One might ask from where did this President get his redistributionist, Marxists ideas, his anti-American foreign policy, and his hatred of everything held dear by traditional Americans; including the Constitution.

Marxists, socialists, and Communists; including his mother, father, grandparents, stepfather, and mentor, strongly influenced Obama from his early childhood. Following this, he had a thorough dousing into leftwing academia and admitted he surrounded himself with like-minded radicals in college. The final product appears before us as Barack Hussein Obama, the perfect Marxist prototype.

In “Dreams From My Father” one learns of the powerful influences from his Muslim Father, an anti-colonialist, and hater of England and the West. From his shocking world apology tours to his disdain and contempt toward England and Israel from the first day in the Oval Office, the evidence is abundantly clear; Barack Obama is a product of bitterness and hate.

Looking at many of Obama‘s top supporters, family, and friends a shocking scenario unfolds.

This inglorious President dares not unleash the free-enterprise system, lest he loses Marxist control of industry and the American people. Therefore, this disastrous, Spartan economy is his life-long dream. It allows him to blame the “rich," and all of his other strawmen. It also presents the opportunity to rule the country by dictating his will in the name of doing it for the greater good.

Nearly every dictatorship begins with promises of equality and a classless society, and then ends in devastation. The People’s Republic of China and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were both examples of wicked, humanitarian and economical calamities. They both began by sowing the seeds of class dissatisfaction and nurturing their growth with the vacant promise of making everyone equal. Surprisingly, even in this country, lowering everyone to the lowest common denominator strikes a pleasurable chord to a large segment of the population.

A free-running economy is a catastrophe for every big-government advocate. Barack Obama is the most anti-business, anti-capitalist American President in history. He never gives a speech or issues a press release without stridently repeating every loser’s refrain. “It’s not my fault,” followed by the “rich” aren’t paying their fair share. It’s evident to even the most casual observer that Barack Obama abhors this country, its Constitution, and its free enterprise system. It’s painfully obvious every time he opens his mouth that he holds them in bitter contempt.

Four years ago, the media fabricated a pristine aura around their all-time favorite progressive. That aura is gone and only the reek of ugly, corrupt, Chicago-style politics remain. Tabbed as the great uniter, he is the most divisive political figure - not to mention the most divisive President - in American narrative.

Visionaries of the possible built our nation. The Founders believed in unleashing the free spirit, imaginative mind, and determination of the average American. Likewise, they knew that lashing the federal government securely to the confines of the Constitution would secure liberty and create the greatest nation in civilization. Entrepreneurs know that self-sacrifice, hard work, and determination in a free enterprise system will provide them the only chance at real success.

This President is a left-wing ideologue and a fantasist who subscribes to the fool’s gold idea of success lying in government dependency and control, high taxes, and less personal freedom. He believes that restraining individual liberty allows the centralized government to operate in the best interest of the citizenry.  He also preaches that success and fulfillment without the government’s patronage and guidance is impossible.

Obama spent his entire presidential term dismantling everything that made this country the envy of the world. His outrageous diatribe against entrepreneurial businessmen that, "If you've got a business - you didn't build that. Someone else made it happen," is emblematic of his leftist, “collective” mindset. Only a true Karl Marx believer would utter such a contemptible remark. Knowing full well that this idea does not play in mainstream America, he spends his campaigning time culling special interest groups from the general electorate herd and making them outlandish, special promises of other peoples’ money.

The media promised Obama would bring a new refinement to the presidency. Instead, he brought an indelible, crude coarseness seldom seen; even in the crass political arena. His highbrow friends from academia held his hand all the way into the White House in an all-out effort to give credibility and stature to his socialist ideology. They, in turn, brought an evil dogma of the most extraordinary kind. Their character and beliefs are, like Obama’s, devoid of any concept of freedom.

The intellectual left considers being anti-American as the latest style in sophistication. This is the promised refinement and elegance Obama brought to the White House. Every member of this elitist administration exemplifies this hatred of everything constitutional, and everything traditionally American.

During his term in office, Barack Obama soiled the economy, the presidency, the country, and indeed, himself.  Now, he proclaims how badly everyone else smells. If elected for another term, the stench will permeate every corner of the government, segment of society, and institution in our Republic.

Another four years of following Barack Obama down his liberal-progressive road and this country will pass through the gates of a collectivist hell. This presidency should go down in the history books as the “era of the great conversion;” the conversion of middle class America into the great permanent welfare class. Excuses, blame, welfare, unemployment, food stamps, social justice, income redistribution, and race hustling are now part of the permanent vernacular of Barack Obama’s lexicon.

This President and his Marxist comrades cannot abide any political system that allows freedom. Their power depends upon the peoples’ enslavement and they cater to the slugs and leeches in society because that’s where the votes are.

Neither liberty nor a free enterprise system automatically lifts everyone. However, they enhance the opportunities for everyone to lift themselves. This is the concept for which so many great Americans fought and died; and the concept so despised by the political charlatan, Barack Obama.

Jim Mullen

Common Core Town Hall Meeting in Marietta, Ohio

Have you heard of the “Common Core Standards Initiative?” Do you fully understand the consequences? Do you know that the program allows federal takeover of education and virtually eliminates local and parental control of your child’s education?

Have you heard the propaganda emanating from the educational bureaucracy touting the wonderfulness of having ONE national standard?

Do you know about the school database collection planned for children and their families that will follow them through life and lay bare the privacy laws of children?

If the scheme called Common Core is allowed to fester, grow, and root into the foundation of America’s educational system, this generation of young people will be cheated out of their constitutional guarantee of freedom from an all-powerful federal government.  Subsequent generations, likewise, will suffer through a dark age of ignorance fed by the indoctrination of federal politicians and bureaucrats.

Please see the information below and plan to attend this Town Hall meeting on Common Core.

If you believe the purpose of our public education system is teaching children independence and how to live and thrive in this world without heavy-handed government, this could well be the most important meeting you will ever attend.


Jim Mullen, Parkersburg, WV

Common Core Town Hall
Truth in American Education

Common Core State Standards

Regional Town Hall Meeting on School Standards

Open to teachers, parents, school board members, school administrators, and the general public.
State representatives from OH and WV have been invited to attend.

Sponsored by American Principles Project

Saturday June 29 
1:00 PM

Valley Harvest Church 
104 Tennis Center Dr. /Marietta, OH

  • Common Core History: What It Is...Facts and Fiction
  • Educational Impact: Public Schools K-12 / Christian Schools / Home Schools
  • Family Values Impact: The overall cost
  • Personal Security: Government Data Collection
  • Focusing on Personal Involvement: What you can do
  • Emmett McGroarty, Esq / American Principles Project / Washington DC
  • Jamie Gass / Pioneer Institute, Public Policy Research / Boston MA
  • Heidi Huber / Ohioans Against Common Core / Cincinnati OH

Bios of Presenters

The American Principles Project / Washington, DC
Emmett McGroarty, Executive Director, Preserve Innocence Project

Emmett McGroarty has led Preserve Innocence on its mission of defending parental rights and defeating the Progressive march against the Constitution. He has published ground-breaking reports on the federal takeover of education (Townhall Magazine, March 2011), its lawless tracking of private child and family data (The New York Post, December 2011), and its lawless infliction of radical values curricula on children (Public Discourse, January 2012). Mr. McGroarty is a frequent media guest, and his written works have appeared in publications such as Townhall Magazine, The New York Post, The Washington Times, and Public Discourse. He is a graduate of Fordham School of Law and Georgetown University.

Pioneer Institute / Public Policy Research / Boston, MA 
Jamie Gass is Pioneer Institute’s Director of the Center for School Reform.

At Pioneer, he has framed and commissioned over 60 research papers on education reform topics. Jamie has more than two decades of experience in public administration and education reform at the state and municipal levels. Previously, he worked at the Massachusetts Office of Educational Quality and Accountability as Senior Policy Analyst-Technical Writer and in the state budget office under two Massachusetts governors. In the 1990s, Jamie worked for the Dean of the Boston University School of Education/Boston University Management Team in its historic partnership with the Chelsea Public Schools. He has appeared on Boston media outlets: WBZ’s Nightside with Dan Rea, WRKO’s Tom & Todd Show, WBZ’s Keller at Large, WGBH’s Callie Crossley Show, WBUR, as well as talk radio across the country. He has been quoted in The Economist, Education Week, and The Boston Globe, and his op-eds are regularly published in The Boston Herald, The Worcester Telegram & Gazette, The Lowell Sun, The Providence Journal, other regional newspapers, as well as pieces in magazines, such as Education Next and City Journal. Jamie speaks on school choice, academic standards, and school district accountability at events throughout the country. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Boston University.

Heidi Huber / Cincinnati, OH - Founder Ohioans Against Common Core, SW Ohio liberty leader, Believes the future of our Republic rests in reclaiming our children from the state and reseating our parental authority over their moral and academic education.

Valley Harvest Church 
104 Tennis Center Dr. /Marietta, OH


Barack Obama's Attempted lobotomy on America By Jim Mullen

Over the last several decades, progressives’ call for education reform centered around their desire to federalize the system and disembowel state and local constitutional authority. The driving force behind the leftists’ effort has involved throwing federal tax dollars at states and local school districts. This largesse accompanied disinformation and coded ideological claptrap formulated to open the arms of educators, politicians, and bureaucrats to embrace and accept any condition or program for “free” money.

Every new federal “program” including “No Child Left Behind” resulted in the same outcome; lower test scores, more dependency, billions of dollars wasted, and another generation trapped in an ever-expanding cycle of poverty, ignorance, and indoctrination.

The latest, and perhaps the most bizarre and diabolical of all federal takeovers of education has a most unassuming and non-threatening title of “Common Core State Standards Initiative” (CCSSI). Once implemented, the federal government will control assessment tools, textbooks, and computer programming used in education.  A national data collection system called State Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) will work in tandem with Common Core to determine a child’s educational opportunities.

All school-choice programs will quickly turn into federally approved programs, and the educational system will, in all practicality, be federalized. In other words, centralized in Washington, DC where great schemes hatch and monumental malfeasance and breathtaking failures grow like weeds in rich bureaucratic meadows.

Once touted as “international bench-marked,” Common Core standards focus on changing the social and political values of American children. They are rooted in standards shaped by United Nation treaties and beliefs of the UN universal Declaration of Human Rights. Few goals address academics; math standards actually lower expectations.

The national data collection system (SLDS) will follow a child from Kindergarten to adulthood. IQ scores, test scores, disciplinary, and medical records are just a few of the data with which students’ educational and job opportunities will be afforded. Over 400 data points collected by schools and teachers will include personal, financial, and family information.

Thanks to the weakening by the Obama administration of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) these data can be shared. Hundreds of data points on every student will be given or sold to outside corporations, researchers, and government. This is a tracking and informational system of Orwellian proportions never imagined even by Soviet Bloc nations.

As  explains, “The attitude is that all of this data on our children belongs to the government, and if we, their benighted parents scream and beg, maybe they will protect it or say they are going to do so. The questions never get asked, “Why are you collecting so much data on our children without consent?” and “By what authority do you do so?”

When these systems are in place, every student in every educational setting must meet federal standards. Textbooks are being written that meet the goals of CCSS. The government is funding organizations that create testing tools to assess student’s progress in accepting the social and political ideologies being taught in the classroom. The expected implementation date of CCSS is within the next two to three years.

Stealthily, and without public or legislative notice, this initiative, usurping state and local control of school curriculum passed in 46 states and began in 2009. The Common Core Standards Initiative sets curriculum in every participating state at the same level. States, by adopting this “common core,” are relinquishing their constitutionally guaranteed right to control education.

This clandestine project bypassed the state and federal legislative processes and went unnoticed and unreported to Congress and state legislators. State boards of education bureaucracies approved most of the measures. Not surprisingly, promises of billions of dollars from the federal government and from liberal, private foundations, seduced the boards. Amazingly, they signed on to the Standards before they were even written.

The National Governor’s Association and the Chief Council of State School Officers signed-off on CCSS and gave the appearance that they were state-led, but make no mistake; the federal government leads and drives Common Core.

The Obama administration poured billions of dollars into the bribes for states from “Stimulus” money, “No Child Left Behind” wavers (the unfunded mandate from the Bush-era), more Title I funding, and Race to the Top inducements.
States and local boards are depending on a windfall of federal tax money in exchange for their capitulation. Once fully implemented, that pledge for support will collapse like all political and bureaucratic promises that end as unfunded mandates. Funding and cost information on this boondoggle are being kept under the same rug where Obamacare, and every other federal government failures were swept.

Most states are now rife with grass-roots organizations fighting this most vile federal invasion that violates three federal education laws: the General Provisions Act, the Department of Education Organization Act, and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. As we have learned, obeying the law is unimportant to government; control is everything.

Loss of dignity comes largely from an educational system that indoctrinates, not educates, and is responsible for the lack of free spirit and determination, and low expectations sweeping our nation. From age 4 through graduate schools, the system teaches dependency and that government is there to take care of everyone’s needs. Gaining common sense and wisdom from an education became lost in the fog of liberal ideology.

When one understands the federal government’s penchant for, and indeed, their record of, heavy-handed control and underperforming results, one can see this Common Core thrust is but the initial salvo for complete and total domination of education at every level.

Government never raises the bar for performance or results; rather it lowers everything and everyone to the lowest common denominator. In this case, it’s the lowest “Common Core” standards to which our youth will be subjected, and by which they will be judged.

Just one absurd example of the lowest common denominator is that literary works like the classics draw dust; replaced by informational texts. Two recommended spellbinding reads are “The Evolution of the Grocery Bag,” and “Health Care Costs in McAllen, Texas.”

Disinformation and subterfuge are the means by which government expands oppression. States around this nation are in a life-struggle to bare the truth about this federal government’s oppressive invasion.  In weeks to come Americans must join local, state, and national groups engaging in opposition to this outrage. Be prepared for the progressives to launch their usual barrage using Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” to lie, ridicule, and intimidate.

One must, likewise, remember that progressives use the current deplorable state of our educational system as justification for nationalization. What they will not say, however, is that the progressive movement is responsible for nearly every disastrous problem found in the US educational system. Every crisis to a liberal is an opportunity for a never-ending cycle of more government power, which exacerbates one disaster by creating another.

Tyranny lurks in the shadows of government like deadly predators lying in wait for their prey. The weak, unprepared, untrained, and the lazy, are the first to fall. Allowing the federal government at the throats of our young people is to disallow children the opportunity to know the unique American experience of liberty in a freewill republic. Our youth must learn that there is more to the American dream than living a comfortable, monotone existence with a lifetime of dependency upon government.

Jim Mullen


The race hustling of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party By Jim Mullen

Archived Articles II

did the only thing at which the federal government is proficient; exercising dominance over the citizens of our Republic.

The Court ruling, on another day, which will live in infamy, there rained down upon a staggering nation, a devastating decree from the United States Supreme Court. They gave their official sanction for “the raping of America and the burning of our Constitution” by ruling this brutal act was, officially and legally; permitted and authorized.

Let the declaration go forth across this land that the idiocy of Nancy Pelosi, the malevolence of Harry Reid, and the pretentious arrogance of Barack Obama now hold sway over our constitutional Republic. From this day on, the federal government has complete and total control over every aspect of every American life. They decide what we eat, our every activity, the medicine we receive, pain we must endure, and every decision your doctor makes concerning our healthcare. In short, the Federal government now controls who lives and who dies.

Politicians took from us a country with the best medical care in the world and gave us a system reduced to the lowest common denominator. A country with the highest cancer survival rates in the world is now a European or third-world system where people die for want of drugs, doctors, and state-of-the-art medical equipment and facilities.

Panels, commissions, and boards will form, convene and perform their voodoo-magic medicine. Bureaucrats will spring up from the fertile socialist soil and multiply like noxious weeds. Tens of thousands of new, specialized IRS agents will sharpen their intimidation skills and practice the EPA’s fine art of crucifixion.  Attitudes of the bureaucrats will need readjusted; therefore, classes in “Obama Arrogance” will necessarily be implemented.

Government bureaucracies have long been politicians’ favorite weapons against American freedom. They’re created for the distinct purpose of controlling and regulating the masses, and to spend taxpayers’ money. Americans never find themselves rejoicing over new-found personal freedom when politicians enact new legislation and create new bureaucrats to administer their unconstitutional boondoggles.

Barack Obama is a new-breed, big-government tyrant and proficient at harnessing the political winds to power his Socialist agenda. With his trusted left-wing faction of Congress, he refined the whole notion of using bureaucratic panels, commissions, and boards to repress constitutional rights and oppress Americans.

This is all-out war against the American people, so bribery, threats and lies are acceptable in the implementation of their goal; a complete Socialist State. Obama and the Progressive-Democrats lie with impunity, steal without remorse, cheat with abandonment, and shred the Constitution without shame. Using the healthcare model, they laid the foundation for a total federal government takeover of business, healthcare, education, banking, and commerce.

Regardless of the shape into which Obamacare morphs, it is another government program that will go broke, just as all federal programs eventually go broke. Obama declared early on that his real goal was a single-payer, totally government-run healthcare system; however, ‘it had to be done in steps.’ Obamacare is an uncontrollable monstrosity designed to fail and give cover for a complete government takeover by blaming insurance companies for the big cost and inefficiency.

Promises of keeping your own doctor and insurance plan, lower costs, higher efficiency, more coverage, and better medical care, were Obama's cock-and-bull stories. His pompous drivel about excluding illegal aliens and abortions from the law, and the penalties for failure to purchase insurance coverage not being a tax, was, likewise, an incomprehensible, brazen lie.

The travesties of this "healthcare" bill are sinister and profound. It will result in shortages of doctors, hospitals, medical equipment and everything associated with healthcare. Job losses and massive tax increases - overt and covert - will result in higher prices for everything. We will endure long lines and waiting times to receive services, which will result in unnecessary suffering and death for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

The Obamaites are singing their collectivist, celebratory song. If this legislation runs its course, their song will quickly become a dirge.

Jim Mullen

The poisonous seeds sown by Barack Obama By Jim Mullen

​From the poisonous seeds of class warfare and race hustling, mighty dictatorships grow. These are the
seeds Barack Obama sows in America's garden.

Educating liberals
Part 1

The 9-11 Affect:

Government used terrorist attacks by fanatical Muslims as justification not only to suspend our Constitution, but allow government never-ending dictatorial control over Americans’ lives. Congress and the President gave birth to huge new bureaucracies that joined old ones in instituting secret powers to record our calls, save our emails, scan our mail, and in essence, license to control every aspect of our personal lives.

The resulting Patriot Act was one of the most devastating pieces of legislation ever passed by Congress and signed into law. It’s led to repeated violations of Americans’ constitutional rights. In short, it gives dictatorial powers to the President and to tens-of-thousands of belligerent and aggressive unelected bureaucrats. The Act is not a war-time temporary exploit, but an unending, open-ended suspension of our Constitution and in effect, declares war on the American people, while feigning war on an ideological enemy.

The Patriot Act dramatically added to government domination, and its oppression very simply destroys Americans’ constitutionally guaranteed rights of protection from government.

The 9-11 attack could have been stopped if the U.S. government had performed its duty by guarding our border and enforcing our Visa law. The seeds were sown by the federal government’s own distaste for performing their constitutionally mandated obligations.

Loss of Our Industrial Might:

Politicians (of both political parties) and unreasonable demands by labor unions combined with international forces, to turn America, the greatest industrial force in history, into a banana republic. The U.S. relies on China, Russia, and hundreds of third-world countries to manufacture essential goods, military hardware, computers, software, electronics, machinery, and weaponry.  Even our space program hitches rides on Russian rockets.

We voluntarily ceded America’s dominance and industrial might and placed ourselves at the mercy of hostile governments around the world. A national crisis like war would leave us depending upon our enemies to manufacture our war-needs.

Money exchanging hands between politicians and lobbyists normally breeds corruption, which leads to a weakened economy and disenfranchised citizenry. This exchange sold us the “free trade” mirage, instead of “fair trade.”  Politicians value only job creators who put cash into their coffers and deliver voters to their party. Crony Capitalism replaced a once vibrant free-enterprise system of business expansion for profit, growth, and job development.

Our nations place in the world as the greatest industrial giant in history has fallen to a service and government economy.We can supply all the burgers, fries, & bureaucrats needed for any world war effort. However, in an instant, our enemies could bring our entire economy to a halt and country to its knees by withholding or sabotaging our parts, computers and electronic systems.

What we did to countries in periods of war with bombs, men, and military hardware, the world can seamlessly do to the U. S. from tents or offices across the globe.

Corporate Welfare:

Government uses corporate welfare as a cunning and diabolical plan to manage, direct, and control business, manufacturing, and farming by filtering their every move through corrupt bureaucratic sieves. This brand of welfare impedes innovation, research, and efficiency. It stunts business growth, raises consumer prices, and kills jobs. Business follows government dictates and money instead of free-market capitalism.

Free enterprise creates the best opportunities for the most people to advance and ascend from poverty to success. Liberalism of all sects creates the best opportunities for people and their descendents to languish and revel in the throes of dependency. Corporate welfare has the same effect on business.

Commerce Clause:

The reinterpretation of the commerce clause is one of the most misguided and dictatorial decisions ever handed down by the Supreme Court. It was a comprehensive, inexcusable ruling that allowed the federal government carte blanche or unconditional authority to restrict, regulate, ban, or tax commerce into oblivion. From control or outright banning farmers from growing crops, to Obamacare requiring Americans to purchase a product, the collusion of all three branches of government to allow this to stand is indefensibly unconstitutional.

Politicians use this clause as yet another ploy to increase federal power and diminish free enterprise - the lifeblood of liberty. The real purpose of the Commerce Clause was to assure there was free and open commerce between states. The Supreme Court defiled the clause to regulate commerce within a state and deprive Americans of a much-needed freedom of exchange.

Climate Change Hoax:

The Global Warming and Climate-Change hoaxes are further income redistribution scams perpetrated by world governmental organizations and liberals everywhere to tax Americans for their use of carbon-based energy. Con artists target the deepest pockets with their swindles; this rip-off is no exception. Americans and American corporations have the money, and Barack Obama and his fellow global Marxists will do their level best to steal every dime.

Their plan is both simple and devious. Make America’s use of carbon for power and manufacturing expensive by limiting drilling or mining and taxing its production and use. Obama bragged that electric prices will skyrocket.  The real goal, however, is for Americans to pay European prices for everything.

When the man-made Global Warming hoax was uncovered, conspirators quickly put their giant know-it-all brains together and came up with a new liberal-intellectual vernacular; Climate Change. It’s positively brilliant. They tax Americans when the climate warms or cools; which earth’s been doing for billions of years. Although Marxists have hundreds of swindles they incessantly throw against the wall to see which ones stick; never has there been a sweeter con than Climate Change!


Obama and his progressives designed Obamacare as a series of income redistribution and social justice programs. It destroys jobs and will devastate the finest healthcare system in the world. Government successfully placed federal bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. Doctors, clinics, and hospitals will find it increasingly more difficult to provide good medical care, and many will cease practicing medicine. At they go under, costs will skyrocket, and government will decide who lives and who dies, and how much pain Americans must endure.

Obamacare is the greatest medical crisis in this nation’s history. It is a classic study in failure of Marxism and the pain and suffering the country must endure when allowing leftists to implement their evil schemes. If left unchecked, it will literally cost untold thousands of American lives.

When politicians can convince nearly half of America that they can provide full medical care for everyone, including illegal aliens and their unlimited families, at lower cost without reducing quality, it is solid evidence that years of indoctrination by government have paid big dividends for tyrants.

Illegal Immigration:

The most important functions of the federal government are protecting America’s borders, protecting and upholding the Constitution, and staying out of the constitutional exercise of citizens’ and states’ affairs.

For a nation created by immigrants, common sense would tell us that immigration would be good for us. New talent, fresh thinking, and a thirst for freedom feeding an entrepreneurial spirit were attributes of the vast number of immigrants to this land. Most came to America expecting only liberty and opportunity. The last few decades, however, the U.S. suffered from the crime of millions of people illegally invading our borders. A very high percentage was looking for riches to which they were not entitled. Come to America, where dreams can come true, became “come and get in the welfare line for your share of someone else’s wealth.”

Politicians, desperately grubbing for votes, colluded with businesses looking for cheap labor and leftists wanting to increase dependency on government, to not only allow, but actively facilitate millions to pour over the borders. Astonishingly, they helped people break into our home, and then commanded us to provide them complete support.

The massive influx overwhelmed states and local governments costing hundreds-of-billions of taxpayers’ dollars for schools, healthcare, housing, police, jails, and welfare payments. America’s spirit was born in the breast of men longing to be free. Now, too many yearn for freedom to suckle the teat of a productive society.

The illegal alien fight now takes on yet another of government’s favorite tyrannical mantras; the word is comprehensive, which is code for the same-old screeching song of liberals - complete federal takeover. Comprehensive also means legalization of the tens-of-millions of illegal aliens and their extended families from their home country. After all, we’re told, we can’t break up families. The answer to this dilemma is simple. Since the illegals broke up their families when they came here, going home would reunite them and protect the sanctity of American families.

Votes are precious to politicians; even illegal votes. The idea of legalizing the invaders and their families and mining their votes is too irresistible for politicians. Packing the polls trumps their oath to uphold the Constitution.

The Advent of Public Unions:

Private sector unions can negotiate with management or owners to get their workers more of the profits they believe they had a hand in creating. However, government workers generate no profits. They simply negotiate with politicians for more taxpayers’ money, and taxpayers never have a seat at this bountiful table of generosity.

Wisconsin started this crime against economic common sense in 1959 by allowing collective bargaining in government.

Many government bureaucracies operate closed shops, which mean they require every worker to pay union dues. Paying off, bribing, and promising financial support and votes to politicians with union dues are unbelievable corrupt behaviors and led to the staggering debt and destruction of our country state-by-state and city-by-city. Even F.D.R. believed the idea of unions striking against taxpayers “unthinkable and intolerable.”  George Meany — the former President of the AFL-CIO said in 1955 “It is impossible to bargain collectively with the government.” Truly, neither had a grasp of how far this nation or its government would descend into throes of corruption.

Because of Tenure and union rules, it’s virtually impossible to reward excellence or terminate ineptitude. Tenure is the point at which, in any job or profession, incompetence and ignorance become not only acceptable, but profitable. The only chance for reform is to remove the incentive for incompetence, ignorance, and ineptitude.

To maintain the unsustainability of public unions, politicians lie, cheat, borrow, beg, and steal money from today’s taxpayers and from future generations in perpetuity.

Violation of Property Rights:

  • In a decision that bastardized the Fifth Amendment of the U.S, Constitution, the Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that Eminent Domain included the right of government to seize private property from one private owner and transfer to another private owner to further economic development.
  • Civil forfeiture laws represent a serious assault on private property rights in the United States. Under civil forfeiture, police and prosecutors can seize your cash, personal property or real estate, sell it and then use the proceeds to fund their budgets without even charging you with a crime; let alone convicting you of one. The corrupting influences of these laws and their unconstitutionality are obvious. Nonetheless, people shrug - feeling it doesn’t affect them - and walk on.
  • The United Nation’s anti-American Agenda 21 is an ongoing assault on property rights and personal liberties of the American people.
  • The United States government has direct ownership of almost 650 million acres of land – nearly 30% of its total territory.  In the western U.S. the percentages skyrocket to a high of 85% in Nevada. In Alaska, they own nearly 70%. This reduces the tax base in the states and solidifies federal domination.
  • Additionally, government entities control much of private land by bureaucratic decrees and special protection laws, that essentially deny otherwise legitimate uses of private property. Who really owns property if Americans cannot use it because of endangered species or other government feel-good legislation or bureaucratic declarations?

Both property rights and individual rights are paramount to liberty.

Energy Policy:

A lack of a coherent and responsible energy policy contributes mightily to our half-baked, irrational Middle East policy. A policy that cost the U.S. untold billions of dollars spent abroad, wars, upheaval, and loss of American lives; both here and overseas.

Truth is, energy is yet another arena in which liberals control the narrative and conservatives lack the will to do what prudence, liberty, and common sense dictates. Foreign oil has long been a bane for Americans, and we could be completely energy independent by extracting our oil, gas, and coal. With these natural resources and responsible nuclear power, Americans could be independent of foreign oil, and in fact be a net exporter of energy. We could once again ride high in industry, by being self-sufficient in energy production. Prices would fall for not only energy, but for everything, including food.  Burning precious food supplies in our cars is one of the all-time great rip-offs cooked up by politicians, mega-farms, and liberal-progressives.  Taxpayers subsidize the program, plus pay dearly in increased food prices and energy. Congress and their money-packed lobbyists are preparing, even today, to expand this lunacy.

The Internal Revenue Service:

“The absolute power to tax is the absolute power to destroy” has long-been understood by Americans. The IRS and to a lesser extent the state and local levels of governments possess this power.

The IRS is arguably the most powerful group of government bureaucrats in the world because they are backed by undoubtingly the most intrusive and powerful policing and judicial departments in government.

Recent flexing of this tyrannical bureaucracy’s muscles reminded Americans of IRS’s power to control and silence conservative organizations by disallowing them the tax-exempt status to which they were entitled.

Part 4 will conclude this series and wrap up with a prognostication of America’s future.

Jim Mullen​

Barack Obama's plan of war against the Constitution

It’s about time that Democrats from around the nation awaken from the nightmarish hijacking of their Fathers’ and Grandfathers’ Democratic Party by the Marxist, Barack Obama, and his far-left extremists.

The Mountain State became fed up watching their coal-fired economy being systematically dismantled by a President claiming to represent middleclass Americans. We have a President so determined to feed his leftist base that he is keeping his promise to destroy coal and every other form of carbon-based fuel and drive the cost of energy to levels that will make his dreams of “green energy” seem cheap by comparison.

West Virginians’ from the hills of the dying coal mines to the already dead steel mills, and the farmland in between, are in full retaliatory mode to the declaration of war declared by Barack Obama and the leaders of the Democratic Party. Two of those party leaders are U.S. Senators Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin. Rockefeller is overtly abetting Obama in his war on coal while lying about his treachery to the voters. Now a Senator, Joe Manchin was such a disciple of Obama’s Cap-and-Trade scheme that he led the passage of his own version when he was the Governor. He apparently believed the lies of the left, and began his process of betrayal for the double-dealing promises of billions of dollars in federal money for clean coal technologies.

One must wonder was Manchin really duped by the slick-talking “Barack” as he called him while openly endorsing him for President, or whether he actually believed a war on coal would be good for West Virginians. Either way, it was an amazing transformation from a “We need Barack” Governor to an “I’m not sure if I’ll vote for Obama” Senator in a little over three years. One thing is sure, Obama’s war on coal is a war on all Americans; not just West Virginians.

West Virginia Secretary of State, Natalie Tennant, another Democrat, is catching much of the criticism for allowing Keith Judd, the felon that gave Obama a good fight for President from behind bars, on the ballot. She explained that Judd met the federal qualifications, and she had no authority to exclude him from the ballot. Others point out that she could have denied his application and forced him to take his complaint to court. The point would be; I assume, to accuse Tennant of incompetence, which is an easy case to make considering her abysmal record. Nonetheless, for a state official to deny a federally qualified person a spot on the ballot for a federal office is legally questionable.

Accusations, blame, and angst naturally abound in West Virginia and the media, when a state that’s been perennially and steadfastly in the Democratic Party’s pocket, holds such utter contempt for the party chief and President of the United States. A convicted felon incarcerated in a Texas prison polling 41% of the Democratic vote against Obama leaves  an eerie pall hanging over the Democratic Party, the Obama administration, and the entire far-left culture.

One must also remember; political theater is never lasting but political chicanery is everlasting. The huffing and puffing promises of most politicians are nearly always overridden by their lying, deceitful, nature.

However, Obama did announce his intentions in off-the-cuff remarks without the benefit of his Tele Prompter. His proclamations about bankrupting anyone trying to build a coal-fired power plant, and making electricity prices skyrocket were plainly understood by some but ignored by most. People were either not paying attention, or used the old “I know what you said, but I thought what you really meant was…” excuse.

Perhaps the great state of West Virginia is a harbinger of grand things to come and not merely the protestation of a tyrant. The people could be living up to their state motto, Montani semper liberi (Mountaineers are always free). The other 49 states should take notice and send the oppressor back to community organizing in Chicago.

Jim Mullen

 Barack Obama's unfulfilled promise Jim Mullen

Part 2 and 3 of this article looks at events, government actions, or government produced catastrophes over the years that spawned the evils currently overtaking America.


Overtaking our country over the last 60 years is the crumbling disaster called public education.

Poverty to prosperity is an American hallmark. It begins and ends with the success or failure of education.  Education failed; poverty prospered. Success means teaching our youth independence of thought, setting high goals, striving for excellence, and wrapping oneself in the American patriotic and entrepreneurial spirit. To embrace these goals, we must present a solid foundation of early learning skills and introduction into Classical Education. It’s the only workable solution to leading people out of poverty.

Creation of the U.S. Department of Education was the opening salvo by the federal government in the ongoing war against state, local, and parental control of education. An unholy, corrupt alliance between teacher unions and politicians was born from toxic vapors generated by that bureaucracy. Teacher unions used their new-found power and tenure to virtually destroy teaching as a profession by protecting every imaginable deficiency and ineptitude in public education.

Tenure is the point at which; in any job or profession, incompetence and ignorance become not only acceptable, but profitable.

Teaching and acceptance of liberalism led to loss of discipline and chaos as did the courts interference in classrooms that demanded schools integrate special-needs children into regular classrooms. As everyone surely knew; taking time away from teaching to manage these challenges cheated all children of a deserved, proper education.

It’s easy to spot the worst-of-the-worst in education. Areas controlled by liberal Democrats and the most aggressive teacher unions stand out as colossal pockets of failure and hopelessness. Not surprisingly, these same neighborhoods, cities, and states, have the strongest federal presence. Working together, they produce government dependency, which breed cultural decay, which generate more government enslavement.

Federal politicians of both parties carry out dozens of pretenses at rescuing this sinking bureaucratic ship by throwing education one heavy anchor after another, incorporating liberal, government-controlled solutions. Predictably, each one promptly sinks, and another generation of young people founder. One shining gold star government receives consistently from the educational establishment is its immense success at using Public schools as billboards to encourage dependency.

The United Nations and our foreign policy:

Passage of the United Nations Participation Act of 1945 by Congress obliged America to never-ending, unlimited future courses of action in foreign policies. This ceding of American sovereignty resulted in the loss of hundreds of billions of American dollars, and tens of thousands of young Americans needlessly slaughtered. Over 36,000 Americans died in the Korean War; a United Nations killing-field they diabolically referred to as a “police action.” At this point, we accepted the role of policemen of the world.

There are 192 member nations in the U.N., and we pay 22% of the UN regular budget and 26% for UN peacekeeping appropriations. Our cost is approaching $10 billion a year and still rising.

Politicians and pen-pushers squander billions of dollars around the world in a vain attempt at buying support and friendship in a world where the very word America brings jeers and sneers. Picking winners and losers in civil and religious wars around the globe embeds a giant bullseye on America as a country, and Americans as a people.

We not only are the largest supporter of the UN, but NATO, the World and European Banks, and dozens of other countries, financial institutions, and alliances around the globe. Our tax money funds the world, and our young men’s blood, spilled so indiscriminately, is dismissed with cavalier, callous attitudes; even by our own politicians. Meanwhile, the world judges how we should conduct our affairs, and how much we owe the world.

Every Congress and American President allowed this corrupt organization to interfere with and dictate our foreign and domestic policies and laws. Currently, Agenda 21 is just one more attack from the UN sweeping our nation and ripping our Constitution to shreds by destroying property rights.  They’re attempting to control our guns, dictate how we raise our children, and even monitoring our elections. The United Nation’s one-world-government means usurping U.S. laws and constitutional power, and Redistributing American wealth to countries and dictators around the globe.

The War on Poverty:

This war began in the1960’s and effectively destroyed inner cities and doomed their inhabitants to perpetual dependency. The federal government succeeded in hounding businesses and taxpayers into finding friendlier and more profitable areas in which to live and thrive. Politicians promised nirvana for votes, and inner cities became decaying testaments to the evils and incompetence of liberalism.

It began a never-ending expansion of public assistance costing tens-of-trillions of dollars, and rewarded our country with millions of broken families. We added benefits like drug-infested and crime-laden cities, and powerless, hopeless volunteer slaves living on the liberal, Democratic Party plantation.

People spent decades learning to survive in a government-driven, welfare-state designed to hold them captive & keep them poor & ignorant.

We created an entitlement culture spreading like an uncontrolled plague leading to complete disintegration of entire cultures. Politicians lack fortitude to stand against what is nearing genocide, and actively recruit more victims to join the insanity.

Despite 126 federal programs for the poor, the current poverty rate of 16% tops that of 1965 when the madness began.

Countless poor people have never been required or allowed to mature enough to do even the most rudimentary things for themselves. They are taught everything they need to know for generations of dependency, and absolutely nothing that fills the emotional, psychological, and mental needs of healthy human beings. Government resists all efforts to teach the poor how to survive in a capitalistic, free-enterprise system; rather, they teach victimhood.  The true American spirit and experiences remain elusive for millions of manageable zombies, while politicians and bureaucrats live large on the plantation’s master house in Washington.

War on drugs:

Drug addiction is an epidemic in our country that follows the paralyzing dependency upon government like stink follows manure.

However, the war on drugs is like so many other government programs; it results in a war on lawful Americans. Spreading the DEA’s wide net to find drug dealers, includes financial records of all Americans. Lawful people choosing to deal in cash get caught in the federal net, and in many cases have to prove their cash was not obtained by illegal drug activity. Civil forfeiture laws which allow local, state, and federal law enforcement to seize property and cash without arrest or trial rips the heart out of the Constitution. Law-abiding citizens are in a catch-22 situation of losing their property or spending a fortune for attorneys and court costs to protect their own property. Law enforcement uses these laws to finance their departments; which primes the pump of corruption.

Having to prove one’s innocence instead of government proving guilt is an unconstitutional policy shared by the IRS and DEA.

Overreaching, overbroad pursuit for drugs catch honest people in more than financial nets. “No-knock warrants” are all-too frequently issued to wrong addresses resulting in innocent people being terrorized and sometimes killed by masked, heavily armed police commandos.

Innocent Americans are not only in harm’s way, but their constitutional rights repeatedly violated for no other reason than politics of coercion disguised as security. Liberals never miss an opportunity to go soft on criminals, and conservatives detest building jails and prisons because placing their name on a prison plaque lacks panache.

Liberals believe criminals are victims and society is to blame for crime. They reason; therefore, it’s perfectly acceptable to punish, inconvenience, harass, and strip lawful citizens of their rights.

Part 3 will review the Patriot Act, TSA, NSA, our loss of industrial might, the commerce clause, global warming, public unions, property rights, illegal immigration, energy policy, executive orders, Obamacare, criminal justice system, and federal monetary policy.

Jim Mullen

Obama’s radicalization of the American Presidency, Part 2 of 2 Jim Mullen

The very essence of every federal program is to encourage dependency, dissuade initiative, stifle competition, and raise prices. Additionally, they appoint panels, boards, and ruling commissions to regulate liberty into submission. Innovation and flexibility fall victim to one giant bureaucracy after another and they insert themselves into every cranny and crevice of American life. Justifying their existence requires formulating more rules, regulations, paperwork, and demanding more money. Politicians calculate and design everything to establish a self-perpetuating monster that drives enterprising thought and action into a progressive hell-on-earth.

Just as every other federal interference, takeover, or “comprehensive” legislation has failed, Washington-style education reforms have, likewise, failed miserably. 
Acronyms by the thousands and volumes of complicated legalese or “government-speak” permeate the U.S. Department of Education.  In what can only be described as deliberate obfuscation the department works feverously to make prying eyes bleed and inquiring minds turn to pulp at any attempt to decipher their leftwing, progressive gibberish.

blocs of Democrats and “Obama-crony Capitalists.” While he preaches against the fat cats of Wall Street, Obama set records for accepting campaign money from those on Wall Street willing to play by his Marxist rules.

This President’s economic policies led the nation into a financial quagmire that stunted national growth beyond anything seen since the Great Depression. Over 23 million people are looking for work with over a million fewer people working today than when Obama took office. Welfare and disability rolls soared to record levels in the last four years, and government is increasingly institutionalizing the once proud American populace. One thing he is accomplishing with great proficiency - gaining Marxist control over industry and the American people.

Entrepreneurs who were dreamers of the possible built this nation, not dreamers of more government control, higher taxes, and massive regulations. They knew that self-sacrifice, hard work, determination, and the free American spirit were the constitutionally guaranteed keys to unlock the door of success.

The free-enterprise system so hated by Barack Obama, fed more of the world’s people, provided greater opportunities for all Americans, and helped them achieve their dreams of prosperity more than any other system on earth. Obama is tearing down everything that built this country because he knows that economic and personal freedoms are the antithesis to Marxism. Amazingly, we have a President of the United States who believes the entire system is evil, and that he is ordained to oversee its destruction.

Gasoline prices under Obama have more than doubled, placing an incredible extra financial burden on low and middleclass Americans; not to mention stifled job creation. The increase is, in large part, the result of his fanatical refusal to issue new drilling permits and by rejecting the Canadian pipeline.

Obama’s entire energy policy consists of killing carbon-based energy and sticking taxpayers with a multi-billion dollar solar energy swindle. This radical’s idea is to increase the cost of oil, coal, and gas to a point where his almost comical solar energy con job is competitive. Another four years of his war on coal, and his refusal to allow new oil exploration will in his words, make energy prices “skyrocket” even more.

The national debt and the deficit exploded during his abysmal days in the Oval Office. Just paying the interest on the debt will be an insurmountable burden on the nation’s youth. When interest rates rise, as they assuredly will, the burden will double or triple. Paying interest on the debt will very soon be the single largest item in the federal budget.

Obama in his first term ignored Congress and created his own laws by executive decree. He steadfastly refused to enforce the laws of the land but had no compunction about instituting lawsuits against American states and their people for simply defending themselves by enforcing the law.

Barren of any solutions to real problems facing this country, and primed for attacking his critics, Obama’s tactics always involve using Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals. His favorite is Rule 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Stinging from the first presidential debate humiliation, Obama struck back like all cowards by attacking the conqueror with his brave mouth. Now, when addressing his left-wing supporters, mocking and ridiculing Mitt Romney are his ideas of bravery, policy, and debating skill. Since he had no other defense for his record, in the next two debates he simply saved time by sneering, deriding, and ridiculing Romney in front of the world. The President’s desperate, self-indulgent displays are typical Obama arrogance, this time on display for the world to see.

In every debate, left without his Teleprompter, brazen attacks and lying are his only defense of the extreme, leftist policies that left America in this state of devastation. The more that Obama and liberal Democrats stray from reality and facts, the greater the need for lies, propaganda and derision.

One must believe the country is fed up with the childlike antics and unimaginable, spontaneously-combustible rants of Joe Biden. The longer he’s in office the more he becomes unhinged. The cartoonish vice President represents the other half of a presidency that is so predictably unstable as to threaten the personal liberty and fortunes of the American people at home and abroad. In the end, this economically anemic duo of Obama and Biden jeopardize the existence of the United States as a free and independent Republic.

Americans have heard enough excuses, blame, class warfare, and race baiting. They’ve seen enough welfare, unemployment, food stamps, social justice, and income redistribution. They’ve seen all they care to of catering to the slugs of society using taxpayers’ money to buy votes.

On the domestic front, Obama will continue his victimization of the American people and our country’s condition will deteriorate further with four more years of leftist rule. Liberal judge appointments to all federal courts and the Supreme Court will help transform this country into something unrecognizable by the Founders. Obama will consider a win in November as justification to implement more of his radical agenda and create additional presidential laws like legitimizing the remaining tens-of-millions of illegal aliens.

In international policies, Obama’s plans are to place the United States under the autonomy of NATO and the American-hating United Nations, by using the banner of national security. Both organizations exist only because of the billions of dollars forcefully extracted from American taxpayers, and the sacrifices of our young people in the military. A military compelled to serve under another flag, not the American flag under which they agreed to serve. All of this while he guts defense spending, leaving the country open to attacks by bullies around the globe. 

The saintly aura fashioned by the media around Barack Obama is gone. The only glow emanating from this White House is the reek of ugly, Chicago-style, corrupt politics and failed Marxist-socialist policies. Americans discover that after his first presidential stint, they’re left with a bitter, hate-filled President who dictates with lies, cover-ups, misinformation, and disinformation after promises of the most transparent administration in history.

Jim Mullen


Obama must keep Americans in poverty to advance his power Jim Mullen

​​"It is in the interest of a tyrant to keep his people poor, so that they may not be able to afford the cost of protecting themselves
​by arms and be so occupied with their daily tasks that they have no time for rebellion.” – Aristotle

Blasting Pelosi on Obamacare

One such shortsighted rant coming from the left side of the Republican Party endorses amnesty for the tens of millions of illegal aliens and their families.

Ronald Reagan fell for that Democratic Party bait-and-switch in 1986. After Reagan granted amnesty for their customary lying promise of border security, Democrats showed him the backside of their mascot and said, “Thanks sucker!” Subsequently, Republicans were rewarded for their gullibility by losing 7% of the Hispanic vote in the next presidential election. Self-destructive Republicans now propose to give Democrats another 20 to 40 million votes.

Rather than explaining how illegal aliens take jobs from low and middle-class Americans and drain precious resources and taxpayers’ money to maintain the welfare system for illegals, Republicans are ready once again to cave in to liberal intimidation.

There is a deafening silence from politicians illuminating the lethal consequences awaiting our country from assassins crossing our nearly unguarded border. Their deadly formation of terrorist cells and attacks on the American people will make 9-11 seem like amateur play.

Additionally, we never hear either political party talking about the drug gangs and cartels that have inundated and captured the inner cities of the United States. These people cross the border at will with guns, drugs, and human trafficking.

Democrats learned long ago to use race baiting, immigration, and class warfare like strafing fire; they conditioned Republicans to duck, run for cover, and cower in fear.

Republicans mistakenly believe this post-election ploy will endear them to millions of Hispanic voters. They feel that by joining the Democrats in kowtowing to political correctness and emotional blackmail, they can tap into the fastest growing demographic in America - people who should not be here.

American citizenship is the world’s greatest and most sought-after treasure. It should never be trivialized to a point that its crown jewel is granted to those who breach our national wall, break into our society, raid the country’s treasury, steal American jobs, and then demand the bestowal of citizenship. There should be no right for any such group to change the entire political dynamics and culture of America.

To validate illegals and equate them with natural-born Americans and those who followed the legal highway to citizenship, in the name of political correctness and humanity, is patently un-American and offensive. Yet, here we have prominent Republicans and their minions in the media advocating acceptance and glorification of illegal aliens. Indeed, they’re preparing an honored place at America’s table where people who have no respect for our laws, customs, or Constitution may partake of freedom’s bounty.

Reagan also fell for another democratic fraud when they promised spending cuts if he agreed to raise taxes. As is their mode of operation, they tell any lie, make any promise, and attack the opposition unmercifully to win every fight. They know full well that welfare is a winner for Democrats, and that’s why they spent fifty years building their voting base around indoctrination and dependence. The strategy of creating an economical and governmental climate designed to keep people poor and enslaved to government, is in chapter one of every dictator’s book.

To keep the votes coming, the radical left requires more and more taxpayers’ money to feed the welfare beast. Therefore, they will never agree to reduce spending and chance losing this formidable political dynasty – the most sought-after group in the electorate. They amassed the powerful voting bloc in our country’s history, well over 100 million to the welfare roles. These numbers do not count the state, local, and charitable contributions. Adding to the misery index and maintaining a dominant welfare state of politically active poor has paid off for the Democrats.

Republicans never learn that under no circumstance will they outbid the left in buying votes by stealing taxpayers’ money. Neither do they learn that their plaintful attempts garnered them nothing but decades of scorn and hatred, but no votes from any of the leeches in society.

The conservative message is difficult to impart because most hardcore welfare recipients have no interest in unemployment numbers, economic growth, national debt, or the annual deficit. Likewise, adhering to Constitutional principles of less government is detrimental to their cause. They define freedom as living a carefree, uninspired, and unproductive life at the expense of others.

Media and the government-controlled educational system successfully distort facts, promote propaganda, and indoctrinate the citizenry into believing that every tenet that built this country is racist or designed to keep the common class down. They preach that Marxism is the only fair system, when, in reality; Marxism is inherently evil and invariably lowers people to the lowest common denominator. Its design is to disallow upward mobility, and inevitably demeans humanity.

American education devolved into teaching children from Head Start to graduate school, that the federal government is there to provide for your every need, and that Capitalism is evil and a destroyer of people.

Obama must exert enormous pressure on Republicans for their assistance in using taxation to punish success and redistribute income. He must get massive tax increases from Republicans and demand the Federal Reserve print more money if he is to be successful at redistributing income. Even with all this, he will load trillions of dollars more debt to the backs of American youth.

Republicans must come to realize that to return to any semblance of political power, they must return to constitutional doctrine, free enterprise, personal responsibility, and liberty. They are obliged to realign their efforts toward educating Americans to the fact that these principles built this country into the greatest land on earth, and it is only with the American spirit we grow and thrive. They must expose the failed Marxist philosophies of Obama and the New Democratic Party, and reveal to everyone how their policies have wrought devastation to our country.

Unfortunately, Mitt Romney was another Republican who shied away from ruffling feathers and therefore, cannot be held blameless in the loss to a President with the most despicable four-year record in the history of our nation. Obama’s openly Marxist policies were barely challenged, and the Republican contender had numerous opportunities to connect with knockout blows during the debates and on nearly a daily basis.

Romney, of course, chose to cower in fear when challenged, whimpered when called rich-boy, and let Obama, the media, and the far left define him and his message. In other words, he tried to win a fight without being confrontational. Remarkably, he used the identical losing strategy employed by the war hero, John McCain, so it’s fairly obvious that the problem was not a wimp image projected by Romney. Rather, it was the same wimpy strategy employed by Republicans.

We should remember that over 3 million more Republicans voted for John McCain than voted for Mitt Romney. Evidently, they couldn’t discern enough difference between Obama’s disastrous Marxist policies and Romney’s free enterprise, Capitalist policies. If they did, it wasn’t enough to rouse them from their comfort zone to cast a vote.

Republicans are slow studies in the Democratic Party’s no-holds-bar, win-at-any-cost tactics. They faint at the sight of the opponent’s blood, so they fight in the middle of the ring using the very sporting, Marquess of Queensberry Rules, while Democrats take off the gloves and use baseball bats and billy clubs to beat them into submission.

To conservatives, government is about protecting freedom. To liberals, government is all about control and total destruction of freedom. If Republicans go weak-kneed and waver from conservative values, the Party will self-destruct.

If they don’t stand and fight, and if they try appealing to the sensibilities of liberal thieves and far left politicians by going along to get along, the Republican Party may disappear into the vapor of eternity.

The twinkle in the eye of a free America and the lust for freedom in the soul of the enslaved has waned. The American spirit is laden with an unmanageable burden of a society satisfied with an existence in the government welfare line. Too many have resigned themselves to self-failure and have an overwhelming need to be coddled, nurtured, and institutionalized by government. Americans’ lust for freedom turned to envy, resentment, greed, and destructive behavior.

Love of liberty is the only defense against tyranny. Americans have fallen out of love with liberty and in love with their new beau - dependency. This once powerful land of the free is becoming a hotbed of parasites that are devouring their hosts. When the hosts are depleted, our Republic will perish.

Jim Mullen

A vote for Obama is a vote for jackbooted thuggery By Jim Mullen

over the past couple years were dead set against the passage of Obama care, but there was an interesting phenomenon. Most of them didn't have a clue why they were against it. I don't find that surprising in light of the lack of interest in taking the time to read about the decisions being made in Washington that impact our lives every day. I suppose in some degree, the general population deserves what they get. That doesn't hold true for everyone, but with an abundance of lethargic and disinterested citizenry, it's going to continue to be the norm; and look what it brought upon us.

Make no mistake, my economic and political viewpoints are conservatively driven, but I am not a zealot. There is an abundant need for access to health care, for many currently uninsured. The insurance industry has the upper hand. If the potential insured has a health issue, the insurance carrier has the right deny coverage. With the passage of the Obama Affordable Care Act, the industry, in their estimation, has softened their stance. The health issue will seldom result in a blanket denial of coverage. Instead, the insurance carriers surcharge the application out of existence. The same fate awaits in the insurance exchanges. I am more than willing to concede the necessity of heath care access. After all, I’ve been a part of the industry for four decades, and I’ve seen just about every permutation related to health care access. I am willing to listen to the insurance company position, to the potential insured position, to the government position, and then craft my own decisions based upon my understanding of the facts at hand. Many of the discussions are alarmist (we’re insuring illegal aliens; we’re paying for unwed mothers; for abortions; we’re providing coverage for unmarried domestic partners, ad nauseam). The fact is these are specious arguments. The danger of this law goes far beyond these isolated examples. It establishes another dangerous precedent for government to force us into a socialist system. For every case we consider undeserving, there many meritorious citizens with a crying need for coverage, yet unresolved. Some of the arguments for and some against the Affordable Care Act make sense. My concern has been to listen to the varying positions, including the information unreported which I must find for myself, and then make relevant decisions based on fact, not on emotion.

Over the course of three months after passage of the Affordable Care Act, I read the final document, received multiple copies of the analysis by the mythical "Judge Kithil,” and found I couldn't follow the legislation based on the references in the analysis. In some respects, I found the analysis to be more draconian than what I was reading in the actual text. It took almost three months to read the document because of the inherent confusion of the wording. In order to follow the document, it was necessary to leaf back and forth through the pages, and sometimes go outside to another document. It is a classic example of bureaucratic speak, and a composite of all that's wrong with our elected representatives and their bureaucratic underlings.

Well, Obamacare passed, but it wasn't the first effort at passing health-care legislation. If I recall correctly in my adulthood, the first such effort was by Lyndon Johnson. It was called Medicare, and was introduced in 1964. I remember the dramatic changes occurring in medical care within a short time after its passage. For instance, a fracture suffered in a pickup football game resulted in my going to the local clinic where the general practitioner came into the room looked at my foot, palpated it with his hand, left the room and came back with the nurse and a bucket of warm water. The nurse carried rolls of gauze saturated with plaster. The doctor wrapped the foot and made a cast for the broken foot. I asked how I was to get back to school, and he said, "the same way you got here, boy.” That meant hopping on one foot back to campus. Nowadays, that would be fodder for litigation.

Today, the possible fracture would involve a trip, most likely to an urgent care, an x-ray or two, and likely a referral to an orthopedic surgeon. There would be another trip to a pharmacy, either in-house or a retail setting to collect a set of crutches, and maybe even a scheduled date for surgery. Why the ramp-up in services? We have Medicare as the standard to which all insurance companies must adhere, or face the prospect of the out-of-control tort system, or disenfranchisement from a reimbursement for services.

It has been interesting to note the volumes reaching my e-mail inbox each week related to healthcare reform. I think most presidents have tried some form of health care. Bill and Hillary Clinton tried but were sufficiently incompetent that it died on the vine. I’ve always wondered who fosters the opposition to health care access, but most likely it’s not access as much as having government paint their stripe on it, with their chronic bungling, inefficiency, and cost overruns. In the short-term, Obama care has played into the hands of the private health insurance industry. For every action mandated by the Affordable Care Act, there is a compensating action on the part of the private insurance companies. One of the espoused benefits of the Affordable Care Act is access to healthcare for everyone. For those unable to obtain coverage or private carrier, they have the option of going to a state insurance exchange. I've had multiple occasions (I don't call them opportunities) to refer people to the state insurance exchange. The coverage offered under such exchanges is limited in nature, and generally unaffordable. In fact, the cost of health insurance coverage through the exchanges in itself makes a mockery of the "Affordable Care Act." It is not affordable insurance, and therefore self-defeating.

Each week, I still receive exciting news of new sales contests promulgated by the insurance carriers, along with exhortations to sell more insurance, and to participate in the prizes being offered for sales excellence/volume. Make no mistake about it. In the short-term, the private insurance carriers will prevail. The marketers and the lawyers in these companies have been hard at it since passage of the act, not just to make health care available, but to counter any impacts of the Act.

Pre-existing conditions will not be excluded, but they will be priced accordingly. Individual applicants will not have to concern themselves with denial of coverage for pre-existing condition; they will have to concern themselves with the availability of healthcare they can afford. It is the nature of the private carrier. They are in business to make a profit, even if they profess to be a nonprofit organization. A certain amount of profit is required to add the surplus to keep them in business, and they're not going to let a minor inconvenience such as legislation put them out of business.

In the long-term, I think we will all see a single-payer system. If you like Medicare, you’re going to be thrilled with Obamacare, you're going to love the single-payer system, when it arrives, and it will. It may not be the federal government as the single-payer; it is not outside the realm of possibility that private carriers will bid for the opportunity to be the single-payer servicing organization, but the rules regulations and limitations will be federally imposed.

Make no mistake; healthcare is abundantly out-of-control, perhaps more so now due to the horrific left lean of the current Court. Moreover, a country where we managed to eradicate polio, advanced life expectancies, decrease infant mortality, and solve myriad medical problems, we must acknowledge an advanced healthcare delivery system. On the other hand, a mistaken diagnosis or treatment can result in horrific judgments against the practitioner, and largess in the hands of the lawyer. One of the principal downfalls of the system is a failure to acknowledge that sometimes there is no good explanation for a perfectly bad outcome.

Jon's biography

Jon is Ohio born and bred and a member of a multi-generational Republican family. He is a graduate of Otterbein College (now University) with majors in Economics and Biology. He has been an insurance agent and financial adviser for over 45 years, and is the recipient of the Chartered life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant Designations from The American College. Jon is also a Veteran having proudly served his country in the U.S. Army.

He has been involved in a number of civic activities during his career, including:

  • Charter president, Carroll County Chamber of Commerce
  • Former Jaycee and Rotarian
  • Former Republican Central Committee member
  • Hall of Fame of the Columbus Chapter, Society of Financial Service Professionals
  • Successfully recruited companies to provide more than 200 jobs in northeast Ohio, Carroll County, and recruited multiple medical professionals to under-served communities.

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The bureaucratic war against Americans Jim Mullen

​…a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth.

tragedy. Being from a pro-gun state, he submitted this political hypothesis to Newspapers in West Virginia in an obvious attempt to cleanse his previous anti-gun statements to the national media. Baffling people with BS is a longtime ploy used by the former governor.​

Mr. Manchin joined many of his ilk making it sound as if the Second Amendment of the Constitution grants Americans the right to hunt. One of his ill-conceived statements was concerning large-capacity  magazines, opining that they were unnecessary because he only needed two or three shells for hunting.

This Senator was one of the Democrats about whom this writer warned the NRA of its shortsightedness and gross error in judgment when they endorsed and funded him for U.S. Senate; another was Harry Reid. As I explained, the New Democratic Party is the American gun owner’s worst enemy. When the NRA contributes money and support to Democrats, they add to their ranks in Congress, and further compromise our Second Amendment rights.

Additionally, the New Democratic Party’s inherent belief is that the Second Amendment - like the rest of the Constitution - is an outmoded, living, changing document subject to progressive-liberal interpretation and alteration.

Politicians like Joe Manchin who profess a staunch defense of the First Amendment are the most dangerous politicians to gun-rights’ advocates because they’re like the traitor who stands among the patriots and speechifies magnificently for the cause while secretly working with the enemy. As usual, the enemy from within will deliver the final blow to every liberty this country holds dear.

The Founding Fathers intended that government never infringe upon a citizen's natural right to self-defense by bearing arms. Having the ability to defend themselves against all enemies and predators - including their own government - was paramount, and their intentions were unmistakably clear in other writings and letters on the meaning of the Second amendment.

One never hears a word from the anti-gun crowd about the revolving-door “injustice” system, liberal courts, building more prisons, early release, soft sentencing, or plea bargains. Likewise, liberals are mute about self-defense rights, but rail against “Stand-Your-Ground” laws and conceal permits that allow people to repel or stop brutal attacks on innocent citizens.

Liberals believing in disarming Americans are the same liberals flooding our streets with scum-of-the-earth, lawless hoodlums and hardened criminals who make life in this country perilous at best, and in some places, death-defying, which necessitates a populace of heavily armed citizens.

There are very good reasons why the wicked attack, rape, assault, and murder the defenseless. That’s where they find the easy victims and where they encounter the least resistance. They will continue to attack children in schools, people in theaters, malls and other soft targets because government disarms the citizens and then turns the criminals out on the streets to stalk their prey. As government disarms the citizenry, more faultless Americans will perish. More guns in the hands of the American people, makes for a safer society. Most villains are unlikely to confront armed people in the streets or in homes.

Anti-gun fanatics believe they can cleanse demons from the hearts and minds of the evil by attacking the rights of the good and the lawful. Their tactics only increase lawlessness by encouraging the criminal element and assuring them that malevolence will have no foe in this country.

The media blame the Second Amendment for mass murderers, but never make the same assumptions for the First Amendment when they hype up the wicked minds in society. They sensationalize violence by keeping score of body counts and use that as a rating system. They give the greatest attention to mass-murderers with dazzling, gruesome, grisly details filling the airways and splashing newspaper headlines after every murderous outrage. They correctly point out that It’s all part of the freedom of the First Amendment. If it inspires copycat killers, that’s the cost of freedom. Nevertheless, media never make the same argument for the Second Amendment.

Regardless of what they write, or what they say, liberals do NOT want a debate on guns; they want a monologue! They never win any debate on merits or on facts. They use diffusion, emotions, lies, hyperbole, ridicule, and scorn. Their “commonsense, reasonable solutions” will dissolve American gun rights. The media repeat the same anti-constitutional arguments tirelessly while dismissing Second Amendment rights as antiquated and then threatening gun owners with violence, imprisonment, fines, punishing taxes, and weapon confiscation.

The anti-gun zealots try to make the case for disarming Americans with the ludicrous claim that it’s the job of police to carry guns and defend the people, making private ownership unnecessary. Tens of thousands of Americans and tens of millions of people around the world are dead because they bought into this nonsense. Most of the mental giants ascribing to this theory are wealthy enough to afford armed guards for their own protection, or are politicians protected by armed guards at taxpayers’ expense. If Barack Obama really believed this, he could put it to the test by dismissing his Secret Service protection and simply using his phone to call the police if needed.

We must fight these people at every turn. Every small inroad erodes our constitutionally protected rights to bear arms. This process played out in countries around the world, and they found themselves unarmed and defenseless - even in their own homes.

The founders wanted us to have the ability to defend ourselves against the standard weapons of the day. They knew the weapons of choice would not remain the same. Whatever weapons criminals use, Americans have the right to possess equal or superior firepower to defend our homes.

Foes of gun rights say people don’t need an AK-47 or an AR-15 to target shoot, hunt or defend themselves and/or their family. They completely ignore the thousands of home invasions involving armed-to-the-teeth violent, drug-addled criminals with enough firepower to fight a small war. They totally ignore the fact that the Second Amendment mentions nothing about hunting. If people hunting with Ak-47’s and AR-15’s become a problem, write finely tuned legislation to amend that situation and leave lawful Americans in peace to enjoy their constitutional liberties and protect themselves and their families.

The anti-constitutionalists argue that guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans make the country less safe. To the idiots who believe this, let them place signs in their yards announcing their home is undefended by firearms.

To those who believe weapons are unnecessary for protection from the government, they obviously weren’t paying attention to Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Fast and Furious gun running operation, and dozens of other government power plays leaving American victims in the wake of out-of-control, tyrannical  big government. Obama is still stonewalling Congress on Fast and Furious. Likewise, remember that returning U.S. Veterans are on Obama’s watch list for possible terrorist activity.

Americans should keep in mind the ominous testimony in 1995, by the FBI’s Director, Louis J. Freeh. He underwhelmed the obvious when he said, ''Ruby Ridge was a series of terribly flawed law-enforcement operations in which the F.B.I. did not perform at the level which the American people expect or deserve.'' That’s government-speak for “we took our agency out for a power walk, and it got a little out of hand; we didn’t mean to kill anybody.”

Disarming this nation is the stated goal of Barack Obama and most of the New Democratic Party. It has been the goal of the left-wing for decades, and they have admitted it cannot be accomplished all at once. One law, one regulation, and one court ruling at a time will finally shred the most important of our Bill of Rights. Without the Second Amendment, no other constitutional right is secure.

Armchair liberalism works perfectly in the theoretical, immature, progressive mind. They sit safely at their computers or behind their camera lens spewing hatred toward gun owners, but when reality comes-a-knocking at their door with the slightest threat, they reach for the checkbook and hire armed men to protect their sorry butts. Witness the reaction of The (Westchester, N.Y.) Journal News. They’re the brave souls that published and mapped the names and addresses of local citizens who hold legal gun permits, and when they began receiving angry responses, it was a bonanza for a group of armed guards.

Pity we all can’t afford to hire personal protectors. Perhaps Obama and his left-wingers will allow us tax deductions for the purchase of our personal security in the form of Smith & Wesson, Colt, or North American Arms.

Peddling fear is the mother’s milk of liberalism. Without fear of the rich, the Constitutionalists, Republicans, gun owners, and indeed, freedom, liberal-progressives would vanish into rancid, billows of smoke. We must not allow them to reap the fruits of their hatred and fear. The despicable acts of madmen must never result in loss of liberty for freemen.

We never know what future tyranny lies in our government, but when our guns are gone, the evidence is clear; as Jefferson said, "When government fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

Jim Mullen

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What Republicans must do to win elections By Jim Mullen

Bobby Jindal and Dinesh D'Souza

lethal devices. In politics, most of the destruction comes from “time bombs of tyranny” purposely implanted by politicians in legislation. Some justify and dismiss the damage done by politicians by calling it “unintended consequences,” even though most is deliberate and intended to strip at least some Americans of liberty or wealth.

To carry their oppression from one regime to another, and to ensure consistent and continuous control, American politicians devised a scheme by which they appoint bureaucratic panels, boards, or commissions to establish controlling mechanisms in legislation to enforce their dictatorial will. The full impact of these destructive assemblages is not always readily apparent, and politicians design them to reconstitute and continue their power in perpetuity.

They embed these delayed time bombs and booby traps in the majority of all law-making. Since the federal government cannot, at present, use more direct and vicious attacks, these are among their weapons of choice in their war to control the American people.

This system allows unethical, dangerous politicians like Obama to pick up any of these explosive, bureaucratic devices and move to a time and place of his choosing where he can do the most damage to his enemies. He’s extremely adept at using agencies from previous legislation as weapons to further his outrageous, unconstitutional attacks. He is also unrivaled in his ability to plant his own time bombs to destroy freedom and steal money.

The Environmental Protection Agency is a powerful, smoldering, weapon of mass destruction created by politicians. Congress built in explosive power intended for systematic release, and then left it carelessly lying about. It was a catastrophe waiting to happen. For a corrupt, unethical, wannabe dictator like this President, the temptation to seize the EPA and use it against his political and ideological enemies was just too compelling. Barack Obama’s war on coal, and indeed on all carbon-based energy, is possible only because Congress created this monstrous, lethal, bureaucracy.

His use of the EPA as a destructive device and his own unconstitutional restrictions on oil explorations and drilling are, in themselves, “time bombs of tyranny” that will explode repeatedly over the years. Americans will find the price of gasoline and all products made from petroleum, steadily climbing. The price of electricity will also “necessarily skyrocket” just as Barack Obama planned.

Obama and the liberals enacted Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank legislation in the name of protecting and strengthening the American people. In reality, however, liberals purposefully devised them to restrict freedom, interrupt commerce, and steal income and wealth from American citizens. It’s part of the left’s plan for redistributing wealth and controlling the American people and their trade. The progressive diagram is intentionally planned to do its mischief gradually. Once set in the legislative framework, the oppressive charges activate to continue the oppression.

As does the EPA, both Dodd-Frank and Obamacare, command the systematic appointment of unelected bureaucrats. The acts confer upon them unlimited power to regulate and control Americans’ medical care and finances. As preset deadlines arrive; liberty vanishes in bursts of political and bureaucratic domestic terrorism.

Open borders and Illegal immigration are, likewise, deadlier traps being laid by the Obama administration that will attack suddenly with unimaginable force over the next several years.  In this case though, the misdeeds come from our lawmakers’ and Presidents’ steadfast refusal to enforce the law. The billions of taxpayers’ dollars spent on crime, welfare, healthcare, and education for the invaders' spiral out of control, yet, the President bestows his lawless blessings on them by piecemeal amnesty. Illegal border crossings will exponentially increase with each new official pardon.

We pay now for past failures to enforce the law, but the cost for today’s failures will forever devastate our country. Terrorists freely cross our borders and will most assuredly hurl another deadly attack on unsuspecting Americans. Politicians will, once again, absolve themselves of any blame; just one more time-released, governmental conspiracy.

Americans suffer from the psychological toll of incessantly fighting a merciless and unrelenting government, and never knowing from where the next attack will come. Invariably, it results in people losing the will to fight and lessens their strength to resist. Politicians count on it for their survival.

Barack Obama’s socialist domestic policies and laws are not the only time bombs he unleashes upon the country. The paralyzing weakness and ineptitude of his foreign policy and his deference to Islamic terrorist nations at the expense of America’s friends, places our homeland in dire peril. Our national security will suffer for years and possibly decades to come when Obama’s torch of incompetence begins igniting world hot spots. 

By far, the greatest threats to our Republic, however, are from the feeding frenzy of the welfare state, and from the long-time cultivation of the powerful public union establishment. Obama dramatically increased the size and power of both.

This President has a spending psychosis that has positioned the United States as the biggest debtor in world history. The debt hasincreased more under Obama than under all previous presidents combined. On the day Obama took office the debt stood at 10.6 trillion dollars. Obama’s radical agenda will, by the end of his term, add over 6 trillion dollars to the debt piled upon our youth. It’s led to massive national debt and left the country kneeling for handouts from not only our friends, but from our biggest enemy, Communist China. This irresponsibility alone renders Obama uniquely unqualified to lead the country.

His catastrophic booby traps and time released fiscal tyranny wreaks havoc on every segment of American society, and will continue for as far as any sane mind can imagine. Moreover, he’s ensnaring the youth of our nation in a virtual debtor’s prison.

The most cataclysmic events will rip through our Republic when unwilling lenders suspend our credit or interest rates raise the payments beyond our ability to repay. Then, unable to sustain our untenable support of Obama’s Great Welfare Class and the demands from public unions, society will begin to fracture in every liberal enclave. As streets overflow with mobs of freeloaders, anarchists, union thugs, and collectivists, the country will find itself held hostage by these un-American mobs and their comrades, the corrupt Marxist politicians.

As we slog through the mine fields laid for us by politicians; expect violence, civil unrest, and revolution unseen in our history. Barack Obama and many others on the left - led by George Soros - work diligently to destroy traditional American Society, its capitalistic system, and constitutional government. It is their belief that the country will then accept their dictatorial reorganization.  Our fate would be sealed, and we become just another European socialistic country or possibly a banana Republic, coming apart at the constitutional seams.

Jim Mullen

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Maxine Walters admits to being a socialist and wanting to take over the oil companies.

With the passage of Obamacare, we witnessed the  raping of America and the burning of our Constitution. When the majority of Americans screamed no, no, no, to government-run healthcare, Congress ignored the protestations. Obama and the Democrats forced the nation to submit to an all-powerful government hell-bent on having its way with the American people because it could.

Obama and the Democrats tried everything to silence the cries; demonization, intimidation, scorn, and finally, dismissal by cooing, "Just relax and try it... you’ll love it." Ultimately, they 

This war against Americans is abetted by an overwhelming desire by people and organizations for “free” money or benefits for which they never paid. That breeds corruption of people and a political system willing to steal from one and give to another in exchange for money and power.

It’s fed, in large, by so-called “good intentioned” people with motives ranging from white guilt, self-esteem problems, corrupt media, and a fraudulent government educational system. And yes, by those who believe they are ordained by liberal doctrine to control the masses.

This series began by examining the devastation wreaked upon the United States by the election of Marxist Barack Obama and continued with government growth over the last six decades. This part 4 concludes the series.

This article looks at additional causes to the deplorable condition of America, its loss of liberty, and the totalitarianism of a government gone dreadfully awry from the vision of our Founders.

It also paints an ugly portrait by this writer of what lies ahead for our beloved America.

The following are a few more reasons why people fear the government.

Executive orders, regulations, and judicial activism:

The president uses his pen as a powerful weapon to exact unlawful vengeance against Americans, businesses, and societal groups or policies with which he does not agree. Obama claims an exemption from truth for his ideal of the “greater” or “common good.” While he regulates by the stroke of a pen, Congress creates bureaucrats to write freedom and business-killing laws and regulations to advance their agendas. Courts simply make laws by decree, and dish out their leftwing slop of social engineering, religious restrictions, and constitutional nullifications of every assortment.

This arrogance of power by the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of government and by their bureaucrats, is the very foundation for the outrageous reign of terror they perpetrate against the American people.

Government secrecy:

Government secrets should only involve legitimate concerns for national security. Government uses “classified” as a defensive weapon against Americans’ need to know. 

Income Redistribution:

The subplot in nearly all Marxist governmental schemes is income redistribution. It involves seizing income, wealth, property, and power from producers and doling it out to whomever government deems worthy. Only left wingers have the exact formula for redistribution. It’s generally believed they use some complicated scientific calculation involving logarithms and abstract, feel-good, liberal gobbledygook. They call this “Social Justice.” However, with Marxism, there is no justice for anyone except the exalted ruling class. Low and middleclass citizens become the impoverished class. To get a true picture of justice for the so-called social class, we can look at China, Russia, and dozens of other collectivist systems to see their system resulted in millions of dead and starving people. Dictatorships always rant, rave, and advocate for “the people” before the final shackles slam shut.

Nearly all government programs are specifically designed to rearrange a free society into a collectivist and fearful social order ruled by an all-powerful, centralized government. They begin by demonizing and robbing the successful among us. The first step is to use class warfare and foment race baiting. It’s happened in nearly every country that plunged itself into a tyrannical era of darkness because of internal strife. Hitler blamed all problems on the Jews; Obama can’t get away with that, so he substitutes the word “rich” for the word “Jew.”

America’s politicians created victimhood as a stand-alone industry. It spawned a society demanding protection from everything - including themselves. Hypersensitivity and yearning for guaranteed results contribute to bureaucratic oppression. A society voluntarily living in slavery to government arose like a poisonous vine intertwining with and sickening the culture.

Liberalism, progressivism, socialism, and Marxism, are nothing more than ever-increasingly refined versions of Communism. Each “ism” stands for powerful, centralized government, and an obedient, dependent, and indoctrinated citizenry.

Growth of all Bureaucracies:

Much of our loss of liberty comes from an overwhelming growth in numbers and size of bureaucracies. These congressional “watchdogs” are created to govern the populace with ironfisted rigor, and then give politicians plausible deniability.

Bureaucracies are spinoffs of governmental departments created by politicians’ cravings for power.  Each of these departments wields enormous, dictatorial control and influence over American life. We are merely sheep at the mercy of government watchdogs whose job it is to guide us into and through the collective farms of government. The following departments of the federal government control nearly every aspect of every American citizen’s life and restrict our constitutionally guaranteed liberty:

  • State – Involves Americans in the affairs of others at the expense of our national treasury and blood
  • Treasury – Shares much of the responsibility for this country’s financial incompetence. The most powerful agency in the world, the IRS, is a bureau of the Treasury Department. They already have a death-grip on every American and will be the enforcer for Obamacare. What could be more worrisome?
  • Defense – Oversees the greatest fighting force in the world, but bloated with bureaucrats and beholden to politicians who bring pork to their districts. Presently, liberals in this department are trying to neuter the military with political correctness and feminizing the art of soldiering.
  • Justice – The second-most dangerous group in the nation. Picks and choose laws to enforce or ignore. Brings full force of dictatorial government on any group not conforming to liberal orthodoxy. Could rightly be renamed the Injustice Department. Currently headed by a leftwing ideologue and racist.
  • Interior – Land grab Inc . Government owns much of American soil; and controls the rest.
  • Agriculture – Beholding to mega-farms and liberal establishment. Guarantees that people pay too much for food. Operates Food Stamp program and recruits people for participation in this welfare program.
  • Commerce – Controls nearly every business, including ones not engaged in interstate commerce. Their excessive regulations also drive up consumer prices, and dictate businesses into oblivion.
  • Labor – Beholding to corrupt, big unions, stifles business growth, and increases prices.
  • Health and Human Services – A catch-all department dedicated to social justice (income redistribution).
  • Housing and Urban Development – Responsible for building most of the nations’ slums at the cost of hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars.
  • Transportation – What the hell? Worthless as teats on a boar hog, but spends $billions.
  • Energy – Created to make America energy independent. The only thing they’ve accomplished is perfecting the art of doing nothing and looking busy doing it.
  • Education – The third-most dangerous and without a doubt, the most incompetent, useless department in government. Since Carter foisted this branch of unprincipled bureaucratic progressives upon the American people, student test scores have steadily declined, education is in crisis, and about the only thing government schools teach well is dependence upon government. The education system is the nexus to the unraveling of American society and culture. Fundamental education indoctrinates most young people and educates very few.
  • Homeland Security – By far, the most dangerous department in the United States. This group of largely incompetent bureaucrats posing as law enforcement agents has absolute dictatorial power over every American citizen. This department is a reincarnation of the German Gestapo. Just like the German people had no protection from the Gestapo’s reign of terror, Americans have no protection from Homeland Security thuggery and their terror tactics.

v  The Environmental Protection Agency - Although the EPA is not a Cabinet department, the administrator is normally given cabinet rank. This agency is a classic example of what can happen when a reasonably good idea goes terribly wrong.  It happens with nearly every government program. The EPA is another federal entity that morphed into a superpower lording over every American business and citizen. It runs completely uncontrolled through our land, and Congress claims deniability while these pen-pushing tyrants wreak unrestrained havoc. 

Brewing inside the deep, dark, recesses of these departments and their agencies is a poisonous concoction intended by our representatives to extract freedom from the American people. The idea is to build an impenetrable barrier of regulations to thwart peoples’ constitutional rights. It nourishes the totalitarian state that leftwing politicians crave more than life itself. All of government, and by extension, their bureaucrats prefer doing their dirty deeds in the shadowy world of secretive, clandestine backrooms.

Politicians love to delegate bureaucrats to make laws; thus, relieving them of responsibility. Unelected panels run and rule America using Gestapo-style tactics while giving cover to the elected representatives who are ultimately responsible.

The invitation by government to solve one's problems and relinquish or lessen one’s burden is tempting to the point that politicians prey on that weakness to exert increasingly more control over the American populace. “Slip into the yoke of servitude and we will protect and provide for your care” is a winning mantra for countless Americans in today’s weakened and underperforming society.

Far too many Americans’ taste has changed from liberty to servitude. Servitude requires less effort, less thinking, less knowledge, and no self-sacrifice. Freedom requires exactly the opposite.

At first glance, slipping into the comfort of government care appeals to many. Servitude temporally fills the belly but leaves an empty and restless being; always knowing something is missing but ignorant of liberty's rewards. Independence feeds hope - dependency breeds bitterness, envy, and hatred. Liberty was left on the road to dependency.

What this nation witnessed in the past several decades is the systematic eradication of American freedom by the Marxists, leftists, liberals, and every other anti-constitutional, big government, limited liberty crowd. They accomplished this feat with the full cooperation and support of millions of people looking for handouts and paying politicians to steal money from producers and giving it to parasites.

The Founders never envisioned a mainstream media dedicated to destroying the Constitution. Nor did they foresee a massive illegal invasion across the border by people that imagined that “they were entitled to riches earned by others.” They did, however, warn us about our own politicians. We should have listened.

The original freedom fighters warned us in letters, essays, speeches, and books of the perils awaiting future generations of the American people. However, like inexperienced, ill-informed, naïve children, we thought we knew best and discounted the sage teachings of those men who founded the greatest nation in history.

Time and again, we failed to heed warnings that America’s downfall would come from our own uncontrolled, tyrannical government and its deliberate weakening of society. Remember, our Founders never predicted our downfall would come at the hands of a foreign military.

We assumed our liberty would always be there, just as it had always been in our lifetime.  Most felt the blood and white crosses our brave young men left in those liberated countries around the world were enough to preserve liberty for Americans and untold millions of others. We somehow imagined that each war was the last installment America’s young would have to pay for our freedom. We wrongly assumed that nothing was required in our homeland by the citizenry; believing that wars for freedom are fought in foreign lands. We were deadly wrong.

Historically, people forget the cold, hard facts that the past teaches each nation. Through government schools and liberal media, citizens were never required to learn these facts. First, is that government always poisons the well of liberty, and secondly that when people trust government to protect their freedom, their property, or their security, they are doomed to lose all three.

Every rule of survival by free people should begin from the assumption that government is corrupt, inefficient, and power hungry. It garners power by extracting it from the governed. If it is not corrupt, inefficient, and powerful, it will be.

Government made poverty appealing to millions by making it comfortable and left much of society indolent, unmotivated, and dependent. This led to more demands for undeserved and unearned equality of results.

Liberals are unwilling to let freedom, entrepreneurship, and free enterprise work its magic. They fully understand that independent Americans have very little use for the federal government except to fulfill their limited constitutional mandates. These mandates are ones politicians are least likly to enforce.

The more giveaways that government provided the more unashamed and brazen the takers became. They looked to Washington with a sense of entitlement to other peoples’ wealth. Politicians quickly learned how to exchange promises of security, comfort, and handouts, for votes. Inroads into liberty accelerated and the principles upon which our nation was founded melted away like disappearing ink on parchment. Nearly every problem in this nation is caused or exacerbated by government intervention, overstepping their constitutional authority, or not fulfilling their lawful mandates.

Americans, whose country was founded by Patriots who placed the new nation ahead of their personal fortunes and lives, in the end, sold out to progressives, Marxists, and Communists. Political correctness, dependency, class warfare, and race-baiting, were more powerful than the eternal message of patriotism and liberty. Submission became easier than freedom-fighting and much more profitable for those aspiring to live off the labors of their countrymen.

Given liberty, we gradually accepted suppression. Given opportunity, we demanded results. We bedded down with politicians faithful only to those Americans willing to heap upon them the great bounties of endless votes and adulation. They seduced us by whispering "security and comforts," and we wedded an out-of-control, abusive, totalitarian state. 

It was generally supposed over the last few decades that conservative constitutionalists were in the majority in America, and liberal-progressives were small in numbers. Nonetheless, we sadly came to realize leftists were exceedingly active in purpose and brutal in their determination and resolve to enslave our Republic.

Additionally, large numbers of constitutional defectors apparently rethought their positions on liberty, self-determination, and self-sacrifice.  Succumbing to the enticing, powerful drug of government, they lost their desire to compete or fight. The fires of liberty are nearly extinguished, and few Americans are picking up the torch to ignite a new spirit of self-determination. Government’s war against the Constitution and the American people grows exponentially with each new regulation, executive order, and government program or department.

What is America’s fate?

It’s been said that the winners of war write the history books. Liberals are winning their wars against the Constitution and American culture; thus, they are rewriting the history books. Conservatives did little to prevent America’s downfall. Much of their involvement was a go-along-to-get-along approach to social justice, income redistribution, and their own strong, destructive penchant for involving the country in other nations’ internal affairs.

The thirst for freedom in the end will exist only in the minds and hearts of a few, and only in select pockets of resistance secreted about the country. Likewise, American culture will be denigrated and virtually forbidden by the leftists.

If the American people are to win this war for freedom, it must begin at the grassroots and end in Washington. A revolution requires a decisive victory to restore freedom and leave the government, as Jefferson said, “fearing the people.”

America’s overwhelming debt will contribute mightily to her demise. When interest rates return to normal, the biggest part of the federal government’s income will go to paying interest. Future generations must hit the reset button and return to a free marketplace and personal liberty. Until we do that, America will continue down the road to devastation.

Dark times will precede any victory and likewise, will follow any defeat. Despots, unlike normally passive citizens, do not relinquish their power peacefully. Nor do they grant enemies any quarter.

For over two centuries, the enslaved of the world relied upon the United States to unshackle their masses. But, inch by inch, push by push, nudge by nudge, and one capitulation after another, we gave it all away. No country will be coming to our rescue because we self-destructed. We gave up the two most powerful forces on earth – American freedom and American exceptionalism – for empty promises of personal and financial security.

There will be political party fluctuations and ebbs and flows, but forces have tried to defeat the Constitution for over two hundred years. The wear is so extensive and people’s remembrance of liberty so scant, there is little chance of people intervening in any significant manner to save the Republic.

It is this writer’s opinion; decades will pass, and Americans will settle into their fate. Only a revolution like the one fought by our Founders will restore precious liberty. However, the next real fight will involve hundreds of battles across this land and will likely be the second War Between the States. The result will splinter our great land into ideological factions; freedom fighters vs. massive government and their benefactors. Before this step can happen, however, people must relight the flame of freedom in their hearts.

Unfortunately, asking a government not to grow is like asking any predator not to grow. The United States federal government, once a small watchdog - grew into a power-grabbing, freedom-killing behemoth that is totally and completely out of control.

The rewrite of American history is nearly complete, and liberty lost the war. If Johnny Freedom cannot rekindle the fire, the great American experiment, once so well known by American Patriots and the worlds envious, will likely never rise again.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."  - Thomas Jefferson

Jim Mullen

It is perhaps providential when the simplest domestic task leads to reflecting on the state of our world. While preparing a box of books for the  [Jon M. Green] delivery truck from a local charity, I fell upon a book of poetry and prose. As I scanned the pages, I came upon a once remembered poem by Rudyard Kipling entitled, The Young British Soldier

As I read to the end, it brought to mind the intertwining of literature and history. The subject of the poem is the British soldier in Afghanistan, but the hidden message is a lesson we should all heed as it speaks to the bravery of those in combat, and the message our own government has failed to learn. From that poem, the last two stanzas:

Taking a timeout to review Obamacare By Jon M. Green

When one looks at the heartbreaking state of affairs in our great country, one needs to look no further than the  corrupt Chicago connection and the radical-leftist academic management of the White House. Every far-left, fringe element in the country embraces Barack Obama in his bitter vendetta against the U.S. Constitution and the laws and culture of our nation; even worse, Obama embraces them.

Without  the power to tax, politicians lose their power over the people... higher taxes...
more control.

Radicals of the country, and indeed, the world, united to give Barack Obama nearly unfettered supremacy over Americans’ lives. The country’s march to fascism quickened on that fatal 2012 Election Day.

Obama will be even more dangerous to liberty and a free economy in his next four years since he spent one out of three days in office during his first term on fundraising. Now he is virtually unencumbered to enslave this nation and convert our economy into a Marxist state.

Nearly 60 million Americans lost their lust for liberty when they succumbed to Barack Obama’s Marxist tyranny. They sold the country’s soul for his promise of stealing money from the producers, visionaries, and job creators, and then giving it to the bitter, envious, and slothful.

Misinformed and misguided Republicans immediately joined the liberals after the election to declare that Republicans must make policy changes to align the Party more with the winning Democratic Party strategies. In other words, they must retreat even further from Constitutional government, free enterprise, Capitalism, and teaching personal responsibility.

In these critical times of collapsing American culture, near-total corruption of the political system, and  acceptance of “government assistance on speed dial,” it becomes obvious we are a nation hell-bent on self-destruction.

Most of the problems in today’s society are the direct results of an out-of-control centralized federal government power grab that has reached tsunami proportions. It washes its destructive forces across America with wave after catastrophic wave of dictatorial control cleansing what’s left of our nation’s pride, initiative, and self-reliance.  Pounding relentlessly, it seeks its own level, raging uncontrollably, then seeping into every crevice and wreaking total devastation in every sector of our country.

One of the truly tragic consequences of the last several decades is the government bullying its way into the role of parenting and the crowding out of positive parental guidance. Liberal progressives ignore the critical importance of parents and promote instead, the teaching of an all-powerful, paternalistic government.

Mark Levin on Obama's apology to Taliban

Wolves are not only at America’s door; they dwell within and rule our nation’s house.

For years, informed Americans knew which way political winds blew and knew they were not in the direction that Jefferson, and our other founders envisioned. Nonetheless, we lowered our heads, turned up our collars against this destructive storm, and walked away; unwilling to brave the chill of progressives’ derision and scorn.  Unable to bear the brunt of a militant, Marxist minority, we became inattentive to the public affairs about which Jefferson wrote.

Nearly every problem in this country can reasonably be laid at the out-of-control, jack-booted feet of the United States federal government. The rest can usually be traced to state and local governments trying to emulate their big federal brothers.

Government unearths and undertakes to solve problems where none exist, and finds every excuse to ignore laws or constitutional mandates they consider politically intolerable. Politicians and bureaucrats have no regard for laws of liberty, preferring instead to enact laws of greed and envy. These edicts run deeply through contemporary culture, providing the nexus for present-day oppression. Over 200 years of endless probing for loopholes and escape clauses in the Constitution and disenfranchising American liberty, gave the government all it needed to perfect its predatory behavior.

Democrats cry over cost of their ticket to tyranny By Jim Mullen

Once upon a time in America, there was an unwritten partnership between parents and teachers who prepared children for the challenges of life. Now, both are left in the vacuum fashioned by an authoritarian conglomerate designed to replace parenting and reprogram teachers and children. The consequences of this corrupt arrangement between politicians and teachers’ unions are enormous and tragic.

Politicians, teachers’ unions, and bureaucrats formed a cabal at the Department of Education’s inception, and decided that the educational system would never again be about teaching young people; rather it would be about money, votes, and power.

Over the last several decades, the federal government extorted control from the state and local school boards, and from parents. It brought its overwhelming power to bear on the Public Education System and produced its own indoctrination arm. From the Head Start Program through graduate school, the government commands a captive audience and pounds children and young adults relentlessly with the precept that the federal government’s job is to take care of people.

Through the free or reduced breakfast and lunch program, food stamps, free clothing, school supplies, cell phones, and hundreds of other so-called “free” government programs they entice more victims to take the bait. They moralize that it’s not only acceptable but desirous to institutionalize young people and make them life-long parasites.

Every totalitarian government very quickly learns, that creating loyalty and obedience to the state, requires that indoctrination of children begin at a very young age. As part of that programming, it’s essential to diminish parental control and influence and monopolize the educational system.

The Marxist teaching of income redistribution, capitalism-bashing, and separating people by encouraging class warfare, created a finished product that demands respect, but does nothing to earn respect; then demands riches but does nothing to earn riches. Very simply, we are creating a society full of bitterness and resentment. We have another generation with a large percentage of ill-informed and misinformed young people - many of which cannot function in a world without benevolent, fatherly government.

It is a well-known fact that the lack of positive parental influences in young people’s lives contributes profoundly to their susceptibility of running afoul of the law. It creates a culture institutionalized either behind prison walls, or on the government plantation chained to the failed collectivist idea of equality and social justice.
Government can no more be a Father to a child than it can teach a wolf how to hunt, and government can no more be a Mother to a child than it can teach a bird to nest and fly south for the winter. Increasingly, government forces young people to accept government as paternal and maternal replacements.

The nurturing of a mother or another positive female influence, and a father’s guidance or another positive male influence in the lives of children, stand out as essential in every successful society. For most of our country’s existence, parents and teachers provided this guidance. Now, our prisons grow full of men who grow up without this necessary council but never have a shortage of government’s poisonous promise of “something for nothing.”

Today, because of federal power and liberal-progressive ideology, too many schools teach political correctness, social engineering, social justice, and multiculturalism. Math, reading/ language, and writing skills are secondary.

When the federal government commandeered the public educational system, it reduced teachers and teaching to the lowest common denominators. They conceived a monstrous system whereby inspirational teachers became victims of a bland and unmotivated purpose, full of uninspired instructional directives.

The once-noble profession of teaching has devolved into one “program” after another, each one designed to correct the flaws of the previous “program.” They enrich the companies that sell these fool’s gold ideas, but anesthetize good, dedicated, teachers. They are little more than puppets dancing to the whims of their masters from Washington.

The federal government’s meddling in the educational system has not only been a colossal failure educationally, but socially and culturally, as well.

Freedom is “natures love for humanity.” The antithesis of freedom is government. Remaining free requires that we reject the evils of governmental control and influence, and return to relying on the founding principles of our country. It begins with taking back our government, our educational system, and our natural independence.
An uninformed, whining, demanding, society awaiting their next handout can never be free and will never experience exhilaration as liberty’s winds push them to achieve the greatness once so well-known to a free America. Neither should lolling around the government trough awaiting the next handout be considered receiving an education.

If we purged the educational system of federal government and teacher union control, it would go a long way toward restoring our schools to actual learning institutions.

It takes dedicated and inspirational parents and teachers to train children in that fine art of pointing their moral compasses in the right direction and properly make adjustments when straying off the acceptable path. Government and unions need not apply!

Jim Mullen

Obama's radicalization of the American Presidency, 
part 1 By Jim Mullen

For purposes of expediency this writer will use an all-inclusive word, liberal, for communists, Marxists, socialists, liberals, and progressives. They differ only in  [Jim Mullen] variations of the methods they use to carry out their tyranny. They universally believe in all-powerful centralized government and limited or no rights for people.

Barack Obama is a professional liar. Few middle-of-the-road liberals are professional liars but they do lie to promote a feel-good ideology they conjure up from some obscure part of a maldeveloped, warped mind. Others simply have been indoctrinated and sequestered in a system that teaches theoretical gibberish that inhibits their ability to reason. They are victims of what this writer

Barack Obama’s and the New Democratic Party’s goal is more poverty, which breeds more  government dependency, which endows government with more political and economic power over Americans.

These tyrants must, above all else, do everything to prevent upward mobility.  As people improve their station in life and become more and more independent; they are increasingly unlikely to vote for Democrats. Therefore, Barack Obama infamously segregates people with even a scintilla of American-freedom genes left in their bodies, and then makes them targets of his derision, scorn, and ridicule.

Obama and his “party of welfare and hopelessness” claim to work for our middleclass, then use every Marxist trick to destroy jobs and turn the country into a permanent “dependent state of poverty.” We’ve witnessed the greatest destruction 

This series began by examining the devastation wreaked upon the United States by the Marxist Barack Obama’s election to the presidency. While he certainly hastened our fall into a Marxist quagmire, our country took many of the fateful steps long before we ever heard the name Obama.

Part 3 of this article looks at more events, government actions, and/or government produced calamities that caused most of the problems in our country. This is what government does TO us behind the smokescreen of doing FOR us, and the agencies or bureaucracies they use to rule a republic once dedicated to personal liberty.

Our federal government came into existence with a unique, unfamiliar model in which its powers were expressly limited by the Constitution and reserved for the people.

Since Americans’ freedom originates from the founding principles of limited federal government with absolute power left in the hands of the people and the states, it’s a very simple concept that less government means more personal liberty. It is also a simple notion for politicians to retain their power they must overpower the populace and extract their wealth.

To accomplish these nefarious deeds in the war against the people and the states of the American Republic, politicians use an army of governmental, civilian soldiers commanded by an established tyrannical power. The United States government’s supremacy advances by using the most sophisticated, well-organized, and powerful force in the history of our country; the federal bureaucracy. Bureaucracies have long been politicians’ favorite weapons against American freedom. They’re created for the distinct purpose of controlling and regulating the masses - and for the extraction and spending of taxpayers’ money.

Bureaucrats are the civilian soldiers in the federal government’s all-out war against the people and the states. Historically, Congress and the President demonstrated dismissive disregard for the constitutional limits to federal power. Over the years, they deliberately instilled a sense of paralyzing fear into the American Citizenry. Fear of their own government by Americans was the worse case scenario envisioned by the Founders. They warned in dramatic fashion of the disaster to befall the people if they allowed the governmental reins to slacken and release the wild, natural spirit of politicians and public administrators. They understood the instinctive course would trample the Constitution and run roughshod over this great nation established with such enormous pride and extraordinary vision.

Using their army of bureaucrats, typically equipped with Legislative or Executive-powered edicts and Judicial writs, they wield dictatorial power over every man, woman, and child in our nation. Their ever-growing legions dwarf the uniformed forces of our nation’s Military serving to protect and preserve our freedom from foreign powers. While our Military fights America’s enemies abroad, the home front politicians and their soldiers, the bureaucrats, usurp the constitutional power of the people and enslave the nation.

Congress uses so many lawyers and disjointed lobbyists to write legislation it results in cryptic legalese so obscure and incomprehensible that no one reads or understands a bill before enacted into law. Likewise, they incorporate into nearly every law sweeping, all-encompassing provisions for creating panels, commissions, bureaus, agencies, boards, or entire departments. Enforcement of their unconstitutional mandates depends on these evil strokes of the political pen, and provides the means by which tyranny overwhelms liberty.

Likewise, it’s from here, behind their self-made bureaucracies where politicians take up their defensive positions. When citizens become enraged at the loss of their liberty and fortunes as pen pushing officials unleash the latest congressional monster upon America, the elected cowards hunker down and point accusatory fingers of blame at the Frankenstein they created. Meanwhile, Americans surrender their liberty and have their fortunes confiscated.

The federal government is the nation’s largest employer; therefore, American lives and fortunes unquestionably serve the demands and dictates of the bureaucrats. There is always an army of government officials at the ready to apply their unlimited power to oppress the people by stripping them of their dignity, their constitutional rights, and their legally accumulated wealth.

Once born, bureaucracies live forever and they forever erode the constitutional principles of freedom. They take on lives of their own, and politicians cry that they are unable to control or eliminate the very beasts they created.

The spirit of American exceptionalism lies shattered and our once proud people reduced to waiting in governments’ bureaucratic inferno for the next magnanimous program that promises nirvana and delivers despair.

Ronald Reagan had it right. Today, decades later, the weight of liberal-progressive government continues unabated to crush liberty.

Jim Mullen

Barack Obama's timebombs of tyranny By Jim Mullen

are unable to get their wispy, cloud-shaped pipedreams to fit into the confining space of reality. For example, they have uncanny abilities to lead the world in repeatedly finding solutions that do not work for real problems, and conjuring up perfect answers to imaginary ones. They find the most ingenious approaches to taking a bad situation and turning it into an intolerable one, and are long-time masters at spotting injustice where none exists.

Likewise, they excel at sticking their arrogant; busybody noses into other peoples’ business, and then become indignant when the objects of their intrusion show any hint of resentment toward that intervention. Job #1 for any liberal is always to feel good about themselves and their sacred quest to interrupt, rearrange, and take charge of the natural order of life, and the flow of humanity. The old saw that the road to hell is paved with good intentions was surely written by a victim of liberalism.

However, the aptitude for which liberals are most infamous is their insistence that other people should accept responsibility for financing progressive idealism. Stealing money and property is illegal and frowned upon throughout most of civil society. Undaunted, however, liberals discovered they could bribe politicians into stealing it for them. Their altruistic endeavors and ‘care for people’ begin and end in the pockets and checkbooks of society’s producers, never their own.

Mesmerized by the Siren song of the left, too many Americans slipped ever so gently and ever so gradually into an intolerable obedience to and dependency upon, government. Where once there stood a proud monument to human possibilities, a hapless people kneels before the all-powerful government about which our Founders warned us.

The fire of liberty in the hearts of our Founders forged this country. Masses of humanity followed from every freedom-starved country in the world. They yearned for just the opportunity at self-determination and prosperity. They came with desire in their soul for success and a strand of DNA that cried for Independence from the constraints of tyrannical governments and religious persecution. That craving not only drove people here, but also led them to excel in their endeavors far beyond anything imaginable in their day and circumstance.

They arrived and encountered hardships, dangers, losses, and prejudice. Yet, they persevered and were thankful for the freedom to succeed and for the strength to face failure. They continued undaunted, fighting for their dreams, and then dared to dream again. They followed the beacon of liberty provided by the Constitution to right legitimate wrongs and did all this with a spirit that inspired the world. We came together and became known uniquely as the unbreakable American spirit.

Nearly every problem in this country germinates from government breaking the restraints placed upon it by the Constitution, then running wild and roughshod over the American people with liberals leading the charge.

Once upon a time, we made our own decisions; earned our own money, saved what we wanted, set our own goals, worked for our families, and passed the idea of American exceptionalism to the next generation. This American strength and character is something of which other nations can only dream, and which many in our country, sadly, have forsaken. People incapable of self-reliance and willing to cede their liberty to socialist-Marxist tyrants are doomed to serfdom.

It began with the Constitution and a pride of ownership by Americans in this land of opportunity, and then devolved into a dependent nation as an increasingly larger segment of society developed freeloading tendencies. They plead on bended knees or riot in the streets demanding that government confiscate the labor rewards of the productive and give it to an unproductive, whining class of ne’er-do-wells.

Subsequently, the parasitic gene replaced the DNA of freedom in much of society and leftists convincingly made their pitch that it was greedy not to cede power and riches for redistribution. The obvious truth is that those coveting the fruits of another’s labor, and a government that sells our freedom for votes, are the very embodiments of greed.

Fruition of any liberal, progressive, or Marxist idea leads from one hell on earth to another. With all that liberals profess to know, their lack of wisdom and understanding remain at the forefront of everything that is wrong with this country. Marxists ravage the land like a plague and leave a trail of heartaches, hopelessness, and evil. They hold the knife of government to the throat of the republic, always demanding more of our rights and riches.

When tallying their final toll of destruction, by far the most pernicious consequences to our country are the losses of liberty and the downfall of American character and pride. The crises created by the wide-eyed Marxist fanatics are ones from which the republic may never recover.

Freedom’s torch has dimmed to a mere flicker, and sadly, we are a nation enslaved by our own government. Did millions of our best young people fight and die to defend us from tyrants and dictators around the world for us to succumb to tyrants and dictators in our own country?

Jim Mullen, Parkersburg, WV

Lessons unlearned in Afghanistan By Jon M. Green

A few months ago this writer penned a two-part article entitled,
“Obama's radicalization of the American Presidency.”

The series begins with three poignant paragraphs:

“When one looks at the heartbreaking state of affairs in our great country, one needs to look no further than the corrupt Chicago connection and the radical-leftist academic management of the White House. Every far-left, fringe element in the country embraces Barack Obama in his bitter vendetta against the U.S. Constitution and the laws and culture of our nation; even worse, Obama embraces them.”

“The fanatical militants once so much at home among the violent circles of America’s Left are now welcomed in an open-armed love-fest by one of their own. This unprecedented admittance to the White House gives them not only the ear of the President, but his heart, as well. The swaggering, arrogant, fanatical militants high step their newfound powerful influences into the Oval Office then track their red-stained footprints into every liberal-progressive corner in America.

“The Marxists and Communists, who skulked the back alleys and darkened doorways, leading the cheers for Mao and Che, proudly fill the halls of academia and whisper sweet-radicalism to the President of the United States. Thanks to Barack Obama, these extremists now write our laws and pack the panels, committees, and governing boards that control and run most of the country's bureaucracies. In short, they control the lives of mainstream Americans.”

The President said in the 2008 campaign to “Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself.” Keeping in mind the radical leftist roots from which Obama sprang, plant the following people in his ever-spreading presidential patch of Marxist weeds. Introducing just a few friends, allies, and advisors from the most radical presidential administration in U.S. history:

  • Admitted bombing terrorists, Bill Ayres, and his wife are just the beginning of a long line of militant extremists from Obama’s past and present. He admitted in his writings that he sought out The Marxist professors and other radicals. Even now, his administration reads like a Who’s Who from the extreme left. It’s no surprise that the Leftists and Communists like Chavez, Castro, and Putin endorse Barack Obama for President.

The following are, or were, just a few of  Obama Czars, and people active in his administration; some in the White House, but all are advising this President and making policy that adversely affects Americans:

  • Van Jones - Avowed Communist  and his most ardent supporter and admirer, Obama’s right hand and confidential, Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett. She’s known as the other side of Barack Obama's brain and picked Van Jones because she was so impressed with Jones’ background, ideas, and work.
  • Cass Sunstein - Liberal activist judge believes free speech needs to be limited for the “common good” and is strongly against the 1st amendment.
  • Ed Montgomery - Black radical anti business activist. Believes in affirmative action and job preference for blacks. Teaches that US business has caused world poverty. ACORN board member, and Communist Du Bois Club member.
  • Alan Bersin - Wants to keep borders open to illegals without interference from US. Ultra-liberal friend of Hilary Clinton.
  • Gil Kerlikowske - Devoted lobbyist for every restrictive gun law proposal. Believes no American should own a firearm and believes in legalizing all drugs.
  • Paul Volcker - Headed Federal Reserve under Carter. Obama appointed him to head the Economic Recovery Advisory Board, which engineered the Obama economic disaster to US economy. Member of anti-business “Progressive Policy” organization.
  • Carol Browner - Political radical former head of EPA. Known for anti-business activism. Strong anti-gun radical.
  • Nancy Ann Deparle - Former head of Medicare / Medicaid and strong health care rationing proponent.
  • Todd Stern – Anti-business former White House Chief of Staff, strong supporter of the Kyoto Accord. Pushed hard for Cap and Trade and blames US business for global warming.
  • John Holdren - Fierce ideological environmentalist. Sierra Club, Anti-business activist who claims US business caused world poverty.
  • Earl Devaney - Spent career trying to take guns away from American citizens. Believes in Open Borders to Mexico. Author of statement blaming US gun stores for drug war in Mexico.
  • John Brennan - Anti CIA activist. Believes in open borders to Mexico and a dialog with terrorists, and has suggested Obama disband US Military.
  • Ashton Carter - Leftist. Wants all private weapons in US destroyed and supports UN ban on firearm ownership in America.
  • Gary Samore - Former US communist. Wants US to destroy all WMD unilaterally as a show of good faith.

The list goes on, but the common thread linking these people is the same far-left, Marxist, and Communist ideology shared by the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Americans must ask themselves if they want these people to have another four years to implement their ideology and demolish the laws and Constitution of the United States.

Do we allow another four years for Obama and his comrades to complete the following extremist agenda?

  1. More favorable missile treaty for Russia, weakening American power and threatening our existence. Obama whispered to Russia, “This is my last election ... After my election I’ll have more flexibility," expressing confidence that he would win a second term. These Anti-American globalists want One World Government and the neutering of sovereign American power.
  2. Stoking the fires of anti-capitalism and class warfare agendas, and continuing their race hustling. The President’s   comments that "Rich people are all for non-violence, unless they are perpetrating it, because they don’t want people taking their stuff,” and “it’s better to spread the wealth around”, says everything we need to know about this puffed-up, egomaniacal Marxist.
  3. Permitting the American-hating United Nations, an organization full of human rights defying dictators, into our country to monitor our elections.
  4. George Soros pulling the strings of the presidency and financing the leftist agenda.
  5. Covering up and stonewalling scandal after scandal, including Operation Fast and Furious and the Libyan fiasco, both of which resulted in loss of innocent American lives because of Obama’s incompetence or callous indifference. Likewise, the Fort Hood attack in which Obama refused to call an Islamic terrorist attack and resulted in victims and their families unable to receive the medals and compensation so richly deserved. Calling this attack work place violence was the worse case of blatant anti U.S. Military ever uttered by any President in our history.
  6. Anti-gun agenda. Using his own words, Obama is an enemy of Americans’ gun rights. He’ll continue pushing small arms treaty in U.N. and sneak attack our rights in this country.
  7. Obama’s energy policy and Obamacare. These are two of the largest catastrophes to ever befall our nation. They must both be stopped.
  8. Allowing felons, illegal aliens, and other unqualified people to vote by fighting against state ID laws.
  9. Global Warming swindle and radical environmentalism.
  10. Border insecurity, Illegal Alien amnesty, immigration relaxation, radical immigration reformists.
  11. Taking credit for the Military Special Forces killing of Bin Laden using intelligence gathered by the CIA, using techniques Okayed by George Bush and venomously opposed by Barack Obama. Then, blaming his nearly 5 trillion dollars in debt in his first term on George Bush.
  12. Apology tours around the world, and dismissing our friends and engaging, then abetting our enemies.
  13. Obama proposed reducing charitable contributions by limiting tax breaks for the so-called wealthy. This follows his Marxist philosophy of taking money from the private sector and letting government decide where the money is to be spent.

This fanatical President is asking for our help in finishing the job (completing his betrayal and his work of destroying America, as we know it.) Or, in his words, “fundamentally transforming the country”.

One way he will do this is by appointing more far-left judges in federal courts and the Supreme Court.

America is in an age of incomprehensible collusion between the progressive-leftwing media and the extreme progressive-leftwing of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama. Truth is being held hostage by this administration and the media.

The now-weakened back of America will be unable to sustain more legislation like Comprehensive Health Care (Obamacare), and Comprehensive Financial Reform. Obamacare will bankrupt the nation and result in hundreds of thousands of Americans dying and suffering from this needless Marxist takeover.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Comprehensive Education Reform are just two more of Obama’s attempts to place the American people under the tyrannical heavy boot of the federal government.

The entire premise of liberalism, socialism, Marxism and Communism are based on false assumptions, nonsensical dreams and an ideology proven to fail economically. It reduces the populace into a world of slavery to the all-powerful government.

Obama and the liberals are making it increasingly more difficult for people to realize the American dream available to all Americans since the founding of our republic.

The American dream is becoming a nightmare for millions of Americans, thanks to Obama and his liberal- progressives. Where there once were dreams and opportunities, (Obama erects barriers) there stands a bureaucratic nightmare. Where there was hope there stands a government between the people and freedom. Where once there was a Constitution guaranteeing liberty, there is government control.

Where there was once justice for all, we have Obama selected social justice. Where there was once free enterprise and capitalism that created jobs, there is Marxism with government determining winners and losers. Where there was once American exceptionalism there is Obama’s idea of hope to “fundamentally change” the tenants of our nation and the rules for our long-standing, functioning republic.

America as a country and Americans as a people are doom as a postscript in history unless principled, Constitutionalists right the Ship of State and set the rudder to the calm seas of liberty away from the tyrannical storms of big government.

A vote for Mitt Romney begins the process to right the ship and sets the rudder to economic and national confidence. Romney is a vote for a freer America far from the stifled economy and country of the Obama years.

 A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for jackboot thuggery that will plunge this country further into a dictatorial abyss from which we may never return.

Jim Mullen

Obama's need for lies, propaganda, and derision By Jim Mullen

describes as human inertia and like Newton’s Law of Inertia in physics; objects tend to "keep on doing what they're doing." In fact, it is the natural tendency of objects and lazy liberals to resist changes in their state of motion. This begets “group-think” and the herd mentality.

Using twisted logic only a liberal could justify, they frequently get caught in ridiculous scenarios of defending the indefensible. Devoid of any facts, they contort and squeeze words until they are meaningless, in a wrongheaded attempt to prove some of their outlandish theories. Conservatives have a problem with liberals who staunchly believe they need no proof of anything they proclaim. There are no other arguments, you see, because liberals already established proof.

Nearly every young person has the liberal mindset, but outgrows the disability as they mature. Some of the greatest conservatives of our time caught some gale force of maturity in their sails that changed their state of human inertia (liberalism). Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley, and Charles Krauthammer, lead a long list of conservatives who grew to reject the liberal orthodoxy in which they floundered.

We could greatly expedite the return of freedom to our county if every new piece of legislation, presidential decree, and bureaucratic regulation was preceded by the repeal of five present laws. More importantly, however, is that politicians, bureaucrats, and especially liberals be held to the same standards they demand of everyone else. Requiring all big-government advocates to obey every law, regulation, politically-correct lunacy, and liberal ideology, would strike a massive blow against tyranny.

People would respect more of what liberals want in the world if they first put their lives on the line and plunge headlong into that shallow pool of foolishness.  Poetic justice dictates they reap what they so richly deserve. As a trial run, the first thousand pages of every liberal law they find necessary to foist upon the sweaty masses, should apply to only liberals for the first year. If they are still convinced of its viability after a year, maybe others would join them in flushing commonsense and liberty down the government sewer.

Hypothetically speaking, liberals could perfect their skills by considering
the following:


Let everyone know. Wear “I’m unarmed” shirts, place signs in your yard, stickers on your car, and pass out cards. Then register your feelings in the public record at the court house, and of course in the media akin to your demands of gun owners. It’s obvious to any thinking, sane human these courses of action will quickly contribute to an increase in overall crime and murder rate. Consequently, liberals are a menace to public health and their own, as well. They must, therefore, be heavily taxed for this threat to society. The increase costs for law enforcement, courts, and the prison systems would force officials to take this into account when calculating fees and taxes. Obviously, taxes would skyrocket.

It’s also evident that liberals would notice a dramatic decrease in their numbers for a simple reason; they would be targeted by criminals, and millions would promptly be annihilated or would abandon their folly and find some modicum of gray matter in that unusually small part of their immense brains typically reserved for common sense. Perhaps all Americans can finally come to the conclusion that self-defense is a natural, as well as, a constitutional right.

Along this line, everyone must use the police department for protection; even politicians and movie stars. Individual, armed private security should never be available to anyone unless it’s provided for everyone.

Favor legitimizing 20 to 30 million illegal aliens and their extended families?

Support a law mandating that every liberal desirous of alien legalization must adopt a family of illegals; be responsible for their healthcare, education, food, housing, and all other expenses. Additionally, liberals presently argue that we cannot break up the extended family, so they would be accountable for bringing all members of an illegal alien's family to America and providing for them.

Think public schools are where children receive the best education?

Prove it by demanding that Congress pass legislation requiring all American children attend public schools from prekindergarten through graduate school.

One of Obama’s first acts was to shutter the incredibly successful voucher school program in Washington, D.C., which caused havoc in the black and Hispanic population. The President’s children, however, do not attend the violent, nation-leading failing schools of D.C., where barely ten percent learn to read adequately.

Teachers’ unions will be ecstatic and soon liberals will have their long-sought-after Social Justice. Everyone will then be equally misinformed, ill-informed, and indoctrinated into a state of blissful, ignorant, oblivion. Similar to a new day dawning, only in reverse.

Think public healthcare is the “final solution” for all Americans?

Obama and the New Democratic Party disrupted and destroyed the best healthcare system in the world.  Obama's promise to insure 2% of 330 million people, cost of our freedom to choose doctors, hospitals, and coverage. Inserting government between Americans and their healthcare providers is a disaster of major proportions.

Soon, costs will crush the American economy, and rationing will cause massive casualties and death.

Liberals and their families should lead the way by insisting every American use the same healthcare providers as Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare patients must. No exceptions.

This is what the Obama administration wants for commoners, but not the elites. When liberals start dying like they are under the VA healthcare system, ask yourself, are liberals and their families more important that Veterans?

Believe we need to redistribute all income and wealth in this country and in
the world?

Be first in line. Voluntarily shrink your income to just above the poverty line, and give the rest of your wealth, property, and income to the government. The IRS gladly accepts your donations.

Next, read and understand the United Nation’s Agenda 21 and do your part by adhering to its dictates.

Do your liberal best to convince Americans about the benefits of being active participants in the United Nations and relinquishing our sovereignty to 192 other (the majorities are dictatorships) nations. Continue your work to disarm American citizens and unilaterally disarm the United States.

Believe in man-made global warming and that the U.S. is a major contributor? 

Take Public transportation everywhere you journey, if possible. If not, procure a solar-powered or electric automobile. By all means, fight your best fight to scuttle all power plants using carbon-based fuels. Nuclear, likewise, is out of the question for eco-Nazis. Sooo, brace yourself for Obama’s promise to necessarily cause electric costs to skyrocket. When you plug your car in, you’ll be mesmerized by that spinning wheel on the electric meter.

Dismantle your dwelling and build one with 400 sq feet of living space for a family of four, and be sure to use only recyclable materials. If your family size varies, use this simple equation (i.e. before Common Core math) 100 sq ft per each family member. That’s plenty of living space for nearly everyone in third-world countries, and since you strive to change America into a third-world country, it’s certainly enough room for you.

Think we’re too tough on criminals?

Load up the Prius or hop aboard your choice of public transportation, and visit your favorite penal institution. The uber-liberal American Bar Association will be delighted to provide you with the proper paperwork to adopt a felon or two. You can then procure them jobs, let them live with you in your world until they can stand on their own. You could possibly talk them into protecting your home or sitting with the children while you work.

Likewise, if you think the U.S. Justice Department under the radical racist and Marxist, Eric Holder, is legally justified in suing businesses for using criminal background checks when hiring their employees, then you should urge all the companies with whom you do business to hire ex-convicts.

Are you one who cries yourself to sleep at night about the overcrowding of jails and prisons? Then, by all means, round up your liberal friends and launch a program with your penal system of choice whereby you can all share in the simple joys of providing a warm bed, great food, and exceptional healthcare for a needy convict. Visualize the taxpayer money you could save, and how that warm-and-fuzzy feeling would enrich the lives of you and your family. The entire liberal community will positively radiate euphoric vibrations.

Speaking of healthcare, you’ll be the talk of the town and one of the highest regarded and beloved philanthropists in town when they notice the positive results of those hormone treatments and sex change operations that changed good-old Bernie into Bernice. I’m sure all of your neighbors will want to join in your rapture. Commit this to memory; it takes a village!

Think taxes are too low?

Again, don’t forget, the IRS will gladly accept your check for any amount. I would think you would want to offer more than what you envision is fair for others to pay. Make this a learning opportunity and exhibit your leadership skills; organize your lib friends. They’ll love writing that check.

Believe in affirmative action?

Take it to the limit. Hire only people who fit your description of those who need help. Qualifications are unimportant. Submit your name to universities, colleges, and trade schools and financially adopt every minority wishing to attend these institutions. Bear in mind, qualifications are unimportant. Work directly with your local police and fire departments to hire certain quotas (numbers) of minorities to help protect you and your family. Again, qualifications are inconsequential.

Don’t forget medical schools, law schools, and the like. Quotas are more important than having a skilled brain surgeon perform your operation. Also, we know lawyers and Judges are at the bottom of importance, so what does talent and skill mean anyway?

Trade schools are no exception. After all, what prerequisite must plumbers, electricians or mechanics possess? If they just happen to burn your house down or leave you stranded in your car, think forgiveness. After all, you are tolerant, understanding, and caring. Ideology is of the essence, and the need for aptitude is highly exaggerated.   

By doing all the above, liberals will, as the Little Rascals said, take care of “important business” and thereby, save the world from mean, racist, homophobic, sexist, and Islamophobic, white-guy conservatives. Now that you’ve surfeited your overwhelming desire for acceptance, it’s time to put on your favorite anti-gun shirt, climb up on that soapbox at the public square, put your arms firmly around yourself, squeeze tightly in a loving embrace, and repeat the moron’s mantra, “I’m just so wonderful, yes! I’m such a high-quality person, yes I am! Would everyone please look at me? I’m a perfect liberal because I care so deeply! Plus, I walk the walk.”

One caution, however. Perhaps you should take along a law-abiding, armed conservative (put away your penchant for affirmative action in this scenario, only a conservative will measure up to the job) just on the off-chance a deranged gun-toter spots your shirt and thinks he or she (no sexism here – but wait, should it read he/she/it?) has a covey of defenseless doves gathered for his or her convenience. As a liberal, you will soon learn that your entire species would be extinct if not for the protection of conservatives’ guns, guts, and common sense.

There are dozens of other great ideas on how liberals can “make a difference.” Ask any conservative for additional information. Can’t find a conservative? You’ll find the lion’s share of them far-flung from large metropolitan areas. They are especially plentiful in American’s heartland. The best of luck to ya!

Meanwhile, back to freedom-loving Americans:

Common sense comprises an incredibly minute segment of the typical gigantic liberal brain. Conversely, the dominant part is ego. One other distinguishing trait is that liberal’s gray matter all floats around in a brine of political correctness. Charlton Heston famously said, “Political correctness is tyranny with manners.” Unfortunately, nearly all the vocal, active liberals of today are ill-mannered, nasty, hate-filled, venom-spewing, and dreadfully unhappy people. All pretexts of manners are lacking in today’s liberals.

Are these and the rest of their coven just escapees from the idiot farm or cold, calculating, demonic, anti-Americans hell-bent on destroying American culture and our constitutional Republic? They screech “social justice” but show profound ignorance about real justice. Their receptors just aren’t tuned to that wavelength. Let’s give them a lesson in real justice and diversity; make them live by their own perverted creed.

Jim Mullen

Barack Obama pompously refers to himself as a constitutional scholar. More appropriately, he is a mortal enemy of the U.S. Constitution. He studies it as a military planner studies an adversary’s defensive positions in preparation for battle. Analyzing, examining and probing points of weaknesses to the constitutional fortress, he takes adversarial positions on every concept of a free republic. Attack, overwhelm, and overcome is the battle cry for the radical leftist from Chicago. 

The condescending view with which Obama sees the Constitution and the American people is evident every time he opens his mouth. He becomes increasingly more brazen and arrogant and exhibits an unapologetic contempt for the laws of the nation and his oath of office to ‘preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.’ 

Historically, when Obama wanders off without his handlers he is prone to spout off his real Marxists’ beliefs like the ‘spread the wealth’ comment to Joe the Plumber. Seven years before that, however, he unleashed his pent-up rage from his long-held vendetta against the Constitution, telling a Chicago public station in 2001, that ‘redistributive change is needed.’ This was before he employed handlers, acting coaches, and PR specialists to keep him muzzled when not standing in front of his Teleprompter.

Consider Obama’s opinions about the Constitution, and note the animosity: 

  • ‘The Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth.
  • ‘It didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.
  • The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. Says what the states can’t do to you. Says what the federal government can’t do to you, but doesn’t say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf.’
  • ‘The civil rights movement became so court-focused I think there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalition of powers through which you bring about redistributive change. In some ways, we still suffer from that.’

He is a master of deceit and knows that free Americans and their institutions are his enemies, and that he must destroy their constitutional defenses before he can dictate his will. He knows Sun Tzu’s principle in ‘The Art of War,’ that ‘all warfare is based on deception.’ Obama is well equipped for the art of deception, claiming exemption from truth in the name of the ‘greater’ or ‘common good.’

The country is under siege. He and his administration spent the first three years in office prosecuting, judging, and sentencing America for its ‘sins’ against collectivism. He led a federal invasion into the states, and declared all-out war on the American people, business, lending institutions, religion, energy, capitalism, and every aspect of traditional society. When Congress denied his wishes, he simply created a law and dictated his will upon the country. He crowed that when Congress refuses to act according to his plans, he feels an ‘obligation as President to do what he can without them.’

Congress has long been complicit with chipping away at the peoples’ rights by overstepping their authority, while at the same time ceding much of its legitimate power to the Executive branch and the bureaucracy. This acquiescence of its constitutional mandates relegates the third branch of government to an insignificant position of buffoonery. They are consigned to entertaining and bowing to the whims of the King like a troupe of court jesters.

Obama wants Americans unified around a collective culture and everyone reduced to the lowest common denominator. In other words, he wants a once proud and independent nation on its knees, begging favors and alms from an all-powerful federal government.

Like most wannabe tyrants he uses military analogies when trying to rally the American people. He wants everyone to unify around his idealistic, collective culture, and follow his inexorable quest to change the country into a Marxist state. It’s another way of stifling dissent by suggesting that all ‘loyal’ Americans will march to the beat of his leftist drum against his ‘enemy.’

To achieve the progressives’ dream they must perform revolutionary surgery to remove the healthy tissue from the body politic of America and leave a blob of freedom destroying parasites and collectivists.

Barack Obama, the self-proclaimed ‘hope’ of the nation is an instrument of despair, a common despot, and a fraud. He is devoid of any love for our constitutional republic, and determined to still the beating heart of liberty.

The Constitution is the guardian of America and the country will surely die without its protection.

Jim Mullen

Federal Government taking the place of parents and teachers - destroying America Jim Mullen

Keep it Ringing!

Lies are so much easier to believe than truth. Believing lies takes no effort in exercising one’s mind, summing up, or considering common sense. Truth requires educating one’s self,  exertion of intellect, reasoning, and relaxation of one’s emotional filters to allow absorption of the truth. Obama and his band of collectivists lie with impunity because they understand these simple truths held by communists, Marxists, liberals, progressives, and all other tyrants.

Conservatives have opined for years that the greatest threat to this country is the big-government menace in Washington, D.C. Similarly, with distressful developments caused by the Obama administration and New Democratic Party; three out of four Americans now agree.

Every tragic shooting brings the radical left and their media minions swooping in and circling the scene like vultures laying siege to the latest unfortunates. They never miss an opportunity to gain an advantage by picking the bones of victims and furthering their cause for total disarmament of Americans.

Rather than eliciting a responsible reaction of providing more protection for the defenseless, liberals’ knee-jerk response is always to disarm the innocent and make them more vulnerable to lunatics.

Joe Manchin, Senate Democrat from West Virginia was just one of the politicians circling the latest mass murders by an evil or mentally ill man. He needed a 1468 word nonsensical diatribe full of hyperbole to espouse his politicization of this 

Pundits are apoplectic, Democratic Party officials  flabbergasted, and giggles still echo over the nations’ airways over last Tuesday’s Democratic Presidential primary in West Virginia.

It looks as if 41% of all the Democrats voting in the West Virginia presidential primary election preferred a man as their President, who is currently serving a 17-year sentence in a federal prison in Texas, over; you guessed it, Barack Obama.

Some wail this is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the people and the State of West Virginia. They lament that it feeds the stereotypical view of West Virginians as back woodsy, ill-informed, and unsophisticated. To which Mountaineers should reply, Balderdash!

If your officer's dead and the sergeants look white,
Remember it's ruin to run from a fight:
So take open order, lie down, and sit tight,
And wait for supports like a soldier.
Wait, wait, wait like a soldier . . .

When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains, 
And the women come out to cut up what remains,
Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
An' go to your Gawd like a soldier.
Go, go, go like a soldier,
Go, go, go like a soldier,
Go, go, go like a soldier,
So-oldier ~of~ the Queen!

If the battle plan has gone awry or the odds are wrongly weighted, the soldier is admonished to stand and be brave, exercise good judgment, and wait for support. The advice is as sound today as it was in the day of Rudyard Kipling. The next stanza is chilling in its gloomy assessment of one’s chances in the Afghan theater.

In the time of Rudyard Kipling, the efforts of the British to colonize and civilize the Afghan people met with disaster, both militarily and economically. British imperialism failed to take into account the history of these tribal combatants, their internal rivalries and jealousies, and their concerted ability to lay aside, for the moment, those internal conflicts, and turn their attention to the infidel invaders.

The Soviet Union did not heed this lesson in history as they exerted themselves in an effort to overtake and subjugate the Afghan base; they met with primeval resistance in the modern world. To our discredit, we helped the Afghanis. To be sure, we were at odds with the Soviet Union, as the Cold War commenced to undermine their economic foundations. We disillusioned ourselves into thinking our supplying weapons and money would make these primitive tribes our friends for life.

How times have changed. Now, the Soviet Union is history; the Russian people are our trading partners, but not necessarily our bosom friends. Although frequently at odds, we are no longer in a Cold War setting. On the other hand, the Afghanis, with whom we curried favor for so long, are our friends, so long as we continued to pay them to be.

In 2001, we entered Afghanistan in search of Al Qaeda. It was the right thing to do, and because of our military activities in that region of the world, Al Qaeda is on the run. They are still a factor in the world, although fractured and perhaps lacking in continuity (this remains to be seen).

Somewhere, we saw a not-so-subtle change in our mission. We saw a transition from dismantling Al-Qaeda and their sponsoring benefactors, the Taliban, to a futile effort to establish a democratic government in Afghanistan.

It reminds me of an old saying. It’s like teaching a pig to dance; it takes an enormous amount of effort, and all it does is annoy the pig. Well, it has taken an enormous amount of effort; it has cost billions of dollars, but even more tragically, has taken the lives of many of our bravest and finest, all in the name of a futile effort to teach the pig to dance.

Rudyard Kipling was a young writer and novelist, a poet and a genius. He was the youngest person ever awarded a Nobel Prize for literature. Even though Rudyard Kipling was a young man, he recognized and chronicled the futility of bringing the tribal Afghanis into the modern world. Perhaps our own supposedly more mature  leadership might spend less time in disjointed efforts to expand our influence, and a little more time reading poetry.

Jon M. Green
Westerville, Ohio 

Jon's biography

Jon is Ohio born and bred and a member of a multi-generational Republican family. He is a graduate of Otterbein College (now University) with majors in Economics and Biology. He has been an insurance agent and financial adviser for over 45 years, and is the recipient of the Chartered life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant Designations from The American College. Jon is also a Veteran having proudly served his country in the U.S. Army.

He has been involved in a number of civic activities during his career, including:

  • Charter president, Carroll County Chamber of Commerce
  • Former Jaycee and Rotarian
  • Former Republican Central Committee member
  • Hall of Fame of the Columbus Chapter, Society of Financial Service Professionals
  • Successfully recruited companies to provide more than 200 jobs in northeast Ohio, Carroll County, and recruited multiple medical professionals to under-served communities.

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What ever happened to our beloved America? Part 3 By Jim Mullen

-Ronald Reagan

If history tells us anything, it's that Republicans have displayed little stomach to fight as tenaciously as Democrats. The American people did not reject Democrats because they love Republicans. Americans rejected Democrats because they moved so far to the left, they became indistinguishable from arrogant despots when they joined the most radical movement in our history; Barack Obama's promise of fundamentally changing America.

Indeed, Obama with the full blessing of his New Democratic Party ripped America from her moorings. America lost her identity, her pride, her culture, her values, and her guiding constitutional principles. Not surprisingly, she weakened and lost world respect when her word and promises grew hollow and meaningless.

This new leadership must "fight to win," and not "go along to get along” thinking only of the next election.   It requires boldness not defensive posturing and maneuvering. Ignore the voices of mainstream media, liberal pundits, and talking heads. Follow the words of our Founding Fathers. Listen to their warnings about all-powerful centralized government, and then drive this evil from its entrenchment in our government, its institutions, and academia.

Vow to precede every vote with this most pertinent question, "What would our Founders do?"

Barack Obama is unconvinced of American exceptionalism. His beliefs of redistributing income, wealth, and property, are ideas straight from the malevolent ideals of Karl Marx - ideas proven repeatedly to reduce everyone but the elite to the lowest common denominator, to share equally in government-led misery.

Under the siege of Obama and his comrades, many middle-class Americans joined the ranks of the dependent class. Business creates good jobs; big government historically creates ignorance, poverty, and dependency. Small government allows industry and private enterprise to breathe, grow, and provide for expansion of the nation’s workforce.

It is not too late to re-establish liberty and wrest America from the scorching tyranny of Barack Obama.

The following are priorities this writer puts forth to the new Congress, if Republicans want to keep their jobs and save the country:

  • Don’t try to out Democrat the Democrats. They’ve had sixty years of practice at placing people on welfare, destroying families, and enslaving millions of people to government.
  • Public relations are an integral part of keeping your message clear, unambiguous, delivered with force, and repeated often. Remember, liberals are experts at controlling the media. Appoint a committee (and/or hire) public relations’ experts to promote your conservatism and immediately control false information disseminated by liberals or MS media.
  • Ignore all forces of division from the hate-filled left. It’s time for sagacious leadership and fighting with determined resolve on the federal, state and local fronts. When attacked by the left, or Main Stream Media, immediately have a posse of Representatives, or Senators, step to the microphone for a press conference and issue a press release stating the facts. Your response must be immediate, forceful, truthful, and convincing. Repeat your case until the next issue arises. Convince the voters the value of your plan and the barking dogs will head for the porch, tails between their legs.
  • Remember why voters rejected Democrats. Don’t do that!
  • You were not elected to work with Democrats. It is up to Democrats to work with you. Democrats’ idea of cooperation is doing it their way. Negotiate only from strength.
  • Keep in mind; we have the Democrat’s playbook. Don’t let their race hustling, war on women, war on gays, etc., etc., rhetoric or any other group on group war they conjure up, keep you from your service to your constituents and your country.
  • Thank Harry Reid for the new Senate rules; keep them and follow them.
  • Slash regulations to release the Bull of industry.
  • Get feds out of education. Education is not a constitutional responsibility of the federal government. It is, in fact, an illegal intrusion on states’ rights. The more the federal government spends on education, the lower the test scores. Education began crashing when Congress blessed us with the Department of Education. Teacher unions and public unions are too powerful and helped create the crises in education and other bureaucracies.
  • Use appropriations to curtail the power of the congressionally manufactured bureaucracies.
  • Use the power of the purse to pull the teeth of the EPA and dozens of other federal bureaucracies. Pass new legislation redefining the intent and the responsibilities of these runaway thugs.  Our country can never be free with bureaucrats making their own laws.
  • Forget ALL special-interest groups and do the job for which fed-up voters hired you.
  • Reinstate the work requirement in the welfare reform laws passed during Clinton Administration that Obama repealed using unlawful executive orders. Get people off welfare and back to work. Dependency is the number-one cause of culture decay, ignorance, and lack of personal and national pride.
  • Don’t even think about citizenship for illegal aliens. Shut our borders tight and put a temporary moratorium on all immigration. Pass an immigration bill only afterwards.
  • Make passing an energy bill one of the top priorities. Begin with the Keystone Pipeline, and then move to open public land for drilling, including Anwar. Nuclear must rank high as a major part of this plan, our future depends upon nuclear, and researching other forms of energy. Do this with tax incentives, not by throwing $billions away on proven failed liberal schemes.
  • Reducing tax rates for corporations, private entrepreneurs, and personal income, should hold a position of prominence.
  • Dodd-Frank must go! It’s just another anchor around the necks of business. Regulations and taxes kill jobs!
  • Healthcare laws must be prominent, and Obamacare repealed by any means necessary.
  • Don’t make deals that allow Obama to appoint leftwing judges, and department heads.
  • Rebuild our military. We are in a perilous position of weakness. Obama set fires around the world and slashed our military to dangerous levels. A strong nation militarily and fiscally, is a safe nation.
  • Get us back to responsible spending, reduce the deficit, and work on reducing the debt.
  • Work within the framework the Founders gave this great land: The Constitution! Do these things and we shall return to strength in the world, independence in our nation, and once again stand tall and proud. America is in decline because we are less free!

If local and state leaders take these same ideals, ideas, and policies of freedom, they will long serve their constituents, and rescue the nation, their state, and local communities from the ravages of past political incompetence. Show the voters what this new group of leaders can accomplish. If you do not learn from the Democrats, and do not accept what our Founders knew, then you are doomed to repeat the very sad history of the past several decades.

Jim Mullen

The Death of Education in Wood County, West Virginia By Jim Mullen

Over the last several decades, the federal government brought its overwhelming power to bear and extorted control of public education from state/local school boards and parents. They produced an arm for indoctrination that sullied the entire system.

Politicians of both parties busied themselves implementing dozens of pretenses at rescuing this country’s sinking bureaucratic educational ship. Their solutions amounted to heaving one heavy anchor after another, forged from government-controlled solutions. Predictably, each political solution failed miserably, and another generation of young people floundered.

There was a time when an unwritten partnership existed between parents and teachers that prepared children for the challenges of life. After government bullied its way into the parent/teacher role, both were left in a vacuum fashioned by an authoritarian conglomerate designed to reprogram teachers and children for dependency.

Politicians, teacher unions, and bureaucrats formed a cabal after the U. S. Department of Education inception. Since that time, education has never been about instructing young people; rather it is about money, votes, and control. The newest boondoggle, Common Core, is just the latest government power grab.

This cabal brought about tenure. Tenure is the point at which; in any job or profession, incompetence and ignorance become not only acceptable, but profitable. In government, tenure means using taxpayers’ money to guarantee acceptance of incompetence and dilatory performance in public sector and bureaucratic employment. In addition, it is one of the chief causes of dysfunctionality in public education.

Federal power and liberal-progressive ideology now dictate that schools teach political correctness, social engineering, social justice, and multiculturalism. Math, Reading/ Language Arts, and writing skills are secondary. History now has a revisionist redo, and other core subjects are replete with ideology, if taught at all.

One of the truly tragic consequences of the last several decades was big government bullying its way into the parent/teacher role, crowding out positive parent/ teacher guidance.  Progressives ignored the critical importance of parents and promoted the teaching of an all-powerful, paternalistic government. Test scores plunged, dependency glorified, and the dumbing down of America increased exponentially.

Teaching basic math facts and reading comprehension ensures a child will have the minimum requirements for a life of learning. When taught appropriately, most children will assume their proper role in education and develop a thirst for future learning.

 Read these failing grades and think of our future.

Wood County Schools WesTest 2 scores for Reading/Language Arts and Math for school year 12-13.

These data are percentages of students performing at grade level:

  • 3rd grade Math - 43%
  • 3rd grade Reading/LA - 44%
  • 11th grade Math - 38%
  • 11th grade Reading/LA – 45%

Test scores are not the end-all gauges for determining education quality and learning; however, without testing we accomplish neither.

Experience does little to dissuade politicians and bureaucrats from repeating mistakes because they have a flat or descending learning curve and are devoid of any sense of failure or success. It is all about pumping money into a broken system to buy elections, increase control, and promote ideology.

This is America, where an implied promise of a good education once lived. It was well understood, accepted, and delivered. We are breaking that promise and the repeated promises of politicians, bureaucrats, and educators. The commitment made to our children remains shamefully unfilled. They deserve better.

Jim Mullen​

Exposing lies of Obamacare, New Democrats, and Barack Obama 
By Jim Mullen

​"If the people are capable of understanding, seeing and feeling the differences between true and false,
right and wrong, virtue and vice, to what better principle can the friends of mankind apply than
to the sense of this difference?" --John Adams, the Novanglus, 1775

Eric Holder, Brainwash Americans
against guns

of the middle class in our country’s history. Unemployment, food stamps, and disability numbers are growing at record, unheard-of rates as extreme left-wingers wield their idealistic, collectivist power. They’ve degraded much of our old middle class and greatly expanded a new welfare class.​

Gasoline prices under Obama doubled, food prices are up dramatically, and he admitted he wanted electricity costs to “skyrocket.” He’s increased the costs and regulations on business to such an extent that economic growth and job creation is non-existent. He keeps underprivileged citizens down and what’s left of the middleclass must claw and dig for survival.

Democrats started this deadly economic fire in 2007 that still incinerates our country.  And when Barack Obama came to power he threw his explosive Marxist fuel into the mixture creating an inferno that continues to destroy every sound, free enterprise principle.

During the combined reign of terror of Barack Obama’s progressive, lawless regime and the Democratic Party, American families lost over 40% of their median net worth. Median income for average, private sector Americans fell nearly 10%, and median value of their home equity plunged over 30%. There are over 8.8 million workers on federal disability and 1 worker receiving payments for each 15 people working. Just ten years ago it was 1 in 33.

In January 2007, when Democrats assumed the reins of Congress, unemployment was 4.6%. It’s now been over 8% for 42 consecutive months. A depression-like 25 million people are unemployed or underemployed and Obama’s policies drove millions more to drop out of the labor pool altogether and join the welfare rolls. Labor-force participation is at 63.5%; lowest since the last days of another thoroughly leftist President, Jimmy Carter in September, 1981.

We’re nearing 100 billion dollars a year spent on food stamps, and politicians armed this self-perpetuating program with an enormous advertising budget that begs people to join the welfare rolls. Obama’s redistributors nearly doubled the recipients and expenditures on food stamps. Clinton’s Welfare to Work legislation is now a “work to welfare and disability” plan.

Over a million fewer people are working now than when Obama mockingly took his oath of office. Sweet promises of hope to America’s youth culminated in 5 trillion dollars of additional debt heaped on the backs of young people and double-digit unemployment for college graduates.

Obama’s entire presidency is about making Americans wards of, or subservient to, an all-powerful federal government. Well over a hundred million people are on welfare, and Obama must continue the feeding frenzy and this meteoric increase. He must keep people comfortable in their poverty, voting for Democrats, and discouraging success.

This President rails against our capitalistic, free-enterprise system and divides Americans by pitting one group against another. Yet, America’s system provides more benefits to more people and more diverse groups than any other system, anywhere else in the world.

The American dream promised by Lady Liberty’s "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” has been perverted by radical progressive liberals. Breathing freely in a socialist/Marxist society is an abomination to every principle of progressivism. The mighty woman with a torch, standing so proudly as a beacon to a hopeful world, must weep as ruthless, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats crush America’s spirit, and extinguish her flame of liberty. Barack Obama replaced American “can-do” attitude with a “you can’t do it without government” directive.

For fifty years, socialists hammered the mantra of “programs for the poor.” After trillions of dollars and nearly three generations of failed policies, financial ruination, and millions of lost families, we can declare the experiment a wretched catastrophe. Our nation is a mass of interconnected command centers of liberalism; all answerable to Washington, and America is held in bondage by a despotism more likely seen in communist and third-world countries; not in the Land of the Free.

Tens-of-millions of Americans exist in huddled masses of abject poverty in their government-issued hovels awaiting their next handout of taxpayers’ money. They experience few feelings of accomplishment or self-confidence, and never learn self-control or responsibility. Public education indoctrinates children from preschool to graduate school that the federal government is there to care for them.  Worst of all, they never realize  America’s dream because they’ve been taught dependency is the new American dream, and that liberty is a luxury in which the government can no longer indulge its citizens.

People subject themselves and their families to government degradation, and then blindly vote for the same Democratic Party that has controlled their lives for decades. It all clearly demonstrates how they’ve allowed left-wing politicians to enslave them to government. Strangely, any effort made to unshackle them from government subordination, ricochets into attacks on freedom fighters.

Government dependency is an addiction as powerful as any drug, and it’s fed by the pushers of big-government standing on every political corner in America. As with any addict, his or her life can spiral totally out of control, but they will go to extraordinary lengths to keep supply lines open. These addicts can also count on their supply lines being guarded and protected by mainstream media and government-controlled public education. Of course, shameless politicians who ignore their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution, and then ignore human suffering caused by the welfare system, are primary purveyors of this evil.

Over a third of the citizens are on welfare, and more than half of them live in fear of big government. Businesses must play Obama’s game of crony capitalism or operate in an atmosphere of paralyzing uncertainty. Job creators’ fear of what new Obama dictates will befall them next, shy away from expansion. Growth involves risks that they are unwilling to face during Barack Obama’s radical presidency.

War on poverty programs intended to care for poor people are political conspiracies. They deliberately design them to keep enough Americans in an easily controlled, socioeconomically underprivileged class that enables Democrats to maintain an enormous, reliable, permanent voter base. Programs designed by politicians to care for the poor, breed more dependency and more poverty because that is their deliberate, intended purpose.

Barack Obama knows that creating jobs and allowing poor people to care for themselves is a losing political proposition. Therefore, he is unwilling to create a business-friendly environment and get out of the Nanny State business. Shameful numbers of Americans trapped in poverty will continue to escalate because politicians need votes; and because Obama has a Marxist ideology to advance. It is, after all, in the interest of this tyrant to keep his people poor…

Jim Mullen

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Barack Obama struggles to defeat a felon in West Virginia primary election

The fanatical militants once so much at home among the violent circles of America’s Left are now welcomed in an open-armed love-fest by one of their own. This unprecedented admittance to the White House gives them not only the ear of the president, but his heart, as well.  The swaggering, arrogant, fanatical militants high step their newfound powerful influences into every liberal-progressive corner in America, then track their red-stained footprints into the Oval Office.

The Marxists and Communists, who skulked through the back alleys and darkened doorways, and led the cheers for Mao and Che, proudly fill the halls of academia and whisper sweet-radicalism to the President of the United States. These extremists now write our laws and pack the panels, committees, and governing boards that control and run all the country's bureaucracies. In short, they control the lives of mainstream Americans.

During the 2008 Presidential campaign Barack Obama asked the American people to, "Judge him by the people with whom he surrounded himself." Compare these incredible words with those from his biography, Dreams of My Father,“I chose my friends carefully: the more politically active black students, the foreign students, the Chicanos, the Marxist Professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets." Here is just one more place where proper vetting by the media would have revealed the really duplicitous nature of this man.

His inauguration was the initiation for Obama’s betrayal of the country. He recruited his crew of Communists, Marxists, and Maoists, to work on his anti-constitutional directives and bring the country into alignment with his idea of a perfect America. From this point on, the road was straight and the direction was narrow and unquestionable; Barack Obama’s far-left radical agenda is so anti-traditional American, and anti-constitutional, he stands alone atop the presidential most villainous list.

Remember, he chooses his friends carefully and wants Americans to judge him by the people with whom he surrounds himself. Let’s make a critical examination of the President of the United States, his friends, and the people to whom he refers.

Let’s begin with Obama’s radical spiritual adviser and personal friend, the race-baiting bigot and class warfare specialist, Jeremiah Wright - a blatant redistribution of wealth advocate, and brazen follower of Black Theology. After sitting in a pew for over twenty years listening to Wright’s hateful sermons, Obama denied he ever heard the insidious, anti-white, anti-Jew, and anti-American ideas of his radical friend. Going further, he stated, “I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community.”

He doubled down on this outrage by turning to another radical, race-baiting bigot and class warfare specialist, Jim Wallis, as his next spiritual leader. Wallis is also a blatant redistributionalist with the same unabashed Black Theology philosophy as Jeremiah Wright.

Add a third extremist and hater, Shiloh Baptist’s Pastor, Wallace Charles Smith to Obama’s spiritualists. In 2011, Obama and his family chose to attend an Easter sermon delivered by this Pastor who fumed that he heard institutional racism in the gurgle of his infant grandson. Earlier in 2010 Smith ranted that the country is still racist, and that racists get programs on Fox News. For good measure, he added that Rush Limbaugh is the new KKK.

For decades, radical environmentalists yearned for a president to carry out policies so extreme as to bring a modern industrial nation to its knees. This administration not only welcomes these wackos, but unconditionally embraces every job destroying, utility-raising, and economic-depressive idea that crosses their convoluted minds.

This is a regime that reveres a group of unprincipled, evil, extremists, but is unwilling to draw upon its own natural resources for the betterment of its people.  They are willing to starve their own citizens of liberty and banish them to live at the feet of the worlds tyrants; a position apparently welcomed by this president.

His braggadocios declaration about bankrupting anyone wanting to open a new coal-fired power plant and his aspiration for electricity costs to skyrocket, gives one just a glimpse of his ill feelings for the American people. His policies are destroying the coal industry and halting nearly all the domestic drilling for oil on public lands and the continental waters. Obama’s irrational actions further accentuate his complete and total war on carbon-based energy businesses; which translates into another front in his war on Americans.

In part 2 of “The Radicalization of the American Presidency" coming next week, we examine radicals like the immigration reformists, anti-gun fanatics, globalists, left-wing economists, MS media, and many, many more of Barack Obama’s friends and closest political allies.

Jim Mullen

What ever happened to our beloved America? Part 2 By Jim Mullen

Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. Do not be too severe upon their errors, but reclaim them by enlightening them. If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves."

--Thomas Jefferson, letter to Edward Carrington, 1787

Every war has its obvious horrors from direct devastation. Additionally, however, the art of war allows for the planting of booby traps, land mines, roadside bombs, time bombs, and any number of creative devices to harass or continue the raining of destruction upon the enemy over time. These weapons are not only designed to destroy the adversary directly, but to cause psychological damage and break the will of the enemy to fight. By inducing prolonged fear and feelings of despair and hopelessness in their adversary, they often provide long-term residual effects after the direct conflict.  It’s all part of the sordid, time-honored proficiency of war.

Almost like war, politics is not simply about the devastation from the direct initial attack by lawmakers, but also the residual and long-term devastation by delayed 

A white presidential candidate presenting the same abysmal credentials and background as Barack Obama would not be  President of the United States. Nevertheless, liberals claim white America is racist.

A few decades ago, anyone coming upon the American political scene spouting the Marxist philosophies of Barack Obama, would be branded a fringe Kook. His message that all money, income, wealth, and property, rightfully belong to government, would have been summarily rejected. Likewise, his insistence of redistribution would swiftly have been repudiated. A community organizing presidential candidate espousing the ludicrous claim that anyone who earns or accumulates more than their “fair share” in America, must have done so through nefarious, illegal means, would have been viewed with contempt.

More people voted for Barack Obama than against him because of his race. This presidential election will be no different. However, his progressive standard-bearers, the leftwing Democrats and their Mainstream Media, brand anyone a racist for holding him accountable in any way for his anti-American, anti-capitalism, anti-free enterprise policies.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) still doesn’t get it.  He can’t fathom the reality that the freedom-loving Mountaineers of West Virginia are livid about his unwavering support of Barack Obama and his left-wing Democrats in their unconstitutional quest at further restricting the free exercise of Americans’ Second Amendment rights. Both are shamefully taking a tragic event and using it to further their political agendas by grandstanding and self-aggrandizing.

Manchin continues to reassure West Virginians that nobody is after their guns, while doggedly working with the anti-gun extremists to limit the size of clips and expand background checks. He and the Obamaites preach that we must have ‘reasonable’ rules.

and enterprise, be filtered through government. Sadly, the entire New Democratic Party not only got on the Obama-train-to-socialism; they did so with overzealous enthusiasm.

When you have a bitter, American-hater trying to put Americans ‘in their place’ because of his perceived grievances, and when those policies are race-baiting, class warfare and rubbing group against group, there will be friction and fire will fly. Freedom-loving Americans can only hope the highflying Marxists of Barack Obama will have their wings scorched enough to bring them back down from liberal La La Land to common sense and liberty.

Hopefully, fewer people are blinded by the lies overwhelming the country, especially in the last six years. This could help explain the current phenomenon of red-state rebellion. In any case, one thing is sure, liberal Democrats, and Republicans ought to take notice; leftists have hijacked and devoured our culture, education, liberty, Constitution, and economic system. If you persist in your anti-American tyranny, you will continue to pay dearly at the ballot box.

Our government, media, and the intelligentsia currently deem people supporting the Constitution and rule of law extremists. Those working, studying, and planning for their future, now bear the label troublemakers, or as Homeland Security calls them; ‘terrorists.’

Which political party constantly pushes for more gun control? Which party ruled the slums of the nation for decades? Who shackles industry, business, and workers with crippling regulations, and sets the EPA, IRS, and nearly every other government agency on Americans’ churches, culture, speech, and every other freedom guaranteed by the Constitution? The answer of course, in practically every case, is always liberals.

To those who remember the Democratic Party being for the working people, this is not your Father’s or Grandfather’s Party.  It was usurped by the vicious left wing, and most Democrats got on that Obama socialist train. Now they cry about the cost of their ticket.

Republicans should be aware that conservatives led this national purge of the left wing, and remember they expect you to live up to the promises you made of less government, more liberty, fewer regulations, and always follow the Constitution. Do not try to out-Democrat the Democrats. The New Year is upon us; get busy restoring freedom and shrinking government.

Jim Mullen


Vote Republican to save our nation from the Marxist Obama By Jim Mullen

​​Barack Obama’s and the New Democratic Party’s Marxist, redistributionist dictatorship beats out of rhythm with the heart of our Republic. Their Leninist ideology casts a heavy shroud of evil over our great land and threatens every fundamental principle of independence guaranteed by our Constitution. They tell any lie, bribe any group with taxpayers’ money, attack, ridicule, and demean all who fight for liberty. They are committed to breaking the American spirit of exceptionalism.

Obama admits this election is about his policies. He knows he and the New Democrats will be unable to rule with an iron hand if they lose the U.S. Senate, Governor, and Statehouse races. Retaining the Senate guarantees Harry Reed, and Obama will rule supreme the next two years and the more than 300 bills passed in the House to get our country back to work, and restore some of our freedoms, will remain on Reed's desk. Moreover, the IRS, EPA, Justice Department, NSA, and dozens of other tyrannical governmental agencies will continue to unleash havoc on the American people. 

They deliberately create fractures in American society by fomenting war between races, sexes, income levels, religions, cultures, and any other groups they can rub against one another to create friction.

The Balkanization of this new America is deliberate, calculated, and designed for a long sought-after Marxist revolution. Obama’s paraphrased rallying cry was “…fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Now we know what he meant!

The great unsmiling and unrelenting hostility of leftwing socialists grows increasingly uncivil, and presents a clear and present danger to our liberty. The entrepreneurial, individualistic, free-thinking American fades quietly away replaced by whining masses seeking handouts.

Liberal ideology dictates that the only freedoms necessary for Americans; except for the elite, are the dregs left after everything filters through government. Therefore, tens of millions of people believe their freedom extends to devouring the riches and income of others. Obama and the New Democratic Party see it as essential to cultivate votes of those who live off the system without first having paid the price of hard work, sacrifice, education, and self-reliance.

Government mortgaged the future of our young people to pay for the freeloaders of today, and diluted education to the point of guaranteed failure. Government indoctrination and false promises replace the constitutional promise of opportunity.

Our government enforces only laws with which it agrees, and makes up laws by Fiat. Barack Obama views the Constitution as a document of negative liberties that he must destroy to allow installation of his Marxist regime. A bitter, vengeful, ideologue, his transformation of America was interrupted on by the loss of the House of Representative to the Republicans. He knows if he loses the Senate, he will merely have his phone and pen to continue his oppression, and follow his Father’s example of hatred for the United States and the Western World.

The forces of evil from Obama and his Party corruption of the last six years are staggering. The destruction of the best health care in history, if left unchecked, will murder hundreds of thousands of Americans in the next few years. Nearly weekly scandals of corruption, and then cover-ups by the Democratic machine, Obama and his henchmen, and bureaucrats from every department in government, illustrate perfectly the arrogance and lawlessness in this government.

Two more years of packing the courts with leftist judges; even on the Supreme Court, will set this country back by a hundred years and place American in danger of permanently fracturing and falling into an abyss from which we may never return.

Help stymie the tyranny of this regime by voting straight Republican this election!

Jim Mullen

Newly elected Republicans - remember, conservatives elected you; vote like you remember! By Jim Mullen

At the same time, they screech uncontrollably when black conservatives point out that poor blacks and whites are victims of government, not beneficiaries. Black conservatives are branded as “traitors to their race” and guilty of a sin that is completely unacceptable to all liberals; acting white.

Racist gyrations by progressives have long been their most oppressive weapon in clubbing conservatives into submission and keeping them cowering in fear.

Democrats spent generations trying desperately to make blacks forget that Republicans were the party of abolition. The Democratic Party was the party of the Klan and fought fiercely against nearly all civil rights’ legislation. They’ve since used taxpayers’ money for bribery and Republicans as scapegoats for their own absolution and to pay recompense and reparations. Liberals’ misguided and shameful drive for atonement and satiation of their white guilt, culminated in trillions of dollars in national debt.

Democrats became supportive of civil rights not to be on the right side of history or justice, but to be on the winning side of politics. Their present-day racial machinations are geared toward growing and cultivating the permanent welfare class and maintaining one of their most loyal voting blocs. They use the same fraud on poor whites except they’re indoctrinated with class warfare. Obama uses every tool in his vast Marxist platform to keep poor and middleclass Americans - both black and white - bowing to the federal government. His every policy further dooms them to a life of hopelessness.

Liberals’ use of slavery as a crutch in America today does nothing but continues enslavement. Not until our country discards the crutches will the country learn to walk together. Race hustlers and leftist politicians must continually pummel the wounds and stoke resentment to remind everyone of how much they care. They show their caring by throwing trillions of taxpayer dollars into their “atonement for past sins pot.”

We need look no further than Democrat-controlled inner cities, poor regions of Appalachia, and American Indian reservations, to see the deadly “byproducts of progressive government gone mad.”
They introduced slavery and subjugation of a different nature, “the gentile (sic) but deadly bondage of government enslavement.”

Obviously, deep-seated racial hatred and rage fuel the overt, blatant racism of the Klan and Black Panther Party. However, the covert race hustling of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, are all branches of the same racist tree. White-guilt liberalism, the mainstream media, and the oppressive forces of political correctness provide continual nourishment.

When this “Welfare and Food Stamp President," says Republicans are being obstructionists to his plans, he means the Republican-controlled House is thwarting his drive at completely socializing this country. It also means Republicans are attempting to create an atmosphere of freedom whereby Americans of all races can set upon a path of prosperity that will free them from the shackles of federal management.

Barack Obama and his progressives crush the breath of freedom and the soul of hope from the American dream, and a near-lifeless nation suffocates in “fruitless bondage.” We are all victims of the massive, oppressive federal tyranny, but minorities are nearly always the foremost losers of liberty because they place their faith in untrustworthy politicians and are accepting of their false promises.

Obama’s message of hope was no message of hope at all; it was a message of deceit and misery that left people wallowing in economic desperation. His promise of being the great uniter turned into a deliberate, brutal campaign of class warfare and race baiting. His declaration of a new day, and a new way in Washington was really a declaration of all-out war on liberty, on the states, and on our foundation of freedom; the Constitution.

These are the lethal legacies from radical leftist extremists. They created generations of political and cultural dependency. The last chains of oppression will fall at the feet of the oppressed when government takes its proper place and removes its patronizing, paternalistic hand from the heads of all Americans. It’s not just an issue of race; it’s an issue of freedom and dignity for all Americans.

Straight from the “mouth, who roared,” the mentally unarmed Joe Biden spewed the perfect Democratic Party racial rant while speaking to a black audience. “Republicans are going to put y’all back in chains.”

Caught with his Teleprompters down in a 2007 video, Barack Obama whipped up race hatred and fear. With his personal friend and spiritual advisor, radical-Reverend  Jeremiah Wright in attendance, he told an audience of black preachers that the U.S. government didn't care about black people. He said the government failed to waive the Stafford Act, which requires communities receiving federal disaster relief to contribute 10 percent of what the federal government contributes.

According to Thomas Sowell, “Less than two weeks earlier, on May 24, 2007, the United States Senate had in fact voted 80-14 to waive the Stafford Act requirement for New Orleans, as it had waived that requirement for New York and Florida. Obama was one of just 14 Senators who voted against -- repeat, AGAINST -- the legislation which included the waiver.” Doctor Sowell further stated, “More federal money was spent rebuilding New Orleans than was spent in New York after 9/11 and in Florida after hurricane Andrew, combined.”

This was just one of the countless Obama attempts to divide a nation by race, gender, class, and national origin.

Al Gore, speaking to a predominantly African-American audience, told them that, “Republicans have the wrong agenda for African- Americans -- they don't even want to count you in the census.”

When the schoolyard bullies of the mainstream media peddle their racial hatred, they’re just part of a fringe group of wannabe intellectuals trying to pump up their dwindling followers. When top Democrats spend billions of dollars and untold decades whipping up their special brew of division and loathing, there is a problem with the Democratic Party.

However, when a black President of the United States, elected in a country with a supermajority of white voters uses his race as a battering ram to attack those same voters, it’s a national disgrace. This despicable President uses a vicious, well-planned, race-hustling political game designed to garner votes by dividing the country’s races.

At very best, Barack Obama and his group of radicals are racial demagogues; at worst, they are the very racists they purport others to be. Another four years of this President and his Democratic Party will produce a country set asunder by racial and class disharmony. It will also be four more years of involuntary servitude for all Americans.

Jim Mullen

Joe Manchin and Obama still don’t get it – leave our guns alone!
By Jim Mullen

Barack Obama is the most anti-traditional, anti-business, and anti-capitalist President in American history. His every [Photo by Chip Somodevilla?Getty Images] speech and press release begin by stridently repeating every loser’s refrain, “It’s not my fault,” quickly followed by incessant rants of class warfare. It’s evident to even the most disinterested observer that Barack Obama does not like this country and its Constitution.

He derides Republicans about what he calls their trickle-down economics. Truth is he has the only trickle-down economic plan. He seizes money from job-creators, the successful, and the producers in America, and then filters the money through a monstrous federal government. The little remaining money subsequently filters down, and Obama redistributes it to his handpicked voting 

We have  few opportunities to get away and have time to read and reflect. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to rest and refresh in a log cabin in upper Wisconsin. We were blessed with no Internet, only limited mobile phone service, and we didn't turn on the television. Thanks to an advance in technology called a “thumb drive,” and planning ahead, the entire Supreme Court ruling, all 193 pages, traveled with me to the northern outback, on my laptop computer.

When the law was first in Congress, and had yet to come to a vote, I sensed an overwhelming bias against the legislation. The then-speaker of the House, didn't help matters with her comment, "in order to find out what's in the bill, we're going to have to pass it." The comment itself by the former speaker will go down in infamy as one of those idiotic pronouncements for which so many of our inept politicians are famous. Sadly, we find are finding none of our elected representatives read it before it became law.Most of the people to whom I spoke 

At a time when the country was feeling poorly, Barack Obama came to America’s door selling his “snake oil socialism.” He  slathered us with pretty words, promised miraculous healing, and sold us on Dr. Obama’s magic elixir. Unfortunately, Dr. Obama’s prescription was nothing more than massive doses of government with orders to relinquish our American penchant for liberty. He administered it all by force-feeding the country unhealthy daily doses of Karl Marx’s indoctrination. Never a day passed that he didn’t counsel us to abandon the Founding Principles of our nation and slip quietly into his collectivist, mega-government ideology.

Now, at election time, Obama has the unenviable task of making new rules and coining new phrases to defend the indefensible, and justify the unjustifiable. 

Government is the single deadliest infection running through the bloodstream of American liberty and our Republic, and indeed, the lives of Americans. The Marxist plague, AKA Obamacare, left unchecked and untreated will undoubtedly kill hundreds of thousands or even millions of Americans over the next few decades.

Peddled to the country as a cure-all drug for everyones’ well-being, meant to induce euphoria to a healthcare-less nation, no such results were ever observed. Rather, the nation is suffering through an unmitigated disaster since Obama’s version of healthcare passed. The most extreme elements of leftwing American society designed this collectivist piece of tyrannical legislation. The New Democratic Party at the behest of Community Organizer Barack Obama enacted it as yet another ploy for income redistribution and increasing government’s stranglehold on the American people.

As predicted by most sane and rational people, this Marxist and communist inspired accomplishment is falling apart - or more appropriately, imploding. It’s showing all the distress one would expect of legislation forced upon an unwilling electorate by Barack Obama and his band of leftist thugs and collectivists.

Not one Republican lawmaker supported the misnamed Affordable Healthcare Act, and now nearly every Democrat seeking reelection is digging a political hole, crawling in and pulling their lying, self-serving, disreputable scheme in on top of them.  They planned on using the same deceit, lies, and chicanery they used when passing their vile legislation until the November elections. However, it too quickly fell into an untenable, indefensible disaster, and they had to rebuke their own evil Marxist offspring.

Democrats were the battering ram Obama used to break through the barrier of an unwilling American electorate. They were hot to trot out their ill-fated enactment, walking hand-and-hand with the giddy, mentally watered down, Nancy Pelosi waving her symbolical mammoth gavel menacingly at America. A Damocles sword held over the American people by dozens of hair-thin lies and shop-worn platitudes by Barack Obama would have been more emblematic of this most hated legislation.

Now, watching Democrats run from their proudest achievement like their feet are on fire is akin to watching a Keystone Kop's comedy in fast reverse.  Democrats are even distancing themselves from the name “Obamacare.” Although Obama derived great pride in the pre-implosion moniker of his legislation, it’s now a verboten, poisonous term in the Democratic Party’s leftist-lexicon. Absurdly, in these perilous times they speak only of “the Affordable Care Act.” These few lighthearted moments, however, are the only comedic part of Obama’s namesake.

Everything else about this leftist plan is not only perilous, but deadly. Hospitals, doctors, and clinics running from this healthcare disaster, and the government leaving critically ill patients without life-saving treatment, is fatal. These unfortunate Americans will be the first casualties of Barack Obama and his Party’s war on America. The nation will soon witness the initial deaths brought on America by their deception and fraud of an out-of-control group of politicians hell-bent on doing anything to put money in their pockets and add power to their offices.

Additionally, another sure secondary development will result in massive American deaths. Since the best doctors and hospitals refuse to accept patients insured by the new healthcare act and Medicaid, people not critically ill nowcould also die. Keep in mind that Congress ripped three-quarters of a trillion dollars from Medicare and cut this program to the bare bones. Therefore, bureaucrats and politicians will likely attempt to merge or morph Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare into one enormous, ill-conceived, and diabolical plot to force all healthcare providers into accepting these three plans as one. Thus, to remain in the business of healing the sick, they must agree to all governmental rules, regulations, and payment schedules.

Sadly, the worst parts of the healthcare act are yet uncovered and reported by media. As Pelosi said, we had to pass it to find out what’s in it. We are witnessing but a few of the “unpleasantries” alluded to by this leftist Democratic Party demoness.

Think about the following:

  • When businesses discover the costs and regulations of Obamacare on their bottom-line in maintaining health insurance coverage for their employees, millions of Americans will undoubtedly find themselves dropped from their plans, and government’s boat will take on more water.
  • By dropping more and more people to part-time status, businesses will increasingly place employees on the exchanges. This will soon be followed by elimination altogether of company-paid health insurance.
  • Another catastrophe awaiting unsuspecting taxpayers is the inevitability that insurance companies receive taxpayer bailouts. Obama will, of course, blame the failure of his Marxist ploy on these companies and tell us he is only looking out for us when he steals more from working Americans to support his collectivist, redistributionist ideology.
  • Individual states that fell for Obama’s temporary cash for the long-term Medicaid-expansion clunker program will leave state taxpayers in massive debt for untold decades. Most enrollees

are receiving taxpayer subsidies, and few are signing up to pay the bills.

  • However, if it survives past the fall election and Democrats maintain control of the Senate, appointed death panels will begin their carnage in earnest. Chosen by the government to save government money, they will not concern themselves with American lives. They will make decisions based on allocation of limited resources, limited medical personnel, and limited hospitals and clinics. Their decisions, very simply, will determine who lives and who dies; thus aptly named, “death panels.”
  • Obama’s folly promised a decrease in the use of expensive emergency-room care. In fact, emergency-room healthcare will increase. Many primary care physicians are no longer permitted to attend patients admitted to hospitals, and these patients must go to emergency rooms for admittance to a hospital by their PCP. Then, a “hospitalist” not the primary physician supervises the patient’s care. These medical specialists’ primary jobs are saving government money and protecting the interests of the hospitals; not caring for patients of whom they have no medical or personal knowledge.
  • Before Congress enacted this killing program, most of these potential enrollees were already insured. Many of those losing their plans last year and in the future can attribute the Democrats’ new law for their loss. Additionally, numerous people not wanting on government assistance are being intentionally guided or tricked into signing up for unwanted and inferior Medicaid plans.
  • The signup website has been repeatedly declared unsafe to the point that technicians who worked on this monstrosity testified repeatedly they would not trust their personal data to the site. Known incompetents and Obama's friends from Canada received a scandalous amount of taxpayer money to build the low tech and embarrassingly dysfunctional website. The vulnerability for personal information theft intensified when Democrats blocked legislation that would require government to notify people if their data became compromised. Repeating their proclivity for total ineptitude, Obama’s stooges just hired, without the benefit of bids, a new nefarious company to continue the wonderful works of the Canadian deadheads.
  • Government refuses to release numbers on how many have signed up and paid for coverage.
  • Businesses are reducing hours and manpower. Obama obviously loves the idea of more people feeding at the government trough. Fewer jobs in the private sector means bigger government, more welfare.

This unaffordable healthcare act was never about improving healthcare; it was always about control over the populace and redistribution of wealth and income. Self-determination, freedom of thought, and controlling one’s own welfare are enemies of the state.

Consider for a moment a couple paying for their healthcare as they go, or paying for an insurance plan with coverage that suits their needs. The new healthcare plan demands their old plan be terminated or that it’s not okay for them to pay for their own healthcare or their own non-Obamacare approved insurance. Government, through the IRS, then charges them a huge tax for being self-sufficient and taking care of themselves.  Their only other choice is to purchase an insurance policy that doesn’t meet their needs at a much higher price than their old one, with prohibitive deductibles and co pays.

 Congress placed the Internal Revenue Service in command of enforcement and gave Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius the responsibility of writing and implementing rules. These guaranteed incompetence, more anti-American laws, and complete and total adherence to Obama’s Marxist ideology; in other words, politicians guaranteed tyranny would reign, and we would continue on the road to financial Armageddon.

Blatant lies by Obama and the Democrats began before they passed this federal poison. They continue today, and will continue as long as the government needs to deceive people into believing the biggest lies ever told. Carving out political contributors for special favors and exemptions of any kind are, likewise, illegal. More lies and illegalities follow:

  • If you like your plan, if you like your doctor, if you like your hospital, you can keep them; period.
  • Obamacare would be affordable. Would reduce premiums by $2500 per year per family.  According to Forbes we can expect an increase of $7,450 per family of four.
  • Reporting 4 million enrolled in Medicaid because of Obamacare when only 380,000 people enrolled.
  • Illegal changes by Obama and Sebelius that bypass Congress.
  • Obama claims on Twitter that 6 million got coverage.
  • Dozens of illegal exemptions for unions, Obama cronies, and Congressional favorites.
  • Obama’s personal assurances that illegal aliens would not be covered.
  • People and groups with religious objections would not be forced to provide reproductive services.
  • Obama’s personal assurances that abortion would not be covered.

Will this Democratic debacle become the single-payer healthcare plan Obama said was his ultimate goal? One thing is certain, Barack Obama and the New Democratic Party are taking the best healthcare plan in the world and turning it into a third world system where government will decide not only winners and losers, but who will live and who will die.

In other words, they’re reducing the best health care system in the history of the world to the lowest common denominator; which is what big government is always about and what it always accomplishes with its meddling, regulating, and totalitarianism. Democrats and Obama are chastising Republicans in the media for not cooperating and helping them murder more Americans via the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Barack Obama makes claims he is always looking out for the poor and middleclass. The truth is obvious; Obama, politicians, and the well-to-do will always have access to good healthcare. So the obvious victims of his healthcare plan will be mostly the poor and middleclass Obama persistently claims he is helping.

More liberalism? ... Anyone?

Jim Mullen

In the storied history of our nation, in times of crises, the cream of the American populace blessed our country by rising to the top. When great leadership was required,  honorable men stepped forward out of a sense of duty and service to lead our Republic with strength, honor, bravery, and wisdom.

Unfortunately, however, there were times it seemed we picked our leaders from the squalid backwaters of society and discovered that pond scum also rises to the top. 
Most Americans recoil in disgust when shameful, corrupt, politicians use the sacred trust of the people for their own self-gratifying ideology or enrichment. Inversely, the nation reveres the heroes who answer the clarion call of leadership when we face hardship or peril. Since the birth of our republic, men were always there to lead the country to extraordinary victories in times of the most trying adversities.

Likewise, when the nation was afflicted with thieves, crooks, liars, and wannabe tyrants, good men repaired much of the damage inflicted by political scumbags and restored the country to reasonable health.

The battle now is to ban so-called “assault weapons” and high-capacity clips. The radical left obviously believes lawful Americans cannot be trusted. Weapons are only “assault weapons” when in the hands of criminals. When in the hands of law-abiding American citizens, they are “defensive weapons.” These are some of the weapons Manchin said we must look at to stop the killing of innocents. We all know what he meant by the term “look at.”

It is obvious to even the densest anti-gun zealot, that criminals will pay no heed to ANY gun-control law. Therefore, it’s apparent that the quest for more anti-gun legislation is aimed at disarming lawful citizens and does nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. The facts are irrefutable; gun-control legislation disarms or makes criminals of lawful Americans, but does nothing to disarm criminals or reduce violence or murders of innocent people.

Criminals depend on government to disarm the public, thus allowing thugs and gangs unrestricted domination in our streets, neighborhoods, and cities. U.S. cities with the strictest gun laws have the highest crime and murder rates. Witness the cities of Chicago, Washington, DC, Detroit, Baltimore, and on, and on.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to ban 157 different models of defensive weapons, as well as magazines containing more than 10 rounds. However, the liberals and the media, including the Senator from the Mountain State, claim that nobody is trying to take away our guns. Every Democrat on the committee voted for the ban, while every Republican voted against the ban.

Americans must face facts, it’s apparent over the last several years that the New Democratic Party is a mortal enemy of gun owners and the Second Amendment. The NRA should also take heed when they endorse a Democrat for office when there is another candidate with an excellent record on gun rights. Endorsing candidates like Harry Reid and the Senator from West Virginia is shortsighted and the NRA actually undermines the very rights that they otherwise so feverishly defend because they add to the Democratic majority.

The West Virginia Senator supports backdoor registration of guns through background checks at gun shows and private sales or purchases. Background checks at gun shows are little more than background checks for private sales and trading of guns and ammunition, which he favors. He knows none of these laws will reduce gun violence or murder rates in this country. Yet, under Manchin’s plan, if one wants to purchase a gun from a neighbor, one must pay for a background check and get approval from the federal government. These extended background checks are another back door, roundabout attempt at registration that allows government to know who owns guns, what type they are, and where to find them.

Not a word emanates from the mouths of Manchin, Obama, Feinstein, or any other left-wing anti-gunners about the real causes of crime and murder rates in this country. Most violence comes directly from inaction and misguided programs by federal, state, and local governments.

The free exercise of American rights under the Second Amendment does not cause violence.

Here are just a few of the shortcomings, incompetence, and corrupt bureaucracies of government that do result in lawless, senseless violence.

  • The failure of the liberal courts and the justice system in general to PUNISH criminals.
  • The failure to build more jails and prisons.
  • Early release and catch-and-release of criminals; including violent felons.
  • Plea-bargaining and reductions of sentences.
  • Left-wing lawmakers, state and federal, who consistently and shamefully go out of their way to twist, manipulate, and distort, every societal issue to bestow the victimhood label on criminals, and not on the real victims; law-abiding citizens of our country.
  • Failure to address criminal, illegal aliens pouring over our border with drugs, guns, and human cargo.
  • Overcrowding, then release from jails of illegals to reduce the excess numbers.
  • A corrupt government-controlled educational system that, especially in the inner cities, fails to give young people even a rudimentary education and then dumps them out on the streets without sufficient skills to compete in the world.

Much of the debate for years in this country has centered on handguns. For decades, nobody talked about long guns of any kind. To the leftists, handguns represented everything that was evil about the Second Amendment. The unvarnished truth is that the left-wingers believe the very existence of the Second Amendment is evil.

Concealed permits are under constant attack. By declaring gun-free zones and limiting where one can legally carry a weapon, the tyrants hope to make it so restrictive as to make concealed permits worthless. One such limit in declaring schools as "gun-free zones" to prevent shootings, could only be imagined, and implemented by the most naive and ignorant of liberal minds.

Some notable quotes by Obama, the anti self-defense chief, should tell everyone where the leftist-in-chief stands:

  • “I am consistently on record and will continue to be on record as opposing concealed carry.”
  • “I believe in keeping guns out of our inner cities.”
  • “It’s a scandal that Bush didn’t renew the ‘assault weapon' ban.”
  • If you need 19 rounds to shoot a deer, you probably shouldn’t be hunting.”

Here are some notable votes by Obama:

  • Voted to uphold civil actions and lawsuits against gun manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and importers of guns and ammunition.
  • Voted to ban hundreds of common rifles and shotguns.
  • Voted to uphold local gun bans in Illinois.
  • Voted to uphold prosecution of people using guns in self-defense.

Now, let’s examine some Joe Manchin quotes and excerpts from the Senator’s own writings:

  • “I’ve never had more than three shells in a clip. Sometimes you don’t get more than one shot anyway at a deer. It’s common sense. It’s time to move beyond rhetoric. We need to sit down and have a common-sense discussion and move in a reasonable way.”
  • “We must look at the use of high-capacity ammunition magazines and military-style assault weapons.”
  • “I truly appreciate President Obama’s intentions to ‘push without delay’ a set of recommendations to address the kind of madness we witnessed in Newtown.”
  • “I don’t know anyone in the hunting or sporting arena that goes out with an assault rifle. I don’t know anybody that needs 30 rounds in the clip to go hunting. I mean, these are things that need to be talked about.”
  • “I think everything should be on the table.” “I think everything should be looked at.” In response to MSNBC’s question of do you think the gun laws should be changed?

One will notice Sen. Manchin never once points out that the Second Amendment never mentions hunting and not one word crosses his lips about self-defense. He obviously thinks the Second Amendment should be on the table for discussion, and it’s all about hunting.

It’s always easier for lazy, corrupt, and ideological politicians to take the easy path. They use manipulative hyperbole, and emotional rhetoric to push for legislation that has proven repeatedly to be ineffective, and destructive. Like vultures, these zealots circle after every despicable shooting by an outlaw or insane person and then use the tragedy and suffering of others to gain an upper hand to implement their anti-gun tyranny.

They know they cannot ban all gun rights at once any more than a boa can instantly kill and devour its prey. They do it slowing, one contraction at a time.

Little-by-little, Obama, Manchin, Feinstein, and their left-wing ilk formulate their “reasonable rules” which are, in reality, slow narrowings and constrictions designed to squeeze the life from our Second Amendment and devour our guns.

Knowing what Obama and this West Virginia liberal hunter have said publicly, and knowing the history of the anti-gun radicals, does anyone believe them when they say, “Nobody is coming after your guns?” Disarming America is not a solution for violence; rather it is one of the chief determining factors for the violence raging through the streets of this country. An unarmed nation is a nation on its knees, and that is exactly where the leftist tyrants want Americans. The free exercise of American rights under the Second Amendment does not cause violence.

For one to see the tragic results of liberal politics and gun control that disarms lawful people, one needs to look to the cities in the control of the New Democratic Party. Here, guns are banned outright from lawful Americans or restricted to such a point as to make their right to own guns and defend themselves, a cruel joke. They are microcosms of what liberals want for the rest of the country.

When liberal-progressive government is in control of peoples’ lives, they keep citizens disarmed, uneducated, indoctrinated, and dependent. When will we cease to allow our government to cast their tyrannical, liberal, magic spell over this great land?

Jim Mullen

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Acts of madmen must never result in loss of liberty for freemen
By Jim Mullen

​Predictably, after the last appalling act of an evil lunatic on children and unarmed citizens, the media and left-wing politicians have been ablaze with emotional fear mongering, anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment rhetoric designed to divert attention from the facts.​

Whatever happened to our beloved America? Part IIII By Jim Mullen

SCOTUS ruling; another day which will live in infamy Jim Mullen

America beat back the Marxist wolves from the door in stunning fashion in the mid-term elections. Republicans took the Senate, increased their lead in the House, and won statewide and local races throughout the land.

Will Republicans use their new found power or weaken and get warm and fuzzy with leftwing, Obama Democrats, and squander their riches? Alternatively, will they delineate their differences from Democrats and use their mandate to do what Red-State Americans hired them to do; wrest the country from the crushing jaws of Obama Marxism and his New Democrat Party? Being Republican is not enough, conservatives will be reelected; liberals will not!

Moreover, he must convince voters that his lies are really truths. Every leftist policy implemented by this President resulted in catastrophic consequences for the nation. He exacerbated old problems and created a morass of new evil from which Americans may never recover.

How does one find cover and hide from one’s own record?  How does one tell bald-faced lies and get people to believe them? Simply by doing what Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany said. “If you repeat a lie often enough people believe it.” Thus, Obama’s reelection campaign thrust becomes, “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?” Obama finds no lie too outlandish and no truth worth telling in his desperate attempt to, once again, hoodwink the American people and win another election.

However, another very pressing problem confronts this community organizing conman; he must erase from the memories of Americans, the horrific deceit, the lawlessness, the anti-Americanism, and the ever-increasing economic disasters brought on by his leftwing policies. Likewise, he must cover the fact that his oath to “… preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States" was summarily ignored to quench his thirst for Marxism.

He designs all of his outlandish, far-fetched fabrications, his fanciful narratives, and the ferocious attacks on freedom-loving people to divert attention from his abysmal record and broken promises. Mr. Obama must somehow reset America’s memory to four years ago, and make people forget the ruinous consequences of his presidency. In short, this President must attempt a psychological and cognitive lobotomy on the country to make us forget his promises and his entire presidency. He’s doing this by doubling down on his blame game, escalating the excuses, and putting into overdrive, his diversions of deceit and personal attacks.

Doctor Obama is working furiously in a desperate, unrestrained campaign to position his reelection campaign into a spectacle of public relations and propaganda. He knows his political future hinges on Americans forgetting how he used such pretty words to run a con on the country, and then turned into the pompous, arrogant, lawless President now occupying the Oval Office.

This President assured us that he would promote a new and different respect for the United States globally and radically improve national security. What he delivered was a more dangerous world, and a new low in respect around the globe. World leaders view the U. S. President as naïve, ineffectual, and weak.  He emboldened, enabled, and strengthened our enemies, and then went out of his way to insult and diminish our friends. He must not allow voters to conjure up memories of his apology tours around the world to atone for America’s sins, promises to give Putin what he wants after the American Election, and the out-right hostility shown toward England and Israel.

We must not call to mind Obama’s most “transparent administration” promise devolved into cover up after cover up, and then culminated in spending enormous time and taxpayer resources perverting and thwarting the justice system. Another term of this unprincipled administration will lead to unprecedented anarchy.

He wants us to forget his promise of working for the middleclass. His only work was to use every Marxist trick to destroy jobs and turn the country into a dependent welfare state. Unemployment, food stamps, and disability numbers grew at disgraceful, unheard-of rates. A promise to work for the middleclass led to the greatest destruction of the middle class in history and over a million fewer people gainfully employed now than when Obama took office. Obama defines success by the numbers of people he shifts from work to government dependency.

It’s essential to the President’s reelection that voters stop discussing the failed, wasteful stimulus, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, unparalleled regulations, $1.84 gasoline, crushing the Canadian pipe line and the unconditional refusal to allow drilling. We must not recall the “contempt of court ruling” when he illegally stopped offshore drilling,  nor his unlawful amnesty to illegal aliens that takes more jobs from beleaguered American workers. He must connive to make voters forget about Fast and Furious, the War on Coal, and his fiat eliminating the lawful work requirements for welfare recipients.

For Obama to win reelection, voters must never remember his fraudulent promises of 5 million new energy jobs, healthcare costs dropping by $2500 per family by the end of his first term, cutting the deficit in half in his first year, and lifting 2 million Americans from poverty by jolting the economy back to life.

Lastly, he wants us to forget the 5 trillion dollars of new “Obama debt,” the slowest economic recovery in our history, and record numbers of people on welfare and disability. Additionally, thousands of businesses are afraid to hire or expand because of his anti-free enterprise policies. 

For the survival of our country, Americans must never forget the destruction brought about by this President, and must take their memories to the polls. Also, remember that it’s the smell and sting of the spray that makes predators steer clear of the skunk. Barack Obama has the skunk’s defense down to a science. He learned early on that anyone in his meadow would think twice about attacking him, once they experience the sting and smell of the spray from his favorite radical, Saul Alinsky, and his “Rules for Radicals.”

RULE 5 “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

RULE 12 is also noteworthy over the entire duration of Barack Obama’s presidential tenure, and even more-so during this reelection campaign. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.

Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” epitomize Obama’s every speech, every press conference, every interview, his reelection campaign strategy, and indeed, his entire presidency.

This is the disturbing legacy of Barack Obama’s four years in Washington; dozens of broken promises and stark failures accompanied by his screeching, bitter, hate-filled rhetoric of class warfare, race hustling and America bashing. A far cry to be sure, from the smooth-talking, glib, medicine show performer who made his appearance at America’s door four years ago selling “Hope and Change.”

Obama’s promises last just long enough to hook the marks, reel them in, and collect the cash. All great con artists are experts at plying their trade, and Obama is one of the all-time best.

Meanwhile, Saul Alinsky and Joseph Goebbels would be proud of their most dedicated disciple, Barack Obama. The vilification, scorn, ridicule, derision, and denigration continue relentlessly. The Constitution and our nation are burning, and Americans suffer unmercifully from their misplacement of trust. Do we need, or can we afford, four more years of Doctor Obama’s ruthless force-feeding of his deadly “Hope and Change elixir?”

Jim Mullen

Common Core Standards; federal government tyranny By Jim Mullen

​Despite its lack of constitutional authority, the federal government relentlessly treads on the educational system with one giant bureaucratic boot after another. ​

The U.S. Constitution is a fortress built by the Founders around the American people and is the  country’s only defense against the internal destructive forces of evil, Barack Obama and his leftist comrades. To realize their dream of defeating America and having their way with its citizens, they must destroy that constitutional wall of protection.

The constraints placed upon government by our Founding Fathers via the Constitution led to the greatest explosion of freedom and prosperity ever witnessed in the history of civilization.

The man now occupying the Oval Office believes he has a better idea than did those freedom-loving patriots. This man sees unfairness and danger in liberty, and offers ‘hope and change’ through a massive federal government that controls commerce and constrains all personal liberty and self-determination.

Part 2

Radical immigration reformists fervently believe in Open Borders and amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens and in permitting the importation and legalization of their remaining family members. They believe just as fanatically that American citizens owe these invaders a job, healthcare, education, food stamps, welfare, and voting privileges even before an amnesty. Obama is so entrenched in his radical immigration stance that he ordered his Justice Department to sue states that require photo ID to prevent illegal aliens from voting.

In his latest act of blatant, lawless, tyranny, Barack Obama shredded the Constitution by culling another group of illegals from the alien herd and magically declaring them as legal. Obama and the leftists' cry for comprehensive immigration reform means giving complete legal status and legitimacy to these illegal and illegitimate squatters. All of which is against federal law and most state laws. Nevertheless, Barack Obama has barefaced disregard for the Constitution and the laws of the United States.

Strain on the already overburdened education, healthcare, penal, and welfare systems of the states led several to take actions of self-defense to enforce the law. Obama then opened up another front in his war declaration upon the people of those states by suing law-abiding Americans in federal court. Rationalizations that illegal aliens do the work Americans will not do is as ludicrous as the claim they pay more than enough in taxes to pay their own way. The fact is that it costs American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars a year to provide a few businesses with this cheap labor.

Illegal aliens take jobs from lower-income Americans, especially young inner-city blacks and poor whites already struggling to live without taxpayer funding. Liberals take college tuition from Americans by giving instate tuition rates to those here illegally, while American citizens in other states go wanting by paying higher tuition and in fact, subsidize foreigners.

Barack Obama is the most radical anti-gun rights President in history.In a 2008 debate, he said, “…just because you have an individual right does not mean that the state or local government can’t constrain the exercise of that right…”

He voted to allow lawsuits designed to bankrupt the firearms industry, called for the renewal of the failed Clinton gun ban, categorically opposes your right to carry for self-defense, and includes as “sensible regulation” prosecuting people who use a handgun in their own home for self-defense. He also believes that “what works” in Chicago is a complete ban on handgun ownership. He will interpret another term in office as a mandate to order his own version of Americans’ gun rights.

Obama’s radical, Marxist economists and their agendas of anti-capitalism, income redistribution, and social justice, are unmistakably reinforced with his every speech and policy. His ignorance and naïveté of the failed Marxist/ socialist states that became authoritarian police states is appalling and fraught with peril for all Americans. Moreover, every economy using his philosophy has failed miserably at enriching anyone but the elites like Obama and his comrades.

He and his Radical economists believe all commerce must filter through the federal government, allowing complete and total control and regulation by the state; including determining profits and picking winners and losers. This President has turned a bad economy into a complete and unmitigated disaster with his leftist ideas.

Radical anti-American globalists love Barack Obama with a passion unseen by any previous group favoring World Government. Among his first official acts as Commander-in-Chief was to set off on a series of apology tours in which he insulted our friends and begged forgiveness from our enemies. He made it plain to the world that American interests would be secondary to the interests of the U.N., NATO, and other world organizations. Iran, North Korea, and other despotic nations immediately had a clear understanding that they were now dealing with a weak, ineffective American leader in Barack Obama.

The United Nations is a world body seeking One-world Government. Their agendas are totally anti-American, and they seek more and more control over our internal policies, national defense, finances, and commerce. Every UN treaty, pact, charter, or consensus unhinges our sovereignty and weakens every constitutional right of our people.  Their goal is to systemically usurp American independence and make the United States part of, and subservient to, a world government.

In the bowels of the UN there connives an evil organization detrimental to the very survival of our constitutional Republic. If Americans were truly informed by the media or our political leaders of the undertakings and plots of the authoritarian members and missions of the entire body, they would overwhelmingly demand our immediate withdrawal and their member nations and its complete organization expelled from our shores.

Two more radical, leftwing Supreme Court Justices now sit on the nation’s highest court, appointed by this President.  Another four years in office will likely result in at least two more appointments and shift the court to an unheard of bastardization, and rewriting of the Constitution. The appointing of Justices during the next four years could very well determine the lifespan of the entire package of liberal, progressive, Marxist, and socialist legislation passed in the last few decades. Likewise, it could determine if we live our future as free Americans or merely exist under the chains of a totalitarian regime.

Radical union bosses are in control of much of the Democratic Party’s base and Barack Obama. These bosses owe their souls to Obama, the Democrats, and their henchmen. The Public-Sector Unions rule these politicians with an ironfisted death-grip. Obama owes his presidency to the top dogs of the unions, and they will never let him forget this allegiance.

The public-sector unions, to which Obama bows, have bankrupted every state that allowed politicians and unions to conspire against the taxpayers. A conspiracy that saddled generations of taxpayers with overwhelming, longtime liabilities for salaries and benefits in the public-sector that far surpassed anything available for similar work in private business. When the bills came due, they hired Obama to raid the national treasury and pay for their political deals and corruption. The “Stimulus Package” was largely designed as payback to the unions.

The mainstream media, academia, and Hollywood, all look at America through a distorted prism of radical, leftwing ideology. Their philosophies are the same revolutionary, transformative, liberty-crushing schemes in which Barack Obama places his misguided beliefs. These three groups contain the vast majority of the far-left militants and extremist groups in the country.  Unfortunately, they are also the groups that control most of the news and information, and administer the indoctrination of our people.

The country’s most radical leftists are the people to whom Barack Obama owes not just his allegiance, but his very existence. So by all means, let’s judge Barack Obama by the people with whom he surrounds himself. And when we do, should we really wonder about security leaks coming from this White House? The entire Obama administration and everyone around him is a security leak!

The country is in an age of incomprehensible collusion between the progressive-leftwing media, a tax-and-spend Congress, and a collectivist administration. Together, they rule the American people with iron-fisted oppression using unelected bureaucrats and presidential edicts.  Indeed, America is in an age of tyranny with a government disregarding the laws that they find inconvenient, and simply writing new ones with the stroke of Obama's pen. 
Seemingly, every week Obama opens up a new front in his war against the American people. He considers healthcare, financial institutions, religious freedom, immigration, and voter ID laws all part of his personal crusade to impose his unconstitutional will upon all Americans.

Four years of no concerns about another election will result in unchecked oppression by this authoritarian President and will assure unfettered domination of the American people, their institutions, and their culture. His unconstitutional tyranny will be uncontrollable. Just think how many more fronts he can open up in his war on Americans with four more years.

“Radicals of the World Unite - Reelect Barack Obama.” How’s that for a Presidential campaign slogan for 2012?

This is our country, our freedom, our money, and our property that Obama craves. Stopping this radical is an essential pro-American endeavor. The destructive forces unleashed by four more years are inconceivable.

Jim Mullen!/freedomforusnow

Our Founders pinned their hopes for an enduring free America on what they believed would be a citizenry dedicated to fighting domestic enemies often, and foreign adversaries, rarely. They warned repeatedly that liberty’s opposition would come from enemies within, and from internal deterioration and decay.

Their ceaseless messages and dire admonitions were prophetic. Everything they cautioned of unfolded eerily enough to make one believe liberty’s foes actually used the Founders words as working lists for evil.

Checking off each constitutional tenet, malevolent Marxist ideologues packed up Americans’ constitutional freedom and wealth, and then conveyed it to Washington - where liberty goes to breathe its last breath and taxpayers’ money goes to finance the tyrannical war against freedom and the American people.

Poor, poor, liberals feel so put upon and unappreciated. Their brilliance seems so clear and real to them and Conservatives are obviously dim-witted cretins, they reason, by virtue of their complete lack of awe for the liberal mind. Of course, if their ideas were truly that magnificent, the cities and states they’ve controlled for decades would be unsullied, shining examples of liberals’ superiority instead of the ‘cesspools of despair’ strewn  generously about the nation by their regressive, failed experiments.

The multitudes of failures by liberals aren’t necessarily signs they lack talent, It's just that they 

Dollars and cents, common sense, and no sense-at-all liberals
How liberals can make everything in the world hunky-dory  By Jim Mullen

In any of his daily orations on class warfare, just substitute the word “Jew” for his favorite word “rich.” It’s eerily reminiscent of  the wicked rhetoric from the National Socialist party that spewed their hatred around the world in the 1930s. There’s no difference in their class warfare message; rise up and “take the income and wealth from the greedy “haves” and give it to the rightful owners, “the government.”

Naturally, the promise of redistribution to the “have not’s” is paramount in all socialistic rhetoric. It is this pledge on which politicians depend to act as an accelerant to the parasites waiting to attach themselves to the back of a healthy society.

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It’s most interesting that the state Democratic Party in West Virginia, feeling the sting of the [Marxist Obama] latest election, is pointing fingers and assigning blame for their unexpected uprooting in West Virginia. Democrats have controlled the state for over eighty years, now it is red.

Not surprisingly, the national Democratic Party is also searching for answers.

This New Democratic Party, doggedly clinging to an agenda so radically leftwing, that it has the once dynamic middle class in America, reeling. The constant punching, prodding, and punishing Americans and the country’s industrial complex has left more people subservient to government largesse than any period in our history.

Fewer people are in the workforce, and this translates into a nationwide malaise and dissatisfaction by those still interested in the American spirit of work and pride.

Barack Obama doubled down on his Marxist policies on an already liberal and unsustainable welfare state. His guiding principles dictate that all personal freedom, commerce, industrial activity, 

The leftwing media and Democrats foisted Barack Obama upon America, promising a President to make Lincoln proud. As it turned out, we got a charlatan masterfully trained in the art of misdirection and deception by the words of Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx. A man with a personal agenda so radically anti-American, that he surely would not be President if properly vetted.​

Just when the country needed a man trained and skilled in economics to lead us to a proven and self-sustaining, free enterprise system, we got a Marxist that believes in a redistributive economy controlled by an all-powerful, centralized federal government. We needed a man to create an atmosphere conducive to job creation by private business, but we got a sworn enemy of capitalism and the free enterprise system who believes in the failed premise that government must create jobs and control commerce.

When Americans needed a CEO, we got a community-organizing activist. When we needed a General, we got an apologist. Promised a Statesman, we got a President who alienated our friends, encouraged and gave comfort to our enemies from his first day in office. We need a Churchill we got Neville Chamberlain.

The media assured us he was a President who would heal and unite the country. We got a man who looks under every rock for racism and turns up every corner of every issue looking for insensitivity and political correctness. Obama fans the flames of divisiveness like none other in the history of the presidency. He fails in all that is important to a free people and blames his failures on others. Dividing everyone by class, race, gender, religion, and national origin is his only hope for reelection. He offers excuses, blame, and bravado, none of which solves problems, creates jobs or furthers the national interest.

When we needed straight talk, we chose a man who parses every word and speaks in riddles and talking points driven by daily polling. Obama is a man who reinvents the language and can’t call anything by its proper name. “War on terror" is now "overseas contingency operations," "terrorist attacks" became “man caused disasters, “war is now defined as “kinetic military action,” and of course, “illegal alien” is “undocumented immigrant.” He commits gaffe after gaffe when unable to use his prompter or textbook talking points from Alinsky and his leftists. When asked a simple question he often rambles on and on with incoherent, babble.

They promised a man who would show the country, especially its young people, thrift and “hope” for the future. We elected a man who will pile an unimaginable additional debt on the nation and its youth by the end of his first term of nearly 5 trillion dollars. The same young people to whom he preaches conservation will find crushing obligations to enable Obama and his idealistic dictatorship.

Welfare rolls skyrocketed over 40 percent and reached numbers never before witnessed in America. Obama changed the old middle class into the new welfare class. The more he implements his Marxist ideas the greater numbers he adds to permanent government dependency.
We needed a President to surround himself with knowledgeable, ethical experts, and true American Patriots.

We got Barack Obama, a wholly owned subsidiary of the radical left-wing of this country. His list of friends, acquaintances, cabinet members, tsars, and White House staff reads like the who’s who of radical 60’s terrorists, and modern-day revolutionaries. Bombers, rioters, Communists, Marxists, Maoists, socialists and myriads of other misfits, permeate not only his inner circle, but unfortunately work tirelessly pulling the strings of government and remaking the country into Obama’s perverted delusion of what America really is.

He appointed an Attorney General with a racial agenda, a Treasury Secretary that had problems paying his own taxes, and a Secretary of State who believes in One World Government and works with the United Nations to usurp constitutional rights of Americans.

When we needed a man who had overcome the experiences and trials of life, we got a dysfunctional product of a Nanny state government, obsessed with “fairness” and “social Justice”. He believes in a system where hammocks and featherbeds of big government softens failures and is always there to protect people from themselves and from life. Leftists never understand the need for failure in providing guidance in the pursuit of life’s goals and the building of character. Protected from real-life experiences like meeting payrolls, and disappointing failure, they never build quality leadership abilities. Neither can they develop the proper circuitry in their brains for critical thinking.

Barack Obama is a cold, calculating, Marxist, consumed by bitterness. He spends every waking moment ranting about the unfairness of America and disparaging American exceptionalism. He is hitched to the rail of progressive group thinking and incapable of offering unbridled leadership in a free republic. In all of his arrogance, he consistently compares himself to the strong, individualistic pioneer, Abraham Lincoln; while he’s more aptly an ideologically driven, more deadly version of Jimmy Carter.

In Obama’s latest class warfare jab at Mitt Romney, he smirked that he wasn’t born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth. He has grown and thrived, however, with a “golden-government spoon” in his mouth and a feeding tube connected directly to taxpayers. He rails against the rich jet setters flying around the world, while he and his family’s intricate, massive spider webs of contrails fill the sky. He crisscrosses the country running his progressive-Marxist flag up the “elect Obama” pole trying to find the political winds to make it fly. He knows the winds increase as the welfare roles swell.

Disillusionment, turmoil, fear, and discontent are prevalent at times within any group of people or  country. Politicians feed and thrive on these facts of life just as all predators feed on the fear of their prey. With Barack Obama in the White House, the federal government is a predator, and the American people are the prey. If Americans scatter, out of fear and helplessness, we will surely become victims and the nation that our founders gave us will fall. Freedom lovers in this country must unite and stand to fight this tyrant before he devours all of our liberty!

Jim Mullen

America can't tolerate more liberal brilliance

In part 1, this writer looked at a few of the radicals who surround and influence the President, and at his words, asking people to judge him by the people with whom he surrounds himself.  Part 2 looks more deeply into the shadowy world of Barack Obama and his extremist, radical comrades.