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Dismal news of rising food prices is roaring across the nation, and consumers are reaping the decayed harvest from the seeds sown by a corrupt and incompetent group of lawmakers. All the while, government bureaucrats insist that cost-of-living has remained unchanged for two years in a row. “Figures don’t lie, but liars do figure”, is never a truer axiom than when politicians try to explain their incompetence and dishonesty.

agenda; November looms. His daily diatribes grow more frantic, his words more irrational, and the excuses, blame games, and false bravado grow tiresome.

Rather than admit his radical leftwing policies are the problem not the solution, Obama refuses to see any problems. He is using the "I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing!" tactic used by Sergeant Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes to avoid being blamed for anything. Schultz was afraid what he would learn, if he opened his eyes or listened, could send him on a one-way trip to the Russian Front. Obama is afraid voters could send him on a one-way trip back to the left side of Chicago as a community organizer.

Every piece of legislation enacted by this Congress and Obama has been a part of their radical, socialist agenda and contrary to the wishes of the American people. The results of their taxing, spending, and regulation are apparent in every economic indicator and are felt in millions of households nationwide. He is on the extreme leftwing of every issue, every piece of legislation, and every idealistic debate when compared to the values and interests of the American people.

Eight million jobs are gone; lost during a recession in which a Democratic Congress has held the only instrument of power for spending and legislation. Adding a Marxist President to the equation has intensified the pain for the American people.

283,000 jobs have disappeared in Obama’s Summer of Recovery, but he spends his time trying to talk the economy into action. Additionally, 331,000 workers moved from full-time to part-time last month. The Democrats hold sway over an economy that is at a 26 year high for unemployment.

His class warfare strategy of letting the Bush tax cuts expire for those making over $250,000 yearly will sock small business and capital investors with huge taxes and will result in a further decline in jobs. Entrepreneurs and investors will keep their remaining money in their pockets, dissuaded from investment in the economy. Obama’s original plan was to let the entire package of tax cuts expire. Before, that is, the Democrats began reading the polls as election time rolled around.

The U.S. budget deficit will hit $1.3 trillion this year to record the second-highest of all time. Add to this last year’s record deficit of $1.4 trillion and what we see on the horizon is more gloom as taxes will skyrocket.

Just a flicker of the enormous costs for his Obama healthcare plan is surfacing, and the consequences are staggering. Insurance premiums are rising in the anticipation that costs will increase, and the government just announced by 2019, $2,000 less in yearly care will be available for each senior. This will be in addition to the cuts in Medicare. The plan that Americans rejected is exploding, and the concussion will be felt by every segment of society. Tens of thousands of American lives will be lost if this national debacle is not repealed.

With all the evidence, he and Biden repeat the same mantra, “We are definitely heading in the right direction.” This kind of lunacy is an affront to the American people.

All of his current programs are an effort to pour billions of dollars into local and states coffers to arouse his base and buy the election. Everything Obama does is an effort to control and manipulate people, business, and the economy. Right now he is looking for a temporary uptick in the economy by November.

Is it any wonder that Obama said that information can be distracting, and then told people not to watch Fox News or listen to talk-radio? He is trying his best to distract the American people by withholding, obfuscating, and lying about the information we receive.

Jim Mullen





The "Hope and Change" guy has left the American people "hoping for change" in November

​the possibility is there for the savings. When asked when the CBO would receive the needed information, Obama scolded, "Information becomes a distraction and a diversion. They need to listen to me!"

In a related story, Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates announced he is proposing massive cuts in defense spending. Gates said much of our military appears to be superfluous now when you add in Obama's old policies of announcing our intentions to our enemies and apologizing for all the past transgressions of America.

Furthermore, Gates reminded everyone how the world has stood down from the militarism of the past, now that the great peacemaker, Barack Hussein Obama has taken to the world stage and eliminated all militant terms and radicalism from the American lexicon.

In an unrelated story, seismologists were mystified by unexplained earth tremors occurring in the original 13 colonies. Intelligence officials quickly allayed fears when one sharp cookie realized it was only the Founding Fathers turning over in their graves.

Jim Mullen

The handwriting is on the wall for liberals

The handwriting, as they say, is on the wall for many of the politicians in Congress. Several are losing primaries to fellow Democrats and Republicans are leading in polling data. Additionally, increasing numbers are announcing they are unwilling to run for re-election largely because of sagging poll numbers.

Nonetheless, most are not finding fault in themselves, but in the stars. Fate is dealing them a bad hand, and of course, those annoying Tea Party people, Fox News and Talk Radio are exposing their corruption. Their left-wing ideology, backroom deals and everything else to which they have grown accustomed in their decades of slimy "service" is all out there for everyone to see, and their power over the people is slipping away.

What's a good thieving Congressman or Senator to do? One might conjure up some ideas besides sitting back and reaping the rewards of the riches wrested from the savings and incomes of the American people. Assuming one has developed a warm and fuzzy relationship with Obama, you would have good reason to believe appointments to prestigious panels or an ambassadorship could be in the offing. Additionally, the Regime could always use a few more fascists in the administration.

However, I fear far more sinister thoughts are swirling in the heads of these lame duck politicians. From this date forward to the swearing-in of the new Congress, there are no controls on these disaffected, disillusioned remnants of a tyrannical government. Think of the mischief they could cause.

There is always a possibility that, among these politically stale politicians, enough bitterness is stuck in their craw toward the American people, they may decide to go down in flames. By voting for every radical left-wing program presented to them between now and the commencement of the new Congress, they could exact one last bit of revenge. It is frightening to think of the number of bills that could pass a Congress armed with a spiteful mood and a leftist agenda.

The People's House has fallen into disrepair and taxpayers have begun repossession. Some of these socialistic leeches will fade into obscurity, living on lavish retirements and benefits supplied by American taxpayers, and ill-gotten gains harvested from years of graft and corruption. However, others may decide to further the attack on our House by granting Obama free rein to wield the hammer of government bureaucracies. The EPA, Interior Department and numerous others have the power to exercise complete and total control over our lives, unless Congress steps up to protect us.

Jim Mullen

Eric Holder should enforce laws in the U.S.

Bolden added that the U.S. is incapable of space exploration without international help. Any further mission Obama has planned for this agency seems convoluted, vague and underfunded with no defined goal for the space program. Furthermore, travel to the space station or any low orbit mission will only be possible by hitching a ride on a Russian rocket.

If Obama wants to tell the American people, we are broke and unable to afford a space program, let him come forward like a leader of men and lay it out. The truth is he would rather spend the money repaying his leftist, socialistic friends. Additionally, the space program does not fit the Obama model of welfare dependency, green jobs, and his inexorable march toward a repressive federal government.

A white house spokesman, Nick Shapire said, “The space race began as a global competition, but today, it is a global collaboration.” This statement lines up nicely with Obama’s world governance view and his overwhelming desire to cede United States sovereignty to the United Nations and any number of other international groups.

It would be interesting to know exactly with which Muslim nations Obama wants the United States to “partner up” and collaborate. Perhaps, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia would be a good beginning. While we are in full exploratory mode seeking a real far-reaching space program, we could add Yemen, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Any one of these could step up to the plate and share their vast knowledge and expertise of their formidable space programs. The possibilities are indeed abundant; and would fall right in line with Obama’s stellar leadership abilities.

Another positive for Obama comes to mind; regardless of the problems encountered; explosions, miscalculations, or loss of life, he could just parrot his favorite, infamous, and infantile retort, “It’s not my fault!” One can almost sense the blossoming of a new campaign slogan for his 2010-election bid; “Imagine the Possibilities; More People to Blame”.

Jim Mullen

Obama and Holder declare war on people of Arizona

politicians allow them to keep.  Those who resist are always savagely condemned by liberal politicians and their attack dog counterparts in media.

Once again, Obama and truth went to loggerheads, and truth lost. Republicans were asking to keep the bill free of pork and pay for the expenditure; thereby not adding to the staggering deficit. Democrats and Obama wanted to grease the bill with unnecessary spending and worry about paying for it after the November elections then hit Americans with monstrous tax increases and be unanswerable to voters’ wrath for another two years.

Obama is the person most responsible for the 3.8 million jobs lost since he has assumed the mantle of leadership.  He has spent $545 billion in stimulus money and created 682,370 jobs; many of those will be temporary and/or will become unfunded mandates for local and state governments when the last federal money trickles from that giant spigot in Washington.

Liberalism is not a jobs program. Big, unwieldy bureaucracies are the natural result of trying to force government into performing functions best left to private enterprise. A large centralized government does few things well and nothing efficiently. To Obama, installing his leftist policies is more important to him than jobs for Americans. Therefore, he must create villains to blame for his failed policies. His rope-a-dope, obfuscation, and attacking are means to confuse the American people and divert attention from his real agenda.

He is also at odds with more than a few other Democrats, who have expressed disagreements with his political ranting and demagoguery.

For example, Larry summers, head of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors said, "The second way government assistance programs contribute to long-term unemployment is by providing an incentive, and the means, not to work. Each unemployed person has a 'reservation wage'—the minimum wage he or she insists on getting before accepting a job. Unemployment insurance and other social assistance programs increase [the] reservation wage, causing an unemployed person to remain unemployed longer." http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303828304575180243952375172.html

Dianne Feinstein, (D-CA) in June made the comment, “…we have 99 weeks of unemployment insurance now. The question comes, how long do you continue that before people just don't go back to work at all and are permanently stuck [inaudible]."  http://www.calitics.com/diary/11916/what-did-dianne-feinstein-really-say-about-unemployment-benefits

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, Democrat from Montana, whose panel oversees the benefits program, said, “You can’t go on forever, I think 99 weeks is sufficient.” 

During last fall’s extension of benefits, Obama took the stance of allowing unspent stimulus money to pay the cost. This year he and other Democrats want the stimulus used as a political slush-fund before November elections. In essence, keeping their power by buying votes with the remaining $425 billion is more important than funding the extension.

The political gamesmanship was once again won by Democrats because media have joined them in battering Republicans, and because they are far better at the ruthlessness and lying required to win the game. Republicans are too timid and consistently back off from a fight. They remain satisfied with placing or showing, thus, emboldening the Democrats for the next showdown.

Liberals understand they need only to hurl a few invectives involving class warfare or race, and republicans quietly fold their hand. Unfortunately, the American taxpayers are the losers, once again. Furthermore, unless Republicans learn how to fight to win before November, the next two years could be worse.

Jim Mullen

Government bailout of media will doom our Republic

U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder made an offer to the obscure, tiny South American nation of Guyana to provide advisors who could help with their crime-fighting strategies.
Guyana’s home affairs' minister, Clement Rohee, says there is no reason to take the United States up on its offer.

What kind of advice could this inept, left-wing radical possibly give that would help anyone, except for terrorists, criminals, and thugs.

This is the same Attorney General, who dismissed charges against Black Panthers after video surfaced clearly 

The best, of course, are the veteran politicians who have learned to perform their craft with perfection and bring their adoring fans to their feet with thunderous applause and reverence, assuring them cult-like status and massaging their ever-increasing egos. With each performance, they build an air of confidence that quickly manifests itself in arrogance. From time to time, however, a newcomer like Barack Omama catches the fancy of a group looking for someone new to be the object of their idol worshiping.

A great actor or politician is nothing without a superb script comprising an intriguing plot featuring snappy, witty dialogue, villains, and heroic characters with strong emotional appeal. The story is then brought into sharp focus by a director who knows every nuance of finding the right tenor in moving the audience in the desired emotional direction and eliciting intense reaction.

One can imagine the horror of a writer or director when an actor becomes caught up in his ego and extemporizes on his lines. When political actors improvise, it is often the only chance we have to hear the truth spewing from their mouths. When a politician tells the truth it is most often accidental and is commonly referred to as a gaffe, also known as a Kinsley gaffe. It is the opposite of a lie; more a Freudian slip. 

President Barack Obama is one of the best political actors on the world stage, but his enormous ego gets in the way and often compels him to go off script in ad lib fashion, so that he can enlighten us with his brilliance. His performances are, however, less than commanding when speaking extraneously. He not only shows his true beliefs, but exposes his ineptness when left to his own wits and skill. He is infamous not only for his gaffes, but for the rambling, unintelligible attempts at answering simple questions. 

Without positive reviews from an adoring press, few would know the greatness of an actor’s performance or, indeed, the greatness of the performer. Barack Obama has no shortage of groveling admirers in the press who get that leg-tingling feeling just watching and listening to the master. However, to see through the façade and witness his backstage performances without script or director, one should watch the following, less than stellar, performances. All, of course, were virtually ignored by main-stream media because they did not mesh with their narrative of portraying Obama as the next savior of the world. 

“…I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody." Obama-Spread the wealth around . If the audience did not figure out from this statement that Obama is a socialist, they were asleep in their seats.

“…at some point, You've Made Enough Money”. He was unable to contain his anti-capitalist urges.

"…under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Electricity Rates Skyrocket. More proof that Obama is an income redistributionist and high taxation socialist, intent on destroying coal at any cost. 

“…I think that whether you are a white executive living out in the suburbs, who don’t want to pay taxes to inner-city children for them to go to school… White Executives Don't Want To Pay For Inner City ... Obama’s race baiting at its ugliest.

“I don’t know – not having been there and not seeing all the facts – what role race played in that, but I think it’s fair to say, any of us would be pretty angry; number two that the Cambridge police acted stupidly. Cambridge police acted 'stupidly' shows more race-baiting and anti-police bitterness.

“I mean, if you think about it, UPS and FEDEx are doing just fine, right? No, they are. It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.” Another Obama Freudian slip while talking about his healthcare plan. 

You're absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith..." (Watch video clip)
This video speaks for itself. Make your own call if this was a Freudian slip, gaffe, truth, or fiction.

As an example of how closely his handlers want to control Obama’s words, they brought TelePrompTers along for his Jan. 19 visit to Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Va. They set them up in a classroom where the president made a statement to reporters after chatting with 6th grade students. 

Barack Obama touted and revered as the next Messiah by the progressive Democrats and main-stream media, anointed himself as savior of the world at a St. Paul, Minn. rally. “…this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on earth.” 

In truth, Barack Obama is but one more bad actor on the world political stage whose ego and bravado have grown tiresome. Additionally, regardless of the talent he has for delivering the lines; the progressive script from which he reads is shallow, repetitive and hackneyed. From the balcony to the front row, whistles and boos are raining down upon the master. Likewise, the audience now dismisses the daily exultations and ravings by the leftist media. He is type-cast as one who can portray a leftwing ideologue, nothing more. America can only hope that Obama’s performance will be a short, one-act play. 

Jim Mullen

Electoral College still under attack 

Frustrated by their inability to manipulate the behavior of others, yet having an uncontrollable fixation to make everything “equitable,” liberals learned long ago to harness the power of government.

They feel a self-aggrandizing compassion to empower government to create - not an equal playing field - but equal results. “Social justice” and balance (redistribution) among all people, classes, and “things,” are staples in every liberal pantry.

Enter Barack Obama marching in perfect step with his Democratic entourage to the rhythmic drumbeat of class warfare and race baiting. Together, they wail monotonously with cries of “disparity” in American society, insisting that everything must meet their definition of “fair.” 

When liberals convince, coerce, and bribe government into implementation of their twisted theories, it creates a dam restricting the free-flowing waters of entrepreneurship, ideas, and success once so well-known in American society. Government interference by excessive taxation and crushing regulation restricts commerce and personal freedom with one grand purpose; equalizing the level of success downstream. They never allow it to exceed some predefined level established as “equitable” by a statist government and its stewards, the bureaucrats.

Progressive government promised bountiful, blissful waters under their control. Instead, the dam created fetid cesspools of stagnation downstream from the government's dam. The casualties trapped by liberal ideology in these wretched cesspools, and slums cover every region of the country held tightly in the greedy clutches of the Democratic Party’s radical left-wing.

Americans are not victims of free enterprise or Capitalism, but from out-of-control government. The President blames Wall Street, business, banks, and has dozens of other inane excuses for the worst economy since the great depression, and with the disparity of wealth and income. The federal government deliberately prevents normal movement and mobility between classes and represses freedom and initiative. Liberal-Progressives produced and directed the economic malaise and the perpetual state of dependency that afflicts our country. Ronald Reagan said it plainly enough, "Government is not a solution to our problem; government is the problem."

Progressive thought always misses the first basic law of life, not every inequality in this world is injustice, and not all injustices are fixable by government. Therefore, some laws of natural order will not succumb to even the most ardent liberal mind or government will.

Millions of Americans are casualties of their meddling and historically, these unlucky benefactors of liberalism receive inferior educations, city services, police and fire protection, and private retail services. Politicians take the tax and regulatory whip to business and taxpaying Americans, driving them into temporary refuges in other cities, states, and offshore where they find a more receptive attitude to free enterprise.

Never one to take failure nor facts for an answer, the community organizer from Chicago recognizes this and wants federal control and funding for the “cesspools of liberalism” in every city, county and state. Thereby, he reasons, there is no escape for the victims, no respite for the taxpayers, and yet another generation is saddle-broken to government.

Personal, economic, and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms are never options in a liberal-progressive’s mind. Freedom is much too disorganized and untidy, and represents unnerving threats to their perfectly organized, superior intellect, and their controlling nature. Every brilliant spark from a liberal mind ignites more injustice, and liberty’s fervor diminishes.

When they whine of perceived inequities, they become fodder for politicians and despots who understand how to control and use them for nefarious ends. They earned the title “useful Idiots” for their support of vicious dictators in Europe. An over abundance of these people congregate in positions of power at universities and in the media.

Often called the intelligentsia, they promote the concept of ordinary Americans living in servitude. It is the perfect solution as it represents a theoretical, perfectly organized universe. There are no winners or losers, no right or wrong, and no disparity in income, wealth, or status. However, as it is with all dictatorial governments, there are really two classes of people; the ruling class and the masses, commonly called “the people” by the communists.

Historically, the moors to which liberalism anchors its destructive ideologies are class warfare and ignorance. It is a tragic time in American history when a President of the United States spends a vast amount of his daily communications and activities spewing propaganda, promoting ignorance, and dividing the country with class warfare rhetoric. Obama and all liberals depend upon the media, and over the long-term, the state-controlled public education system - to advance and support that ignorance. The more they stray from reality and facts, the greater the need for lies and propaganda. As Syndicated Columnist and Economist, Walter Williams says, “Class warfare thrives on ignorance.” 

Ignore these people at your peril. They are relentless, cunning, and highly skilled back-alley warriors who specialize in scorch-and-burn politics. They throw punches and scream when anyone mounts a defense. When confronted by facts or challenged, they hurl invectives of racism and class warfare, shout down and diminish opponents, and then filibuster until everyone, intimidated or bored, walks away. While most people, busy building constructive lives, dismiss them as kooks, a liberal’s life work is that of a controlling tyrant. Determined and in the fight for the long-term, they will win the war by attrition unless conservative Americans unite and fight them with the same ferociousness.

Will the next Presidential election be another “date which will live in infamy” in U. S. history? Will that be the day America falls out of love with liberty and embraces Marxism as its new lover? Will we sacrifice our constitutional ideals for an abusive relationship that promises carefree subsistence, but at the price of our dignity and self-determination?

Remember Obama’s new internet advertisement – “Our work isn’t done yet!” These words should fill the heart of every freedom-loving American with sheer terror.

Liberals’ idea of the “Perfect World Order” may be nearer than we imagined. The more they reshape the universe to fit their model world, the tighter, and heavier the chains of servitude on the rest of humanity.

Jim Mullen

Obama's ludicrous comparison of OWS with the Tea Party movement

President Barack Obama, and his comrade, the not-so-eloquent, Joe “the Bumbler,” Biden, joined other left-wing Democrats in a ludicrous comparison between the Occupy Wall Street hoodlums and the Tea Party movement. One should find this an interesting and puzzling analogy for the country’s top two office holders.

In a country founded on Constitutional principles of limited federal government this administration and the Democratic Party aligns itself with radical anarchists, Marxists, and admitted communists. Their vocal approval places them in lockstep with a lawless group espousing destruction of an economic and political system the world envied and held in awe for centuries. It is assuredly a system rewarding its people when they avail themselves of the opportunity for success.

Government seldom elevates.  Rather it lowers everyone - except for the elite class - to the lowest common denominator...

 Jim Mullen

Politicians have longed for the day when they could shut down or control political debate and in the last two years with a virtual dictatorship in control of America, Obama and his comrades-in-office have decided to do everything in their power to eliminate, control, or diminish dissent.

One might ask why a U.S. Senator, who is Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, is so concerned about Fox News. It is transparent to all; he included MSNBC in his rant to give an air of fairness. However, in reality, he knows they are of minuscule importance.

First, one must look at the Senator’s background, experiences, and ‘work history’.

Jay Rockefeller is a member of the prominent six-generation Rockefeller family and the only Democrat in a traditionally progressive Republican dynasty.

After college, Rockefeller worked for the Peace Corps in Washington, D.C. and served as the operations' director for the Philippines program. He went to West Virginia in the mid 1960s as a VISTA volunteer. It was there he saw an opportunity to exploit, for his political gain, the people of West Virginia.

A politician who runs for public office in an area where he or she does not have deep community ties, or has lived only for a short time is commonly referred to, even in modern times, as a carpetbagger.

Much like his Uncle, Winthrop Rockefeller, who moved to Arkansas and used the family fortune to enrich himself politically; Jay was willing to invest tens of millions of dollars in a quest for life’s meaning and ego-building that all rich people, who do nothing to earn their wealth, so dearly crave.
In the late 1960s, Rockefeller married the former Sharon Percy. Sharon is the daughter of former U.S. Senator Charles H. Percy of Illinois, also associated with the Rockefeller family.

Jay figured out quickly in a state overwhelmingly populated by registered Democrats, he would have to lose the Republican label of the Rockefeller family. West Virginians’ elected him to the House of Delegates in 1966 and to the office of Secretary of State in 1968. He won the Democratic nomination for Governor in 1972, but lost in the general election to the Republican incumbent Governor Arch Moore.

Undeterred, Rockefeller earned spending money the next four years; serving as president of West Virginia Wesleyan College from 1973 to 1976. Then, politics changed forever in West Virginia when he assumed the Governorship in 1976 and again in 1980, spending over $12 million from his lucky-lottery jackpot; the Rockefeller-gene-pool-treasure-chest, just in the 1980 election.

In 1980, this New York liberal would be rewarded with the ultimate grand prize - a carpetbagger’s dream - a seat in the United States Senate. In so doing, another $12 million washed generously across the West Virginia hills via the airways and print media.

Flash forward thirty years. The Rockefeller’s reside in Northwest Washington, DC, while maintaining their symbolic permanent residence in Charleston, W.V. They have enjoyed the good life; benefiting greatly from our political system, tax system, and the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. In particular, they have swum in the warm waters of the Rockefeller and Percy gene pool.

Why, then, would a powerful Democratic Senator blame cable news for the politically toxic climate in Washington and use veiled threats to strangle the voices of freedom?

In those thirty years, we heard nary a whisper from the Distinguished Gentleman when the liberal media were having their way with the American People. It has occurred to progressives like Mr. Rockefeller that only since talk-radio and cable’s Fox News appeared, there has suddenly arisen a need to sanction, control, declare war upon, and silence, conservative and balanced news and information.

At a time when the FCC is contemplating an illegal takeover of the Internet by a bureaucracy, we hear Obama and his fellow Democrats ranting about, as the President said, “Too much information.” Adding, “It is confusing and is ruining our democracy.” What he really meant was, there is no longer a monopoly on information by the left, and he is tiring of having to explain everything he does.

Additionally, the National Public Radio terminated a liberal employee for appearing on the Fox News Channel. Never mind, for years NPR allowed liberal commentators free rein in spewing their left-wing ideology. This incident is reviving longtime, long-held opinions that Public Broadcasting should divest itself of taxpayers’ money and compete in the marketplace or fade away. Their original purpose has long passed, and they are little more than a mouthpiece for the radical left of the Democratic Party.

Now, Senator Rockefeller dives into the fray and one wonders if he has ulterior motives. Is this all frustration about Fox News and an assault on the 1st Amendment, or could it be because of Sharon’s job as the chief executive officer of WETA-TV, the leading PBS station in the Washington, D.C., area, which broadcasts such notable liberal programs as The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and Washington Week?  Could the threat of de-funding the $400 million plus of taxpayers’ money for the Public Broadcasting System be in play?

Fox News and talk radio are leveling a playing field once dominated by one-sided, progressive propaganda. PBS is now of age and must make it on their own in the world. Show them the door; the door to free enterprise.

The people of West Virginia have bestowed upon Jay Rockefeller the greatest gifts a politician can receive; their votes, their trust, and faith in him to live up to his sworn duty  to uphold and defend the laws and the Constitution of the United States of America. When he places himself at odds with the Constitution for any reason, the Senator is violating those sacred tenants.  He should remember he is a member of one of the most distinguished groups in our country and represents all Americans. The Constitution first, Mr. Rockefeller; your pettiness demeans the office you hold.

Jim Mullen

America strikes back...the sleeping giant awakens

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”
- -Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Dec. 7, 1941

Public-sector unions have come to the point where all sweet-tasting, free-riding suckling at the public  teat ends; the milk is gone.

When calves find their mother’s milk drying up, they show their displeasure by bawling and butting the mother to give more. Mama finally grows weary of the antics and runs the calf off to the green fields of clover to compete with others of their ilk.

It is long past time that public unions be weaned from their special treatment by maternal government and take their place in the meadows of free enterprise. Just because the government gave birth to a public-sector job does not mean that taxpayers owe a lifetime of nursing to the holder of that job.

With three months to go in the budget year, the federal deficit has topped $1 trillion revealing the reckless, irresponsible spending of  Obama and this Congress.

The only thing more irresponsible than this and all the other self-induced disasters by this administration is the biased reporting by the main stream media. The AP reports this news, as if they are the White House information center charged with the responsibility of repeating Obama's propaganda.

The AP report states that the deficit shows the lasting impact of the recession on the government finances and spins that it is better than last year's $1.09 trillion for the first nine months.

The Department of Justice ended its investigation of Rep. Mollohan in 2010, coincidently, after Mr. Mollohan decided to vote for Obama’s healthcare program despite screams and protests against the legislation by the American People and most voters in West Virginia.

Years of these corruption reports and an unresponsive, arrogant, elitist attitude toward the West Virginia voters led to his defeat in the Democratic primary and eventual election of the Tea Party-backed Republican, David McKinley.

Now, with arrogance shining like a shyster’s gold tooth, Mr. Mollohan announced he is testing the waters for a 2012 campaign to take back his seat even though he won’t leave office until January. He commented in state interviews this week that he is keeping his options open. The Associated Press reported he didn’t respond to repeated messages. How strange; the very same behavior he exhibited toward his constituency.

Mollohan told the Charleston Daily mail, he “underestimated voter discontent” and spent too little time back home.

These ridiculous assertions strike to the heart of everything that is wrong with our politicians. Mr. Mollohan understood perfectly the level of voter discontent; he simple chose to ignore voters because of his feelings of entitlement to the office and a belief of invincibility at the polls.

He said whether he runs again depends on the political environment. One can only hope Alan Mollohan finds a new venue for his socialistic, elitist and unscrupulous ideals. Several countries in Europe or better yet, several third-world nations might be more appropriate for his brand of shadowy, politically corrupt, ideology.

Likewise, one can hope the political environment needed for Rep. Mollohan’s reelection to any public office will never again darken the skies of West Virginia or anywhere else in our country.

Jim Mullen

U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller's little bug inside

The Obama administration has unveiled a new anti-terrorism policy to go with their philosophy of talking nicely to cold-blooded killers in the hope they will be nice to us. The new policy will involve Obama and all of his appeasers crossing their fingers, closing their eyes and loudly wailing, "Please, please, please, don't let any bombs explode in the U.S. until we are out of office!" Homeland Security Chief, Janet Napolitano announced this policy has been in effect for some time and has worked so well it was time to go public with the announcement. Eric Holder quipped, "Works for me!"

The program, dubbed "Hope Every Bomb's A Dud" (H.E. B.A.D.) by Obama, is thought by the administration potentially to save taxpayers nearly one trillion dollars in national defense and homeland security costs over the first 10 years. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) noted their savings has not been finalized, as yet, due to conflicting data submitted by the administration. Nevertheless, their initial examination leads them to believe

In 2005, San Francisco announced their desire to make their little Utopia by the bay a military-free zone, and erase the military’s presence altogether.  Their vile contempt for the military is legendary and at times dangerously close to treasonous.  They moved from harassing military recruiters to violently shutting down job fairs and anything that included military recruiters on college campuses and elsewhere. Impeding recruitment into any branch of the United States Armed Forces, and railing against all things military became the focal point of the radical leftists’ groups. The city's Board of Supervisors even voted maliciously against docking the WWII/Korean War-era USS Iowa as a floating museum at the Port of San Francisco.

The Senate by a 59-39 vote passed a jobless benefits extension for another 26 weeks sending the measure to the President for his signature on Thursday.

Obama had maintained his political onslaught against Republicans for their alleged blocking of a $33.9 billion extension of jobless benefits and leaving more than 2.5 million Americans without unemployment checks.

“They finally decided to make their stand on the backs of the unemployed,” Obama said. “They’ve got no problem spending money on tax breaks for folks at the top, but they object to helping folks laid off in this recession.”

It is telling that Obama equates tax breaks - or letting people keep the money they earn – with government’s seizure and spending of taxpayer’s money. To believe this long-held tenant of progressivism, one would have to believe that all money, wealth and income belong to government, and people should shut up and gladly accept whatever amount 

replacing job creation, is a legacy of which a committed leftist ideologue could feel proud. However, it is not a proud time for Americans who espouse love of freedom, self-reliance, and dedication to Constitutional principles.

It is difficult for most Democrats to defend Nancy Pelosi’s belief that food stamps and unemployment benefits are great job producers for American workers. Nonetheless, in addition to innumerable similar wacky statements by the queen of wacky politicians, this is her philosophy.

A United States Department of Agriculture poster trumpets the strange and distressing message that, “Food Stamps make Americans Stronger”. This is typical claptrap for the ruling regime in Washington, but is infuriating to Middle America.

Who among us would ever have entertained the idea of a President of the United States holding the beliefs of redistribution of wealth and income, and the concept of federal takeover of private business? Could we have imagined a President in all of his arrogance, state emphatically, “At some point you’ve made enough money.” Then, conversely, believe he is in the mainstream of American politics.

The openly dismissive and contemptuous attitude by Congress and Obama toward the Constitution and the American people is unparalleled in the history of our republic.

Additionally, we have a Democratic controlled congress that gave the most radical President in the history of our Republic, everything he asked for in his effort to “fundamentally transform this country”.

Would we have believed it possible for our United States government to declare war on the American People by suing Arizona for protecting themselves from foreign invaders and from their own federal government that abetted the invaders? Then, who could have foreseen a declaration of war on every single citizen when they forced a scheme of income redistribution on the nation called “healthcare reform” that will place life and death decisions in the hands of bureaucrats? Essentially, our medical decisions will come from the same paragons of compassion and efficiency that we witness daily from every other failed governmental program. Death panels are truly on their way unless voters in November toll the bell of liberty and drown out the tyrannical war drums coming from our elected leaders.

Class warfare and race hustling are the preferred weapons of distraction used by Obama and liberals to bludgeon the American People into submission and silence.  The number of unemployed in the U.S. has exploded since Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007.

Incredibly, more than 8.3 million people have lost their jobs and the National Debt has increased an inconceivable $5.2 trillion since Nancy Pelosi declared in her inaugural address as the speaker of the House in 2007, there would be “no new deficit spending.” It is little wonder they feel the need to keep citizens in the dark and implore us to read the Marxist, Huffington Post and not watch Fox News or listen to talk radio.

Will November 2nd be a day of clearing sunshine, sanity and common sense, or will the pall of liberal-progressivism continue to darken American skies? Let us go to the polls and vote to uphold the Founding Fathers’ Constitutional principles of limited government and personal liberty. In so doing, we can show the world that Mr. Obama is the bitter, scared, unthinking one.

Jim Mullen



"We got chutzpa" should be the new slogan for Democrats

Barrack Obama and the Democrats in Congress would have done well to remember Yamamoto’s warning. They have awakened the sleeping American People once again, and filled them with a terrible resolve.

A committed leftist ideologue and a Congress held captive by the fringe elements of political extremists in the Democratic Party, joined forces in their quest to enslave the American People at the point of a tyrannical government’s coercive, intimidating force. The leftists in our country have long wanted this subjugation and with the power shift in 2007, they reasoned it was time to exercise their Marxist muscle. 

All the Democrats needed was a President with the same radical agenda to “fundamentally change” the United States of America. When Barack Obama, a Marxist Professor/Community Organizer became President, the stars came into alignment for the radicals.
The next step was the power coalition that declared all-out war on the U.S. Constitution, the free enterprise system, and the American People. In lightning succession, Congress and the President seized control of private businesses and banking. Additionally, they wrenched health care decisions from people and their doctors and installed monstrous bureaucracies to control the health and well-being of Americans.

Unbelievably, the country saw billions of dollars stolen from business investors and given to unions as payback for their support of Democrats. Similarly, we saw trillions of dollars borrowed from foreign countries, disguised as a stimulus program, given to Democratic supporters. The promise of job creation was a ruse and taxpayers for generations on end received the bill for a Marxist “income redistribution” plan. Creation of jobs and the suffering of millions of unemployed became secondary.

Back-room deals, bribes, and coercion became standard operating procedures and these massive sneak attacks by the servants of the people, sent the country reeling.

The Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, made his own rule-of-law with the blessings of Obama and the Congress. He declared war on the people of Arizona for protecting themselves against a foreign invasion when the federal government would not execute their Constitutional duty. Conversely, he dismissed charges against racists who intimidated voters at a polling place.

Barack Obama divided the country along racial, class, and gender lines to create disharmony and division, and to divert attention from the radical agenda of the far-left. He unleashed governmental bureaucracies against the American People, including the Environmental Protection Agency. When he couldn’t get bills passed in the Senate he ruled by fiat and executive order.

Contempt for the Constitution and the American People became obvious as Pelosi, Reid, and Obama rallied their forces to overrun the country and replace our Republic with a centralized, authoritative system of government.

Symbols of their arrogance of power splashed over print media and televisions across this vast land from our “public servants” who felt entitled to become our masters. The President called anyone and everyone who disagreed with him “the enemy” and used war-like terminology in defining his fight to impose his will on an unwilling citizenry.

Then, a rumble arose from the yawning giant of Middle America as they began to stir and awaken to the prodding and attacks by their government. The people came together and rallied at town halls and in the public squares to express their displeasure at the institutions of their government and Houses of the People. Tea Parties and 9-12 Projects sprang from every village and metropolis. Politicians became defensive, dismissive, and set at constituents with angry rhetoric and vile denunciations. They were in denial and misunderstood the signs; but, the giant had awakened.

Believing they were above recriminations or reprisals, Congress and Barack Obama became more belligerent and increased the attacks on what they called the dangerous “Tea Baggers”, Talk Radio and Fox News. Screams of “racists” and other invectives blasted through the airwaves at voters, and attacks on the productive elements in society escalated into daily diatribes. The President of the United States declared the people scared and thus, not thinking clearly. He and Congressional Democrats blamed business groups, George Bush, and anyone else but themselves for Americans’ anger. 

The American People did not seek this all-out war waged by their representatives against them, but they resolved that no quarter would be given to those who would strip them of their liberty and their hard-earned treasure. They advanced a policy of no negotiations with tyrants and embarked upon a mission to bring the warring offenders to a permanent and unmerciful justice.

The first battle was monumental and successfully waged by the people on Election Day. It is, however, only the first test of wills against an enemy hell-bent on destroying the principles given us by the Founding Fathers. The Constitution is an insurmountable obstacle for politicians who want to destroy liberty; therefore, its destruction becomes paramount. It rests in the hands of the people to stop the onslaught.

The war has just begun and the fight must intensify not weaken. We must attack, attack, and attack. It is clear that playing defense will not win this war. The next two years are crucial, and until the radical elements in Congress and the White House are expunged, America is at risk of permanent destruction. The freedoms and values seen only in this, the greatest country in the history of civilization, the United States of America, will not exist for future generations if we fail in our mission.

Jim Mullen

Riding the bus to Marxism

Liberals would quickly become extinct without conservatives to feed them, protect them from criminals, and keep them from the evil forces of the world. They live in a theoretical world of pipe dreams and naiveté. Wide-eyed, childlike, and idealist, they fail to see the real perils in the world. Nonetheless, they see dangers and problems needing their immediate attention in the most legitimate activities of the human race.

Most are anti-gun, anti-self defense, anti-military, and believe in unilateral disarmament of the United States as a country and of the law-abiding American citizens, in particular. They have weakened and perverted the criminal justice system to such a degree of inefficiency; it has placed our entire society at risk. Inner cities are drug-infested, combat zones where even police are fearful of their lives. Sexual predators and child molesters permeate every corner of 

In which philosophical form of government does Barack Obama believe? That has been one of the ongoing debates since he burst upon the national political scene a scant four years ago.

Political observers noted he was the most liberal member of the    United States Senate, and many believed he was a radical left-wing zealot if not an ideological revolutionary. The terms socialist, progressive, and Marxist were generally thrown about to describe the eloquent, little-known Obama as his unlikely quest for the presidency unfolded.

Obama’s default setting is always campaign mode, and he quickly hit his stride and the reset button as if the November election results failed to reach his lofty desk or enter his pompous mind.

His hatred of the Capitalist, free enterprise system and his tax-and-spend, socialist ideology resounded with closely choreographed, Democratic Party fundraisers designed to ramp up class warfare.

‘Bush tax cuts for the rich’ became the mantra of Obama and the Democrats when a tainted, rejected, group of arrogant 
politicians convened to do their lame-duck mischief. Tax cuts were never the issue, however; it was a choice of allowing people to keep their own money or enabling Democrats to raise taxes.

However uncomfortable liberals are in the world of reality, they thrive in the theoretical and are brilliant in framing their arguments. Mischaracterization of the issue became the political policy, and misdirection the tactic, in their talking points.

Soon after, Obama proclaimed it was distasteful, but Republicans, who were ‘holding the American people hostage to give tax breaks to the rich’, were forcing him into the diabolical plan.

Then, Obama had his “come-to-Clinton moment” in which he switched tactics and changed directions as seamlessly as a bumblebee in flight. Compliant media played their usual game of acquiescence to anything Obama,  and the dynamic as well as the rhetoric did a one-eighty overnight; incredibly, the formerly  evil Bush tax cut plan grew into the warm and fuzzy, ‘Obama tax cut plan’.

A President, who oversaw a 30 percent increase in the federal debt and a loss of 4 million jobs in two years, miraculously became a champion of private sector jobs, free enterprise, and fiscal discipline. The success of this faux switch in political ideology by Barrack Obama was only possible because the news is viewed through the distorted, liberal-progressive prism of mainstream media.

Giving voice to Obama while leaving Republicans competing with the noise of liberalism, gave the Democrats another victory in the war of political one-upmanship. Republicans fractured, caved, and allowed liberals to make their last breath in the 111th Congress, an empowerment to Obama and a much-needed reprieve.

The poison injected by Obama, and the Democrat-controlled Congress will sicken our country for decades and will destroy our Republic if the proper antidote is not delivered by the newly elected, and succeeding lawmakers. Our Constitution is on life support and requires immediate protection at any costs.

Conservatives must learn from progressives how to fight and win; Marquis of Queensberry rules are ineffective in a back-alley fight.

Jim Mullen

Alan Mollohan's underestimation of voter discontent

Just when the people of West Virginia believed they had removed a skunk from the peoples’ house, the odor  remains. 

Incredibly, the 28 year stench we thought voters scrubbed from the beautiful hills, valleys and streams of West Virginia is still wafting through the airways and staining print media in the Mountain State.

Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-WV), the fourteen-term member of Congress representing West Virginia’s 1st district, is back in the news. He was included in the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 as one of the most corrupt politicians in Washington. He stood accused of steering earmarks to family, friends, and former employees in exchange for campaign contributions and for misreporting assets on his financial disclosure forms. 

Before reading the bill, Barack Obama slammed the Arizona law as abusive and divisive, when the truth is the federal government’s arrogant lack of enforcement of immigration law is abusive, divisive, and illegal. Obama and Holder find it incredulous that American taxpayers, who pay an enormous toll in treasure and suffering from the illegal immigration problem, would be less than understanding of the federal government’s incessant refusal to enforce immigration laws and seal the border. Over 60 percent of Americans favor the Arizona law while Liberal Progressives dismiss them all as being racists.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement, "Setting immigration policy and enforcing immigration laws is a national responsibility," His department added that Arizona’s state law hampered the authority of the Obama administration to enforce national immigration policy and usurps federal authority to protect U.S. borders and American citizens. Furthermore, “The nation’s immigration laws reflect a careful and considered balance of national law enforcement, foreign relations, and humanitarian interests.”
If these statements don’t smoke the Polygraph, they certainly peg the laugh meter. The lawsuit says that comprehensive federal laws already on the books cover illegal immigration — If this is true, why do we need new comprehensive immigration reform?
The Mexican government welcomed the move, saying the Arizona law “affects the civil and human rights of thousands of Mexicans.” This comes from a country with some of the most restrictive immigration policies in the world. Incredibly, Obama is giving Mexico a seat at the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive table in the enactment, adjudication, and enforcement of American immigration law.

Sanctuary cities and states have violated federal immigration laws for years and ignored by the Feds because it meshed with Liberal-Progressive doctrine. Conversely, the Arizona law does nothing to violate federal law; rather, it nearly duplicates the statute and simply requires police to protect American citizens because immigration authorities refuse to enforce the law.

Other very disturbing facts and questions are coming to light with this lawsuit. For instance, Obama and Holder’s loathing of American citizens and the disregard for the rule of law and American justice leaps out and begs to question their motives in pursuing this course of action. However, more specifically, what was once tacit approval of the illegal invasion of our country now becomes an overt, blatant, and deliberate violation of the Constitutional obligation by the federal government to enforce immigration law and protect American citizens from foreign invaders. Nevertheless, they have the audacity to slap down with full force, any attempt at self-defense.

The code phrase for legalizing the estimated 15 to 20 million illegals is “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”. One of the subsets of this is also legalizing tens of millions of their family members, citing “ending the separation of families” from around the world, but mostly from Mexico, Central and South America. The fact that any separation of their families is the direct result of their own illegal actions falls upon deaf ears by the administration. Those who are here illegally could simply go home and take their families with them. Another canard tossed about claims that it would be impossible to deport all illegal aliens. Eisenhower deported millions in the 1950’s, and it could be done now. However, by simply depriving them of jobs, most would return home voluntarily.

Progressives rightly believe that the political dynamic will shift to the liberal wing of the Democratic Party for decades to come when these people move to the voting rolls. An extremely high percentage receives government assistance and will therefore, vote for the “Party-of-Enslavement”, the Democratic Party.

Of the 40 % of people who want open borders, one should question their commitment to this radical policy if they have not lived near the southern border and have not been subjected to the lawlessness firsthand. Just as these people most assuredly would be unwilling to live in houses without fences, or with open windows and unlocked doors, neither would they advertise their home is open to all, or let intruders know they would face neither resistance nor prosecution.

Of course, Obama’s perfect solution is to wave his magic liberal wand and declare all illegal aliens as legal. Presto, problem solved! Every indication is that he will do just that. He has made perfectly clear, his contempt for what the American people want, and he proves it daily.

Finally, nothing in all these discussions addresses the terrorism aspect of open borders and unenforced visa policies. Does anyone truly believe we will not pay another terrible price if we, again, fail to heed the warnings and learn from our past mistakes? One day at a time and one federal lapse after another will sooner or later bring us to another terrorist disaster. Washington will once again use it as an excuse to control American citizens…not deal with the real problem – government arrogance and incompetence.

Jim Mullen

Marxism and Barack Obama

Curiously, Obama also chose a job-exporting “green” company in North Carolina, a state with the 10th highest unemployment rate in the nation, to highlight his inexpertise in job creation. Photo-ops and a few chuckles with leaders of progressive businesses that extract billions of dollars from taxpayers, is standard operating procedure for our economically challenged President.

Case in point; the Cree LED Light Company, an energy-efficient-lighting plant based in Durham, North Carolina is a typical recipient in the “Obama money line”. After receiving millions of taxpayers’ dollars, they promptly opened a plant in China where more than half of their employees now live and work.

Our economy is doing exactly what all central planning economies do; stagnate and leave people looking to government for answers. However, the real answers to a healthy economy and private sector job growth lies in the American people and with the free enterprise system. When unchained from the shackles of excessive regulations, taxes, and interference, the American economy creates jobs and liberates people to make their own choices in accordance to our Constitutional principles.

In order to accomplish their goal of complete government control, the administration must deflect the blame for their own failures and ascribe it to others. Thus, Obama jaunts the political circuits blaming the “rich”, George Bush, Republicans, and business, for the utter disastrous state of the economy and his own incompetence.

His trite excuses and blame game fall on ears deafened by his monotone whine of political rhetoric. Finding long-term, gainful employment trumps listening to jingoistic slogans, empty promises, and ludicrous postulates based on left-wing economic theories. He seems to be saying, give me another $4 trillion and I’ll turn this economy around.

Trillions of dollars in assets from the American people, businesses, and lending institutions crave a positive business climate free of government constraints and interference that allow investment in job creation. Obama, however, presses for seizure of these assets in another money grab designed to expand government. These schemes fuel a lack of confidence in government and add to his failed policies and to America’s woes.

Obama’s call for more crippling deficit spending (investment) and tax increases is an income redistribution policy in which failure finds warmth and refuge. Rather than stimulate, his past actions predictably created a drag on the economy and when the money ran out, the few government jobs created or saved began disappearing into the liberal vapor-sphere.

The President’s claim of a “bump in the road on the way to recovery” is actually a “missing bridge over a long, deep, chasm of Obama’s Marxist philosophy on the road to economic reality”. Since Democrats assumed control of the Congress, unemployment increased from 4.5 percent (less than 7 million, to nearly 15 million or 9.1%. The national debt skyrocketed from $8.67 trillion to $14.4 trillion, some bump!

Every action by Obama and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party roars through the nation screaming failure! The once envied fire of American exceptionalism will continue unlit in this tsunami of Marxist-liberalism. They offer more of the same; shouting down opponents, class warfare, race hustling, and preaching the evils of Capitalism.

If the leftist professor and community organizer from Chicago has any clue about how a free economy should work, it takes a back seat to politics and ideology. Justifying his anti-jobs’ policies is now his full-time passion.

Compliant media look the other way while the food stamp, welfare, and unemployment President endeavors to save one big job; his own.

Jim Mullen


The high cost of terminating public sector union members

Over the last several weeks we saw despicable displays of nothing short of anarchy as a result of the entitlement attitude of big unions and some of its members. We saw liberal media characterize those who realize the free ride is over as mean-spirited and hateful. They demonized responsible legislators while glorifying childish, cowardly lawmakers who chose to run away and hide, shirking their civic and elected responsibilities.

Media are more interested in advancing their far-left agenda than reporting the dire straits of the debt being thrust upon the state, local and federal governments by unreasonable union demands. It leaves the interests of the progressives unserved to report or admit to the facts of the vast disparity between private and public employees’ wages and benefits.

Because the private sector must show a profit, unreasonable demands by unions drive jobs to other states or overseas. Unfortunately, many unionized, public employees have no incentive for efficiency, or to provide good service and couldn’t care less about the taxpayers who pay their salaries. Therefore, most government agencies are overstaffed, inefficient and bloated; not to mention surly and uncivil toward those for whom they should be ultimately responsible. Behavior that private business finds intolerable the government views as standard operating procedure.

Government employees now constitute the largest percentage of union members, and the reasons are simple economics and sleazy politics. Unionized companies do poorly in the marketplace and lose jobs relative to their non-union competitors. On the other hand, government employees face no competition as the government never goes out of business. Furthermore, politicians can always be relied upon to appropriate (steal) more taxpayers’ money to keep the scam operating. Big union bosses generously line lawmakers’ pockets in a process that is self-perpetuating and mortally wounding the Republic.

Radical leftists, Marxists and communists, who subscribe to Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, run many of these big unions, and function through thuggery and intimidation. They know how to organize gangs capable of busing tens-of-thousands of protesters to anywhere in the country and do whatever is necessary to support their nirvana at taxpayers’ expense.

Since many public unions require all workers to pay union dues, political bosses make choices for them. Union dues support political candidates who have the unions' enrichment at heart and not the interests of taxpayers’ or the rank-and-file members. The dues paid by those who have different political views from the union bosses, nevertheless, support a radical leftist agenda.

It is a rigged, corrupt and entrenched system that begs for strong leaders to step up, take charge, and risk their political careers to clean up a mess that for decades has hung over the heads of Americans. The country cries out for more Scott Walker’s, John Kasich’s and Chris Christie’s.

From where will the other leaders come? They will be elected by informed, angry, fed-up voters like the ones in Miami-Dade, Florida, who showed two arrogant politicians the exit door and put public employee unions on notice that the fun and games are over; as is the taxpayer funded gravy train. Mayor Carlos Alvarez and 18 year veteran County Commissioner Natacha Seijas were recalled by 88 percent of the furious voters because of an increase in property taxes to fund a boost in salary and benefits to public employees.

Jim Mullen

Heroes and villains

NASA's administrator, Charles Bolden's startling revelation of President Obama's directive to the agency, has to rank near the top of the zany, head-scratching moments in this Muslim- bowing, America-hating administration.

Bolden made a stark admission to the Muslim news organization, Al Jazeera, that Obama wants him to reach out to Muslim nations to make them feel better about themselves. NASA's scientists, engineers, and technicians, have gone from the mission of reaching for the stars, to their new mission under Obama of reaching out to Muslims to make them feel good. Just what this mission has to do with our space program is, and shall remain, an enigma. 

President Obama’s approval ratings continue to tank and the black clouds of recession remain over  the economy. Curiously, however, he spends much of his time trolling for bottom feeders by dropping his progressive net into the murky, stagnate, backwaters of network television to shore up his base. He is in his element schmoozing with daytime and late-night talk show hosts, laughing it up with lightweight liberals. Running the Ship of State aground or demeaning the Office of the Presidency does not seem a big deal to the community organizer from the left-side of Chicago.

Additionally, he continues the union circuit, ingratiating himself with the hard-core Marxist unions of the country that are responsible for much of the financial woes from which our 

Obama begins this week as he ended the last; with bravado, excuses, and blame games.  False claims,  deceptions, and outright lies scroll liberally across his TelePrompTer, then roll from his disingenuous lips. Labor Day week is just another chance for him to make his case for more of his loony-leftist ideas to labor unions in hand-picked cities with high unemployment.

Everything Obama says or does about the economy defies credulity. Furthermore, everything he does exacerbates the recession, unemployment, and the economy in general. Free enterprise and capitalism abhors Marxism, and Obama abhors free enterprise and capitalism.

country suffers. His pandering and bailouts of big Labor at the expense of job creating business is nothing more than an endowment to his base using taxpayer’s money. The only overtures to business are the ones he can control or nationalize.

The last couple of decades have brought to the states another scourge; public service employee unions which are nothing but welfare programs on steroids. States found themselves in the same position as business; if they didn’t capitulate to unions, they could not produce a product or provide a service, if they did capitulate, they would go bankrupt. No politician since Ronald Reagan has had the guts to stand against them.

Obama owes his presidency to the unions; therefore, everything he does is payback for that support. Every piece of legislation passed during Obama’s presidency has been a socialistic, redistribution of income to please the unions. He has a Congress in complete agreement with his agenda of totally transforming our country into a Marxist, socialist, state.

The health care legislation, financial reform, bailouts, stimulus and every piece of regulation have all been designed to take from the producers and give to the takers. Liberal states and cities controlled by Democrats have gone down this path for years and have driven business and taxpayers away. Obama and Congress are making sure by federalizing welfare, income leveling, and nationalizing business, that there is no escape for taxpayers or business.

Congress and Obama will now reward the states for their irresponsibility by bailing them out with our money. One more example of transferring earned wealth to the undeserving.

Many of the seeds for tax and spend liberalism were sown in the inner areas of major cities. The design and establishment of the welfare system resulted in generations of minorities and poor whites enslaved by government. Likewise, higher taxes to support the structure and associated problems with deterioration of these city neighborhoods led businesses and wage-earners to flee into outlying areas. Subsequently, major metropolitan areas plunged deeper into despair, with rampant crime and lower standard of living which, of course, required an expanded tax base to support the ever-growing urban ghettos.

The circle of poverty and the number of taxpayers necessary to maintain the politicians’ plantations continued to swell. Soon, suburbs were taxed for their own infrastructure, schools, and hospitals and pressed to pay the additional costs in the war zones created by the all-caring, all-knowing, liberal establishment.

Logically, as the tax base dwindled, the next step required state governments to pay the tab. However, high taxes at the state level led people to take their businesses, families and wealth to another area or state with less taxation and regulation. Essentially, the power of municipalities or states to levy and collect taxes, regulate business and control people's behavior ceases at a state’s border. This has become an untenable situation for cash strapped states and cities; consequently, the federal government stepped forward to make a terrible problem insurmountable.

Liberal progressivism is and has always been a colossal, monumental failure. Government attempts at solving problems, never offer hand-ups; rather, handouts that keep people at the public trough and dependent upon politicians for their sustenance. In turn, politicians depend on the recipients of government hand-outs for votes. This symbiotic relationship is unfortunately a difficult, if not impossible cycle to end.

It has always followed that states and cities with the highest population are the most liberal. It is in these areas where one can witness the utter collapse and destruction of American society caused directly by politicians. The more people on public subsistence, the easier it is for politicians to remain in power.

American taxpayers are now called on to bail out these states that have been reckless in their spending, careless with their promises, and lacking in judgment and common sense. It is apparent, even to liberals, that fewer taxpayers supporting more people is a losing proposition, thus, the need to charge the entire country for their incompetence is the new Democrat’s game plan.

Obama knows his economic plan will not produce jobs in the private sector. Blaming Republicans and George Bush is his only defense of his policies. The only offense he has is creating more public sector jobs and bailing out states to protect the jobs of his base; the unions.

Every public policy and legislation enacted by this administration and Congress goes contrary to the opinions of Americans and defies any economic reasoning. Obama’s Marxist agenda is paramount to his presidency and he believes that he can reverse public opinion by lying, blaming others, and bringing more Democrats into the voting rolls using our money.

Jim Mullen


America tired of Obama's act

The constraints placed upon government by the framers of our Constitution exist only on the faded parchment that lies in the National Archives in Washington, D.C.; a document that launched the greatest, most successful experiment in the history of government.  Politicians have succeeded – 

Archived Articles III

This American and West Virginia hero was a patriot and honored for a day by flying the flags at half-staff on the day of his burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

Meanwhile, back in West Virginia, the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved a House of Delegates resolution to honor a man named for years as one of the most corrupt politicians in America; the dishonorable, and thankfully defeated, former Rep. Alan Mollohan. Apparently, heroes are in such short supply in the eyes of some state politicians in West Virginia, that a highway be named for a disgraced politician and not for a hero.

As shortsighted and convoluted as many politicians are in their thinking, this ill-advised decision coupled with their obliviousness to any sort of decorum, should leave those responsible for this outrage hanging their heads in shame.

On the other hand, Mr. Buckles’ quest for the WW I memorial is a worthy cause for resolutions in all 50 state legislatures as well as the U.S. Congress. Most memorials to politicians are grounded in vanity and serve only to bolster political comradely. It is the nature of politicians to reward favors for a few and rarely reward genuine service to the country.

If lawmakers cannot distinguish between heroes and villains, they lack the judgment to represent the people of West Virginia. They should rescind their action and apologize, or resign.

Jim Mullen

Obama's comedy routine

This week Obama and his Justice Department declared war on the people of Arizona by filing a lawsuit in federal court for the unpardonable sin of upholding law-and-order, practicing  self-defense, and seeking relief from the crushing burden of supporting over 460,000 illegal aliens.

Arizona, the biggest gateway into the U.S. for illegal immigration, faces bankruptcy from the increased health care, education, and welfare costs. Moreover, their citizens face terrorism and murder by illegal aliens. Every past action and inaction undertaken by the federal government contradicts each other and their arguments in this lawsuit. What they are saying in the suit is that Arizona is depriving them of their do-nothing policy. In other words, Feds have the right to do nothing or to do anything, as they please; they are unbound by law.

These words attributed to the architect of the Pearl Harbor attack proved prophetic. Americans, indeed, were filled  with a terrible resolve that involved years of bloody combat and an attitude that no quarter would be given to a country that would launch a sneak attack on our military while their diplomats feigned negotiations.

When Americans awakened to the stark arrogance and treacherous actions of Japan in 1941, they determined a policy of no negotiations with tyrants and set upon a mission to bring the warring Imperial Japanese to a permanent and unmerciful justice. 

Our inglorious President Obama, becoming ever more desperate, is flailing around in a panic. He is lashing out at Republicans in general, and the ones that he  knows are the most dangerous to him and the Democrats, in particular. He is behaving like a man who has lost all control of the economy and himself. Obama’s rants and claims defy common sense and sound like ravings of a man coming unhinged.

The heavy blows thrown by Republicans are landing square on Obama’s policies and exposing massive holes in his defense. As the polls reflect the country’s increasing wrath over his Marxist 

With much of the media in Alaska digging for nuggets in the Great-Sara-Palin-E-mail-Gold-Rush, and  the rest wallowing in the gutter of Anthony Weiner’s tweets, the perpetually campaigning President is on another familiar thrust. 

Desperately trying to put a positive spin on the administration’s anti-jobs’, pro Marxist economy, Obama stages photo-ops with “green” businesses, presses the flesh with union bosses, and inexplicably checks out the state of affairs in Puerto Rico for no other reason than to curry favor with Hispanic voters in Florida.

The inflation we are witnessing could be but a prelude to what is in store for us if Congress does not reverse the course of a runaway government. The increases in the prices are caused by the actions of our lawmakers and their agents, the bureaucrats.

Firstly, these constitutionally and economically challenged geniuses decided that drilling for oil and gas to ease the country’s reliance on foreign oil would be folly. Rather, it would make more sense to burn our food as fuel in the nation’s automobiles. This painful scenario is what happens when politicians, environmental extremists, and “chosen” big businesses embrace. The results are disastrous for mainstream America.

Simple economics tells us when we use corn to make ethanol for fuel; the increased demand will create shortages and drive up prices. This will, in turn, create shortfalls of other grains, which lead to higher prices for meats, and most other foodstuff. The inconceivable decision by Congress since that debacle to add even more of our food to our gas tanks and further restrict drilling is; see definition of insanity above.

Secondly, the Federal Reserve’s decision to buy up our own debt by simply printing more money (monetizing the debt) leads to inflation. It devalues the dollar and amounts to a hidden tax levied by the government. Politicians like this approach as a way of paying for their incompetent deficit spending   because it hopes inflation will lessen the debt; much as a house may appear to increase in value over the years until one realizes the cost of replacement eats the profit. Moving money from one pocket to another is good entertainment for magicians. Unfortunately, with government it is also an illusion. See definition of insanity.

Lastly, the unprecedented powers granted to the EPA by Congress as a means to control and regulate every aspect of American life, drives up the costs of all utilities (Obama’s stated goal) and prices of everything produced by industry in our nation. Add the minimum wage laws and all the known and yet unknown costs associated with Obama Care and we have the new age of “changes we can all believe in”. 

See definition again.

Jim Mullen

Free speech is only hate speech when coming from conservatives

This public employee will be afforded the opportunity to appeal her termination at taxpayers’ expense; as were the drunken school bus drivers near Chicago and Cincinnati. One driver was allowed by her supervisor to finish the delivery of 50 children, when he claimed federal law prevented him from stopping the driver. The other driver crashed his bus, luckily after dropping off school band members.  All of these actions are reckless, irresponsible, and dangerous. Most reasonable people would conclude that swift action is required to protect children and the rest of society.

These are only microcosms of public employees being afforded extraordinary favors at American taxpayers’ expense after doing inexcusable harm or placing children or the public at risk. They then have the unmitigated temerity to justify their employment because they are public servants and deserve special rights.

However, most Americans are unaware that the rules for removing public employees from the roles of the employed are substantially different and much more ‘civilized’ (liberal) than in the somewhat more primitive Wild West private-sector in the real world. There is an angry sea of lawyers, panels, boards, committees, politicians, and union representatives to navigate. Additionally, the always vigilant bureaucratic government officials wait in the shadows, justifying their bloated existence by wasting more money.

Taxpayers are always “afforded the opportunity” to pay for defending common sense. Common sense that disappeared in a puff of political smoke along with rational thought when public employees and politicians married to form the unholy alliance known as public service unions. These unions led to the current corruption and financial ruin we see in the local, state, and federal governments. Even uber progressive, Franklin Roosevelt, understood the disastrous consequences of allowing public employees to unionize and bargain with the government.

Consider the expenditure of taxpayers’ dollars in the following:

* In 2003 Charleston West Virginia, a Kanawha County schools maintenance worker came into a board meeting with several buckets of gasoline, and an AK-47 hidden in a trash bag. After dousing two people with the gas, he went for the gun.  During a struggle, the gun discharged and a bullet hit a Capital High School teacher in the stomach. It took months and thousands of dollars to fire this individual.

* Nearly 700 of New York City school teachers charged with various offenses are still being paid their full salaries to do nothing. Many of the teachers sit around and surf the internet or play scrabble, or whatever else they choose to do. They still get summer vacation, weekends and holidays off, throughout the school year. These teachers collect their full salaries of $70,000 and up and the city Department of Education estimates this costs the taxpayers $65 million a year. The department blames union rules, saying, their union’s contract makes it next to impossible to fire them.

* Buffalo, New York taxpayers have paid millions of dollars to teachers not to teach. Twelve teachers have collected $2.25 million in salary while under suspension and waiting for disciplinary hearings and that amount doesn’t include the costs for substitutes and the hearings themselves. The average wait for those hearings is three years.

One teacher suspended for over four years collected close to a quarter of a million dollars during that time. Another sentenced by the court in the death of her Daughter was suspended by the Buffalo School System - with pay - as required by law, and then began the arduous process that took more than 14 months to fire her. Cost to taxpayers’; close to $200,000. That amount doesn’t include the costs for substitutes and the hearings themselves.


The Los Angeles Unified School District paid a teacher $68,000 per year for seven years, plus benefits. His job? Do nothing.

The teacher’s workday began at the same time as regular classes, gets 30 minutes for lunch, and ends when the bell tolls at his old school. He takes off all breaks, school vacations and holidays, as commanded by a district agreement with the teacher’s union. He is to be given no work by the district or show up at school.

The school board voted to fire him for allegedly harassing teenage students and colleagues. He has never missed a paycheck and the district has spent more than $2 million on him in salary and legal costs.

When space became short he continued this daily routine at home. About 160 teachers and other staff sit idly in buildings scattered about the district, awaiting allegations of misconduct to be resolved.

These people are accused, among other things, of sexual contact with students, harassment, and theft or drug possession. Nearly all are leeches on the backs of taxpayers.

All told, they collect about $10 million in salaries per year -- even as the school district contemplates widespread layoffs because of financial shortfalls.

Public unions liberate money from their members (and some from non-members) to grease the palms of politicians in a quid pro quo arrangement that obligates politicians to vote in the unions’ interests for money and benefits to maintain the money and support. These cozy arrangements and backroom feasts leave out one important element; the bill-paying taxpayers are never invited to the banquet table.  Rather, they’re handed the check by these back-slapping cohorts with a dismissive, “Here, take care of this, Bub!”

When unions took over the capitol in Wisconsin, destroying public property, threatening officials with violence if their payoffs got cut, they bore a striking resemblance to gangsters running a protection racket. Their message was clear; pay up or we’ll be back to break something more important.

In addition to money and benefits that far surpass that of private-sector workers; public sector unions (especially teachers’ unions) exhibit an entitlement attitude that borders upon delusional behavior; devoid of rational thought. They receive treatment like tenure, unrealistic work rules, and job security exceeding anything in the private sector. To terminate public employees, even for what reasonable people would consider obvious, is a daunting undertaking. We see budget-busting, expensive ordeals, for any public treasury when action is taken against any wayward union member.

However, the truly despicable tragedy of what public sector unions and politicians have wrought upon society,  is the tarnish and shame these radical unions have created upon the millions of conscientious teachers, firemen, policemen, and other public sector employees who strive to do their jobs and serve the public in a time-honored, and exemplary manner. They too, are victims of the shrill voices of insanity echoing throughout our land by the dangerous Marxist union leaders.

Jim Mullen


Stop government spending to decrease taxes

Turning talking-points into exalted rhetoric has long been Barack Obama’s only claim to fame. He is an actor with an extraordinary knack for flawlessly delivering scripted lines with aplomb and polish to  an audience. He can sound sincere and credible even when people know it is all make-believe. There comes a time, however, when listening to Obama’s ‘lines’ or watching his performances, one realizes his “showmanship” borders on the ridiculous.

Since the November election, Obama has starred in, what can only be described as a national standup comedy show. Touring the nation and inviting groups to the White House, he professes a swing to the center in his political ideology.

Democrats are following Obama’s lead and turning to desperation as their last campaign strategy. Obama talks to Hispanics, blacks and women in terms of race, class, and gender. He incites them to get out to the polls and vote against their Republican “enemies”. He is inferring, of course, that Democrats are their only friends.

Incredibly, the great healer tells his fawning groupies, “We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta’ sit in back.”  He was clearly referring to Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement. This is clear evidence of a black president telling a “white” GOP that it is their turn to ride in the back of the bus. Obama is just the opposite of the “healer, not the divider”, upon which he campaigned.

The bus Obama invites Republicans to board is heading down a dead-end street into Marxism; a destination known to destroy entire countries, their cultures, and their people.

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
--From William Shakespeare's As You Like It

Shakespeare penned these lines about man’s seven ages of life, not politics.  However, it is applicable to the world stage of players seeking power, money, and fame performing their roles in nefarious, villainous plots. Schemes designed, not to entertain, but to hoodwink, bamboozle and ultimately exert control over their audience.

Politicians, like actors, must portray what they are not to be recognized as preeminent in their field. 

Politics is also about learning lines, projecting, and making people believe they are what they portray. The set properly staged, props in place, and everyone doing their job, a good politician can turn an audience into adoring, fawning fans by flawlessly delivering lines and striking the right pose. 

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) addressed a group of Hispanic voters at a campaign event and stated, "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, OK," Reid said, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. "Do I need to say more?"

Across the country, Democrats run attack ads using Obama’s favorite ploy of defining everything in terms of race, class and gender. Obama campaigned as one who would bring the races together, unite the political parties, and bring a new beginning to the country. Democrats paint a self-portrait of themselves as the kinder, gentler, political party. Understanding, tolerance, and acceptance are the mantras intoned with a steady hum of indoctrination.

Conversely, they play to their base by painting Republicans as mean-spirited, intolerant, racist, rich, uncaring, and out of touch with Americans. Most of the political ads aired by Democrats across the country try to make success sound like a dirty word. States are ablaze in a firestorm of class envy. Every mention of Republican candidates is prefaced with the word “millionaire”, businessman, or rich.

Democrats maintain their powerbase by diminishing entire groups of people and using them as scapegoats. This ploy is the same one used successfully by dictatorial regimes for centuries.

One must remember that Obama believes in wealth and income redistribution; as do many in the Democratic Party. It is a tragic day in America when success is a crime against people, and creating jobs is a crime against government.

Obama and the Democratic Party have charged, tried and convicted entrepreneurs, business owners, lending institutions, and corporations, of crimes against the federal government for creating jobs, wealth, income and private benefits. Because of these crimes, the successful must relinquish their profits to the government for redistribution to the failures, the lazy, the whiners, the takers, and the malcontents.

Progressives, Marxists, and communists in the White House and Congress do not care about the personal liberty of American citizens. To the contrary, their ultimate goal is complete control and manipulation of the American people, their income and wealth, all businesses, financial institutions, and corporations.

Strangely, however, wealth only disqualifies Republicans from holding public office. The same rule does not apply to Democrats.

Of the top ten wealthiest lawmakers in Congress, 70 percent are Democrats. Of the wealthiest 50 in Congress, 54 percent are Democrats. President Barack Obama is the sixth wealthiest, worth an estimated $4 million among executive branch officials.


Possibly, the disconnection is a belief by progressives that the only legitimate means of accumulating wealth are to inherit it, marry it, or acquire it through government “service”.

Democrats have failed miserably at creating an atmosphere conducive to job creation since taking control of Congress. More than 8.3 million people have lost their jobs and the National Debt has increased an inconceivable $5.2 trillion.

One can understand the consternation and sheer panic realized by the liberal-progressives at the thought of a slate of Republicans that know how to create jobs in the private sector. Men with a history of successful startup, operation, and growing of a business using the freedoms granted by the Constitution and a can-do spirit are threats to Marxists everywhere. They cannot allow such men to flaunt these dangerous ideas of freedom. Therefore, they must discredit and marginalize any thoughts of jobs creation without government.

This election is a turning point in the downward spiral of our country since Barack Obama and Congress took the reins of government. We need people who know how to run a business, meet a payroll, and make the tough decisions necessary to put our country back on the side of freedom and independence; from our government and from other dictators of the world. Poor people and politicians do not create jobs. More government, higher taxes, and less freedom is a prescription for more of the same failed Marxism we have now.

Community organizers and career politicians are destroying our country. It is time to clean house.

Jim Mullen


Obama's desperation tour 

State and local health departments now have unprecedented, unconstitutional power over Americans’ lives. This power extends to requesting arrest warrants, fines and harassment for anything they deem harmful to health. It includes regulating salt, fat, trans fats, cholesterol, sugar, and cigarette smoke.

In Parkersburg, West Virginia, the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department determined all public restaurants, bars and gambling establishments would go smoke-free under penalty of fines and/or imprisonment.

The Parkersburg News and Sentinel reported a Wood County sheriff’s deputy appeared at the door of Lisa Bradley; an employee of Sandy’s River City Perk and arrested her for violating the area’s Indoor clean air regulations. Judy Ashcraft, sanitarian for the MOVHD requested a warrant for the employee’s arrest after ashes were allegedly discovered in a drawer and cigarettes in an ashtray during an inspection.

The apologetic Deputy opted not to cuff the woman in front of her 10-year-old, autistic son, who, the mother reported, would have been taken to Child Protective Services had no one else been in the home at the time of the takedown.

After doing the perp walk, sans handcuffs, in front of her son and neighbors, she was loaded into the police car and driven toward the court. Luckily, the Wood County Prosecutor Jason Wharton, notified of the arrest, instructed the charge be dismissed and the defendant “unarrested” before reaching the court. He discovered the MOVHD had nine people on the arrest list.

This was not the first dustup employees had with the MOVHD. In April, sanitarian Linda Smithson, filed a criminal complaint and obtained a warrant for the arrest of Sandy Rhine, manager of the Beachcomber in nearby Williamstown, West Virginia. She claimed her boss directed her to file the complaint. The executive director of the health department, Dick Wittberg blamed the magistrate. A charge the magistrate called “infuriating”, stating health department officials filed a criminal complaint.

The April complaint alleged an inspector noted a room in the back of the establishment had ashtrays on the tables, and customers were allowed to smoke. This victim of the gang that couldn’t keep their stories straight turned herself in thus avoiding an embarrassing arrest.

Another employee reported a health department official threatened her with arrest when he arrogantly proclaimed he had the power to review surveillance videos so she had better make sure no one was smoking. This is a small six county area in West Virginia with out-of-control, unelected, authoritarian officials reigning terror on the populace. Imagine the possibilities nationwide.

Smoking rooms were originally permitted by the MOVHD before they were “unpermitted”. Businesses expended large sums of money building them to the health department’s specifications. Then, like all good bureaucrats, after the expense of building the rooms, the department had a change of heart and a numbing of the mind. No more smoking rooms for you!

The prosecutor said he intends to dismiss the complaints until after litigation is resolved involving a lawsuit filed by the Hill House Restaurant against the health department challenging the bureaucratic dictates of the “law”.

Tyranny knocks on freedom's door in subtle forms. Americans can prepare for goose-stepping armies or headlines of war. However, most often the enemies of liberty arrive stealthily and unheralded on legal wings sprouting from overzealous government agents empowered by unsavory politicians. Seeking cover for their nefarious deeds, the intent is controlling personal behavior, expansion of liberal-progressive ideology, and nanny-state totalitarianism.

Americans today face an unprecedented fight against this tyrannical war waged upon people by their own government. Literally thousands of federal, state and local uncontrollable bureaucracies possess unheard of, unconstitutional power to control peoples’ lives literally by force of arms and confiscation of property.

From the EPA and TSA, to local health boards, people accept the loss of liberty in leaps and bounds. If Americans are not fearful, they are not paying attention. Sadly, that individualistic, freedom-loving American spirit once so prominent in the genes of this nation is quickly passing from the body of the nation.

Would someone please wake up Johnny Freedom?!

Jim Mullen


The anti-jobs' President campaigns to save his own job

showing them wielding clubs and intimidating white voters at a polling place. Likewise, he is the one who wants terrorists from GITMO tried in New York and ordered suspected terrorists be read their Miranda rights.

Mr. Holder also believes we should help Mexico by infringing on our 2nd Amendment and ban weapons he feels are bad. His past criticism of individual ownership of firearms could suggest he would like to see a total confiscation of American’s guns.
He criticized the Arizona Immigration law, yet admitted he had not read the simple text written in almost the same language as the federal law. Of course, that does make sense, as he does not like federal immigration law either and wants our borders to remain unchecked and all illegals declared legal.

This United States Attorney General will not allow the words, “Radical Islam” to cross his lips, and Global War on Terror has been replaced by Overseas Contingency Operations”.

Isn’t it just peachy this man now wants to spend our taxpayer dollars to help Guyana with crime-fighting strategies? Our border states with Mexico are bleeding billions of dollars and shedding the blood of American citizens in a losing effort in halting the invasion by illegal aliens and stopping the flow of narcotics and human smuggling. This paragon of progressive liberalism has his nose in the affairs of South American governments. Meanwhile, according to Hillary Clinton, he is finalizing plans to sue the American citizens of Arizona for enforcing the law he so despises.

Holder has long been an advocate for international law replacing American law and sovereignty, and as is the norm for his ilk, subscribes to case-law and not constitutional law. The U.S. Constitution is a hindrance to the progressive’s agenda, therefore, dismissed, scorned and held up to ridicule.  In addition, laws which are unpopular with progressives, go unenforced. Every court decision made citing case-law moves our country farther down the road toward dictatorial rule instead of constitutional law.

Considering Mr. Holder’s track record of blatant disregard of American law, Guyana certainly made the right choice in declining help from a left-wing ideologue. His tiny country would soon be overrun with Eric Holders, drug lords, illegal aliens, and terrorists.

Jim Mullen

Obama's new slogan, more people to blame

“We got chutzpa” should be the new campaign slogan for Democrats in the upcoming election. After enacting Obama’s leftist agenda, they are running from him and his policies like sheep from a wolf. On the other hand, they dare to ask people to trust them in creating jobs, cutting taxes, and restoring freedom to our foundering country.

In January 2007 when the Democrats assumed control of the Congress, the unemployment rate was 4.5 percent (less than 7 million jobless). The national debt was 8.67 trillion.

Under Democratic stewardship – a scant three years and nine months – we have soared to 9.6 percent unemployment (nearing 15.3 million jobless) and increasing at an alarming rate under the Pelosi-Reid liberals. The national debt has grown to over 13.4 trillion costing Americans $500 million a day in interest on the debt.

Above all, however, it defies common sense that labor unions would be cheering for more Democratic Party and Obama policies while spending hard-earned membership dues in support of programs that are diametrically opposed to the interests of working people.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) plans to spend in excess of $50 million during the 2010 election campaign. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) plans to spend $44 million. And the number will be even higher since the AFL-CIO declined to give its figures.

There is one thing of which we can be sure; much of this money will be taxpayer’s money given to the unions as payoffs by Obama and the Democrats in the form of stimulus money.

In January 2007 when the Democrats assumed control of the Congress, the unemployment rate was 4.5 percent (less than 7 million jobless). The national debt was 8.67 trillion.

From that time until the present, under Democratic stewardship – a scant three years and eight months – we have soared to 9.6 percent unemployment (nearing 15.3 million jobless) and increasing at an alarming rate under the Pelosi-Reid liberals. The national debt has grown to over 13.4 trillion costing Americans $500 million a day in interest on the debt.

George Bush had two years remaining in office in which he could neither spend money nor pass any legislation without the Democrats. Barack Obama has had a Democratic majority in Congress and needs not one Republican vote to enact his entire agenda; remarkably, however, his constant refrain is whining about Republican obstructionism and the mess left by George Bush.

The fact is, of course, this mess was given to him by the Democrats in the House and Senate and he has taken a bad situation and turned it into an economic disaster. Playing class warfare, screaming racism and smearing the blame on others is the only recourse they have when they know their Marxist ideology is a colossal failure.

Under the Democrats, we have also seen a dramatic increase in the numbers and costs of welfare.

  • Medicaid costs up 36 percent to $273 billion.
  • Jobless costs up $117 billion to $160 billion.
  • Food stamps up 80 percent to $70 billion.
  • Welfare up 25 percent to $22 billion.
  • Anti-poverty programs – 1 in 6 people, a record high.
  • 50 million on Medicaid, up 17 percent.
  • 40 million on food stamps up 50 percent
  • 10 million on unemployment, up 400 percent
  • 4.4 million on welfare, up 18 percent
  • - USA Today

However, despite all of this spending, poverty is skyrocketing thanks to the policies of the Democratic controlled congress and the Obama administration.

In the short time of their incompetent management of or country, we have witnessed massive health care legislation rammed through congress against the will of the American people with all the arrogance of a dictatorship.  They are spending trillions of dollars more than they collect in taxes leaving the prospect of backbreaking tax increases. Furthermore, Obama decides winners and losers in the market place leaving an uncertainty that stifles growth and investment.

To the old-time union members and the old-time Democrats; be assured that these are neither your Father’s unions nor is this your Father’s Democratic Party. Neither represents you, but rather themselves. Both use corruption, lies, intimidation, and force to maintain their power. Politicians use your taxes and unions use your dues to sustain their lifestyle of privilege and wealth. These are the depths to where the Democratic Party and American unions have degenerated.

Between and during frequent vacations, Obama’s TelePrompTer announces his need for new stimulus to pay off his supporters, but disguises it as a “kick-start” to the economy. In reality, Obama has a racehorse economy hitched to the plow of government and seems dismayed at its plodding along.

Jim Mullen

Progressive flimflam men

Liberals are a motley crew, but the DNA strand connecting most of them is an overpowering, almost obsessive-compulsive drive to make everything line up, balance, and come out even.

Obsessed with rearranging, realigning, and controlling the natural order of everything and everyone on Earth to fit the perfect liberal-progressive model, they quickly find disillusionment. Their cockamamie ideas meet with scorn and ridicule in the real world of reason and common sense. While a very high percentage of conservatives are actually grownup liberals who found truth and reason accompanied their years, most liberals find peace and tranquility in a make-believe world. 

Barack Obama is doing the liberal limbo in a desperate attempt to remain under the radar in a sneak attack on the American people. His new energy policy is the same energy policy that he promulgated from his early budding as a community organizing, Marxist from Chicago. It is, and always has been, about redistribution of income and wealth and his support of environmental extremists.

Notwithstanding his clever rhetoric, Obama’s policies are best summed up quickly and succinctly; kill coal, stop drilling for oil and gas, regulate, regulate, regulate, and of course demonize and diminish anyone in the energy business. He envisions windmills and solar panels replacing traditional forms of energy, as well as 

burning more of our food in automobiles. By subsidizing Mega Corporate farms even more than the $5 billion per year currently wasted on this misguided folly, food prices will continue to climb.

Causing energy prices to rise by restricting and eliminating supplies of all fossil fuels has long been Obama’s stated goal.  He’s on record declaring he would like to see high gasoline and electric prices and his Energy Secretary Steven Chu said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” The idea being to make gasoline and other fossil fuels so expensive that alternative energy sources will become viable.

It’s obvious if these people have their way; exorbitant prices for food and energy will be the accepted norm and will allow further intervention and control by the federal government over the purse strings and activities of all Americans.

What are Americans to do for energy in the decades it takes for the mass production of “Obama-energy”? The answer, it would seem, is to throw his hopes, dreams and promises into the national furnace and fuel tank. Or perhaps channel the hot, ideological winds of liberalism into the silent turbines that powers the nation.

Imagine the possibilities. Obama simply sprinkles his magic Marxist-dust on the marketplace and miraculously, coal mining and drilling for oil and gas become unnecessary. Indeed, he rids our land of the nuclear menace and snail darters swim freely where those nasty hydro plants once gave us clean energy. It sounds a lot like his 2008 megalomaniacal moment from his speech, “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow, and our planet began to heal.”

Meanwhile, back in reality, USA, Americans pay the cost for another star in the crown of Barack Obama, King of the Progressives. Gasoline has more than doubled under the rule of Obama and prices for food continue to rise unabated. His announced plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil is a subterfuge. His every word addressing the nation’s energy situation is either an outright falsehood or misdirection by deception.

He uses the Environmental Protection Agency to enforce his presidential decree of cap-and-trade and enlists the Democratic controlled Senate to block any Republican moves at reining in the dictatorial EPA. Even Jay Rockefeller, the liberal Democrat from coal-rich W.Va. defies his constituency and joins Obama and the EPA in their war on coal.

The President is providing billions of U.S. dollars to Brazil's state-owned oil company, to finance exploration of the huge offshore discovery in Brazil's Tupi oil field in the Santos Basin near Rio de Janeiro. At the same time, he refuses to drill for oil domestically, fully realizing that it would have an instant and long-term downward push on oil prices.

He claims credit for the highest domestic oil production since 2003, but fails to mention present day increases are a result of the Bush policies for planning and drilling. The country will reap the disastrous rewards from the Obama administration and the current Democratic Party’s energy policy for decades, just as we presently suffer from the acquiescence to eco-terrorists by the Democrats in years past.

The President's moratorium on off-shore drilling is illegal as declared by two federal courts. Nonetheless, it continues today even after he declared it lifted. Deep-water permits are down 88 percent, with only two new ones issued since that time.

Democrats and Barack Obama spew endless platitudes and rhetoric about their concern for the working people. However, their deceitful actions cause irreparable harm to the country.  We must all be aware of their intention to punish Americans by increasing prices and taxes, redistributing wealth and appeasing environmentalists. Obama’s words have no meaning, but his actions have deadly consequences.

Unless Americans stand up and stop Obama and the progressive Democrats, we will become just another Marxist state; or worse yet, a second-world nation reigned supreme by a very elite ruling class of thugs and dictators.

Jim Mullen

It's time to get public sector unions off the gravy train

Barack Obama preceded the lame-duck Congress  with his usual vitriolic rants against any policy that would provide private sector jobs; a repeat of the rhetoric of his first two years in office. His animus toward any Republican proposals that would throw a lifeline to the sinking economy was right in line with his strategy of appeasing his political base and paying off contributors, and his core belief of redistribution of wealth.

Group thinking is a contradiction in terms.
I am unaware of any appreciable  invention or idea that was ever conceived by a consensus
or in a committee. Great men who thought and acted as individuals have always been the greatest contributors to the betterment of mankind.

Jim Mullen 

When a Parkersburg, West Virginia school bus driver was fired for using her cell phone to text while driving, the Wood County Board of Education did the right thing in firing her. Although admitting she often texted while driving her route, she felt she deserved another chance. Placing the lives of dozens of children entrusted to her care and endangering the public at large, incredibly was not enough for one board member who agreed with her and voted to keep her seated at the wheel of her school bus. Perhaps he was thinking of the expense to taxpayers in defending termination of most public employees.

with cooperation of the American electorate - in unleashing an omnipresent government from the confines of that Constitution to rule every aspect of American life.

We find ourselves enslaved in our own country due in large part to a culture of dependency by elements of society and an equal culture of corruption by our political leaders and their minions, the bureaucrats.

The power of a government to tax its people is at the heart of their power to control and regulate behavior, transfer wealth, and redistribute income; in essence, to punish and subjugate its citizenry.

Without the power to tax, politicians lose their power over the people. Higher taxes directly result in more control. Lower taxes result in less control. They know this all too well and use it to make more promises; Prescribing to the old adage of “always leave them wanting more”. It all begins with; give us all your income and wealth, and we will provide for your every need. Therefore, the simple secret of lower taxes is to reduce spending by demanding government stay out of our lives.

The temptation to abuse that power to tax has long placed government at odds with those who have the legitimate right to constrain and control government at all levels; the American people.

The dividing of citizens into certain classes to cull the successful from the herd has long been a winning strategy for government to quench their unending thirst for the funding necessary to fulfill politicians’ promises of something for nothing. The federal government carefully selects, and then excludes enough voters from paying income tax, for example, as a means to buy support and votes to continue their redistributive socialistic change.

Taxes should always be set to the lowest rate required to maintain constitutionally mandated and allowable services by the government. Politicians have corrupted the original intent of taxation and use tax law to penalize success, reward mediocrity, pick winners and losers, and grow the size of government. They become more and more imaginative, cunning, and deceitful in their hunger for the fuel to run their ego machine.

In 1913, the 16th Amendment to the Constitution made the federal income tax a permanent fixture in the U.S. tax system. The amendment gave Congress legal authority to tax income and resulted in a revenue law that taxed incomes of both individuals and corporations. The withholding tax on wages became law in 1943. That year the federal government got its greedy hands around the throats and bureaucrats into the pockets, of every American.

It is today a behemoth with tax laws so large and convoluted that no one (not ever IRS employees) understands them, and just to hire enough experts to try for compliance, costs billions of dollars per year. The entire structure of the IRS with its unlimited power to destroy individuals, families, and businesses gives power to the IRS that the framers of the Constitution could never have envisioned.

The hidden costs of taxes are higher than the overt ones are. Underhanded, hidden taxes, fees, regulations, and costs of compliance multiply the prices of goods and services. Additionally, deficit spending and policies by the ultra-secret Federal Reserve to flush the economy with nonexistent funds devalues the dollar and causes inflation, which is nothing but another insidious tax.

Taxpayers must demand an end to the Federal Reserve System’s secrecy and an end to the buying of government debt (monetizing) by the Fed., which is purposeful inflation of our currency. Essentially, we are consuming our own flesh in a desperate attempt at surviving without enough outside food source (or in government’s case, income)

Beware of, and research carefully, all ideas of tax reform. Many proposed changes to the tax code by politicians are nothing more than attempts to increase revenue by raising more revenue; not reducing the money extracted from the sparse pockets of Americans. No matter the tax system, government spending and corruption are the problems. It begins and ends in those sweet honeycomb chambers of government with too many queens living off the hive.

Politicians and the recipients of taxpayers’ money avoid most tax cuts by screaming their talking points and the code words of liberalism; “tax cuts for the rich…”, “they want people to starve…”, “We need to invest in…”, we’re working for the American Dream…” , “ they are against the working man…”.

However, it does not end with the federal government. State and local governments have likewise built greedy, mega-government bureaucracies that forever scream, “Feed me”! The very last thing they consider is reducing the size of their dynasty. Their big hammers they use to keep the funds flowing are threats to cut off critical services, mass demonstrations, and intimidation. Government’s natural default response is to raise taxes or borrow money and not cut spending.

By law, most local and state governments must balance their budgets. They get around this by floating bond levies for roads, bridges, schools, bus services or anything else they cannot afford because of bloated bureaucratic inefficiency and progressive ideologies.

When government begs for your support of bond levies, ask yourself, is this something I believe is a good expenditure; is it a necessity or a luxury? Then, vote accordingly! Remember, every bond levy is a new credit card opened in our name; we must repay the loan plus interest. Eventually, taxes will increase or other services forfeited to pay the bill. When they tell you everyone wins, and it will cost nothing; they are lying.

All politicians, government officials, and bureaucrats, speak of tax cuts (or allowing money to remain with its rightful owners), as government spending. Think of that, allowing you to keep your own money, is government spending. This arrogance is universal in all progressive liberal circles, and accepted by many in the conservative political arena, as well. This incredible contempt could only leave us to conclude that they hold the belief that all money, income and wealth belong to the government. They are nice enough to allow you to keep the portion that they deem sufficient; now quit whining!

By eliminating politicians’ spending, we regain our financial independence, reduce taxes to a level required to operate essential government in our Constitutional Republic, and empower Americans to reassert and reclaim their independence from tyranny. The only mechanism available to us to reduce the size of government, thus reduce taxes, is the power of the vote. The 2012 election may be our last chance to reverse the deadly course in which our country is heading. Elect only those people with whom you have kindred ideology in the support of Constitutional principles and demand monumental spending cuts.

Jim Mullen


Barack Obama’s energy policy

They report further that Republicans have held up legislation to extend unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless because of its effect on the deficit. The fact is, of course, that Democrats completely control Congress and Republicans are unable to hold up anything.

This AP story mimics the White House talking points of crying about Republicans and a few Democrats blocking more spending on job creation and "other efforts."  Government spending is the cause of much of the unemployment and distressing economic developments. However, that would not fit the liberal narrative of the White House taskmasters. The economy is an open wound in our country that will remain unhealed until Obama and the Democrats stop picking at it with massive spending and regulations.

Deliberately allowing the economy to fester and worsen accomplishes dual roles for the administration and Congress. Foremost, spending billions to redistribute wealth appeases Obama’s liberal base of supporters and, secondarily, allows him to blame everything on business, banking, and Bush.

Condemnation of others for self-induced misfortunes is juvenile, yet as old as dictatorial regimes themselves. Every dictator is a master at creating victims and oppressors then convincing people they are “working hard for you”.

There are reasons to believe media purposefully rubber-stamps White House press releases and reports everything fed to them by the administration or liberal Democrats in Congress. We may well be witnessing a deliberate distortion and misreporting of news by media to extract themselves from their own dire financial straits.  They could be looking for government bailouts by currying favors and stroking egos.  The administration ran this bailout flag up the pole previously but was unable to find the political winds to make it fly.

The misrepresentation in AP’s article on the deficit is just one more in a daily barrage of liberal propaganda by the AP, print media, and much of television news. They use the First Amendment to bludgeon Americans with games of hide and seek with the truth.  Media are more of an extension of government than a watchdog in charge of protecting our country and its citizens from the government. In any case, if media do not report facts and dispense with the blind support of Obama, our liberty is at peril. Accordingly, if the government becomes involved in financing media in any form whatsoever, it will doom our republic.

Jim Mullen

Obama Care

Congress came to a consensus in the health care debate. Consensus, of course, being a liberal-progressive word meaning they have a majority agreeing to mediocrity and incompetence. In other words, a formula for disaster crafted and enacted by leftists, socialists, and Marxists that will reflect their philosophies of tax, spend and control.

Only government could start with a goal of stopping the increase in health care costs then propose spending more than 80 billion dollars a year, and call it budget neutral. If that is indeed the case, we are going to face massive cuts in the overall health care we receive plus experience Draconian tax increases. Obama has already stated he wants cuts in Medicare. This is just the first proposal, so it will get much worse. Social Security and Medicare are already going broke, so he obviously is not going to give us factual details.

Government must take money from people who have it in order to run any program. The result is that everyone will be reduced to the lowest common denominator. We have witnessed this phenomenon since the institution of government programs. This means people who have substantial health care coverage will receive the minimum standard, and we will see further deterioration and the subsequent loss of private-sector employer based health insurance. Government-run insurance will replace all insurance - especially for retirees. Shortages will result in longer waits for doctors and medical testing and will cost lives.

We have all the ingredients for a regime power grab in their grand scheme of totally socializing medical care in this country. Obama has attacked doctors, hospitals and insurance companies. He has equivocated on the number of people uninsured and lied about illegal aliens' coverage. The courts have already decided this issue. While there are flaws in the system, the majority of Americans are satisfied with their health insurance, doctors and hospitals. If we would only allow competition between states for insurance rates, adopt appropriate tort reform and expand Medicaid to those who cannot afford insurance, we would solve most of the problems at a fraction of what this new boondoggle will cost.

Control of health care will provide the optimum authority of government over its citizens. Every decision we make could conceivably affect health care costs. Everything from exercise, weight, leisure activities, what and how much we eat and how many miles we drive will become governments business. They will tax anything they cannot directly control - literally to death.

Doctors will be "encouraged" to reduce testing and drug costs by fining them for "bad" behavior or rewarding them for "good" behavior - as defined, most certainly, by bureaucrats in government.

Regardless of the final bill passed from all the chaos now under consideration, it will be but a harbinger of what is to come. Complete government control of our health care is the goal of Obama and congress. They will proceed to that point incrementally and costs will skyrocket.

Tyranny requires only that we have perceived victims to avenge, and villains to vanquish. Government sows the seeds of distrust, turmoil and uncertainty then declares an emergency where none exists. Cries of “legislation now” descend from Washington, followed by complex and comprehensive reform, which nobody will read or understand. More government control and loss of freedom will follow. This time it is your life not just your money.

Make no mistake; this health care plan is not about providing the best health care for the American people. It is about a massive government power grab and a rationale for unbridled taxation for the redistribution of income.

It will, very simply, kill Americans and allow the government to control every aspect of our lives.

Jim Mullen

Beware of Obama on gun rights!
Previous anti-gun record is more than troublesome  Jim Mullen

​Since the first flicker of life appeared on this planet, there has been the inherent right to self-protection in order to survive. It has always been a part of natural law. It is a right of little consequence without the means to enforce it against those who would do us harm. Titanic struggles have occurred between those who maintain the right to possess weapons to implement their own self - defense and those who believe no such right to weapons exists.

Our nation’s Founding Fathers so fervently believed in the citizen’s need to bear arms, it installed that right as the 2nd of the first ten amendments to the United States of America’s Constitution; the Bill of Rights. I believe that ranking to be significant. It is the only right pertaining to self-defense, and it guarantees that we have the means to defend ourselves. Without the right to bear arms, they understood that none of the other rights could be defended from threats by foreign countries or their own tyrannical government and was crucial in maintaining freedom. They also recognized that no person could be truly free without the right to defend oneself - not only in his or her home – but also anywhere in our country.

Although the Supreme Court ultimately affirmed the seemingly obvious right, that Americans do have a Constitutional right to bear arms, that decision did little to dampen the spirits of anti-gun zealots in our country. They know there will be no blanket exclusion of guns on a national, state or local level for some time, so they will continue with their tried-and-true methods of success by attrition.

  • One attack that has been particularly effective is the cooperative and complicit help of the liberal media. Mainstream television networks offer documentaries demonstrating the devastating firepower of automatic weapons and then morph them into hard news stories telling viewers that these weapons are being sold by the thousands. In fact, automatic weapons’ sales to private individuals have been banned since the 30’s. The print media join the parade citing bogus statistics, printing endless stories about gun violence (by criminals) and penning editorial after editorial denouncing guns and extolling the virtues of “reasonable” gun control. The vast majority of media coverage is anti-gun.
  • Media and politicians never  miss a chance to politicize and use any means necessary to disarm Americans. With every news-worthy tragedy in the country where evil individuals slaughter innocent people, the left-wing vultures relentlessly circle the crime before the blood stops flowing. These are the most despicable forms of human beings; those taking advantage of tragedies  to promote an ideology.  They promote purging demons from the hearts and minds of  the evil bydisarming the good and the lawful.
  • Far more threatening is the tactic of selectively and systematically restricting, regulating and taxing guns, ammunition, gun owners and manufacturers. They target densely populated areas with liberal, progressive politicians and judges, and then lobby for their radical anti-gun agenda – which they describe as “sensible gun control legislation.” It is anything but sensible. By initializing endless lawsuits against gun and ammunition manufacturers and sellers, they are hoping to have a chilling effect on them by having to spend exorbitant amounts in legal fees. The result is higher prices and shortages for gun owners and lower profits for the gun business. When they find a sympathetic judge to rule in their favor it results in one more attack on our 2nd amendment. As it goes through the court system and sets more legal precedent, it diminishes our rights.
  • Even with the historic victory in the Supreme Court, Americans in dozens of states and cities across this country essentially have no 2nd Amendment rights because of roadblocks and restrictions placed in the process when law-abiding citizens try to exercise their Constitutional right to gun ownership and use. In states with concealed carry laws, liberals are hyperventilating. Their game plan is adding to an ever-expanding list of locations to be exempted from the law, essentially neutering the legislation and gun-owners’ rights. They are beginning with all federal land.
  • Several of the international treaties that liberals are pushing call for the United States to cede sovereignty to foreign entities by signing on to gun restrictions for our citizens. Some of these treaties will be recognized and honored by liberal administrations even if not approved by the Senate – again setting a legal precedent. Every little assault to our Constitution will slowly destroy our way of life.

In liberals' dreamy little world, the 2nd Amendment makes us all unsafe. They would never consider that there is not a possibility to rid the world of guns and; therefore, peaceful citizens need to own them. I would issue a challenge to the anti-gun zealots. Put your beliefs to the test. Place a sign on your front lawn that reads, “The owners of this property do not believe in the right of private citizens to own firearms.” They will, most assuredly, learn some of these cold, hard facts of life. · The threat posed to criminals of everyone owning a firearm is as crucial in the prevention of crime as the thin blue line of the under-appreciated police force.  · Unilateral disarmament is suicidal.  · Liberal policies of the “revolving door justice system” will quickly fall from favor.  · There is always a reduction in crime when criminals do not know which homes have guns.  · When seconds count, the police will take minutes to arrive.  · Unless you can afford an armed bodyguard, there had better be a friend or a kindly neighbor who has your back; so be careful whom you call a gun-toting redneck.  · If you have learned your lessons well, you will soon know the smell of cold steel and hot lead at the shooting range.  · You will be able to say NRA without a scowl on your face or a snarl of your lip.

Things we can all do to protect our gun rights:
  • Read how Obama feels about your 2nd Amendment rights.
  • Now that he is President, he will not admit to anything he has said or voted for. He will go about his anti-gun agenda overtly, not covertly.
  • Join the NRA.
  • Educate yourself about the misinformation and propaganda dispersed by all the liberal groups in this country.
  • Get involved by educating people about the 2nd Amendment.
  • Get involved with you local schools and press for the teaching of children about our constitutional right to bear arms. They should be taught that the 2nd amendment is as much a part of the Bill of Rights as the freedom of speech or religion – and just as crucial.
  • Learn about and teach your children the proper respect and safe handling of firearms.
  • Get involved. Do not allow politicians to legislate, regulate or tax away the 2nd amendment.

• Learn “liberal speak” and know what they mean when they talk of “reasonable regulations”. Know that registration of firearms tells government where to find the guns of lawful Americans and that criminals do not register firearms. There is no Constitutional authority for the registration of your guns. Fight registration on every front!

  • Work in your state for “right to carry” concealed weapons’ legislation. If your state already has these laws, seriously consider getting your permit. You will be required to complete a safety course and shoot live rounds. By allowing lawful citizens to carry concealed weapons it will deter crime because criminals will not know who is carrying a weapon. Armed Americans repel thousands of criminals yearly. Most do not have to fire a shot.

Finally, remember that the people who want to take your guns are the same ones who let criminals roam your streets. They are more interested in a criminal’s right than they are about you or your families’ safety. As long as there are criminals and government, all lawful citizens need to be afforded the absolute right to arm themselves. Our Founding Fathers knew this exceptionally well. Do not allow anyone to disarm this great nation.

Jim Mullen

Watch Charlton Heston’s Speech

“…from my cold dead hands”


Obama, (H.E.B.A.D.) New terrorism policy

Frank Buckles, the last surviving American veteran of more than 4.7 million men who served in the  military during WWI between 1917 and 1918, has died at the age of 110. He also spent 42 months in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in WWII after being captured while working for an American shipping line in the Philippines.

He lived out the last many years of his remarkable life on his farm near Charles Town, W.Va. advocating for a memorial honoring the men who served the nation and the world, in the “War to End All Wars.”

"I'm tired of the right and the left," West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller said during a Senate hearing on re-transmission consent. "There’s a little bug inside of me,  which wants to get the FCC to say to Fox and to MSNBC, ‘Out. Off. End. Goodbye.’ “– Senator Jay Rockefeller (D) WV

This unbelievable, extemporaneous tirade unleashed by a Senator of the United States shows the depths to which the Democratic Party has plunged in the last several years.

Seemingly, on a daily basis, Obama or one of his ultra-liberal cohorts enters stage-left bellowing another aria from their Marxist opera.

Rockefeller is either ignorant of the fact that the Federal Communication Commission only regulates the broadcast airwaves, not cable; or it is a brazen suggestion to place cable news under the purview of the FCC.

Obama delivers his shtick with the classic dryness of toast and a deadpan seriousness reminiscent of old-time comedian, Pat Paulson and would make any performer envious. His trusty stooge, TelePrompTer, enhances his oily smooth delivery. However, everything he says is trite, disingenuous, and predictable; leaving Americans scratching their heads and saying; what?

Business leaders, members of one of the most hated classes of Obama and his policies, became the invited audience for one of his latest 'ole switch-a-roos. Mouths agape, they heard the one-time share-the-wealth, Marxist, transformed into a free-market capitalist.

Likewise, Obama went from railing against extending the Bush tax cuts as being ‘tax cuts for the rich”, to not just being a champion for tax cuts, but hijacking the concept as the only way to expand the economy and create jobs. Suddenly, it became the Obama tax cuts.

He boasted he would veto any legislation containing earmarks after Republicans had already ended them and after he had signed every piece of the Democrats’ legislation with billions in pork barrel spending.

The President added impersonations of Reagan, Lincoln and Kennedy to his repertoire; reasoning that the wrappings of conservative garb and rhetoric would camouflage his liberal ideology. 

Obama has some one-liners and standup jokes that would leave audiences rolling in the aisles if not for the dead seriousness of his anti-Constitutional policies.

However undeterred by facts, logic, or truth Obama is, one can usually expect a consummate performance when the spotlight illuminates that raised head and arrogant, jutting chin. 

Consider the following:

  • “My policies have brought the country back from the brink of disaster.”
  • “Things could be worse.”
  • “At some point, you’ve made enough money.”
  • “The stimulus has worked.”
  • “Under my plan, energy prices would, necessarily, skyrocket.”
  • ”Mubarak should listen to the people and make the right decision.” --after he disrespected, mocked and jeered Americans and their opposition to his policies.
  • “We need to freeze discretionary spending.” --after increasing it 84 % over the last three years; thus, leaving it at historic levels.
  • “I would give myself a good solid B+” --when asked to grade himself by Oprah Winfrey
  • "I think when you spread the wealth around; it's good for everybody.--explaining his Marxist ideas to Joe the Plumber.
  • "Come on! I just answered, like, eight questions." --exasperated by reporters after a news conference
  • "It's not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." --explaining his troubles winning over some working-class voters
  • “I don’t think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified or their rights infringed upon.” --while he shows disrespect, mocks, jeers, denigrates and vilifies American taxpayers for their opposition to his policies

Perhaps Mr. Obama could rent a bus and get Joe (We have met our goals over the last two years) Biden, Nancy (We have to vote for the bill to find out what’s in it) Pelosi and Harry (“You could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol” Reid, to go on a two-year “white collar comedy tour”. These four jokers oversaw a recession in which a 26 year high, eight million jobs were lost; nearly 3 million of those since the stimulus political payoff. 

They could travel from bankrupt state to bankrupt state entertaining the folks and giving them some uproarious diversions and  watch these poor excuses for public servants try to explain the nearly $3 trillion in debt they have racked up in the last two years.

If finding enough employed people to buy tickets is a problem, surely people would be willing to spend their unemployment checks to witness the spectacle if they added Jimmy (the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t anything to be afraid of) Carter, to the program.

Obama has made changes in his White House writers and changed the buzzwords and talking points, but he is the same tax-and-spend, social justice-loving, business-hating, socialist and community organizer, who stepped out on the stage that January, 20th, 2009. A day which will live in infamy-to paraphrase FDR- for all freedom-loving Americans who believe in the United States Constitution.

Jim Mullen

Rising food prices and insanity

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - Albert Einstein

America. To liberals, the rights of crime victims and innocent people are unimportant; the rights of criminals, however, are paramount.

Open borders and legalization of illegal aliens are two of the top priorities of the liberal establishment. They will never answer the simple questions of how many are enough, and at what cost. Estimates of illegal aliens in our country range from 12 to 20 million people, and liberals see no possibility of these illegals being terrorists or criminals, or that they contribute to the massive unemployment and underemployment numbers in the country. However, they go through life tilting at windmills, and find excuses to regulate, control, and tax the most innocuous behavior of American citizens.

If these people ever realize their deviant goals for our country and the world, they would not only perish in their sea of insanity, but unfortunately, would pull the rest of civilization down with them.

For the purpose of these three articles, all references to liberals will include those known as progressives, socialists, Marxists, and communists. They have, at times, tried to distinguish themselves from one another. However, the differences are subtle at best, and one would find it easier to recognize more differences in groups of waddling penguins. Most of these elite ricochet from one of these names to another, depending upon the un-favorability quotient their group happens to have at any particular time in history.

As a rule, the bulk of liberals fall into four groups.

Foremost, are the limousine liberals who insulate themselves from all negative consequences of the programs they purport would benefit the poor, Mother earth, or whatever their crusade or shtick is at the time. They charge forward unconcerned about the costs and consequences of the working and lower middle classes of people who are not so indigent as to receive benefits themselves, and will ultimately be crushed by the loss of jobs and benefits.

This group includes the Al Gore types and the George Soros’ of the world. They go about their normal lives jet-setting about the globe between mansions and the latest meeting of the world’s progressives, telling everyone else to live the Spartan life to save the planet and humanity. They make millions in our Capitalist system, then rant and rave about the evils of Capitalism. They learn early on how to manipulate the system to protect and enrich themselves. Among these people are the career politicians and/or accomplished attorneys. Hence, they write laws to protect themselves or pay politicians for the protection.

These people appear to have a gene missing in their makeup that disallows satisfaction or pleasure in their financial blessings. However, it is more likely due to the wealth thrust upon them at birth that requires no effort or ability of their own to amass or maintain. Consequently, they spend a lifetime in a vain attempt to shed themselves of the inner guilt and feelings of inadequacy for their own economic success and standing in society. They know they are where they are because of someone else's success. They seek power, influence, and international approval to get some vindication for their existence. As with all liberals, their lack of inner peace and self-esteem manifests itself in false bravado, and causes them to lash out and attack critics with cries of racism and dozens of other invectives.

They traverse the road of life in the family luxury cars and limousines; insulated from any real-world problems or hazards along the way endured by their benefactors. They never paid the high cost of their success; and like all things unearned in life, they go unappreciated and held in contempt.

Most wealthy people, who have attained their fortunes with an entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, and dogged determination, are conservatives. Magnanimous in spirit and deed, conservatives endow their fellow-man with their experience and voluntarily share their fortunes with others.  Those who turn to liberalism in spite of their self-made success and still feel inadequate, are usually opportunists who find they can buy more love by spending millions in the political activism arena, promoting their ideas of socialism, Marxism, communism, and World Governance. It is easier and less expensive to advocate for the poor using other people’s money.

These people, like all liberals, profess they are champions of the underdog. When, in reality, they are advocating and abetting the actual enslavement of Americans to big government in this country, and the world’s people to a global government.

In the next installment we will look at the other three groups of liberals.

Jim Mullen


Obama's Sergeant Shultz imitation 

The very mention of the United States Constitution to a liberal-progressive elicits the same response as one gets waving a red flag at a bull. The reaction is instant rage characterized by violent shaking of the head, rude, angry noises, pawing the ground, slavering, and uncontrollable emotion and anger. All of this leads to a brutal, vehement charge at anyone who would dare to cite the Constitution, let alone exercise any freedoms that the far-left considers offensive to their sensibilities.

Freedom of speech, right to bear arms, enforcement of border security and limited government are enough to drive the entire progressive movement into a veritable state of psychosis.

Nonsensical ravings and accusatory rhetoric are the default responses of those living in a world of liberalism

Unbelievably, this same bastion of left-wing lunatics is now considering a law proposed by the city’s Human Rights Commission, to prohibit private employers and landlords from disqualifying applicants because of crime convictions or arrests. The law would require landlords and businesses to accept murderers, rapists, drug addicts, and child molesters into their homes and places of business.

In the delusional, misguided state of progressivism, they see this as a practical solution to the United States Supreme Court’s ruling that ordered California to relieve its overcrowding by removing tens of thousands of inmates from its prison rolls.

One can’t imagine the eager-beavers that think it’s a great idea to take an ex-convict into one’s home or business to share living and working space with them and their family. If they really believe this, the simplest solution for taxpayers and prisoners alike, is for all the lefties in the City by the Bay to line up for adopt-a-con and hire-a-hood programs each week. Obviously, that would eliminate the overcrowding of prisons. However, since liberals never live by the rules they make for others, this solution is unlikely to resonate; not even with the resident cuckoos.

Another obvious, more workable solution is to build more prisons and spend less money on frivolous liberal programs and cradle-to-grave entitlements. Just taking a firm stand against public-sector union demands for wages and benefits that dwarf that of the private-sector would free up billions of dollars to spend on prisons.

Marxists have no limit to the imaginative programs on which to spend taxpayer money; but practical expenditures like building prisons lack the pizzazz to catch a liberal’s pie-in-the-sky fancy. As complicated as liberals try to make every situation; common-sense solutions always elude these deep-thinkers.
Overcrowding of prisons is a national problem and remains unaddressed by politicians. They prefer to spend money on projects that stand out as paragons to their visions of goodwill toward man. Any project upon which they can erect a sign or use as a monument to themselves will attract political attention and garner support from Statehouses and Congress. The Jerry Brown or Arnold Schwarzenegger State Prison isn’t conducive to politicians’ sensibilities.

The queen bee of liberal-progressivism surely resides in the San Francisco area. Millions of little communist worker bees and Marxist drones swarm to the area to join in the American version of misfits for Mao. This angry, buzzing nest hangs on California’s left coast serving as a menacing symbol against everything military and anything American.

San Francisco elites reach deeply into their misguided, compassionate hearts to provide comfort to the bottom feeders of society and the enemies of America while loathing our country’s heroes, the U.S. Armed Forces; a new despicable low... even for a group that most people already believe are beneath contempt.

For centuries, American Armed Forces suffered and died by the millions in countries around the world. They dug and lived for weeks in foxholes at obscure locations that most people today couldn’t find on a map. Hundreds-of-thousands stormed now-serene beaches leaving their blood and their friends awash on the shores. They lived in tents fighting in deserts ablaze with an unforgiving sun, and froze in the Korean winters. Our soldiers enjoyed a nice January stint in the densely forested, frozen Ardennes Mountains region of Belgium, fighting the bloody Battle of the Bulge where they took some 89,000 casualties, including 19,000 killed in the largest and bloodiest battle that Americans fought in World War II.
Dead Americans litter the ocean bottoms of the world, and their bodies lie strewn around almost every country that lives in freedom today. They died falling from the skies, slogging through mud, on beaches, deserts, and in the snow. Americans did all this with food, ammunition, and equipment shortages, oftentimes with inferior weapons. Nevertheless, they were the tip of the spear that freed the world again and again out of a sense of duty.

 Liberals whine and complain of the horrors of criminals serving their debt to society in less-than ideal conditions, an unthinkable tragedy to the mush-brained progressive movement. Punitive measures are abhorrent to the crowd that believes “only bad circumstances” not “bad people”, produce criminals. The compassionate hearts of liberals always bleed for the losers, the misfits, and the miscreants.  However, the San Francisco crowd stands unmoved and dry-eyed by the living and dying conditions suffered by the men and women who have, and are, serving our great country in the American Armed Forces. Conditions the losers-in-lock-up would find unbearable.

San Francisco elites are privileged, spoiled, and childlike creatures ruled by their emotions and lost in a 1960’s rebellion mindset. They spend their empty lives acting up and lashing out at the establishment and middle-American values. Trying to assuage their guilt for undeserved blessings and unfulfilled lives, they gratify themselves by pulling others down to their level. They long ago turned their rebellion into farcical games in hopes of eliciting more attention. These losers feign intellectual superiority and bully mainstream conservative thought. They need to realize that in a real-world scenario without government paternalism and a military to protect them, they would perish in an idealistic puff of smoke. Perhaps, their feelings of inadequacy could be called the “Dinosaur Complex”. 
They know that time is running out for their species, but until then, they will throw their weight around by exercising their ill temper and absurdity.

It seems unimaginable to ordinary Americans that the dishonorable among us are held in such high esteem yet the honorable get dismissed and disrespected with bitterness normally reserved for mortal enemies. We are who we are, what we are, and where we are because of the U.S. Military. Nonetheless, liberals spend their entire lives easing the burden of the burdensome instead of the heroes.  Such is the state-of-mind of the modern liberal-progressive. Perhaps some of the elite schools of academia should add a Master’s program just to teach liberals the simple meaning of the word ‘shame’.

Jim Mullen


Would someone please wake up Johnny Freedom?!

States' rights have long been a problem for liberal progressives’ ambitions of creating an omnipresent, all-powerful federal government controlling every aspect of American life. Our Founders were adamant in their belief that individual states be self-sustaining and self-governing with limited power given to a central authority. The powers granted to the federal government were enumerated perfectly in the Constitution and countless other documents. By the same token, they left all other powers to the states.
Power-hungry liberal politicians never tire in their efforts to subvert the Constitution and make irrelevant the tenets to which our Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.
The latest in an avalanche of backdoor, progressive attacks is the rebirth of a sneak attack on American liberty and the Constitution calling for abandonment of the Electoral College system. In Massachusetts, bastion of liberalism, the legislature endorsed the concept of electing our President by a popular vote. This democratic-sounding attempt to thwart the Electoral process would diminish or completely destroy smaller states' roles in Presidential elections.
Currently, the popular vote backers have legislation enacted in Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, and Washington. Massachusetts’ 12 electoral votes added to those already approved would bring a total of 73 of 270 electoral votes needed to trigger an end run around the Constitution. It is highly likely if enough states enact this legislation to reach the 270 threshold; the outcome of most Presidential elections will be predetermined.
Consequently, the liberal Democrats rightly believe the overwhelming majority of Democrats in the large urban population centers would most assuredly overpower the smaller states and perpetuate a Democrat in the White House for decades to come. Logically, we could expect voter fraud to skyrocket and see elections tied up for months while all 50 states field the legal challenges guaranteed to ensue.
Over the years, efforts to amend the Constitution and change the electoral system have fallen by the wayside because smaller states realize they would become inconsequential because large population centers, especially East and West coast areas, would receive all the focus from Presidential candidates. Areas receiving the most generous of governmental assistance would vote for the candidate who brings the bacon to the largest group of voters.  
Failure to get a Constitutional amendment is nothing more than a minor annoyance to liberal Democrats. They simply use another back door approach using fallacious arguments, misinformation, and progressive, politically correct jingoism. 
The total elimination or dissolution of states’ rights is the final goal of socialists, Marxists, and centralized government advocates. The nation will be unable to survive destruction of our Republic form of government and supplanting it with direct democracy. Democracies never survive their own greed.

Jim Mullen

Liberalism is not a jobs program 

Con men know how to take advantage of our foibles and use them against us.  When asked questions they learn never to allow themselves to be pinned down without parsing every word of an answer in a way that gives double meaning and an eventual “out”. Mastering the art of oration is an essential element in the development of a great conman and needed to carry out the deception.

Politicians often enjoy the added benefit of having several “ins” with those whom they wish to swindle. For example, they control the jobs and paychecks of millions of potential suckers. In addition, most have a history with voters of packaging their fraud by spinning lies into webs of shimmering, silky promises, and then gleefully awaiting their unsuspecting prey. They understand what a person lets through their filter is something they want; not necessarily anything grounded in reality.

Having obliging, compliant media give political scams an additional air of authority and legitimacy.  Media are now complicit in enslaving the American people rather than guarding liberty.

What we see in our country is not only the failed policies of a leftwing, extremist Congress working with Obama; they joined forces in running a series of confidence games on the American people. Every press conference, news release, talking point, and speech, are efforts to trot out their leftwing hucksters to sell us a series of the most outlandish scams ever witnessed in the long history of our great land.

The greatest asset all conmen - especially politicians - must have is an ability to lie pathologically and without remorse. Consider what these “snake oil” salesmen would have us believe:

  • We can achieve world peace and national security by appeasing our enemies, apologizing to every country on earth, and weakening our defenses. Obama believes he can convince those who would kill us into shaking hands and going home if he continually apologizes for America’s behavior.    
  • Congress and the President can spend trillions of dollars more to pay off their political contributors and supporters than they collect in taxes and not have any adverse consequences on the country.
  • That the greatest country in the history of civilization is somehow in need of a “fundamental transformation” and should become more like socialistic Europe or dictatorial Venezuela.
  • They would have us believe that radical progressives and ideologues with no business experience, working with labor union bosses and their thugs, know how to create jobs.
  • That taxing and regulating manufacturing and business into submission and driving jobs overseas is good for jobs in America.
  • Signing trade agreements with communist countries and dictators is a good policy for the United States, and treaties with countries that require our protection are in our best interest.
  • Mortgaging our future to Communist China by borrowing hundreds-of-billions of dollars and building our economy around a dictatorship is a good thing.
  • Loaning money to people who have no means of repayment is common sense strategy for the country because everyone has the right to own a home.
  • Adding 30 to 40 million people to the health care system -- plus tens-of-millions of illegal aliens and their families -- will in no way create a doctor, hospital or any other shortages and will not result in rationing. It also will be less expensive and could actually save us trillions of dollars.
  • Allowing people to pour into our country illegally is good for our country because they pay more taxes and contribute more in services than they cost taxpayers. They are just poor people who want to feed their families and only perform work Americans won’t do. Illegal aliens and politicians holding the American people hostage for amnesty is justifiable because it is the humane and rightful thing to do.
  • That redistribution of income and wealth is good for Americans. Taking money from successful, hard-working Americans and entrepreneurs and giving it to chronic losers, alcoholics, drug addicts, and slackers is the fair thing to do.
  • Disarming law-abiding citizens will make everyone safer in their homes, automobiles, and in the streets. Criminals will lay down their guns and not assault, rob, or rape if armed Americans do not threaten them.
  • Rule of law and the Constitution are unimportant, unless they fit the liberal-progressive narrative.  
  • It is the federal government’s responsibility to determine winners and losers in business and in the everyday lives of the American people.
  • Private property is a misnomer. All property, land, wealth, and income belong to the government. Therefore, they have the absolute right to limit, control, dictate the use of, and redistribute everything.
  • It is the government’s responsibility to control our lives from the womb to the tomb.

History has shown the federal government does little well and nothing efficiently. Therefore, we should trust them to do nothing for us that we can do for ourselves. Two facts we must always remember; placing a bureaucrat or politician between a citizen and a task that needs done is equivalent to greasing a sled with molasses; and that politicians will tell any lie to get our money and restrict our freedom.

We elected these crooks and we alone can stop them.

Jim Mullen

Obama's trolling and state bailouts

Incredibly, this President is advocating in the strongest terms, destruction of the nation’s deeply held beliefs in freedom to pursue happiness and wealth using the free-enterprise system.

The American people hear their own leaders draw a parallel or real-life connection between mobs of rioters and the Tea Party movement. A movement advocating a return to constitutionally mandated limited government, reduced spending, and lower taxes.

Furthermore, they demand freedom from an ever-expanding tyrannical government. Most Tea Party members believe in a stronger free-enterprise system that operates with less interference from Washington.
Conversely, the Occupy Wall Street movement abhors the U. S. Constitution, wants federal control of all businesses, increased spending and taxes, and demands governmental control and redistribution of income and wealth, or Social Justice. To them, entrepreneurship, and capitalism are mortal enemies of “the people” and they advocate strongly for its destruction.

In a strange twist of irony, Barack Obama and the Democrats led the staged bailouts of Wall Street and the corporations. If not invented by Obama, his Crony Capitalism certainly refined it to new purity in the last three years. It begins and ends with millions of dollars sliding between greasy palms and essentially begs government to pick winners and demean losers in the marketplace. Obama’s feigned revulsion of Wall Street belies the record contributions he collected from his Wall Street cronies - against whom the OWS groups are wailing.

The Tea Party demonstrators marched peacefully, carrying signs clearly outlining their demands for a return to constitutional principles. They registered disgust with the unconstitutional bailouts of selected corporations and banking institutions. Additionally, they protested enslavement of our country by the huge deficit spending programs.

The useful idiots of organized labor and the avowed Marxists and communists spout their corrupt ideas and ideals from tents pitched on private and public property. Numbers swell daily from the ranks of perverts, sex offenders and other losers drawn from the dregs of society.

These repugnant groups highlight their class and intelligence by defecating and urinating on police cars, the U. S. flag, and on public streets. The world is their garbage can and personal toilet. Rape, pillaging, burning, and interruption of commerce are commonplace in many of the OWS groups. The rage reflected in the faces of these crowds is not sorrow for a loss of freedom, but rather, fury at freedom itself.

Conversely, the Tea Parties return areas cleaner than they find them, and for the most part police their own ranks and disavow kooks and fringe elements. Moreover, their ranks deeply mourn the loss of liberty. 
Although the targets of the radical’s rage are against all of the successful, the producers, and the job creators; Jews are the bulls-eyes. The anti-Semitism is rampant in the midst of these protests and sounds eerily similar to the same vile, hate-filled rhetoric that swept Europe and the United States in the 1930’s. The President’s daily rants about the evil rich help feed this sentiment.

The Tea Parties, accused by Democrats of being racist because of their opposition to Barack Obama’s policies, are big supporters of black conservative politicians and writers. Meanwhile, black Democrats like Maxine Walters disparage and manifest their contempt by calling black conservatives, Oreos. Others spout conservative blacks have “lost their identities.”

Liberals expose their racist fangs every time they contemptibly accuse black conservatives of “acting white.” If “acting white” is bad in the feeble mind of Maxine Walters, how bad is “being white?” Her bellowing for the Tea Party to go to hell and calling them racists, tell us all we need to know.

The liberal media adopts this band of no-hopers as they do every left-wing group and every Marxist idea. Each story places a positive spin by casting these mobs in the roles as victims of freedom and loveable-losers in life’s lottery, not as the losers they are. They refer to them as peaceful demonstrators instead of rioters, while Tea Partiers suffer demonization and derision with nearly every report painting them as radical extremists.

This administration and their fellow Democrats use the OWS protests to deflect criticism and cast blame for the failure of their big-government programs. Economically unsophisticated and uneducated protesters are unaware their real enemies are in the White House and Congress.

Obama and his “tax-paying-challenged”, Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, demanded bailouts of Wall Street, financial institutions, and corporations.
When Democrats took control of Congress January 4, 2007, the national debt stood at $8.67 trillion. It now stands near $15 trillion. Unemployment was 4.6%; it is now over 9%. The Republican-led House of Representatives passes jobs bills and they remain in Harry Reid’s big, ho-hum basket. The enemies to job creation are obvious.

The rioter’s rant of “corporate and personal greed” is laughable. These losers want a seat at America’s buffet and learned from early childhood an entitlement to anything that others have earned. Their incessant whining about their own shortcomings and then clambering for the income and wealth of others is the very epitome of greed. An ideology of victimhood and small-minded bitterness drives these people, fueled and sparked by a lifetime indoctrination to place all their eggs in mega-government’s basket.

When these OWS groups stand at the bottom of life’s ladder, looking upward at those who worked hard, made good decisions, and climbed to the height of their abilities, they feel nothing but envy and hatred. It’s easier for losers to ask Daddy Government for food, clothing, shelter, and education, and Nanny Government to kiss their booboos and tell them how wonderful they are. It is time for Daddy and Nanny to declare, “The free ride is over.” Now is the time for an attitude adjustment. Get out, get to work, and personally experience the joys and hardships of life; in other words, grow up. Wasting time standing on the street corner of life with your hand out, doesn’t make one worthy, it makes one a leech on the back of society.

Jim Mullen


San Francisco liberals dishonor American Military, honor criminals

George Bush had two years remaining in office in which he could neither spend money nor pass any legislation without the Democrats. Barack Obama has had a Democratic majority in Congress and needs not one Republican vote to enact his entire agenda.

Every piece of legislation enacted by this Congress and Obama has been part of a radical, socialist agenda and contrary to the wishes of the American people. The results of their taxing, spending, and regulations are apparent in every economic indicator and felt in millions of households nationwide. They are on the extreme leftwing of every issue, every piece of legislation, and every idealistic debate when compared to the values and interests of Americans. 

Over eight million jobs are gone; lost during a recession in which a Democratic Congress held sway as the only instrument of power for spending and legislation. In other words, this entire disaster has been produced and directed by the Democrats.

Blaming Bush, promoting class warfare, and screaming racism, are not economic strategies. Liberalism and excoriating Fox News and talk radio do not pass as jobs’ plans. Furthermore, endless regulations and the illegal takeover of businesses are not courses for promoting a healthy, vibrant, private enterprise system. Lastly, the uncertainty created by Obama and his Democrats in Congress does nothing to create the economic climate necessary for investment and to promote confidence in the structures needed for job creation. 

Obama and the Democrats blame Republicans while the fact is, Democrats in the House and Senate created this mess. Obama has taken a bad situation and turned it into an economic disaster and their Marxist ideology is a colossal failure. Do we want these people in power for the next two years? Every Democrat reelected to Washington will propagate their failures and bring about the further destruction of our Republic.

Jim Mullen 

NRA's misguided endorsements


Danger, Do Not Mix

Pity the prey of the fledgling hawk, the long wait is over. Feathers proud and talons taut, the predator surveys the valley below for unsuspecting victims. Power, position, and opportunity are his; it’s time to kill something! Nature’s law allows the hawk unlimited choices in the hunt. Life is good for the predator and unsettling for potential prey scurrying about the meadows in their daily struggle for life.

Politicians are perverting our Constitution and creating stand-alone panels to reign unfettered over Americans. Like the hawk, bureaucrats throughout the country find themselves with newly anointed power, position and opportunity. They peer from their arrogant aerie at potential prey then swoop in sending businesses and working Americans scrambling and cowering in fear of the great government-appointed predator.

After three years in office, it is evident to all but his most ardent supporters that the President of the United States is a strident Marxist. His forceful policies, actions, and thunderous attacks on freedom are straight from the writings of Karl Marx. The evils of Capitalism, state control of business, redistributive change to achieve social justice, and the diminishing of personal, economic and property rights are among the daily rants from Obama and his administration.
Marx believed in socialism, and that communism would eventually follow. He argued that social theorists and underprivileged people should topple capitalism and bring about socioeconomic change. This is the heralded ‘change we can believe in’ touted by Obama.

To realize these goals a good Marxist builds a totalitarian government using his strongest pillar, class warfare. Obama spends every waking moment in and out of the Oval Office infusing doses of collectivism and government dependency. Not a day passes by and not a speech airs that the President fails to spew his poisonous hatred toward the job-creating, successful, financially secure members of American society. These are the people Marx called the Bourgeoisie; Barack Obama simply uses his favorite pejorative, ‘the rich.’

The Founders intended that every American, working under the rules of our Republic, be free to pursue their own ideas of riches, unburdened from government interference, coercion, and intimidation. Obama believes that no such right exists.

The primary difference between liberalism, progressivism, socialism, Marxism, and communism, is the measure of force, treachery, evil, and time with which they inject their poison into the people. The philosophies are as one with a belief in massive federal control over the masses and restricted or nonexistent personal, economic, and property rights. Indeed, over the years many of the leftists found the need to glide flippantly between the labels depending upon their short or long-term goals. The natural progression is, however, as Marx predicted, toward communism, the most evil and tyrannical form of government.

How then, one might ask, did a radical leftist like Obama rise to the presidency of the most powerful country on earth without proper vetting and reporting by the media? After all, they should be free-roaming, impartial referees in the political arena.

The answer lies in the second most important pillar of tyrannical government, the control of information, with the ability to indoctrinate the populace. Fortunately, for Barack Obama and most unfortunately for the country, he had compliant and corrupt media kneeling at his feet, fawning over a man who sent a thrill up their leg.

It was love at first sight for the biased, mainstream, left-wing media. Barack Obama represented everything for which their palpitating hearts could beat, and wistful minds could envision. Here was a man with whom they held a kindred ideology, a man who spoke with dynamic energy, and was politically marketable to a disappointed and restless electorate. He also had the uncanny, chameleon-like ability of blending in with his surroundings and taking on the same appearance of the group or audience to whom he was playing. Thus, he could be all things to all people.

By the way, he was African-American.

It was so perfect. It would be simple to shield Obama the man from criticism by merely claiming his opponents were racists. Equally, they could ignore or mask his leftist ideas, extremist friends, allies, political writings, and an incomplete personal history using the same ploy. The media hoisted the radical community organizer from Chicago, fitted him with a halo, and placed him triumphantly in the White House. It was a marketing coup.

In ascending order of repugnancy, he began his quest for coronation by feigning traditional, conservative, American values, then slipped into his ‘spreading the wealth,’ social justice, and racial politics. He subsequently spent three years in office hoisting the battle flag of class warfare and preaching the evils of capitalism.

He calms the squirming resistance to tyranny by using the government’s most powerful anesthetics, money, and promises of social justice. The more persistent and vocal critics, the Tea Parties, are demeaned, painted with that dreaded brush of racism, and dismissed as kooks. The more America resists; the more Obama reassures the country that freedom is a failure, and that he is working for our own good and in our best interests.

The antidote to liberty is as it has invariably been, coax more and more people into ceding their freedom for a promise of security and comfort. It is through this deadly portal that the masses always enter on their way to complete enslavement. Barack Obama understands fully the deceit, organization, and propaganda necessary to complete the ‘transformation’ of a once proud, independent, and powerful nation into one of whining beggars subservient to a Master State.

Government and dictators grow by devouring the rights of its citizens. Either the people hold power or the government holds power, and our Constitution very clearly places supremacy in the hands of the people. Without a doubt, Barack Obama is hell-bent on usurping that authority. Given another five years, he very likely will succeed in closing an iron gate of tyranny behind a dormant and disinterested America.

Jim Mullen

The U.S. Constitution Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

where social justice and income redistribution take precedence over individual rights and limited government. Any concept of people in charge of their own lives and of government exercising only the powers granted by the Constitution is heresy to the liberal religion. Therefore, any speech against their doctrine is considered blasphemy.

The aftermath of the recent events in Arizona should offer all the evidence needed to prove the entire movement of liberalism bankrupt of ideas and lacking answers to any of the world problems. It is, however, rife with pomposity and arrogance of power.

The power-grabbing leftists, in their desire to never let a crisis, disaster, or a senseless murder by a deranged man go to waste, mounted a full frontal assault on the U.S. Constitution and anyone who would dare exercise their freedoms guaranteed under the 1st or 2nd Amendments.

Conservative talk radio is “hate speech” and causes violence, they ranted. Government must stop Glen Beck and his ilk, they raved. Liberal media outlets opened the floodgates of their vast, left-wing sewage reservoir releasing every gallon of their foul-smelling propaganda upon a shocked nation.

Free speech, it would seem, is only hate speech when it comes from conservatives. Liberals’ words, no matter how vitriolic, simply provide soothing music to the restless soul. Pronouncements from the enlightened elites of progressivism give manna for the starving masses and help to heal those poor, afflicted victims of conservatism. Any oration by liberals, regardless of how incendiary, is only intended to provide a gentle nudge and redirect the misguided to reset their course to a knowledgeable, sophistication and understanding.

Talking heads on MSNBC, the radical-left’s personal television network, began spewing vile, repugnant, demagoguery that bordered on delusion before the smell of gunpowder dissipated into the dry Arizona sky. According to leftists, however, their punditry only sounds hateful to the untrained ear. Additionally, it is apparent to discerning readers smart enough to understand, the New York Times and their comrades in the print media are only interested in keeping people informed and imparting their wisdom to the otherwise ignorant people. One must have a journalism or equivalent degree from a prestigious intuition of higher learning to discern the fine-line differences between liberal free speech and conservative free speech.

Syndicated Columnist, Mark Shields, joined in the Constitution bashing with a gun-hating diatribe against any system that allows law-abiding Americans to possess firearms. “Catcher’s mitts and basketballs and skis are sporting goods. Guns are not. Guns are instruments of death and destruction,” he fumed. His dressing down of freedom-demanding Americans never quite explained whether having sporting goods is a constitutionally guaranteed right or if they could be used as instruments for personal protection and self-preservation.

What makes these otherwise laughable losers dangerous are the sheer numbers in the media engaged in this lunacy and the friends they have in positions of power in the Obama Administration, Congress and the federal bureaucracy.
Left-wingers have long engaged in a continual, systematic plan to stifle dissent, shut off debate, and limit free speech by neutralizing talk radio and Fox News, and by controlling the internet. Progressives cannot survive in any world where ideas must stand up to critical thinking and proof. When truth illuminates their dark little corners, they must scurry back into the cracks of demagoguery or be exposed for what they are; charlatans. Their only answers are to scream louder, shout more invectives, and try to make their immaturity sound rational.

Constitutionally protected speech by conservatives is nothing more than fighting words and spawns hateful ideas. Furthermore, only the lowest class of citizenry would advocate such dangerous nonsense; so sayeth the left-wing progressives.

Jim Mullen

Obama through the liberal media prism

Liberty is maintained only
through vigilance

Obama’s “desperation” tour continues. Air Force One’s contrails fill the blue October sky and the President of the United States wags his scolding finger at American voters across this mighty land. Pleadings to  unions, women, Hispanics and blacks for help at the polls are becoming frantic by Obama. His charm has turned to bitterness; chiding Democrats for their disinterest, and deriding Republicans for their passion. He says Americans are bitter, scared, and not thinking clearly.

The makers of the worst economy since the Great Depression, the Democrats and Obama, are touting their great accomplishments and at the same time running from their record.  Owning a record of food stamps, unemployment benefits, and welfare 

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I am deeply concerned by the NRA’s decision to endorse the Democrat, Joe Manchin in the race for the U.S.  Senate in West Virginia to fill the unexpired seat left by the late Robert Byrd. The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund’s endorsement of the Democrat over the Republican, John Raese, appears shortsighted, ill-advised, and does irreparable harm to the cause of American gun owners and supporters of the 2nd Amendment.

John Raese and Mr. Manchin both own NRA ratings of A-plus and both are lifetime members of the NRA. Both candidates are, indeed, friends of gun owners and supporters of the 2nd Amendment. However, the shortsightedness in endorsing Mr. Manchin surely is obvious to the NRA when it comes to the record of the National Democratic Party on any issue regarding gun rights.

It is a fact of life in West Virginia that no person could be elected as Governor - or to any other office - without a stellar record on guns; Governor Manchin is no exception. Nonetheless, he is running as a Democrat for a seat in a Senate controlled by Democrats, not a state office. The far-leftists, Reid, Pelosi, and Obama currently control the entire Democratic Party. These people placed two liberal, progressives on the Supreme Court who are vehement in their hatred of our Constitutional rights guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment.

This announcement follows the one made by the NRA of their endorsement of Harry Reid, the liberal, extremist, Democrat from Nevada and majority leader of the Senate. They later rescinded the decision after apparently realizing Reid had supported the radical anti-gun Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor. Amazingly, the NRA used membership funds for a financial contribution to Reid. Sharon Angle, Ried’s Republican opponent, also a strong gun proponent, received no support from the NRA.

Additionally, with Democrats in control of Congress and the Presidency, the appointments of all federal judges are sure to come from the radical, left-leaning Judiciary. These judgeships will give the soft fertile openings necessary for the anti-gun zealots to sow their seeds of radicalism. Weeds of inane and senseless regulations, weakening our rights, will sprout throughout this land if the Democrats, with the NRA’s help, keep their control of the Congress.

The Judicial and administrative appointments by an anti-gun Obama administration and anti-gun liberal Congress will infringe upon American’s rights to keep and bear arms and will result in long-term losses in the bitter, intractable struggle of Americans to keep their guns and remain safe.

The record of the National Democratic Party, as a whole, is abysmal when it comes to protecting the gun rights of law-abiding citizens. Nearly every piece of gun control legislation enacted in this country came from Liberal Democrats. In state after state, city after city, Democrats remain unmoved and unconvinced of any Constitutional rights of Americans to own guns and defend themselves and their families.

Therefore, there is little doubt the NRA’s endorsement of Manchin and financial support of Reid for the U.S. Senate will abet the forces that would strip this great country of one of its most fundamental rights. One does not win a war by adding to the ranks - and thus the power - of the enemy, and that is precisely what the NRA is doing. Any effort to help Democrats keep control of Congress is not only counter-productive to the 2nd Amendment, but could be used as the hammer and anvil to destroy our gun rights.

The National Rifle Association is due for some housecleaning; beginning with their chief lobbyist Chris Cox and continuing until they find some people with a modicum of common sense. These misguided endorsements are unbelievably naïve and just plain irresponsible.

Jim Mullen

The Distorted world of liberals (part 1)

Reason for disparity... Cesspools of liberalism

One can crawl under any rock and get an education about the inner workings of politics. Skulk around most dark alleys and you can learn how a good confidence game can suck the very lifeblood and fortunes from a "pigeon” or sucker. However, if one truly appreciates and marvels at watching the veritable masters of all scam artists at  work, one need to search no farther than the present-day liberal-progressives and their flimflam-artist-in-chief Barrack Hussein Obama.

Confidence game is so-named because the scam artist gains the “confidence” of the “mark”, or sucker in order to build the trusting relationship needed to run a good ‘game’ and separate gullible people from their money.

In the bright light of sober reality, most swindles are laughable. Reasons for people taking the bait and falling for confidence games are varied, and as complicated as our very existence. However, the first is an overwhelming human desire to believe people with winning smiles and a slick authoritative manner. The second reason people fall for any number of far-fetched schemes is an almost uncontrollable desire to get something for nothing. In the case of government, it is often too painful for most people to believe a high official in their government could be part of these unspeakable acts of traitorous behavior we have witnessed our elected leaders perpetrating on the American people. It is especially difficult for some generations of older Americans who believe a handshake and promise is a contract.