays that, “Common Core is a mess.”

The entire state of West Virginia owes special thanks to Angie Summers and David Flynn for their tireless work in fighting this latest blight on education by the intelligentsia. Likewise, kudos go to State Senator Donna Boley for her dogged determination in educating the legislature about Common Core and pressing for its repeal in the legislature.
Please help rid the state of West Virginia of Common Core and check out their Facebook page at and join in the fight for our children and our schools.

We need to apply the old-fashioned approach to education, which recognized that qualified; dedicated teachers, attentive students, and supportive parents educate children. Tell the federal government to get out of our schools, and slash the bureaucratic wasteland in Charleston. Teachers spend so much time following government rules that they have little time to teach. Additionally, government is pushing a far left agenda and indoctrinating, not educating. One fact we must remember; accepting federal government money means accepting tyrannical federal rules. The federal government does few things well and nothing efficiently.

Is it any wonder that less than half of our young people can read or do math at grade level when we have these incompetent bureaucrats and double-dealing politicians in Charleston? If West Virginians crave real improvement in education, we must demand accountability, dump Common Core, and embrace common sense!

Jim Mullen

Parkersburg, WV

Barack Obama's hatred of America and a free society By Jim Mullen

​​Our Republic has suffered from nearly every form of scallywag, thief, liar, and wannabe dictator serving or disserving in the Oval Office. On the other hand, we’ve had honest, dedicated, and patriotic men rise decidedly above what mortal men could reasonably be expected to achieve, who saved, protected, and healed our nation  during periods of extreme peril and upheaval.

The successful, including the entrepreneur, the innovator, and the creator, all make enormous sacrifices and high-quality life-decisions. Likewise, they learn from mistakes, and shelve instant gratification for their long-term achievement. Additionally, they dedicate grueling long hours of work and planning necessary for a mere chance of achievement. They plan, save, surrender time with families, and through it all, keep their eye on the prize, and ply the great American work ethic.

At every step, they must endure punishing conduct, and daily warfare waged against them by an all-powerful government and bureaucracy.  These, mostly faceless, pen-pushing autocrats believe that every move by every citizen, and business be carefully filtered through the authoritarian sieve of regulations, fees, taxes, and permits. Subsequently,

Barack Obama has a plan; a big economic plan to fire up business and create jobs. He will of course, unveil his brainchild after returning from Martha’s Vineyard for a much-needed vacation from campaigning. He thinks that lolling with his liberal high rollers ($50,000 per week rent) and breathing

Barack Obama came into office hoisted by a gushing mainstream media to his lofty, exalted throne formally known as the Presidency of the United States.

Jingoistic slogans, sweet words of “hope,” and chants of “yes we can,” permeated the blogosphere, filled the airways, and joyously leaped from the pages of the print media. Songs of “change we can believe in” filtered and cleansed the socialist filth from his message. The liberal world rejoiced. The Obama campaign pulled their strings, and the puppet media did the song and dance.

Flat, sour notes hit by this media darling, however, went unheard or disregarded in Obama’s political symphony. “Spread the wealth around,” “my idea of Cap and Trade,” “the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties,” and “social justice,” were just a few of his off-key screechings.

Government dependency is replacing the illegal drug trade as the most destructive force in our country. Politicians are the counterparts to the drug kingpins, as are their appointed bureaucrats to the pushers and enforcers.  We welcome them into our homes, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and allow them to infiltrate every corner of society. The pushers and enforcers that feed our addiction to big-government money, exhibit many of the same traits and tactics as drug dealers. The idea of getting more and more people hooked is the same; assuring millions of mindless users for life. Not to mention, they offer career employment opportunities for the kingpins and pushers.

Spring forward through 2009 and 2010 after numerous charges of financial improprieties and sexual misconduct allegations against House and Senate members, the statement by Pelosi and that of her spokesperson that, "Lawmakers will be held to a higher standard", was nothing short of laughable. These paragons of high morals have managed one weak tsk, tsk aimed at Senator Roland Burris (D) Ill, for lying to lawmakers about inappropriately offering to raise money for the corrupt Democratic Governor of Ill., Rod Blagojevich when Burris successfully lobbied for Obama's vacated Senate seat.

It also gives comfort to crooked politicians when a sympathetic U.S. Attorney General decides not to prosecute the ethically challenged Democrat House Representative from West Virginia, Alan Mollohan; surprisingly just before the House vote on Obama's health care plan. He then promptly voted for the plan, even as his constituents screamed no. Fortunately, the good people of West Virginia took care of Mr. Mollohan when the House and the Justice Department refused to do their duty.

Of course, the cases involving Charley Rangel (D-NY), and Maxine Waters (D-Ca), two of the biggest socialists in Congress, will be unlike any others. They have been up to their ears in corruption for so many years, their brazenness and flaunting of their ability to get away with anything they please, makes their cases special. They know the voters will not vote them out, thus this arrogance of power is, in itself, corrupting.

These two will scream racism so loudly; it is highly unlikely that they will receive any significant punishment. Therefore, they will continue their merry socialistic jaunt through American justice.

Tax cheats, liars, thieves, and outright scoundrels abound in congress and the White House since the Democrats assumed the reins. There are so many shady real estate dealings and people who cheat on their taxes among the liberal elite, that it has become impossible for Obama to find Cabinet members or Presidential advisers without resorting to calling his people “too good to keep out of government", regardless of their crimes. Crimes, by the way, that would place ordinary citizens in severe legal jeopardy.

Drain the swamp? These people are so accustomed to sleazy government; it all seems perfectly natural standing waist deep in the fetid waters of corruption. They pay no more attention to the smell than one skunk would pay to another.

Jim Mullen

​Liberal's plan for your IRAs and 401(k)s
Stocks At Risk Next

Pyramid schemes, organized crime, and government oppression
By Jim Mullen

simply, deceased entrepreneurs and job creators who should have the right to leave their private property estate to whomever they

Politicians use the law of the jungle for their survival by selecting the most defenseless, separating them from the herd, and moving in for the kill. In the world of politics, the defenseless are those with insufficient numbers to present a political force. Well-to-do Americans are easy pickings for low-life liberals.

According to progressives, money, property, and wealth accumulated by a lifetime of hard work, sacrifice and obeying the rules; belong to government, not the person who earned it or his/her legal heirs. Therefore, when one passes from the scene it behooves politicians and bureaucrats to extract that person’s money and not allow disbursement by will of the deceased.

Vultures in Congress periodically negotiate the percentages of a dead person's estate permissible for seizure under the guise of tax "fairness”. Consequently, arguments ensue not to the fairness of the theft, but to the amount the federal government should confiscate.

In 2001, the tax dropped from 55 to 45 percent. Then last year in a disagreement about increasing the levy, the best of all scenarios in government occurred; gridlock. As a result, we are enjoying one year of fairness; meaning no death tax. This is a year of the best of times for tangible winners in the American dream, and their families.  However, it is the worst of times for lovers of the death tax and redistributive change.

George Steinbrenner cheated the progressive predators by dying before they could circle their prey and attack. Media reporting on this issue apparently believe Mr. Steinbrenner’s act of dying this year was a cold, calculating, and deliberate act designed to spite liberal politicians and cost them $15 billion in vote-buying cash.
Congress expounds various arguments using depraved logic in their justification for legalized grave robbery. However, they can all be encapsulated in the infamous words of Barack Obama in an unguarded aside during a speech. “At a certain point, you’ve made enough money.”

If anyone doubts what Mr. Obama is all about; his statement precisely describes the arrogant socialistic attitude of the President of the United States. Unfortunately, it is also the view of our Congress, which helps explain their 11 percent approval rating.

Family farms and small business owners – many in a family for generations - are lost because greedy politicians cannot resist redirecting money from winners to losers in exchange for votes. An accumulated estate is often not in liquid assets, leaving insufficient cash to pay the death tax. Oftentimes, land or businesses must go on the auction block or mortgaged to pay the exorbitant taxes. It increases the cost of doing business and costs jobs.

The attitude that all money and property is communal instead of private property is pure Marxism and is unacceptable in any free society, let alone in America. In the interest of fairness and justice, the government should eliminate the death tax immediately!

Jim Mullen

Media bias

Obama found it appalling that the U.S. Constitution says what the state and federal governments cannot do to you but does not say what they must do on your behalf. This, of course, was exactly the framers’ intent; protecting the people from oppressive government like Obama’s redistributive change. Every glimpse into his leftist dogma should have been a harbinger of the looming economic and constitutional crisis on the horizon.

Admonitions about Obama having the most liberal voting record in the Senate, and a radical left-wing economic philosophy went unheeded. Likewise, warnings of his lack of business knowledge and executive experience fell flat. However, he was the left’s candidate of a lifetime and sent a thrill up the collective legs of the media. The progressive, left-wing had their way and their messianic nominee arose to the Presidency, largely because of activist media’s complete failure to vet Barack Obama.

Obama found his soul mates in an ego-stroking, left-wing Congress joined at the ideological hip. They felt entitled to run roughshod over the American people and the fundamental transformation of the Republic was underway. Rants of racism quickly extinguished all dissent.

The poisoned fruit of today’s economic disaster comes from seasons of suffocating weeds of government interference and blocking freedom’s sunshine and nourishment from our free-enterprise system. Barack Obama’s ideology overrides every economic tenet and his failed policies leaves tens-of-millions of Americans without jobs. Long unemployment lines, welfare, and food stamps replace his promise of “hope.”

‘Obama the destroyer’ of jobs and middle-class America now claims the mantle as the warrior for the middle class! If there were a Nobel Prize for pure, chutzpa and arrogance, Barack Obama would be a two-time prizewinner – and deserving of the second. His unconstitutional assault upon the states and people of this country is equaled only by his affront upon their intelligence.

In the final analysis, did this country really choose a man to represent unions at the exclusion of the rest of the nation’s workers and citizens? Did we know creating government jobs would cripple the private sector?

Did we elect a President to oversee our Executive branch of government, overrun with 60’s radicals, Maoists, and far-left extremists, setting policy for the greatest nation on earth?

Did we place a man in the White House to declare war on the states and their citizenry and cause the American people to fear their own government?

Did we vote for a man who rules by executive decree when Congress and the people reject his Marxist ideas?

Did we recognize Obama the “globalist” was intent upon ceding United States power to world organizations and then would repeatedly apologize to them for America’s sins?

After promises of “Obama would be the great uniter,” did we bargain for a President, who deliberately divides the country by race, religion, social status, income, national origin, and wealth? Subsequently, did we foresee the unabashed pandering to each group and driving wedges to foment hatred and distrust?

If history teaches us anything, we should recognize that every despot, dictator, and tyrant in history employed these Obama strategies and tactics. Unfortunately, even for those with masterful knowledge of history, knowledge does not necessarily translate into learning and understanding.

Behind the veils and the facades, when finally we stripped all the trappings and flowery speeches to lay bare the real man, we as a nation were unable to recognize a lightweight man clad in heavyweight demagoguery. The warnings were all there; they all read danger!

Other presidents with illusions of grandeur and duplicitous motives have occupied the White House and each left an indelible stain on the presidency, and weakened the country. 

Let us hope that our knowledge of the now unmasked, real Obama will translate into understanding by next November.

Jim Mullen

Obama jobs speech just another political stunt

Once again, the education of West Virginia’s young people has fallen victim to political chicanery and collusion between some of the state’s representatives in Charleston and the educational hierarchy.

Despite a spirited effort by dedicated legislators to repeal the destructive Common Core federal standards in WestVirginia, six Republican turncoats in the state Senate betrayed them.

Aptly dubbed the spineless six by writer Shane Vander Hart, these so-called conservatives abandoned their constituents, and fellow Republicans. Consequently, they cheated West Virginia’s children of a chance to escapethe latest effort by the federal government to tighten its unconstitutional grip on our public schools.